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  1. Re: Evernote desktop app is quiet slower as compared to tablet

    I am using OneNote here and I think this is the best note taking application. It comes with Microsoft Office. And it also has a online version. The tool is easy to use and has ample of smart things....
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    Re: How can I add a QR code in Excel invoice

    It is not possible without using a third party addon or site. I am using QRCode Monkey for making bar codes for my products. It help me to create codes that can be used on the product and you can add...
  3. Re: Software to complete wipe out a external hard drive on mac

    Data remains recoverable even after a regular format. So here using a few tools for that is helpful. Darik's Boot and Nuke method is complicated according to me. And I don't know whether it supports...
  4. Re: What are the chances available to recover data from damage rar archive

    The file might have got damage while transferring or moving. It is recommended that you must download the one from Google Drive. Download it and then try to extract the file form it. It is not...
  5. Re: No files in Skydrive after sync on Windows 8

    This is weird. I am quiet sure this is some kind of connectivity issue. You will have to check that once again. Just remove skydrive and install it back. And before that verify the account details...
  6. Re: Cannot find webcam drivers for Sony Vaio SVE1513CYN

    There are few things you can do to get the latest drivers. First install Intel Drivers Update Utility. This will give you the chipset, sata and latest graphic drivers. After that you can install...
  7. Re: Windows 7 slow after installing Corel Draw Suite

    This kind of issue appear when your C drive is full. I am talking about Windows partition. If it is not having enough space inside then it will simply slow down. Just go in my computer and see how...
  8. Re: Microsoft One note stop working error on Windows 8

    Looks like certain files are damage during update due to which you are getting the issue. You have check for some new updates for fixing the issue. So just run windows update and see that the issue...
  9. Re: Xfast ram not working on ASRock Z77 Extreme6

    The issue also occur if there is compatibility problem in your system. Like different software conflicting with each other. You can fix that. You have to remove A-Tune and Xfast both from the system...
  10. Re: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    Just verify the backup time by manually copy pasting. It looks you are not running a incremental backup. There are different types of backup option. One is automatic where files are copied in the...
  11. Re: How to clone recovery partition on separate hard drive

    The best thing you can do is create recovery dvd. You already have the partition in your system. You can burn those data on a dvd and you can keep it aside. So in case if anything happen it will be...
  12. Re: Want help to move old iTunes playlist from old pc to new

    Yes you can do that. You have to copy the library with your music to the external hard drive and then you can import them back in your new system. The process is manual here. For that you have to...
  13. Re: System requirement to play Real Racing 3 on Windows PC through BlueStack

    My friend is having a 64bit processor with 8GB ram and 2GB Nvidia gpu. He able to play all hd games through Bluestack and they work really well. The same I tried on my Dell laptop which has Core i3 +...
  14. Re: How to recover unsaved files in Office 2011 Mac

    You can try using Spotlight. Just try to search for the files through that and I am quiet sure you will be able to locate the file. The file is only recoverable if you have enabled auto-recover. For...
  15. Re: eBook Library organizer software for Windows 7

    The best program for that is Adobe Digital Editions. This is an amazing software through which you can manage your ebooks and arrange them as per your need. You can keep all your files at one place....
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    Re: Which SQL version will work on Windows 8.1

    You are looking for some kind of software compatibility tester. Microsoft officially give you a Windows Compatibility Center site through which you can find whether the software that you are trying...
  17. Re: Looking for Excel Web Query for Java Applet working sample

    Web Query feature comes integrated in Excel. You can use it to capture live website data. For that you have to first understand who web query works. Without understanding the same it will be...
  18. Re: Can I use CCleaner to clean Maxthon browser files?

    You can do that from the browser directly. You don't require to use a third party software for the same. Through the browser you can try clearing the download history. This is all those pages which...
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    Re: On screen diagram software for project work

    You can draw on screen. That means you can take a instant screenshot of the screen activity and draw on that. But in this way you will have to save a number of different images.
  20. Re: Google Docs vs Microsoft Office Web for online document editing

    Microsoft Office Web apps give you professional features. Google Docs is limited and offer you free solution. But if you need industrial level support then you must go with Microsoft Office Web ...
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    Re: Combining pdf files in Adobe Reader XI

    Anyhow for different work you have to use different tools. There is a different program for editing and different for merging and modifying. In Adobe Reader we can only have the viewing option. Even...
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    Re: How to download a video through Real Player

    It is quiet simple. Just installer real player in your system first. Then launch your web browser and go to youtube. Play a video. At the top side you can see a small button for adding the video in...
  23. Re: Encrypting file with common standard and sharing through SkyDrive

    What I know, is if you share your files with popular image sharing site or cloud storage there is no guarantee that it remains protected or secure all the time. The encryption stuff depend on the...
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    Re: Tools to repair corrupt image files

    Try JPEG Recovery Pro. This ia great software that can help you to recover all your jpeg files and it really work great. I think it works with worst files also. Just try it out.
  25. Re: How to recover damage bkf files of Windows XP on Windows 7

    What is the exact error you are getting. It is related to corrupt or damage file. Because if that backup file is corrupted then there is no way to recover it. But there are some bkf repair tool that...
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    Re: How to stream multiple videos through VLC

    Try doing one thing. You can simply share the folder that has video content. You can then open those videos on different pc and stream the content through it. I am sure that will be simply enough to...
  27. Re: Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice or MS Office 2010 or MS Office 365 in Windows 8, which one?

