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  1. Re: Antec VP450 or Corsair CX430 V2 power supply

    The Antec VP450 watt power supply is a higher quality PSU compared to the Corsair CX series PSU that uses poor capacitors. I am using the Antec Basiq 450W power supply in my other computer which was...
  2. Re: Corsair 600W PSU good for overclocking

    Have you got the Corsair CX600 Power Supply or the CORSAIR Gaming Series GS600 PSU? If you have the CX600 then you might have to replace it and get yourself a GS600 which should be fine for...
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    Re: overclocking Gigabyte 7950 video card

    Can you tell us what is the stock voltage on your graphics card which is on the stock settings of 900mhz? You need to also tell us what is your core temperature? Can you try to get to 1100mhz with...
  4. Re: overclocking Intel Core i5-4670K to 4.5GHz

    I have also overclocked my intel i5-4670K processor and it is continuously running with VCore at 1.126 with an idle temperature of 30C. When the computer is at full load then the temperature rises to...
  5. Re: Intel I7-2600k overclock gives bad temp

    Are you using any good cooler in your CPU? If yes then check if it is workng fine or not. There could be also some issues with the Chip that might be running hot. Try to use a push-pull cooler that...
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    Re: overclocking with Asus M5A97

    The Asus M5A97 motherboard that you have is good enough for overclocking so you can definitely go for the overclocking and the board will be able to handle it properly. Just remember that you should...
  7. Re: Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

    Even if you buy the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 430W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply, then it will be enough for the system build that you are running. This power supply...
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    Re: AMD FX 9000 @ 4.8 GHz / 5.0 GHz

    The Amd FX-9000 processor will come at a price of atleast $500. I am thinking that this processor will be a powerhouse. Also, I dont know whether this CPU will be binned, similar to the Amd FX 6350...
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    Re: What is the 1394 connection?

    Those can be additional firewire ports in your pc which are pending to install and which is giving you errors. It is correct that if you update your motherboard drivers the issue will be resolved. It...
  10. Re: BSOD on windows 8 while playing Deus Ex Human Revolution

    These are the actions that can help you prevent the above error:

    Install and update your device drivers
    Scan your computer for viruses
    Check your hard disk for errors

    Since you have...
  11. Re: Not able to install Zune - Extraction failed, file is corrupt.

    Did you try installing Zune in compatibility mode?? I am not sure if it would make any difference but you can surely give it a try.

    Right click on ZuneSetupPkg.exe, select properties and click on...
  12. Re: ASUS gtx550 ti graphics card not getting recognized

    Have you gone through BIOS and have set the graphics option?? If not then enter bios and set the graphics option to PEG. After making this changes restart your system and see if your card gets...
  13. Re: Windows 8 driver for Belkin F5D8055 Wireless N+ Adapter

    Version 1xxx Driver + Utility
    version: 1.00.12; OS compatibility: Windows XP 32 bit, Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit; size: 15.0 MB ...
  14. Re: Why is it recommended to use matched pair of RAM's?

    One of the main reasons of using matched pair of RAM's according to me is to avoid RAM incompatibility. RAM incompatibility is the source of potential problems, I have come across many cases where...
  15. Re: Can 320 watts PSU handle GeForce GTX 670?

    I think it won’t, according to system requirement of GeForce GTX 670 its Minimum System Power Requirement (W) is 500 W. I haven’t used GeForce GTX 670 but I really won’t suggest you to even...
  16. Re: How to recover photos from Kodak easyshare

    The Best Photo Recovery Software for 2012 are:

    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery
    Disk Doctors Photo Recovery
    Remo Photo Recovery
    Wondershare Photo Recovery
    Digital Photo...
  17. Re: Shortcuts for messages not working since updating to iOS 6

    So now I have retyped all shortcuts that I was using before but none of them is working. It appears as if they are not getting recognized. I have tried deleting and adding them quite a few times and...
  18. Re: Auditing users on Active Directory server

