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  1. Re: How to make a bootable device out of Nero burner

    It is possible for you to make the startup disc as of the Windows. In addition to that, if you are having the Windows disc then you will also get the repair tool in that but there are some of the OEM...
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    Re: Compare Samsung Vibrant and Mytouch 4g

    The dynamics are good; I love the vibrant screen and all. And now we can put a mod of the chamber and face to face, but the user interface is annoying. Vibrant is way improved handset for geek. My...
  3. Re: Unable to establish Internet connection on my Motorola Defy

    Meanwhile, I made a trip to my local Vodafone store to get some help. The young store manager was very helpful and told me $ 25 I could get my phone and running on the Vodafone network for accessing...
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    Re: How can I setup VPN on my Motorola Defy

    User Interface on the configuration files / key files for Linux to load the user needs to unpack.
    Defy connect to the computer with a memory card access
    Create folder named openvpn on the SD...
  5. Re: How can I take backup after upgrading firmware in Motorola droid 2

    Speaker "turn" by the software is not. If so, then you've got the bug again and have to send it again. Is the best way you want to do it, wait until the battery is recharged it will load only if a...
  6. Re: Phone calls and Internet simultaneously with Motorola Droid 2

    Where can I make the settings for her to switch to 3G? For me (Froyo) that's under: Settings-> Wireless & Networking-> Mobile networks, but with her I can not find the point. And one more little...
  7. Re: Motorola droid 2: how to synchronize PC outlook?

    You can also bypass the local server by clicking on Create Account and NEN first tests will. This is only a demo server. The account is only 90 days. My solution was then sync...
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    Re: Pets in Sims 3

    Anyway, I hope Pets expansion of 3 to create better than the 2 I did not like Grank, was of very thin and there were few animals, if they are sure it will for sure. I hope they put the rabbits and...
  9. Re: Unable to built external stair case in Sims 3

    I understood what I did wrong the only way seems to delete the house and rebuild it from scratch because the basement to be built before putting the foundations of the conflict or are placing a...
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    Re: Bailouts in The Sims 3

    The game is saved to the city in full! And so it is up to you! Then in that same game you decide to change characters, but the game is always the same. I try to give you a practical example I open a...
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    Re: Do you like the Sims 3

    They’re great xD But I do a real tragedy: there are two sim, husband and wife, the wife has a job that allows her to visit other cities. in those other cities, she churns out children to no end and...
  12. re: Need to know the Intel GL40 Chipset CPU compatibility?

    Nice, I thought about a GL40 notebook T3400 will be an easy upgrade. I still see nyry30 T5850 upgrade works or otherwise be interested. Perhaps a step too heavily on T3400 but found the price was...
  13. Re: Will it be worth to switch from Alienware to Macbook pro

    Therefore OP said he was interested in a bigger hard drive, so I'd say the MacBook Air is out of place there. As for the sale of a high-end laptop to another. I bought my M15x $ 1,600 in May 2010 and...
  14. Re: Can dragons be cliff racers in elder scrolls

    You have no idea until you decide to trek around the Molag Amur/Red Mountain for a while attracting the attention of every cliff racer that spawns without stopping to kill any of them while at a high...
  15. Re: Bluetooth is not working properly in my LG E720

    Hi, I also have the same problems with the Bluetooth interface on my Samsung E-720 like her. For me, we sometimes detected a device and then again not. After the times I now have my wireless...
  16. Re: My connected Facebook friends are not appearing online

    At least I have two friends that I know will not be displayed in the application for the iPhone even though they are online. I can talk with them using full web page on my laptop. One was recently...
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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Guys I will solve your problem, however I recommend just tell you how do you spread the word because many people need to be but I just can not do it to please everyone then also I had the exact same...
  18. Re: Duke nukem forever: Scenes from the trailer are not present in the actual game

    Even if the final version compared to liquid running the demo with less Frame lags yet to break the frame rate often times. If you consider the technical Forts cheat since 2001 and the relatively old...
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    Re: Ego-based deaths in duke nukem forever

    The first thing that I would like to say here is that I haven’t played this game but still have great knowledge of playing such games. Now the thing that you are talking here is regarding the death...
  20. Re: The elder Scrolls: why players usually hate Mer?

    The Imperials fit each of those descriptions, they just don't do it officially. Look at the popularity of the Biography of Barenziah books and anything written by Alessia Ottus and compare it to...
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    Re: The Elder Scrolls: What is Sheogorath?

    The first excerpt, in particular, explicitly states that the lore indicating Argonians were created from or by the Hist is erroneous; this is backed up by an official statement from Mark Nelson. Many...
  22. Re: The elder scrolls: which is the best moment in this game?

    I have a number of favorite moments, the best is reading about legends of Nerevar, I would shift through multiple books and documents find out more. The story of Nerevar is my number one TES story....
  23. Re: The elder scrolls: Who is the best Nerevarine, Shezzarine or Tangerine?

    At the moment, there's a nerevarine, which is someone believed to be Nerevar reborn. That is his title, or his truth. Work that one out. Assuming Pelinal is was the Shezzarine, then it is also, since...
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    Re: The Theoretical Power of Sithis in TES

    Daedra didn't give anything to existence, let alone mortals; thus, they are the Daedra. Existence is the result of a Unstoppable Force hitting an Immovable Object The is a place of static change. I...
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    Re: Deadliest warrior in the Elder scrolls

    I mentioned the Goblin Warlords in a joking manner earlier, but the lore may actually justify them as serious contenders. They're literally bred for war by the Altmer. That's the sole purpose of...
  26. Re: Ambiguity is the downfall of The Elder scrolls lore?

