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    Re: Life Is Strange crashing while loading

    For me, this game was giving error message every time I launched it which stated "Life Is Strange has stopped working". I also tried to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Also did...
  2. Re: Resident Evil HD Remaster graphics issue, 10 FPS only?

    You will atleast require a Intel Core i7-2600k CPU, 16GB RAM and video card like HD 7970 to get 60FPS or higher from Resident Evil HD Remaster game. Dont expect to get this framerates on a dual core...
  3. Re: Dragon Age Inquisition crashes to desktop due to DirectX error

    I have read from somewhere that the Dice's Frostbite engine seems to have some kind of little instabilities in graphics card and also when it gets overhearted mildly. If you have overclocked your...
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    Re: TheCrew.exe has stopped working

    You will need to make sure that you have the latest sound drivers installed in your computer. If you are able to get into the game options, then try to run the game without any AA settings turned on...
  5. Re: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    Are you by any chance using two graphics card in SLI? I read from somewhere that Nvidia driver version 344.75 was causing dark shadows to people who were running SLI on their machine and also the...
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    Re: Assassin's Creed Unity unlocked already

    The main thing is that whenever you buy a Ubisoft game on Steam platform then you are never going to get the uPlay key until the time you are first able to launch the game. This has been like ages...
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    Re: Magic 2015 crashes to desktop

    If I remember precisely then this problem also used to happen in the previous version of Magic 2014 game. This problem was happening with people who were using multiple monitor setups. On one monitor...
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    Re: alt-tab crashes Abyss Odyssey game

    I had the same problem so I started playing this game in Windowed mode and it was not crashing anymore. You can also go to your desktop or check on different things this way while the game is running...
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    Re: playing Real Boxing on pc with gamepad

    Did you even try to change the mode on the controller. You will have to do this both while you are in game menu as well as set one mode before your start game and then launch it and check. If still...
  10. Re: Divinity: Original Sin crashes while bartering

    Can you try to go into the folder where ecoapp is placed in your Steam location for the game and then run it as an administrator. Also try to ensure that you have all your antivirus programs turned...
  11. Re: TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark crashes when launching campaign

    Try the usual method of verifying the game cache and see if that works. To do that exit Steam completely and then right click on its exe file and select Run as Administrator and launch the Steam...
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    Re: playing FINAL FANTASY III on Windows XP

    As this game is ported on PC system just recently so the developers have not included Windows XP support for this game, since the autoupdate service for XP OS was stopped last month from microsoft....
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    Re: Dark Souls II crashes at startup, help

    I had the same problem with this game and it used to crash no matter how many times I tried to start it. But later on I figured out how to tackle this issue. First of all, I enabled the hidden files...
  14. Re: Cold, Cold Heart dlc infinite falling at Alibi Bar

    There might be some bug in this DLC and that is why you are facing that issue. Unless the game developers release any patch to rectify this issue you will have to wait or either use the save game...
  15. Re: graphics issue with Agarest: Generations of War Zero

    When I launched the game then it was giving me white screen only with sound. But later on I found the solution for this issue. First go to the Steam folder in your hard drive, in this location mostly...
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    Re: Planet Explorers game crashes at launch

    What is the graphics card make and model that you have in your pc? It was mentioned that the crashes occur due to the lack of Opencl. This game needs opencl on either the GPU or the Processor to run...
  17. Re: The Wolf Among Us update to Episode 3 wont start

    First of all, can you tell us whether you have installed the latest version of the graphics card driver in your computer. If you have any other games purchased from Steam then is it launching fine...
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    Re: Scourge: Outbreak connection problem

    The developers of this game called Scourge: Outbreak have also said that there are some connection problems and they are working on it as soon as possible. There could be some valve issue as well, so...
  19. Re: How to play Halo: Spartan Assault in Windowed Mode

    After looking at the wiki page of Halo: Spartan Assault it seems that if you have the Steam version this game then you need to toggle with Alt+Enter keys on your keyboard to run the game in Windowed...
  20. Re: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 crash and blue screen error

    You will need to post the errors from the error logs that is created in your computer here. To find where it is, and go to Men of War Assault Squad 2 folder and click on it. If you have OOS then it...
  21. Re: unable to change controls in Deus Ex: The Fall

    Have you tried out Xpadder? This small free software allows you to assign your joystick for keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks. Thus, you will not even have to change the configuration key, since...
  22. Re: is there Aim-assist in TitanFall game on PC

    I think that there will be aim assist in Titanfall game because many people who use controller on PC want aim-assist and along with the Steam Machine you can have fun using controller from long...
  23. Re: Titanfall game "Origin Error retrieving player data from storage. Code 503"

    The below was mentioned on EA help support website how to solve connectivity issues while playing Titanfall game -

    If you are unable to...
  24. Re: South Park: The Stick of Truth crashes at start

    Have you tried to verify the Game Cache Files and see if that works. First of all completely exit Steam. After that right click on Steam shortcut and select Run as Administrator. After that launch...
  25. Re: how to play Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation HD on pc with xbox 360 controller

    Just ensure that your xbox 360 controller is active before loading the game on your pc, incase you turn it on after launching the game then it will not work. First disable the controller and then...
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    Re: KickBeat Steam Edition game freezes