    I use NetWrix Active Directory Change Reporter for this—It audits, alerts and reports on all changes made to AD, with info on who made what change, when. Quest and NetIQ also offer good tools that...
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    Re: Can we sync Android phones with Winamp

    Everyone knows Winamp. You too Kevin, as you never missed an opportunity to test a lot of nice themes and colorful history of showing off with Regis and Teddy. Since then, the guy has come a long way...
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    Re: Opera 10.63 for Windows download

    In the unveiling, Opera reported that this method did not alter the appearance of websites, images excepted, and he respected the confidentiality, by not storing any data of users. The encrypted...
  21. Re: A Computer system for gaming in the midrange of 50 thousand

    Hey You have mentioned AMD Athlon processor in your configurationlist, but there are lots of core 2 dou processors better than the AMD Athlon, I simply cannot consider even if you say AMD is much...
  22. Re: Nokia N8 free games , apps , software , themes download

    I have installed some video games on my Nokia N8 mobile phone.

    Angry Birds
    Avatar HD
    GT Racing HD
    Need For Speed Shift
    Galaxy On Fire
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    Re: Overeclocking GTX 460 1GB

    I purchase one of GTX460 cards and its an remarkable. I have this card successively running at 800MHz core clock, 1600MHz Shader clock, and 1800Mhz Memory clock. All game I have runs at less 30...
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    Re: How to root DROID?

    Many links give you the YouTube step by step tutorial on rooting and other things you will want to know. I did it within half an hour of receiving my Droid and at this time I am running Froyo with a...
  25. Re: 1156 CPU Cooler not cooling the system

    Restarting of system problem may arise if your system is not load all the file properly. This may arise if your cooler is not running as pr requirement. To solve this you can use Hyper 212 plus...
  26. Re: How water coolers help in cooling overheating?

    one of the main advantage of water cooling over the air cooling is that it not just only cools the processors but also cools the power supplies, GPUs,,hard drives Northbridges, VRM, memory. The water...
  27. Re: Unstable computer after overclocking Intel Core i7 920

    This is normal. How much it swings varies from motherboard to motherboard. On several of my cards can fluctuate much more, often depending on whether it is debit or not. The deviation is with you is...
  28. Re: Unstable computer after overclocking Intel Core i7 920

    I have also experienced this on the 775 platform. Overclocked a E2220 from 2.4 to 3.3 ghz and ran prime for two days without problems. Later, there appeared various problems. The machine will not...
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    Re: Over clocking problem in AMD X2 4000

    To overcome this problem you can use any external over clock tools which help you out. You can use EVGA precision 2.0.0 program allow you to work fast means is increase performance with Memory clock...
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    Re: x58A-UD3R Rev2 FB BIOS issue

    After checking your settings you need to do the following changes:

    CPU Clock Drive :set to 800mv
    CPU Vcore :1.25000V
    QPI/VTT Voltage 1.175v: 1.25000-1.30000v
    DRAM Voltage 1.500v : 1.5v or 1.66v...
  31. Re: issue with my EP45-UD3P board Restarts on any OS

    I too have the same issue with EP45-UD3P board as when tyring to install operating system computer restarts, I search on Internet and found this forum. I have tried the thing mentioned above but it...
  32. Re: issue with my EP45-UD3P board Restarts on any OS

    Can you please post your full BIOS setting in a template and details of your exact memory this could help me to better understand the issue. Also tell what port do you have your Hard drive and CD...
  33. Re: Settings for 3.8GHz overclock: i7-920, Gigabyte EX58-UD5 with latest F12 BIOS

    I use the below setting and get 3.8GHz
    Advanced CPU Features:
    CPU Clock Ratio : 21x
    Intel(R) Turbo Boost Tech : Disable if you have 930 chip otherwise enable
    CPU Multi Threading :Enable
  34. Re: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R/ I7-930 need Overclocking Help