    Some of us like the fact that the truth continually eludes our grasp. It makes TES lore more comporable to real world religious and mythical systems which have a tendency to resist easy...
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    Re: How can I learn Elder Scrolls Lore?

    I would definitely say in-game books are a good place to start, there's a wide variety of books in the series and many can give good looks at lore. Just remember that the books are written from the...
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    Re: Who is Akatosh in the Elder Scrolls?

    It's not. It's his other personality. Having multiple perceptions in a world where believe and perceptions shape the world and gods do that. Hell, Shor, Shezarr, and Lorkhan are the same guy,...
  29. Re: What is the importance of blood in the Elder Scrolls

    I got the impression that Rona Hassildor went to sleep voluntarily, precisely to avoid becoming a ravening blood-maddened monster like Lovidicus. Drinking the blood of mortals seems to tie the...
  30. Re: Which was your first map in The Elder Scrolls?

    I played Oblivion first, and found it somewhat disappointing - not that it isn't a good game, but I really didn't think it lived up to the hype. It put me off trying any of the others for several...
  31. Re: Changes in magic system of The elder scrolls

    I have played rogues and warrior but the only way I would even consider playing a mage is by using a mod like midas magic. Please bethesda balance out your magic, make certain diseases require a...
  32. Re: The Elder Scrolls: Do dragons exist in this game?

    Hence why I mentioned them having interesting game play mechanics to support it. If there were a particular few that were being manipulated for whatever prominent evil threat was being faced at the...
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    Re: The Elder scrolls Official Speculation

    A small amount of discussion like this is OK providing it's kept closely tied to the topic at hand but it's quite common in these threads for these discussions to go on at length and in depth, and...
  34. Re: The Elder Scrolls: What Morrowind great house do you belong to in?

    What I find funny is that the Telvanni is probably the most truthful of all the houses. If they don't like you, you'll know it, and if they want something, they'll let you know it. With Redoran, they...
  35. Re: what are the minimum gift chips that can be sent in Zynga poker?

    Every day, when I sign into Facebook, I'd look to see if my" Zynga Poker-Buddies had sent me their free $1,000 Buddy Chip Gift. I've always looked forward to collecting the free chips. Today, I was...
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    Re: Zynga poker : New Poker Buddy Ladder

    There were 3 or 4 buddies out of the few I have that I never sent any gifts to because when you click on them it showed they have never played a hand. Now it is showing a couple of them as recently...
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    Re: Zynga poker: Cry me a river contest

    I played a tight game for about 30 minutes, and I was down to 1.8 M, so I had won some and lost some, stolen a few blinds, but nothing too exciting. Then, I notice a player going all-in every hand,...
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    Re: Opera Mobile 11 flash player

    I have gone through the confusion that you are facing and it seems to me that I can help you out from the same. And the adobe plug-in are by default installed on the browser and if you are unable to...
  39. Re: How to set "User Cannot Change Password" either via .NET or ADSI

    Hey i am not a programmer but still i have found something for you and i hope that it will help you to solve your issue. But keep on thing in mind that this program will just help you to create your...
  40. I am not comfortable anymore to play Zynga poker

    Well now playing poker was not comfortable anymore, because there is often a strange thing .. I am often confused by Zynga program and J8 my card and where the J7 is the other player’s cards, the...
  41. Re: Zynga Poker : Supplying chips to your enemies

    Yep, I'm one who used to enjoy playing this application who never equated this representation as being anything like the real thing and treated it as a pleasant way of passing time. This app was the...
  42. Re: How to prevent Zynga Poker from disconnection?

    People are intentionally going offline to avoid the betting risk and essentially getting a free ride on the turn and river card. This has to be corrected immediately. This is total crap. You go...
  43. Re: Zynga poker: Team service took all my chips!!

    If the chips were legitimately earned via gamely, then no, Zynga will never take away your chips. Chips which are illegally obtained throw off the balance of the game and don't fall under the same...
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    Re: Brink: No knife kills?

    Light body types are the only ones that would really benefit the use of a pistol because of their weapon restrictions would be silly to see a heavy not taking his chance to have a minigun and a...
  45. Re: What is the hardest topic to study for CCNA?

    If you will ask me then all the above mentioned topics are very easy and i don't seem that any of them will stress you out. But one thing i want to inform you that there is nothing like easy and hard...
  46. Re: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings unlocked on Direct2Drive

    The first thing that I want you to do here is that visit the official site of the game and then see whether they are providing you the download facility or not. I mean if you are downloading the same...
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    re: Proper way to play Bodytype in Brink?

    I think this is another case of how Body type will steer you toward a role more than a class. Because classes and abilities aren't dependent on body type, but weapons are your size is going to affect...
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    Re: Good deeds in Brink ?

    Maybe this is due to team based gameplay appealing to a more mature audience, maybe it's because the game isn't out yet so the fans on here are more excited for the game. I am not sure what it is but...
  49. Re: CRC error while installing the Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings

    In my case we finally made it actually. I've cleaned my drive again and turned off firewall and Antivirus completely during the installation. Now I'm finally on it, but did direct the next...
  50. Re: Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings is jerky unplayable

    I think that the game which is installed by you in not in that appropriate condition or it must be having problems with the set up file itself. So now what you have to do here is that just try and...
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