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  1. Re: BSOD on windows 8 while playing Deus Ex Human Revolution

    Hey I was getting exactly the same error while playing counter strike on windows 7. I had tried out all of the solution mentioned above but none of them had made any difference in my case. My hard...
  2. Re: Recover deleted images and videos from Nikon digital camera

    Yes, there are a number of recovery software but as per my experience Nikon photo recovery is the best one. It supports all Nikon camera series such as Nikon COOLPIX S220, S570, S620, S630, S640 etc...
  3. Re: Not able to install Zune - Extraction failed, file is corrupt.

    First off all from where have you downloaded the Zune software?? Have you downloaded it from its official site?? Is your system protected with virus? There are possibilities that your system might be...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Tipo screen flickering

    You can try restoring your phone to factory settings. I am not sure if that would help but you can surely give it a try.

    Go to Applications > Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset...
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    Re: Linux ebook for beginner

    These are best 5 free Linux Ebooks for Beginners:
    Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide
    Bash Guide for Beginners
    Rute User’s Tutorial and Exposition
    The Linux Starter Pack
    FLOSS Manuals
  6. Re: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 back side USB 3.0 ports stopped working

    I guess something might have got messed up in BIOS.I want to know if you have made any changes in BIOS settings. Just go through BIOS and make sure both controllers are turned on. If that’s not the...
  7. Re: Not able to download apps from Micromax A110

    There are possibilities that it might be happening because of cache and junk files. In that case you can try clearing the same. Just go to Settings > Applications > Google Play Store and click on...
  8. Re: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L hangs on post when USB devices are plugged in

    If your boot sequence is proper then there might be something wrong with your board. Generally this happens when USB boot is top in boot sequence but your case seems to be different as this issue is...
  9. Re: How to upgrade Windows Surface tablet running Windows RT to windows 8 pro

    It’s not possible. Windows RT has been made especially as per Surface hardware component. I don’t think you will be able to upgrade to windows 8 pro by any hack. I also wanted to add that Windows...
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    Re: Spice Flo Me M6868n pc suite

    I think you might have searched for “Spice mobile” simply. However, Spice mobile official site name is si2imobility. I have checked out for the pc suite for Spice Flo Me M6868n and its there. You...
  11. Re: Is it possible to share wifi network via Lan??

    I think it should be possible but I am not so sure about that. As far as I am aware if your laptop is running Windows XP than you can create a Bridge between wireless and Ethernet connections or...
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    Re: Spice Flo Me M6868n pc suite

    You might have got a CD with your phone?? That CD includes the required PC suite. You will just have to install the pc suite application in to your laptop and connect your phone to your laptop via...
  13. Re: App store on iPhone comes up with white screen

    Guys you can surely try performing a factory reset but I just wanted to add that I’ve come across some people who were facing this issue a week ago. Most of them had mentioned that they had to do a...
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    Re: Not able to format memory card

    I think your card has got corrupted and you will have to get a new one. I have seen many such cases where usb drives and micro sd cards had got corrupted after getting disconnected during file...
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    Re: Sony Vaio SVS15116FXS wont boot from CD

    See if you are not able to boot from CD than you can create a USB Flash Drive to Recover Windows Vista. I am not sure if that will help but you can surely give it a try.
  16. Poll: Re: Which one is better brand in laptop, Dell or Compaq??

    I agree to you on that, no doubt Dell provides better service than Compaq. I mean if anything goes wrong with ones laptop, they just have to contact their support, their concerned person will come to...
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    Re: Migrating SBS 2003 to 2008 Standard R2

    You should check the Intersite Messaging service on the SBS 2003 server, it is disabled by default.Just check out the following Microsoft KB describing Default Services That Are Installed in Windows...
  18. Re: How can I import contacts from Windows Mail to Outlook 2003

    Hey guys, here is the easiest and happening solution.

    Launch Windows Mail, click File > Export > Windows Contacts > CSV (Comma separated Values). Save the file on desktop.

    Now launch Outlook,...
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    Re: office 2007 product key

    I guess there would be Office Trial version included in your recovery process. You should check for the same. If it is there you must uninstall it first, followed by disk cleanup and reboot. Once...
  20. RE: "xxx" is not set up to establish a connection on port "world wide

    Hello NicholasGrin.

    This is not a huge problem, infact it is a common issue because many such wireless internet connections usually are neither strong enough nor reliable enough to update your...
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    Re: WMC to run Pandora/Netflix on remote TV

    The thing you are trying to do will never happen because extenders don't support silverlight and flash. Hence neither Netflix or Internet TV will work. As far as Pandora is concerned, you can make...
  22. Yeah, I don’t think you need Windows Defender...