    If you are not using multithreaded program too much and if you are using your system to play mostly games then if you disable Hyper Threading then this may also help you to reach to higher overclock,...
  35. Re: Cannot Overclock with my GA-X48-DQ6 & Q9550 E0

    I just follow the steps being mentioned by you and now I am getting CPU overclock and it reached to 3.65GHZ with fsb of 420. Thank you for your rely to do changes in settings. I run prime95 to check...
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    Re: Gigabyte x58 udr3 BSOD

    I think that it will be nice if you can have the BIOS of the system updated and I am sure that this update can help a bit so that you can be out of the situation. If I would have been in your place...
  37. Re: Gigabyte E8400: How to get a stable 4ghz overclock

    The reason why should you drop the voltage on the DRAM to 2.000 instead of 2.100, if you set the DRAM voltage too high then it will make the memory unstable. So 2.000v is enough and even if you set...
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    Re: cannot copy file-path too long

    Try to move the files to some next folder. The folder is placed very deep inside the directory due to which you are getting the problem. So just move it slowly in different folders and then you can...
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    Re: Ffxiv benchmark wont work

    I was confused and could not do crouch by means of installing the DX9 retro documents from Microsoft. Probable "The program can't star because d3x9_41.dll is absent from your computer. Try...
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    Re: Macbook Pro late 2008 screen flickering

    did not have much depth the issue of eeePC connected to a monitor that I tried (successfully) to use on an overhead projector and a flat screen. In the end it feels really nice if a machine is...
  41. Re: Intel Desktop Board with power switching problem

    If you need a recent changes of cards or drives, the system is probably not seeing your hard drive. Check record your BIOS settings, then remove the CMOS battery for at least 5 minutes. Change your...
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    Re: How to play N-gage games on 5800 + patch

    You need to download the NGage Install Package Which I Have compiled here. For this to work Correctly, You Will Need to Have Your phone hacked, this Should Be No Problem Providing You Have a little...
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    Re: Asus G53JW-A1 Screen Benchmark

    Linux - The graphics driver operates the fan " yoyo ", ie it reacts a bit late to the peak heat. Consequence : when the temperature drops , it does not pedal with Cooler but let alone break down ....
  44. Re: Decrease space in Recycle Bin to increase storage space

    If you have multiple hard drives (or partitions), you can configure the properties of the trash independently for each reader. For my part I have two partitions. To do this check so "Configure...
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    Re: PS3 to 5.1 DVD surround sound

    PS3 connected to the TV via cable HDMI and for audio have plugged the cable supplied with the PS3 ( RCA connector yellow , red and white ) on the home theater but do not connect the RCA yellow as c...
  46. Re: How to turn off hp printer replace ink cartridge

    Over time , the cartridges are losing a part of the ink by evaporation. This results in a lower volume of ink available and possible changes in the chemical composition of the ink. The cartridges can...
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    Re: Cheep BEGINNERS rig

    I am getting ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO AM3 AMD 785G HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard at $58. It has 4x240pin number of memory slot.DDR3 1800Un-buffered Memory.onboard video chipset ATI Radeon HD 4200 GPU SidePort...
  48. Re: How to enable 3gp AMR support in vlc 0.8.2

    You can read your .3 gp file with Apple QuickTime Player, Roxio Easy Media Creator , RealNetworks RealPlayer VideoLAN VLC media player , MPlayer, MIKSOFT 3G Mobile and others, I suggest you VLC MEDIA...
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    Re: WPrime Benchmark

    I am posting you the scores but they are not after the clean boot. You can refer it.

    2M 65,548 s (1695 Mhz Su9600 6 GB RAM)
    1024 M 1818,777 s and
    the temperature raised up to 52 C.

  50. Re: what is the Safe voltage for intel i7-930

    I would like to say that this temperature is been increased due to lot of memory space occupied and loads of work done.Try and keep your loading temperature below 70c . It will maintain the...
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