    I don’t suggest you to use the OpenOffice suite in Windows 8. Not that it is bad or will not work, but you will find OpenOffice kind of weak as compared to MS Office 2010. The features of it are...
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    Re: Best Music player for Windows 8

    My profession needs me to work with various sounds and music. I need to compose background music for various short films and sounds for various effects like falling of an object and so on. I think...
  29. Re: Can’t see Stardock apps after updating GameStop

    I think you aren’t well aware of the current news. Firstly let me tell you that the Stardock central has been right now replaced the the GameStop. Now onwards you can simply directly download and...
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    Re: Dreamweaver CS4 freezes on startup

    It can even be due to 8KB bug. It is very weird and very rare bug that can make Dreamweaver crash on the start up. Because of this bug it will make your software crash again and again on startup. It...
  31. Re: ABC iView not working after updating Flash Player

    Have you checked if your Java script is enabled or not most of the times there are problems in video streaming, Video quality and even in audio quality when Java script is kept disable. Java Script...
  32. Re: Launching Logitech Gaming Software 7.0 gives Runtime Error

    In my computer I was also getting Runtime error with the Logitech Gaming Software and then I have uninstalled Logitech Gaming Software with the help of “your uninstaller” and then I have also...
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    Re: LoadLibrary failed with error 126 on windows 7

    Try this solution to fix this problem and the check whether you problem get solved or not? You have to click on the start menu and click on the search bar type “window update” on there after...
  34. Re: losing audio in Videowave when imported from Hd Movie Made With Canon 60D

    It looks like you are facing this problem because if the codecs. In your computer if you have installed any additional codecs then I will suggest to uninstall it and then run Ccleaner in your...
  35. Re: MS Works 9 update asks for a works9.msi in Dell Studio Hybrid 140g

    Hey do one thing do download Microsoft works again. if you don’t have the download file then we have the link for you. here is the file Microsoft works. Once you have downloaded run the program,...
  36. Re: Flip or mirror image a photo in Windows Live photo Gallery?

    Yes I agree that you cannot flip the photos in windows live gallery. But you can do this in paint. Save the photo in your hard drive. Open it using paint. From the menu bar select Image. In drop down...
  37. Re: Using Family Safety 2011 and time limits are not working on children's account

    You can try with the steps below and see if that can solve the problem for you. So here we go:

    First of start your computer and login with the Admin ID and password.
    Now uninstall Windows Live...
  38. Re: Error 0x80010108 of Windows Live Photo Gallery, if viewing pictures on SD card

    Before you connect your card again check if you are following the exact steps or not. See I have mentioned the steps to import the files just follow them and see if you are coming across same error...
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    Re: Unable to Install Nokia Ovi Suite on my PC

    I suggest you to try a clean installation of the Nokia Ovi Suite once again because most of the times the problem occurs due to the wrong installation so first follow these steps to uninstall the Ovi...
  40. Re: Unable to find out OSC server setup in LiveMeeting add in of MS Outlook 2010

    Do you have installed Lync 2010 client on your system? Well on my computer I have installed Lync 2010, Office Live Meeting 2007 and Live Meeting add-in. I have found that Office Communications...
  41. Re: How to use TLS certificate on MS Exchange 2007?

    As far as I know Exchange 2007 supposed to create self-signed TLS certificate which can be used for security purposed between Hub servers and organization. You will not require to generate TLS by...
  42. Re: Unable to use Groove with microsoft SharePoint 2010

    After going through the problem of yours I am suggesting that you should try to add new files tools and see whether it is working or not.
    You can do the same by simply clicking on Workspace tab...
  43. re: Converting hyperlink to text in MS Word and MS Excel?

    In this particular situation I wanted tell you that address is property of hyperlink and it helps you to get the collection. Well you can get this particular thing by using VBA on MS Excel why I am...
  44. re: Unable to share screen with VNC on Mac OS X Lion v10.7

    In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Screen Sharing morphs from a simple VNC remote screen viewer into a multiuser, Fast User Switching Remote Desktop solution similar to Microsoft's Terminal Services. In Mac OS X...
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    Re: Where is iWork 11?

    So far there is no word from Apple Side. I don’t think so there is no sense to wait for releasing of iPad 2 for iWork. If they are considering iPad Sales seems to be smaller than that of...
  46. Re: Save As option missing in iWork on Mac OS X Lion

    According to me its most silly changes has been done by Apple. Save As command was existing from last 20 years. There are millions of people who had learned to use the same. so I am not able to...
  47. Re: i cannot get the page breaks in Pages while exporting to ePub

    I am also concerning to the same issue , the answers were helpful by the way. So , I have a document which I am making into an EPUB for iPad. I made several chapters and of course a heating and...
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    Re: Unable to update iPhoto or Garage Band

    You should try this steps to solve this problem.

    First of all you have to close iTunes and also log out from sign out from Mac App Store. After doing open apple menu and then go to the System...
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    Re: No AirPlay Icon in iTunes

    I was also having same issues and I also made several attempts in this case to solve it , and I switched off my iphone and I was able to stream music to my denon for some hours without any...
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    Re: How to add music to the Windows 8 Music App?

    I have some definite solution and according to the information founded on net , I have found the process of making use of this Windows 8 Music App:

    1. So you need to firstly, search for...
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