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  1. Re: All downloads through IDM corrupted on Windows 10

    Try to change the location where you are downloading the files. By default I think IDM create a default download folder on the desktop. You can then simply download all files in that. If the place...
  2. Re: How to boost up data transfer speed on usb 3.0

    I get around 108mb/s of file transfer speed on usb 3.0. And that is also on the front side. The transfer speed depend on the usb driver and the hard drive that you are using in your pc. If you are...
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    Re: Not getting proper resolution on iMac

    Try resetting the pram and then test. I am quit sure it will start working. There is no other way to fix this thing. If it still fails then I think you have to reset your entire system and then try...
  4. Re: Nokia Bluetooth Authentication error on Windows 7 64bit

    I know a fix for that. Because I am dealing with this problem long ago on my Nokia phone. Here you have to unpair the device first. Then turn on the Bluetooth of your pc and click on Add Device. You...
  5. Re: Windows 7 desktop profile gets corrupted on every reboot

    It is a common issue when you are having virus problem in your system. You can just resolve that by simply scanning your system in safe mode and I am quiet sure that will help you a lot in fixing the...
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    Re: Windows 7 backup failed with errors 0x807800A1

    There are few windows internal troubleshooting software that can really help you to deal with the problem. You can run that to find out what is the problem. The best software that you can try out is...
  7. Re: What things I can do to make Windows 8 work faster on a netbook

    For using Windows 8 you need atleast 4GB ram. So that all applications can perform well. A few thing you can try doing is running Disk Cleanup from time to time. This will wipe out the unwanted files...
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    Re: How to increase shutdown time on Mac

    Removing the apps can help you to deal with the same. Mac system does not really cause much performance problem unless you really load a lot of things on the same. And this can be resolved really...
  9. Re: Is it still safe to use Windows XP on old pc

    Still if you want to use then there are few things you can try out. First of all do not allow multiple people to use the system. Just create one admin account and keep it locked. so that no other...
  10. Re: Rstrui.exe error while trying to create a system restore point on Windows 7

    You will have to scan your driver for errors. I am quiet sure you are getting the error due to a damage system file. And you can find the same through system file checker. This utility is available...
  11. Re: Right click menu takes a long time to appear on Windows 8.1

    It can be due to slow hard drive. Try to run disk defragmentation. It is available in Windows and you can also go with third party tool if you want. Disk Defragmentation will increase your drive...
  12. Re: Windows 8 dual boot gone wrong on Dell desktop

    Before that there is one more thing you can try. You can try to restore the bootloader back where you will get choice to enter Windows 7. And then you can format the partition where you had installed...
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    Re: Dual booting Mac and Windows on Vmware

    You can do that but I am not sure that your system will perform well. There will be crashing issue. You can dual boot two version of windows which will work really well, but if you try to do the same...
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    Re: Avipbb.sys bsod on Windows 8

    Remove avira and malwarebytes both from your pc. And then use it for a while. When it works fine then install Avira back and update your pc. Then test it. Then add malwarebyte back. If the system...
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    Re: Is Windows 7 drive imaging good for backup

    I am using Windows 7 Drive imaging from long time. It is a very effective solution. You can simply create a entire clone of your system partition and save it somewhere in the d rive. You can also...
  16. Re: Installing Mac OS X Maverick on Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH-CF

    Most important thing you need is right firmware for running the mac system. When you check guide online that shows you about installing mac on Intel based pc you have to overwrite the bios file. Or...
  17. Re: Black screen on Windows 7 logon after Catalyst Update

    When you update Catalyst you are also updating the video driver with that. When update give you any problem you can try using the setup file. You can download that from the official website. Just...
  18. Re: Using mobile internal storage as boot device

    That is correct. It is not possible at all to use the mobile storage for installing a OS. Because that is not a active storage media and the removable device is triggered through android OS. So...
  19. Re: Simple raid configuration for data backup on Windows 8

    Raid is a complex configuration. But it is reliable and trusted by companies. I had seen a new laptop that comes with raid setup. It is pre-configured. I am having one system at my offline. It has...
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    Re: Will Windows 8 work fast from a 16GB usb

    I think if you add more ram sticks then you don't have to install windows in a pen drive. You have only 2GB of ram. Buy one more stick of 2GB and add it. 4GB will boost the performance. I got this...
  21. Re: Unable to format Ultrastar 7K4000 4TB drive on Windows 7

    I am having Gigabyte motherboard. I am using a custom pc which is for gaming. It has AMD FX8350 cpu with 1GBNvidia 650Ti gpu, and 8GB ram. I had added a 3TB hard drive on that. It is a single drive....
  22. Re: Unable to play old games on Windows 8 Basic Display Driver

    I agree with that. Upgrades are not always stable. I had faced various problem when I went head with normal upgrade procedure. I was having a home basic edition of Windows 7 and later I upgraded to...
  23. Re: Windows 8 working slow after installing new updates

    There can be various reason behind failing updates. Like your system is having too many programs. You can make it fast by removing some of them from the startup. Just go in msconfig and go in startup...
  24. Re: Windows 8 slow on Vmware running on Windows 7

    Just remove vmware first. Then simply update all your system drivers. Once done check your system usage. You can find that in Task Manager. If ram and cpu usage is high then you have to simply remove...
  25. Re: Wrong file format displayed by Windows on Mapped Drive

