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    Re: Antec Neo 620C PSU for I7-4790k

    The Antec Neo Eco 620 watts power supply in reality is made by Seasonic brand. It is a very good quality psu and Haswell Certified as well. With the current build that you have there doesnt seem to...
  2. Re: Logitech Type+ Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Air 2 not turning on

    It might be possible that you are using an old version of Logitech Type+ Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Air 2 which is not working. You will need to get the new version of this Type+ protective case...
  3. Re: overclocking programs for Core2 Quad Q6700

    Since its an Intel CPU, so you can use the Intel Desktop Control Center software. This application is developed by Intel and characterized by a user interface (GUI) extremely engaging and...
  4. Re: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 driver needed for Windows 8.1

    It seems that many Logitech C920 users are having problems with this webcam on Windows 8.1 and still Logitech has not released any compatible driver for this webcam on the operating system. It looks...
  5. Re: computer wont detect Corsair Vengeance M90

    First connect the mouse in your computer and then uninstall all drivers of that mouse. After that install Firmware Software Updater from Corsair. Now go to Start > Control Panel > Power Options >...
  6. Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    Did you try to save any usb drive data backups? If you have saved any then try to copy all your required files back as many as possible. Incase there is no such drive data backups then you should...
  7. Re: kingston 64gb datatraveler copying speed slow

    What is the model number of the Kingston 64GB USB 3.0 G4 DataTraveler Flash Drive that you are using? You might have got a model of slow flash drive which might be working at 5mbps, so if you can...
  8. Re: Logitech K750 Keyboard for Mac stopped working

    Can you tell us whether there was any changes made with your computer, like, did you get any update or such recently? You can try to get a software which is available to adjust settings for your...
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    Re: error message "dxgkrnl.sys fails to load"

    Can you try to run the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files in your pc. To do this, click Start, type Command Prompt or cmd in the Search box, right-click Command...
  10. Re: not a single mouse is working after uninstalling logitech mouse

    I am assuming that you might have deleted some keys in the registry before you started getting this problem, so you should try to do a Windows System File Scan and see if that works for you. To do...
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    Re: Cpu case replacement for Mac desktop

    You must take care while using this kind of products. They are super costly and repairing them is also not cheaper. That is the reason many people prefer to go with custom build. They are cheaper to...
  12. Re: Unable to connect HP Officejet Pro 8620 on lan

    I had connected a similar multi-functional printer at my office. At start there was a bit connectivity issue. The printer remain un-identified most of the time. But later on it was detected by the...
  13. Re: WD My Passport 3.0 external drive randomly disconnects

    I was also having the same issue. When I contacted their support team, they said that they are going to send me a new usb cable. I am thinking that this is a power loss problem with the usb 3.0 or...
  14. Re: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    The above method works for some and if it doesnt work then note also that you will have to install the latest Usb 3.0 drivers in your pc. After that you need to go to Device Manager and search for...
  15. Re: Help to get kingsun ks 959 infrared adapter's drivers

    If you have installed Vista on your computer then the issue is with the .inf file. So to solve this issue, open your CD or drivers archive directory and find the KS-959.sys file in it by searching....
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    Re: WD external hard drive password protected

    Your hard drive might be write protected and to remove it click Start button and then in the search bar type regedit. After the registry editor open go to this following path -...
  17. Re: Need explanation on different psu certification

    This certification does not help much when you are going for a budget psu. If you want to buy a costly one then go for it. Or else go for anything cheaper and done. I think the most common one is a...
  18. Re: Corsair Force GT120 SSD write speed problem

    Can you ensure whether the motherboard Sata controller driver is installed fine? If it is not properly installed then you might get into such issues. If there is some firmware issues then you can...
  19. Re: Sculpt Mobile keyboard not recognized in Windows 7

    If the above solutions doesnt work for you then try to perform a clean boot by following this link - After doing the clean boot start your pc in Normal boot....
  20. Re: Dell Inspiron 5520 error "No Bootable device"

    After searching for some solution for your Dell computer I found out that it is a hard drive problem. There is either Samsung or Seagate or a combination of both hard drive installed in Dell Inspiron...
  21. Re: Xerox Workcentre 3119 printer not working with Windows 7

    I had the same problem and was able to solve it after some research. You need to first remove the driver of the printer from your pc. After that go to Printers > Print Queue > and delete the printer....
  22. Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    It is right do not waste your money for cheaper one. I spended a around Rs.1000 on portable keyboard that comes with cover. But it did not worked with my tablet. This is just a waste of money. I am...
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    Re: How to know hard drive is failing

    Can you let us know from how long have you been using the Western Digital HDD that you have? I think that if it is under 3 years, then you can replace the hard drive because it will be under...
  24. Re: using antec truepower quattro PSU on new computer build

    Well, I would also say that it will be a risk to run this PSU with high end computer build, since it is very old, even though it is a good brand of PSU. Note that if the power supply dies, then it...
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    Re: best between SSHD and SSD

    The Samsung 840 Pro will eventually give you great improvement if you use it with a 500GB external drive and usb 3.0 port. With this SSD you will get the OS to boot quickly in seconds and also the...
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    Re: Monarch 9416 XL Printer driver for Windows 7