    There is a notification in the game that might be enabled, try to disable it and see if the issue persists or not. If this doesnt work then try to disable the overlay for this game. To do that right...
  27. Re: cant play Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry DLC Steam version

    For people who have purchased this DLC from ubisoft, when they look at the DLC tab on uplay then they were able to launch if from there and played it. But it seems like people who have bought it from...
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    Re: Battlefield 4 Save game for PC download

    Since you have installed Battlefield 4 in the default location of Windows 7 then its save game location might be in C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\Battlefield 4\Settings or else...
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    Re: Unlock Need for Speed Rivals to 60Fps

    There was a Reddit user who found out a workaround to solve this hard locked 30FPS issue. There is no ingame option to run Need for Speed: Rivals at 60FPS but there is a workaround where people can...
  30. Re: black screen when fight stars in Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

    When the screen goes black then can you hear the sound of the game running in the background? Can you try to make sure that "Windows Boxing" is enabled or not? Also, when you start the game first...
  31. Re: Need For Speed: Rivals save game for pc download

    Well, Need For Speed: Rivals has been just released and I dont think that anyone might have fully completed this game. But if you think that you are stuck in the game and because of that you cant...
  32. Re: Contrast game error "Failed to create the D3D9 device"

    Well, if you have a AMD video card, then the issue might be happening due to the AMD Catalyst Control Center driver, which is used for Ati GPU. So open CCC and then go to My VGA Display and then...
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    Re: Blackguards game wont start

    I was having the same problem with my other Steam game. After a lot of tinkering I found out that my game was blocked by the stupid antivirus that was installed in my computer. After that I simply...
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    Re: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    Well, most of the people who are getting this problem seems to be having an AMD graphics card and Windows 8 running on their machine. For rest of others, the game is working great. So either it could...
  35. Re: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game minimizes automatically

    If you are facing problem then try to first restart your computer and then try to launch the game and see if that works. If still it doesnt work then try to get the latest DirectX version and install...
  36. Re: black screen while playing The Stanley Parable

    Can you try to change the video options in the game and see if that works. Also try to play the game at the medium or lowest settings and see if that makes any difference. It seems that the game...
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    Re: multiplayer in Shadow Warrior 2013

    First of all most of the game with Multiplayer mode require huge amount of investment so that the servers keep running all day and night long. This game title isnt meant to be played on multiplayer...
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    Re: The Wolf Among Us game wont launch

    Even I was facing the same problem but the error was saying that the game stopped working. So, after doing some fidgeting with the computer I noticed that if I disconnect the joystick from the my...
  39. Re: launching Agarest: Generations of War gives black screen

    There was a fix given for this problem on the Steam community. You will need to launch the game and then after getting the black screen try to press Alt+Enter key to get into Windows mode. Doing all...
  40. Re: manual save problem in Shadow Warrior (2013)

    There are many people who are playing this game are facing similar issues and till now the only solution that seems to work is to disable the auto checkpoint option. Today it was told that a fix or a...
  41. Re: how to get Xbox controller working in Arma 3

    The problem with Arma is that this game was never meant to be played with a gamepad and it is not possible to do anything that this game requires you to do with the gamepad. So, you will get only...
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    Re: Outlast game will not launch on my computer

    Many people are facing this problem and there were some guys who were able to solve this problem by installing the UE3Redist.exe file in this location -...
  43. Re: unable to download Lost Planet 3 Hi Res Movies pack

    All you need to do is go to this link and then login to your Steam Account on the same page. After that search for Lost Planet 3 on the Steam website and then click on the DLC on the main page of the...
  44. Re: Rayman Legends runs very slow in full screen

    Can you tell us what is the screen resolutions you are using on your monitor and whats the make and model of the monitor that you have? There are many people who are having the problem of black...
  45. Re: low sound during cutscenes in Splinter Cell Blacklist

    This problem happens if you have toyed up with the internal audio options settings in the game. This issue was noticed by a user on Steam community. What you have to do is simply turn up the volume...
  46. Re: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified flickering problem

    Even I am facing this problem with my Nvidia Titan card. It looks to me that the nvidia drivers are not yet optimized for this game and hence the performance of this game is very poor. I think that...
  47. Re: Saints Row IV framerate problem with Amd graphics card

    Well, the new AMD Catalyst 13.8 beta 2 driver cannot be installed for a 4000 series radeon card because it is not supported. Even I got a HD 4000 series graphics card and I am playing this game on...
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    Re: Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Saint Row 4

    Saints Row 4 is announced unfortunately not as a revolution, or even a graphic evolution, but the final game can be surprisingly positive on this point. The most notable points of Saints Row 4...
  49. Re: Pre-ordered Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition and didnt get some stuff

    Well, if you have pre-ordered the game then you should get all the stuffs that are included in the Imperial edition that includes screenshots, soundtrack, concept art, documents etc. This all stuff...
  50. Re: Movement and Aim speed too fast in Rise of the Triad

    You can use the fix for smoothing the mouse acceleration of this game. Just go to the location called steamapps/common/Rise of The Triad/Engine/Config/BaseInput and also...
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