    Yeah, I don’t think you need Windows Defender any more after installing Microsoft Security. The reason behind this is if you read the definition of MSE on wiki, they have mentioned that “MSE...
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    Re: office 2007 error 1311 E:\SKU011.CAB

    Found few more articles with the same error "Error 1311: cannot locate source file" , See if any one of these can help you out:
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    Re: C00D10D1 Error - .WAV file

    Philips CELP (120) codec is actually related to Philips speech audio codec and I’m well aware of it. It is very difficult to find it on internet.
  25. Re: Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

    Though it is stored in Windows.old folder you wont be able to find it manually because they are not in human readable form. You will need to get any third party applications which help you to recover...
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    Excel Formula

    There was a time when someone asked about the formula bar in Excel 2008 for Mac that is being at the top of the screen and not within the Excel window like it used to be in the previous versions. It...
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    Re: No Local Area Connection

    Alrite, so first of all you are illegally using someone's Wireless network and if it stopped working you came here for help? I guess the person whose network you were using might have found out what...
  28. Re: Vista Easy File Transfer and Windows 7 Upgrade

    Yes you can, you just need to use latest version of Easy File Transfer for Windows 7 for retaining such data from Windows XP and Windows Vista system. you will have to install windows 7 first and...
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    I wanted to know if you have made any changes i...

    I wanted to know if you have made any changes i your laptop recently? i mean if you have installed any kind of hardware or software? Since you have mentioned that things were working fine until now,...
  30. Re: Office 2007 installation fails with error code Error 1712

    All these problems occurs due to some conflict in registry keys of earlier office version and new office. You said you removed Office 2003 from Control Panel but that leaves some keys and files...
  31. windows 7 - folder re-direction/offline files issue

    There is a workstation client who is running on Windows 7 and having some issues when they are trying to open any documents from the My Documents folder. We are on the Windows server 2003 domain...
  32. Re: Import Outlook Express messages into Outlook on different compute

    You need to install Windows Mail or Outlook Express, now drag and drop the eml files to the Outlook Express or Windows Mail folder. After doing this process you will be able to use Outlook importing...
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    Re: dc can't ping domain name

    I dont think too that images are not an option for backing up a DC. It will probably result in a USN rollback. You can confirm this from this Knowledge Base Article:...
  34. dual monitors: different background display possible?

    I have got an Nvidia graphics card and have also got 2 monitors and these both monitors I have set to mode "Configure indepedently from each other (Dualview)." All the things working properly except...
  35. Re: Unable to communicate with twain device (scanner problem)

    Thanks for the detailed information to answer the problem that I was having, I will try it as soon as I reach my home.
  36. Re: Unable to communicate with twain device (scanner problem)

    Even I am facing similar type of problem and I have a HP Photosmart 20 scanner and have done all the troubleshooting that you have told, but nothing is working for me, I am still getting the same...
  37. Re: comparison between Office 2007 ultimate,Office 2007 Enterprise

    Microsoft has already compared each of its Office Editions in details. Just click this link to see the comparison...
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    RE: Corrupt registry repair

    Hello rowanld,

    Can I know what is the size of the c:\windows\system32\config folder? Meanwhile I would also like to say that incase the registry file and backup files are corrupted then options...
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    Exchange maximum receive size

    I am using SBS 2008 with Exchange and also using a POP3 connector. Exchange cannot download a 11mb file from the hosting company via POP3. I did a Set-Transportconfig –maxsendsize in Exchange...
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    RE: Error 80072ee2 in Messenger

    The error code you have mentioned is actually related to Windows Update. So I think this is what you need:

    How do I reset Windows Update components?

    Apart from this, just check the solution...
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    Re: blue screen involves fltmgr.sys

    Are you using RAID on this system? If not, then restart the computer, enter BIOS and disable the same. Much better also try updating BIOS and nVidia Chipset as well. Problem should be fixed.
  42. Re: The terminal services service on local computer started and thenstopped

    The problem mentioned above occurs when the Terminal Services service registry values are missing or has incorrect entries. In order to fix the problem there is a file called “”...
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    Re: Can't exit Power saving mode

    Yeah, that’s absolutely correct dude. As you said you tried setting power save Off even Bios and still getting the problem its the hardware failure. You should get it done officialy by dell support...
  44. Re: Windows DVD Maker error: "Error Synchronizing Project"

    Did you tried using WMV files instead of AVI or any other files? Also can you tell me which codecs do you have installed on your computer? AVI files
    are pretty random these days and are rather a...
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    Re: Reduce Size of .wmv file

    Thank you very much for the detailed information. It worked very well for me.
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    Reduce Size of .wmv file

    I have got different 10 minutes clip in a wmv file format. I want to insert brief 1-30 second segments into a power point presentation. Can anyone tell me a way to cut the 10 minutes .wmv into...
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    You can use iSCSI on the NAS appliance, it will...

    You can use iSCSI on the NAS appliance, it will let your show up your as an extra drive in Windows and you can carry out all task in it like other drive. In case you don't have 'Microsoft iSCSI...
  48. Re: Windows could not find your user profile so it logged in to a temporary account.....!

    Hello TABANL. Did you tried restoring your system to atleast a week ago created restore point? If not, try it out. Probably this would have been due to profile corruption which should get fixed by...
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    RE: WMP Version 11 won't install on XP

    After some more try, I have now installed the Windows Media Player 10 version and whenever I go to install the WMP 11 version from the Windows Update then the installation will just fail and it will...
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    WMP Version 11 won't install on XP

    I have recently installed Windows XP and also updated it to the latest windows update. But even after that WMP 11 wont install even when I try to download and install it from the microsoft site and...
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