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  1. Re: Youtube automatically changes video quality to 240p

    Well, i too am a frequent youtube visitor but i didn;t noticed any such silly thing. All my videos start at 360p unless and until i select the option "Never Play High Quality Video". So two things to...
  2. Windows Server shared drive unaccessible on Linux Mint

    There is a bit weird issue that I am facing on my system. I have Linux Mint operating system. I had connected the same on Windows Server. I have 10Gb shared space on the server which appears...
  3. Zune software disappeared, now unable to reinstall it.

    I have been using my zune media player from last 1 year. My zune media player use to work normally as it use to work. But yesterday when i tried for transferring some application into my media ...
  4. Ipod touch having retina problem due to screen protector

    Hii.. I have been using my apple ipod touch from last 3 months.. After that just for the sake of protection, I used a screen-protector for my ipod touch.. I cut it down so as to fit my screen.....
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    Samsung LNS4051 LCD TV - power on issues

    I bought my new Samsung LCD TV LNS4051 six months ago. And i am facing the power problem with it. I tell you this high techno LCD's are just a very big problem for all. We buy this big gadgets by...
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    Nokia E5 Email set-up problems

    I have been using Nokia E5 from last 1 month. But ever since i try to set up my personal account on the phone it shows some kind of error. Whenever I try to set up my personal email account...
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    Apple ipod touch gaming problem

    Recently i bought a 120 GB iPod touch and just few days back I have had a problem with some of the games stored in it. So far i have bought three games for my ipod touch(Texas Hold 'Em,Naval...
  8. Factual Questions about MacBook Air superdrive

    I have a question regarding the Macbook air superdrive. I want to ask some factual questions about the superdrive of new macbook air laptop. The questions are been mentioned below.

    Is it...
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    How to connect Apple Airport at 5 GHz

    Hello everyone.. Actually i have a problem related to the Apple Airport system.
    Actually my apple Macbook Air laptop connects at 2.4 GHz and it also achieves a transmit rate of 130 Mbit/s. Then...
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    Windows Phone 7 sound effect Problem

    Few days back i got my new windows phone 7 and i am having some sound related issues with my new phone. I tried all possible settings on my phone including leveling the volume control,keeping...
  11. Macbook Air wireless internet connection problem after 10.6.4 update

    After switching from windows to mac, I was quite excited about entering into a new computer technology. I am now having a serious problem with my macbook air laptop. I saw this kind of problems ...
  12. iphone 4 screen not turning off during calls

    I have been using the apple iphone 4 from last 4 months.. I was happy with the phone as it consist of so many exciting features and different applications in it... But from past last few days i am...
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    New MBA Accessories?

    Hello guyz..
    Does anyone have any idea about the latest invention by apple on Macbook laptops.. Apple recently launched a new product in the series of Macbook.. So i need some information on ...
  14. Macbook - No Sound - Volume control locked

    I have recently bought a Macbook Pro but have not yet upgraded it to Leopard. Yesterday i plugged in some Creative 2.1 stereo speakers into the headphone jack to better hear my music.. ...
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    Gfive u800 handsfree mode 100% solution

    I have been using the gfive u800 mobile phone from last 3 months but from last few days i am having some problem with my handsfree.. Whenever i connect it to the mobile phone it shows...
  16. IE9 hung in's the Main Log.... the already suggested fixes don't work...

    I have tried the latest internet explorer 9. And i found that it is really very horrible.. It is really a very bad invention by microsoft.. When i tried this for the first time and tried my work...
  17. Poor GPS reception in IPhone 3GS, am I the only one having this problem ?

    I have been using my iphone since last 5 months but i have an issue with respect to the GPS system which is been installed into the iphone system.. I know its weird but the thing is...
  18. I can hear people, but they cant hear me on my iphone 4

    Few days back i bought my iphone 4 mobile phone. But i am having a problem related to the volume while calling any person.. No-one can hear me on the phone. Doesn't matter if they call me...
  19. iPhone 4 Bluetooth issue with 2007 Nissan Altima

    For last 1 year I have had a 8GB 3G that has functioned without any issue. When i started using the iphone with my car, at first it didnt have any problem. The phone easily pairs with...
  20. HP Compaq NC4000 laptop windows 7 problems