    When you are in the shared folder right click on the file and choose open with. From the box choose the software and add a tick below which says always open the file in particular program. This will...
  26. Re: Windows 7 Slipstream setup crashed with bluescreen

    Slipstream disk are ideal if you want to remove stuffs from Windows. If you try to add any additional things there is very less chances that it will work stable. I can give you one more options here....
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    Re: How to stop windows update from crashing pc

    For some system windows update is a pain. I had seen it just keep on increasing my Windows partition size. And sometime the system is quiet slow. There are few things you can do to keep your system a...
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    It is a driver bug. Some incompatible hardware is causing the issue. First thing you can do is run system restore. So that you can get the old working settings back. This work most of the time. I use...
  29. Re: How i can Activate my Windows XP Media Center Edition

    I had faced invalid key issue a number of time. I got the Media Center Edition from my friend. He was using this on his pc and later he sold that to me as he bought a new version. I contacted...
  30. Re: Fixed: The machine-default permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID

    Sometime there is a bit issue with fixing the permission. It is weird to find that the permission is simply restored back to old one when you had done nothing in the settings. I am unable to get a...
  31. Re: Partition resizing does not work on Windows 8

    If Disk Management is not working then there are some third party tools available which you can test and try. Like Easeus Partition Magic. This is a nice software that allow you to customize all the...
  32. Re: Is it possible to dual boot Windows 8 system with Windows 7

    I had did the same. I am using both the OS side by side. My system was already having Windows 7. Later on I installed Windows 8 on the same. When
    restart I get a Windows 8 bootloader that ask me...
  33. Re: Help to move Windows 8 to other partition and install Windows 7 on it

    Moving OS is complicated and somehow it is not possible due to the boot manager. All you can do is simply install windows as mentioned above in different partitions. Or you can backup your data and...
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    Re: What is new in Ubuntu 13.10

    The version number is Ubuntu 13.10. This time the OS has features for Smartphone. It has a portable edition also where you can use it on a mobile phone. But the setup is advance here. Each time the...
  35. Re: Windows 8.1 crash after adding a new sound card

    I was using Windows 8. And I'm having a problem with the Pen drive. This is a old device which I had received from my office. Now it is having a password in it through which and able to connect to my...
  36. Re: How to select between different Linux desktop environment

    I like two environments. The first is Unity. This is used in Ubuntu and looks simplest to me. Those who switch directly from Windows will find it a bit complicated to use. Unity has a simple...
  37. Re: For app performance between Windows 8 and Windows 7 who is better

    If we talk about the interface then there is lot of difference. But being a new OS, Windows 8 is better in terms of security and performance. All you need is a good hardware for it. Windows 8 provide...
  38. Re: Remove media disk error on formatting netbook via Windows bootable usb

    The drive is not properly created due to which you are getting that problem. It is necessary that you must try some other tool. That will do the the job. Just go on web and look for a GUI based...
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    Re: opened files disappearing in win 7

    Restarting explorer can also fix the issue if there is no major virus issue. My system was dealing with the same kind of stuff. Sometime the icons in taskbar just disappear for now reason. I am using...
  40. Re: "IOLORGDF32 Program not found skip autocheck" error after Windows 8 upgrade

    Yes go with clear setup. That is more better. Because there you can simply replace the existing files making your system stable. Upgrades can cause issue later on when your system is ready. While...
  41. Re: Getting "Access Denied" error on every folder in Windows 8

    Windows is missing a utility to fix file permission. Virus simply modifies that first in-order to block access to the security applications. I am simply trying to locate a ready to use tool that...
  42. Re: No suitable graphic error after re-installing Windows Vista

    You had formatted your system due to which your old graphic settings are wiped out. This can be also the cause of issue. Vista is bit buggy with drivers. You will have to locate the right video...
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    Re: Using Comodo PC Tune Up on Windows Vista

    I think your system is having virus due to which you are getting poor performance. Download and scan your system with a good antivirus scanner. That will be more effective. There are ample of free...
  44. Re: Unable to turn on Window Defender on Windows 8

    I had upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 long ago. I was getting the same issue. I was using a free edition of AVG after when Defender simply failed to work properly. Defender just turns of...
  45. Re: User profile corrupts every time on new login

    There are different set of removal process for different rogue application. You cannot just uninstall it. Ample of infections enter your system and they spread instantly. I had accidentally installed...
  46. Re: Which Linux OS between PCLinuxOS, PinGuy OS and Slackware

    I think whatever you will use will be a bit complicated for you to use and understand the same. Compare to them I will also advice you to use Ubuntu. A nice lightweight operating system with ample of...
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    Re: Windows Vista poor performance on 4GB RAM

    I think the problem her lies with virus infection due to which you are facing. You might have to format your pc and install windows back again. That might fix the issue. Just run a clean setup and...
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    Re: Migrating Vista setup on a different pc

    I am using Parallel Desktop. It is really great. I think there is no other tools available which can match it features. As the name says you can run the same kind of settings in different pc....
  49. Re: Windows 7 software counterfeiting error after installing Windows 8

    That's really weird. I never thought that a Windows 8 on the other partition can do this. Actually I am not sure whether I am having a genuine or pirated copy. I got it with the system. I was also...
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    Re: Blue Screen while playing RE6 on Windows 8

    I think you are getting that problem due to pirated game. There are many users who download game from torrent and then use keygens to patch them. And that can be the cause of crash. It is better if...
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