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    Network/Sharing Center -> properties question.

    I’m using Windows Vista on HP Laptop. It s connected with a router. Sometime i use it wirelessly and some time with Ethernet. There is no problem in Vista performance or Network, but as I’m using...
  2. Logon Script to Map Network Drive based on the primary group name

    I have recently configured a Windows Server with AD. I Created and used a logon script to set users home folders as \\ad\home
    $\%username%. Now what I want to do is using the same for additional...
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    jpg files will not open

    This is Windows XP running with Service Pack 3. I have about 500 images on system divided in to several folders (there are no images in ‘My Picture folder’). When I sort all these images in...
  4. Re: Media Player 11 for Vista stutters playing audio

    Hey even i was trying to figure out this issue with WMP 11 since past two weeks. Finally the solution mentioned above worked for me. Now everything is working perfectly. Thanx
  5. The group policy client failed the logon. Access is denied?

    I have a Windows Vista system at my office where since past couple of days i am facing this error "The group policy client failed the logon. Access is denied?" This is for the built in administrator...
  6. Re: how do I import my old user settings in the new user account set up when I reinstalled windows?

    Thank you for sharing this useful info. as I will be needing it soon also.
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    IEEE 1394/Firewire and Vista Ultimate

    Need some urgent help from you all regarding my Sony DCR-TRV30 camera with Windows Vista Ultimate. I am having a desktop computer powered with ASUS motherboard having 1394 connectors in front and...
  8. "Start Inking" button in Word 2007 Not responding

    There is some problem going on with my system, whenever i open some .docx files and try to "Start Inking" then the button appears to be pushed wqhere as the Pens ribbon does not come up at all. For...
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    Re: Installing Office 2007 on multiple computers

    Thanks a lot for the reply and suggestions friend. I did checked the EULA from the link you gave and got to know what I was looking for. I can just install it on one system. But the alternative...
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    Installing Office 2007 on multiple computers

    I am very new for softwares and all, hence I’m sorry if my query sounds silly and wasting some one’s time. I want to know that can I install Office Professional 2007 on 2 computers ? I have a...
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    How format an external hard drive in Vista?

    I had a old laptop running on Windows Xp, recently bought a brand new Dell laptop which came pre-installed with Vista. There were several problems in my older laptop hence i though to kill it and...
  12. RE: The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.

    Sorry of for the incomplete post. I forgot to mention this. I'm also receiving the folllowing error:

    C:\Program Files\Support Tools>repadmin /showvector /latency DNname
    Caching GUIDs.
  13. The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.

    We are running few servers at office with about 10 users connected. Since past few days it is giving me an error message saying “The source server is currently rejecting replication requests.” We...
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    Can not start Windows vista laptop

    I am having Acer Aspire laptop running with Windows Vista. It was working fine until yesterday, today when I started the system I got the following message:

    I have tried many things so far but...
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    Teredo Tunneling Psuedo-Interface

    Since last couple of days am facing some problems with my Vista desktop network connection. When I checked the same in Device Manager I found Marvell , NVIDIA controllers and Teredo Tunneling...
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    "Rate my Computer" is missing

    This is Vista Home Premium Laptop on Dell laptop running since past 6 months. Earlier there was some Ratings options for my system but now when I go to "Performance Information and Tools" there is no...
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    Re: Vista-- Media Player 11

    Thank you very much for the help and suggestion Hayes. That did the trick, I booted into DOS and simply did a copy and overrided the dll file. Now it is working perfectly, I guess that dll got...
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    Re: Vista-- Media Player 11

    Looking at the event viewer I have more information of what is causing the problem:

    Windows Media Player Crash

    Faulting application wmplayer.exe, version 11.0.5744.6324, time stamp 0x45234fea,...
  19. Re: STDEDU.MSI not on my CD, needed for XP's sp-3 Update

    I appreciate your help Amit but I already tried that, no success. Not once but I downloaded the full installation many times but still it gives me the same problem. I even tried searching for that...
  20. STDEDU.MSI not on my CD, needed for XP's sp-3 Update

    Hey guys I need some urgent help from you all. I recently purchased Office XP from Microsoft. When I’m trying to install the same on my system it gives me an error message saying something like...
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