    Hello everyone......
    Few days back i had installed windows 7 on my HP Compaq NC4000 laptop and everything is working perfectly except the sound. I have done a research on this machine through...
  21. Media Services Are Not Available for Torch 9800

    I have been using this blackberry torch 9800 mobile phone from last one month. It was fun using this mobile phone and i use to use many applications which were present in the mobile phone. But...
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    iphone 4 flash player

    I have brought the new iPhone 4 mobile phone and I am using it from the past two weeks and quite satisfied from it performance. Now I am looking to install the flash player in my mobile phone. I want...
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    How to Update Blackberry Torch wirelessly

    I am using the Blackberry Torch from the past six month and now I am looking for the wireless update of my mobile phone but the problem is that I don't know how to update it in the successful manner....
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    acer aspire 9920 black screen

    My acer aspire 9920 is having a problem with its screen. It is not functioning properly. It is having some booting problem. Sometimes a light appears on the screen but all of sudden the screen goes...
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    Sync Satio with Outlook 2010

    I have brought the new Sony Ericsson Satio which is the touchscreen smart phone. I am having the Windows 7 installed in my computer but the problem is that I am not able to sync my Satio mobile...
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    Best Single GPU setup?

    I want to buy the GPu for my computer and the price is not an issue with me. I just need a best single GPU setup as the Dual GPU setup always create a problem in my computer. I am planning to buy the...
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    Basic dpi question (art archiving)

    I am going to purchase a Digital Camera soon. I had heard that the camera qualities are determined on the base of Dpi. I want to know more about the same. What are they and on what basis does a...
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    Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    I am using the sony ericsson phone from the past two years and mow I have recently brought the new iPhone mobile phone and want to get all my sony contact in my new iPhone mobile. So I want to know...
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    Galaxy S is not app compatible

    I have brought recently a new Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone and I have also downloaded the latest version of Kies for my mobile phone but the problem is that it is not allowing any of the application...
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    Dell L400 CMOS battery replacement

    I have got the Dell Latitude L400 laptop and having the problem with the CMOS battery as it is not showing me the date and time correct so I think it has been spoiled and need to be replaced with the...
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    Motorola Backflip vs. iPhone 4

    I am looking to have a new cell phone which should be having the better touch screen interface with smart looks. I have seen two iPhone 4 and Motorola Backflip both are well nice phone and I like...
  32. Iphone 3.1.3 Jailbreak Snowbreeze 1604 Error

    I have brought the new iPhone 3G and I have only done the Jailbroken on it. Then I used the SnowBreeze found the video of jailbreaking on iPhone and then updated it to ios4. But the problem is that...
  33. Fixes for extensions broken since new addon manager landed

    In my Morzilla Firefox there are some problem in the extension of it as some of the addon are not working. The most of the extension are creating a mess in my Firefox browser. Now I want to fix the...
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    Android Sense UI for Windows Mobile

    It is recommended that the android sense UI can be used on the Samsung Omnia, Sony Experia and HP iPAQ214 which are the windows mobile. It is compatible with the Windows Mobile 6.0 or with the...
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    PCI Sound Card Installed But No Sound

    My uncle is facing the trouble with his onboard sound card and it is not able to get any sound working from it. As the windows is giving an error that there is a problem in starting the sound. So I...
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    Sony F11 Fan loud and always on

    My brother is having the Sony Vaio VPCF11S1E in which he has install windows 7. It was working fine when at one day the just forgot to shut down his computer and fall asleep after that he did the...
  37. ATI Radeon HD 5850 Mobility...temperature questions

    I am having the graphic card of ATI Radeon HD 5850 in my computer with the window XP in it. When I am playing the came like Counter Strike then I am facing with the problem of the temperature of my...
  38. Cannot install Dell Latitude E6400 Webcam after clean install

    I was having the windows XP in my computer then later on I install the windows 7. After installing the windows 7 I was not able to install to find my webcam device. I also install the driver of the...
  39. Toshiba Satellite L350 170 Graphics driver problems

    I am have an graphic driver issue with my Toshiba Satellite L350- 170 which actually suddenly starts getting hang and sometime crashes when I attempt to play kids pc games and when I go to Intel...
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    Satellite A505-S6005 and labelflash

    I newly brought the Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 and it has the labelflash on it. I hardly know about the labelflash and its uses. So, I need a proper guidance on the uses of the labelflash and what...
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