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    Re: Samsung CLP-300 Colour Laser Printer

    In short, our expectations regarding size, volume level (pressure volume is laser-normal, and after only 10 seconds doing nothing is printer quiet as a mouse), weight, fitness for's private study,...
  2. Re: Business Contact Manager 2003 is incompatible with Windows 7

    It is obvious from all my observations (here & all over the web) that Office 2003 is NOT fully compatible with Windows 7. Please advise when MS will offer a patch. I'm really disturbed that I...
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    Re: Outlook and Hotmail Connector Problems

    This error is described when the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector account is syncing modifications to a folder and cannot discover the folder in the Outlook client. A ordinary way this could...
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    Re: RSS feed synchronization problem

    Make sure that the server-side RSS feeds are updated correctly. To do this, visit the website that hosts the server-side RSS feeds to ensure that update the feeds and available. Make sure that the...
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    Re: How to set up an IMAP account in Outlook?

    You are right. It is not possible to IMAP account with the existing personal folders. The news of an IMAP account in Outlook, both server side and in the locally-built IMAP *.pst file stored. But you...
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    Re: Graphical frontend for the upx compressor

    You can go for UPXHELPER V1.1.1 or UpxGui. Both are the best graphical frontend for the upx compressor. If you are interested in downloading it, then you will find this here. I am sure that you will...
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    Re: How to use encryption BitLocker without TPM?

    Click Start, type gpedit.msc in the Search box, then press Enter. If the dialog box User Account Control appears, verify that the proposed action meets your expectations and then click Continue. In...
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    Re: The DNS replacement for the Hosts file

    Another reason is that subsequent changes can be made more easily in the network structure, for example if all users in their mail and news programs as a mail server "mail" and have registered as a...
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    Re: How to view network folders Windows 7

    File Sharing. With Windows Vista Starter, you can not share files or folders with other users on a network. This means that someone using another computer on that network can not open or view files...
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    Re: Biometric Service Features in Windows 7

    The biometric features must not only be universal and unique, they also have to be reasonably permanent and easy to collect and measure. A biometric system should provide accurate results under...
  11. Re: Recovering Data Protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 7

    To test the data recovery on a drive data sets protected by a password :

    First you will have to Click Start, click Computer to analyze the drives on the computer.

    Then double-click a drive...
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    Re: Video problem with InDesign CS5

    There is no access to the base of errors detected when launching InDesign CS5, so will have to go to the site in English to add the "default" for a possible solution to some review. (They have...
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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials OOBE

    With the file browser go here: (according to me this will apply only in Windows 7) C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Microsoft Security Essentials \ Support and delete the file: MSSEOOBE.etl After...
  14. Re: Exchange Search Indexer has temporarily disabled indexing of the Mailbox Database

    Do one or more of the following actions to resolve this warning:

    Do not perform actions. The Exchange Search tries to index the database when the store is back online or is available.
    If the...
  15. Re: How to use proxy and redirection in Exchange Server 2007?

    The proxy function is companionable with customers by means of Web services Web App Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync and Exchange. The proxy function is sustained from one Client Access server to another...
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    Re: Error 80004005-501-4B9-560

    According to me, your problem seems to be generating because of the Public Folder Replicas. You can store the same content of public folders on several computers running Microsoft Exchange Server by...
  17. Re: Outlook Web Access URL and HTTP redirection operation

    When working with Windows Server 2008, SSL options in the Default Web Site or the OWA virtual directory without the need for action in the IIS 7.0. IIS Manager on the Regulations of Outlook Web...
  18. Re: Functional descriptions of Unified Messaging

    Users can listen to and interrelate with your email and voice mail in their inhabitant language or parlance. Exchange Server 2010 offers a wide range of support for up to 16 languages, including...
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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    The Run / gpprep must be maintained as long as ADPREP Domainprep / from, to the by Adprep / forestprep changes made to the schema master, the infrastructure master (in the domain where the new one...
  20. Re: Hub Transport Role Install Fail error 2147504141

    Follow these steps to complete the disabling IPv6 on a computer running Windows Server 2008 itself :

    First you will have to open the Registry Editor.
    Then you will have to navigate to the...
  21. Re: Can I install Exchange 2003 or 2007 in Exchange 2010?

    If you plan to move from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 and already prepared the Active Directory forest by installing Exchange 2010, again you can not install an Exchange 2007 server in the...
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    Re: Vista Gadgets for Silverlight

    Behavior Configuration Screen

    You must add the following lines in the html file that represents the start screen gadget Default.html.

    System.Gadget.onSettingsClosed = SettingsClosed; ...
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    Re: Vista Gadgets for Silverlight

    Windows Vista Gadget that allows Silverlight Handwriting and color selection.


