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  1. Re: How to Manage different Search Engines in Linux Mint

    I do not thing there is any easy alternative for what you are talking about. You can try bookmarking stuff or add different search engine in the browser toolbar. This toolbar will give you a click...
  2. Re: IP address regex problem with preg_match_all

    Make your preg_match_all into a 3-step operation

    1. Check for last quadrant of IP address contains exactly 3 valid digits
    2. Check for last quadrant of IP address contains exactly 2 valid...
  3. Re: How to use Nokia X3 as microphone for Skype voice chat

    S40 v3 128x160 j2me(.jar) is the java software that allows you to make your Nokia X3 phone as pc microphone and you can use it for voice chat. this is simple and easily available jar application just...
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    Re: which is better GTX 590 or GTX 570 SLI

    After reading all this I have one suggestion over here for you and I think it will help you. Actually if I will be there in place of you then I will surely prefer to leave on a real sli on a dual...
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    Re: How to configure Internet Explorer 8

    I am also going through this and in this I have tried many of solution but none of them work for me. The solution which is given over here I have tried that also but I have not get any solution in...
  6. Re: How to send mail through office 2007 in windows 7

    Thanks for your reply. but now it is funny: word 2007 open doc write and send to email live mail, it opens instantly appears error message: Login failed. Log on to Microsoft exvhange to access their...
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    Re: How to configure Forefront TMG

    Looking for the same question. And in this I just want to say that it is mandatory to my adsl modem in DMZ mode so that traffic will go directly to the server tmg? You are able to give me a solution...
  8. Re: Failed to create new user account in windows 7

    I am also going through the same issue and as you have suggested I have tried several times I have no way. Had already cleaned this and I remove antivirus, malwares of all kinds. I do not know what...
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    Re: Unable to share file in windows Vista

    I wanted to inform you that the procedure re installation Windows vista is successful. I just had to reinstall the printer drivers (HP), webcam, external USB modem, and video card (nVidia GeForce GTS...
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    Re: Unable to connect internet in Windows XP

    In this I do not have issue with wifi in any kind. The only problem I have it with my desktop computer with Windows XP (in fact I think the problem is know) Now I'm browsing for example, there is a...
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    Re: How to unlock password from Excel VBA

    : I have a similar problem. I have several macros with VBA code protected. I know the password. I need a macro that pressing a button I check out the VBA code with the password that I say. Something...
  12. Re: How to remove Vodafone software from HTC Hd2

    Today, I have tried Google maps in night and played around a bit, and then I accidentally fell asleep without finishing Google maps. I then looked on my prepaid card from whether what was taken from...
  13. Re: Full path in Windows Explorer and file access in Windows 7 Professional

    Thank you for now. Total Commander is inappropriate because it provides 2 windows with too little space in width. I must complete path, the file name and extension, last change, creation, size,...
  14. Re: Windows 7 and Scanner Epson Perfection 3200

    For anyone who has read along and also have driver issues with older devices to consider the following: A clean installation and deployment of equipment - that is, without supplied software - is not...
  15. How can I change Metro icons on windows phone 7

    Hey friend is need your quick help here actually I want to know that how am I able to change the application bar icons which is based upon the selected theme? In my application currently I am using...
  16. Re: what about overheating issues which is in xbox360 elite units.

    Just got the my NEW Elite Xbox 360, 120 gig, black console day before yesterday, i.e. Oct 6, 2010.Turned it on for the initial time only to observe the 3 RED RING of Death. It is the brand new and...
  17. ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    Hey guys I got the lost security code or lock code is one and the same thing and it is for all the BB5 phones. So I just want to share this with you people. I have this for the
    In new models...
  18. SanDisk Copy Error -The directory or file cannot be created.

    I am using 1GB SanDisk Sansa Model M240. But until today I was able to drag and drop MP3's from computer, there were no any issue regarding this. But today I am getting the error and it was "Cannot...
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    Re: Cost of synchronization on X5355

    Here is little bit different I am not using win32 thread pool API. I am with boost threads. It offers situation like variables. The pools are my own one. One thread is adding up work into the line...
  20. 258.96 + Windows 7 64 bit = buggy and annoying.

    The driver had some annoying bug that kept making my computer believe that the hardware had somehow been disconnected, kind of like when you take a peripheral off a USB drive (it even sent the sound...
  21. HTC Droid Incredible vs. Blackberry Bold 9650?

    Iam going to buy a new cell. I think in upcoming week I will take that from verizon. I got my attention on two phones. First that it should be incredible and the next one is bold. Because if this...
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    Expected life of a tablet

    I have one doubt regarding my tablet. Actually I want to ask you guys that extreme amount of using screen will be shorter the life of a tablet (susceptibility to scratches or other harm, only one...
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    Nikon D40 pictures dark

    My spouse is going away wild at me concerning this so previous to I get my camera to some absurdly luxurious repairer I consideration I’d ask here. I contain a D40, approximately 2 years old. It...
  24. Eye strain from 15" Macbook Pro Glossy screen

    Currently I am using Macbook pro from last 6 month. Actually I am getting severe eye strain and headaches. I am spending so much of time on the computer I think this is happening only because of...
  25. Need Drivers for Satellite Pro Model No PSM35E-003

    I am posting for the first time so please help me. Actually I need driver for my Satellite Pro Model No PSM35E-003H0-G3. And if you are suggesting me that check it on its official website then I just...
  26. Re: GA-X58A-UD3R REV2 and Marvell SATA 3 bios settings?

    Hey buddy, Whatever you are saying to do here I have did exactly same but even though I am not getting solution. After doing that I reboot my pc and after that also I am not able to get the solution...
  27. GA-X58A-UD3R REV2 and Marvell SATA 3 bios settings?

    Hey friend I have a problem regarding the the MSAHCI driver. Ok I tell you that what is the real problem here. Actually I make a system using a GA-X58A-UD3R REV2 bios FA. But currently I am using a...
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    Re: Run win 7 on ubuntu

    Whatever you have replied really thanks for that. But really I am not sure what you mean by license for the guest operating system, I need a licence key for windows 7? The one I currently have...
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    Run win 7 on ubuntu

    Hey friends, I just want to ask one query. So as the title says, Currently I am working on ubuntu, I want play game so for that I want to install windows 7 on ubuntu, basically for the gaming and...
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