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    Re: Want a good wireless headphone for TV

    Direct connection is not possible. Because on a TV you get connectivity ports or usb port. And you wont get any audio jack on the same. You have to use a TV tuner card for the same. Just find a good...
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    Re: Stylish mouse under Rs.1000

    Have a look on Portronics Bean - POR 222 Wireless Mouse. This mouse is having quiet nice look and it comes in very stylish design. This mouse has a blue and white color body and it is easy to use...
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    Re: What is most required to build a 4K pc

    Well you need a good graphic card for that. Then only you will get what you are looking for. Here if you are not having a good gpu then it will be very hard for you to get resolution that you are...
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    Re: Using my old pc for data transfer work

    The first thing you have to do is to configure Hot Swapping feature in your pc. If you will be frequently adding or removing drives in your pc. This hot swapping feature will let you to remove and...
  5. Re: Which brand in the market makes the most reliable hard drives

    The reliability of a hard drive depends on the amount of product fails. And here I had found that Seagate is having a high fail rate today. Compare this Westerns Digital is considered to be more...
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    Re: HP Scan to network is not working

    Sometime the printer takes time to connect to the network and get all configuration file. Due to which you are getting the error. You have to try out resetting the network settings which I think will...
  7. Re: Sound distortion on Creative Gaming headphone

    I had gone through this problem on Counter Strike. And I know the exact cause of this problem. It is due to audio enhancer. You might be having some third party audio booster in your pc. It is...
  8. Re: Want some help to replace wifi adapter of Sony Vaio laptop

    It is. The wifi adapter is located at the backside mostly. There is a square shape mark with single or double screw on the same. When you open that inside that lies the wifi adapter. It is easy to...
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    Re: Recovering files from a dead hard drive

    I had tried once using a recovery service. It was nearby my home and this helped me a lot. I was having a very less amount of data. Somehow it worked. I was able to get what I was looking for. But...
  10. Re: Unable to increase cpu fan speed while overclocking

    You can also go ahead with some good air cooler. There are ample of them available. Antec CPU Cooler A40 is a good one here. It is a big size fan that has copper pipes and it comes in budget. You can...
  11. Re: Building up a budget amd pc for high end gaming

    If you are already spending on a high end processor then why to put less amount for the graphics and other hardware. Your overall budget is going to extend if you go with a Core i7 cpu and 290x...
  12. Re: Is adding 2 fans on the cpu case is enough for Core i5 pc

    If you are serious about overclocking then it is best to go with liquid cooler. Do not go with regular air fans. They are not enough. And if you are going to use the pc mostly for gaming then going...
  13. Re: Is it possible to build up a pc under Rs.20000 for gaming

    There are few old intel processor that can give you the budget you are looking for. Like Intel Pentium Processor G645 or Intel G2020. This processor are nice for gaming purpose. Buy any motherboard...
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    Re: iBall Tarang static sound on full volume

    This type of issue sometime appear due to improper grounding also. You have to ensure that your home is having appropriate grounding. It is correct that if the speakers is connected on the front side...
  15. Re: What is the cost of MSI's new all in one gaming pc

    The cost is unknown yet. But there is a nice amount of discussion about that on web. This all in one has many thing to provide in terms of display. Like big screen size, a less blue light technology...
  16. Re: What is the maximum cpu cooler height for Storm Sniper Case

    Storm Sniper is a full size cpu case. You can fit any cooler on that. If you can mention the model then it is far more easy to give you suggestion. It is not easy to assume what is the max height of...
  17. Re: Unable to connect HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2545 with router

    Use the hp printer setup disc. It will help you to configure the printer on the wifi network. It is very easy to use. You just have to insert the disc and connect the printer no your pc. It will...
  18. Re: Does all cpu fan are same or there are different types in it

    Air cooler are good for those who cannot afford liquid cooling solution. If you really need something great then you can try Deepcool Ice Matrix 400. It is one of the best air cooler. You can add...
  19. Re: What is the maximum system a quad core cpu can handle

    It is not easy to leak the tubes. They are quiet strong and made with industrial grade. If a liquid leaks from that then your system board can also damage. It is quiet important that you must check...
  20. Re: Kingston USB ask for formatting on every connection

    You can find out the information about the drive by running System File Checker tool. Connect the drive to your pc and format it. Launch cmd. Run CD command to change the direct. If your pen drive is...
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    Re: Accidentally formatted the wrong drive

    It is possible to recover but the charges will be really high. There are many data recovery agencies in the market that will give you all the data back. But those charge you on mbs. The higher data...
  22. Re: Replacement for Silencio 352 front usb and power button

    It is very hard to find the front port replacement for Silencio 352. It ias a amazing cpu case and you had seen the design also. The usb ports are placed vertically on the front left. There is one...
  23. Re: How to use 3TB hard drive on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard

    This can be also done through bios. You have to set EFI for EFI CD/DVD Boot option and set AHCI for hard drive. When you boot your system through any bootable media you will be able to see the full...
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    Re: PSU with maximum number of SATA Cables

    I think psu with 6 sata cable will be more than enough for you. For a decent performance Cooler Master Thunder 500W 500 Watts PSU will be nice. It gives you 6 hard drive support with simple...
  25. Re: ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 (Microsoft Corporation - XDDM)

    If you are unable to get the resolution or if it is crashing then the video driver is not proper. You have t somehow locate a stable version for that. Sometime this kind of problem appear after a new...
  26. Re: cannot scan Document in HP Laser jet M1005 MFP Printer