    We will choose a good png for the background of our gadget, after some searching I found...
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    Vista Gadgets for Silverlight

    Creating a Vista Gadget using Silverlight

    We know that the Gadget for Windows Vista are relatively simple to create, you can actually download a video to develop. Now if you build a gadget is...
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    Re: Business application examples for silverlight

    Today, enterprise-class Applications LOB require secure delivery of information across network boundaries, oftener over the Internet, with role-based UI and data trimming Applied for the business...
  26. Re: Printing and Parameters issues in Silverlight Beta 4

    You should also have an idea about the Parametros.cs. The class will serve to allow the user to modify the parameters for printing, mainly for the header and left margin for the ItemsControl. The...
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    Re: Controls in Silverlight 4

    There also have the option to download both the latest version of the source code in the Downloads section, you will read of what is the Silverlight Toolkit. Once installed, you can access the source...
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    Re: Impressions numbered in Indesign CS4

    The rule specifies the characteristics of the signs and letters used in technical drawings to facilitate the readability, consistency and suitability for microfilming and other reproductive...
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    Re: How to export pages as EPS in InDesign?

    If you want to unwrap pages in Illustrator or InDesign Adobe Photoshop, export the pages as PDF or EPS.

    Choose File> Export.
    Identify a position and file name. Be convinced to incorporate the...
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    Re: Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80080005

    ZapMessenger is a small utility to completely uninstall Windows Live Messenger any version. Of course, ZapMessenger only be used when an error appears and it is impossible to uninstall Messenger via...
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    Re: Can't access emails

    Many times we have been forced to open up a hotmail email account for the echo of having to use msn messenger to establish contacts with our friends. Microsoft has a service, the Passport, for which...
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    Re: Error 80072f19 in Messenger

    I was having the similar problem and I finally found solution to my problem. I put "my documents and favorites" on an external hard drive (being careful not to put on the hard drive external, all...
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    Re: Bing redirected when trying to go to Hotmail

    Open Firefox in the upper right into the little box appears by default or "Google" (I think) click on the arrow next to this icon (Google or otherwise) and then click Manage search engines and...
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    Re: Turbulence 4D for CINEMA 4D

    The secrets of creating graphics and animation of the game for iPhone ThumStruck by Troyan Turner 3D computer graphics seem very obscure. Launched in December by RESOLUTE Games, music and rhythm game...
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    Re: Help with 2D animation, please

    Section 2D preparing for careers in two-dimensional animation, videography (compositing, videos, advertising), the FX animation and special effects. Whereas the Section 3D animation preparing for...
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    Re: Wintv Schedular error in Windows 7

    If you had previously installed WinTV, it is suggested you run HCWClear.EXE from the file downloaded above. I found a way to get wintv scheduler to work and not use MCE scheduler, I would suggest you...
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    Re: How to Send Text to HyperTerminal with VBA

    How do I send that text command from inside the java program to the COM1 port. A response in hyperterminal which i want to pick up back into VBA - have tried to use send key to select copy and paste...
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    Re: How to show pivot table all Emlements

    I have built a pivot table generator that I update the data weekly, that contains a large number of possible calculate fields. In Using Pivot Table Data for a Chart with a Dual Category Axis, I...
  39. Re: How to enable chat script and which one would be reliable?

    I have made a very deep search in the internet, there are too many video chat scripts and it was hard to choose. I found Jpilot as one of the best chat script around and the price is affordable. Few...
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    Re: compatibility issue with WORD 2003?

    Your problem have already discussed on this forum I will suggest you to Check following forum's thread - In this discussion they have mentioned the various possible causes and solutions (personally,...
  41. Re: Is XML, DHTML, and XHTML are all the same thing?

    XML separates data and display, you need a browser which supports XML and the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, or XHTML, is a markup language that has the same depth of expression as HTML, but...
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    Re: How to use the prepared statement in DBMS?

    Statement is object which send SQL query to database. Statement sends each and every time SQL statement to database server for execution. the data is basically built into the SQL logic by building...
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    Re: How to make Sytem Restore Utilities image

    ANYWAY the solution is that NON-REMOVABLE media can be used to create system restore images. This uses up an enormous amount of space unnecessarily that could be put to better use. Symantec Ghost 9.0...
  44. Re: How to implement apropos to callmanager 6.1

    You'll need to be careful with playing WAV files in the PIL with the Pre-Transfer wav file....PIL plays the entire file before attempting to transfer. The Cisco AVVID Partner Program sets criteria...
  45. Re: How to write the form values in Database using C#

    Start by creating a new Windows Application titled Data Form Example. C# does not make use of header files; it uses namespaces to accomplish this purpose. Choose Add Windows Form from the Project...
  46. Re: fatal error: cannot instantiate non-existent class: imagick

    You have to modify the database manually. (You can use some web based tool do it, e.g. phpmyadmin) Login to your g2database, choose (g2_)PluginMap table. WordPress Toolbar is a unique plugin which...
  47. Re: Required indesign magazine templates for front page

    There are sites that provide very professional as well as private design templates. They provide the facility where you can always transform any of the magazines into any topic of your choice. Check...
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    Re: How to SQL Update trigger example Deleted

    The inserted table stores copies of the affected rows during INSERT and UPDATE statements. The main consideration is that you cannot have declarative referential integrity in place when you perform...
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    Re: VB application gives Informix errors 346

    Reboot box, enter in BIOS and see error log (in the first panel of bios), To be sure of the meaning of one of these codes, consult the manuals for your operating system. note errors and delete all....
  50. Re: Special features of SQL Server Express 2008

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express is free, it has Tight integration with Visual Studio 2008 with SP1. SQL Server 2008 Express (SQL Express 2008) is the entry-level version of the SQL Server product...
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