    If the above solution doesnt work for you, then try to install the Vista driver for this Monarch 9416 XL Printer and install it in your pc in compatibility mode. To do the same, you will need to...
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    Re: Electric shock problem with cpu case

    Try to check the power connectivity in your home. This is a very common issue. You can call a electrician to fix that. Now in a home wiring there is a thin silver cable. It is added to remove...
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    Re: slow read problem with Kingston SSDNOW v300

    Even I had a problem with the SSD and it seems that the SSD itself was bad and not my computer. So I exchanged the SSD for a different one and the new SSD was giving me 400+ mbps read speed after...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    It will be also fine if you can use a bootable antivirus CD and make sure that any kind of virus is not causing this problem. You can also try to check the hard drive status byt running a chkdsk in...
  30. Re: Logitech MX Revolution problem with Mac OS X

    Can you check whether there is something called Logitech Control Center installed in your machine. If so then try to first remove the Logitech Control Center from your mac computer and then...
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    Re: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    Have you tried to check the same Kingston Pen drive that you have by connecting it to some other pc and if you are facing the same problem or not. Also, did you make sure whether the pen drive is not...
  32. Re: Windows 7 driver for Verizon Wireless UM175 modem

    Verizon have now released the (2806c) version of VZAccess Manager software that is comapatible with Windows 7, you can download it from here. You dont have to follow the above method to...
  33. Re: Time to upgrade to USB 3.1 for more faster data transfer speed

    It is just released. Yet it is not adopted by any manufacturer in the market. We are getting the same Usb 3.0 devices. So it is wise to go for that. Because even if any product is released with new...
  34. Re: SONY DR-BT21G stereo bluetooth headset not working in Windows 7

    I was able to find the Windows 7 driver for SONY DR-BT21G stereo bluetooth headset. This driver is able to support the Windows 7 RTM version as well as it supports A2DP protocol also. Download it...
  35. Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    That usually does not happen. I think you had dropped the hard drive. I had gone with the same issue. I was having a 320GB hard drive which accidentally felled from my hand. Fortunately it was...
  36. Re: getting message to close "Hidden - d3d window" in Windows 8

    After installing Setpoint software to the latest I also started getting the "Hidden - d3d window" popup error. So I went into he Task Manager and started scanning all entries that was related to...
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    Re: Corsair Force GT SSD 120GB not recognized

    I just check the warranty terms of Corsair on their site - which mentions the below:

    Corsair may, at its discretion, provide new or equivalent-to-new...
  38. Re: want to buy RAPOO E6500 Bluetooth Keyboard

    I dont think that the keyboard is compatible with most of the softwares of Windows computer. Because you will require driver support for word and excel multimedia keys which is mentioned on their...
  39. Re: Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive is not spinning

    You can try to remove the PCB or get somebody who is expert in this field to remove it and then power it up on its own. After that when you touch it and you still feel that it is getting too much hot...
  40. Re: Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb vs Sandisk Extreme 120gb

    I havent tested Kingston HyperX models since I was already using the Sandisk Extreme SSd that I bought some time ago and it has not given me any issues till now. All the things are running well, but...
  41. Re: Logitech QuickCam Orbit V-UU22 Windows 7 drivers download

    I have found a solution that has worked for many people. What you need to do is download the Vista version of the driver for Logitech QuickCam Orbit V-UU22. After the download is complete, right...
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    Re: Samsung started selling 64GB MicroSD card

    It will be much costlier I think. First of all if you are adding such a high storage in your smartphone, then your phone must have a powerful cpu to process that much data. I had seen in my tablet,...
  43. Re: Did anyone heard about MTS 'unlimited social media' plan

    Well friend, existing Mblaze customers will get 4GB data usage with this tariff subscription but all new customers will get 6GB data. Rest all stuffs are same for both existing and new customers. For...
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    Re: How to lock a USB or External Hard Drive

    There are many tools. One of them is Storage Crypt. The tool is simple and I think it is free. I lock my external drive with this. I had lots of movies and my friend just ask for my drive...
  45. Re: MPCStar Media Player working extremely slow on some video

    Even I agree with the same. You must switch to a good player in place of this. Choppy or slow video can be due to software that cannot handle big size files. Get a good multimedia player.
  46. Re: Logitech Webcam C910 autofocus disabling help

    This problem was addressed on the logitech support site and even their support say that it is not possible to keep the autofocus in the disabled status even after restarting the pc. But there was a...
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    Re: Google Drive Mac App download available?

    Yes, it seems something wrong. Google drive is available for Mac systems as well. Did you tried accessing from this URL: ? If not, try it out. When you open this page, you...
  48. Re: Lenovo T500 Bluetooth is not working properly

    The connectivity is not properly only when some of the driver is outdated or not present there in the System. So make sure that all the drivers are updated. If not then download the latest driver...
  49. Re: 640 GB Sata Drive is not working in Lenovo IBM S50 8184

    This issue is normally occurs if there are some of the mistake there in BIOS, so make upgrading of latest BIOS and also upgrade XP and SP3. May be with the BIOS update this issue will resolve this...
  50. Re: Product Recovery not working properly in Lenovo G41

    You just have to do this thing this works for this issue, so for that you have to run the recovery media which automatically builds the recovery partition on the Hard Disk. After this you have to...
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