    You have to provide the issue in detail. Still I am going to list some solution which you can try out. If the scanning is taking too much time then try to reduce the resolution. Keep the same at 200...
  27. Re: Office pc custom config suggestion under affordable price

    Go with windows 7, don't install windows 8. It slow down the system ore. For budget system anything will do. Like a dual core processor, 4GB ram and 400GB hard drive. This much hardware is good...
  28. Re: Which gaming headphone offers surround sound output

    For gaming I will consider Sennheiser X 2 Headset. This headset comes for Rs.1750. This is in budget and Sennheiser is a very popular brand for making good quality headphones. I had found it very...
  29. Re: What are the different type of wireless display device

    I agree Chromecast is very easy. It is simple to manage and has simple operation. There is no need to install anything. I am going to get one soon. I was before thinking of buying a media server, but...
  30. Re: Blue screen error with Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB

    One better option to avoid this kind of error is updating the bios. Old bios does not work really well with the new hardware. Once this things are updated you just have to connect and try out. The...
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    Re: Game controllers for Apple iPad Air

    Most of the game controller by default supports all games and works really nice. Have a look on Gametel. This is a nice durable console that give you good
    grip and proper buttons to control...
  32. Re: Between Logitech and Thrustmaster who offers a good gamepad

    If you want to buy reasonable then there are other brands also. It is not necessary that you must go for Logitech only. One among them is DigiFlip GP005 which comes for Rs.800. My friend has this...
  33. Re: My 16GB usb is showing 64mb file space and does not format

    It is damage and it will not work. You have to buy a new one. I also lost my 8GB pend drive in the same manner. I kept in the drawer and after a year I found it. When I plugged it, I got a same 16mb...
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    Re: Help needed to reset AirPort time Capsule

    It is better if you can run completely factory restore. This will put the default settings back and you can once again configure it. There are chances that this might improve the performance of time...
  35. Re: Help needed to organize hanging cables inside my pc

    You can buy plastic thread to bend them together. Many big size cpu case comes loaded with good cable management. But still if you think your system is quiet messed up you can go ahead with tying...
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    Re: How will I know failed hard drive in RAID

    Sometime it is not easy to find that which drive in the raid is failed if it is configured only for data backup. This is a main issue is big servers. Who have multiple hard drive connected on them....
  37. Re: Wide format printer for printing big size banner

    If you are looking something for office usage then Canon Pixma iX7000 is a good choice. It provide you a reasonable size. The maximum print size you can get on this is 11 x 17 inches. That is enough...
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    Re: Water spill on hard drive.What to do ?

    I do not think that is going to work. Once water enter in the drive it can damage crucial components very easily. Try to dry it first and then there is something you can do. Or else data recover is...
  39. Re: Advice for more than 30TB storage solution

    I am having two 4 bay nas drives configured. To increase the storage I upgraded the hard drive from 1TB to 4TB. I think 32TB is more than enough for anyone. Nas bays are good solution here.
  40. Re: Help to rebuild old machine for gaming performance

    The best thing I will recommend you to is sell of your old pc and get a new one. You can go on many online shopping site and post your ad. Sell the machine at a reasonable price and build a good pc...
  41. Re: Most silent and cheapset cooler for regular ATX build

    Just buy a liquid cooler. Antec has a nice product in liquid cooling range. It is Antec Kuhler. It is simple to use and easy to fit also. There is a tiny radiator available in that which makes...
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    Re: Paper constantly stuck on Hp Deskjet 1022

    This looks like a roller issue. There is a paper roller inside. Which pick the paper while printing. It moves the paper towards the toner and the print comes out. Now sometime the roller is not...
  43. Re: Toshiba working on 240 mb/s SD card for portable devices

    That is correct. I just wasted a good amount in the same thing. I was out on a vacation where I purchased a 64gb card which is not working in my camera. Later on I found the issue was with my camera...
  44. Re: Is Thunderbolt PCI card good alternative for slow data speed

    Why don't you try usb 3.0 or a high speed lan connector. That will be more reasonable and easy to configure. USB 3.0 devices are quiet easily available. Also on some external hard drive which are...
  45. Re: Is there any printer available below Rs.4,000 with wifi printing option

    There is no need to go for a printer with wifi or lan support. You can buy any usb printer below Rs.2,000 which is quiet enough for office work. Like Canon PIXMA - iP2770, HP Deskjet 1000 - J110a,...
  46. Re: Internal TV Tuner card vs External for recording HD TV programs

    What is the max resolution you are getting on that usb card. Can you state the model. You can also try to find the complete specs on web so that if it is good enough you can buy it. There is no big...
  47. Re: Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB drives not recognized in Windows XP

    Windows XP is not capable of reading hard drive over 2TB. Even if the drive is listed in your bios with full size then also you cannot use it on XP. You will have to upgrade your operating system. It...
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    Re: Seagate ST2000DM001 drive freezes

    One thing you guys are missing. The user is trying to copy files from his old 500GB hard drive to the new 2TB drive. So if the old one if is a 5200 rpm or lower drive, then the transfer rate will be...
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    Re: Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM001 drive dead

    If the drive is dead then there is no way you can recover data from it. There are some special data recovery services available on web which offers you backup but at a very costly price. It is...
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    Re: Is Antec P280 good chassis for gaming pc

    If you do not want to overclock, or simply do not really need a very high end system, then going for entry level cases is more recommended. Antec P280 is a part of performance series cases by Antec....
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