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  1. Getting NTFS access in DOS of an external USB drive?

    I was having Windows XP installed on my computer but due to some problem I had to switch back to Windows 98SE and want to access some files on the hard drive. By using NTFS4DOS or something else I...
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    Active Directory Web Services (ADWS)

    I have checked some refrence to ADWS and am actually thinking if it will work like a regular web service, that it, can I use it in a .Net application? If yes, then will I be able to add a web...
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    Dish TV gadget to help switch DTH operator

    Hello guys,
    I have read that we can switch to the other from the Direct-To-Home (DTH) service provider.!! That too we have not to discard the set-top box (STB) and the dish. This is the thing that I...
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    Problems increasing in tata sky plus

    Hello friends,
    I am really getting frustrated with the problems increasing in tata sky plus. Many times I am not able to rewind live TV. For doing the rewind I always have to restart the stb every...
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    MASS effect 2 GPU physx

    Hello everyone,
    Here's my setup :

    Case - Raidmax Sirius Silver
    Mother Card - Gigabyte P55-UD3R
    Memory - DDR3 3x2Gb Kingston HyperX 1600MHz T1
    1 GPU - BFG GTX 285 OC 1024Mb GDDR3
    2 GPU -...
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    BIOS update in Windows 7 using DOS

    Hi friends,
    I am having a system in which I want to update my BIOS. I was just having a doubt that can I update the BIOS using the DOS.?? I am using the Windows 7 operating system. I am not having...
  7. Importance of Recycling Computers and Mobile Batteries

    Hello everyone,
    I have given an assignment on the recycling of the computers and the mobile batteries. I have searched this topic on the web but I was not getting the details that was expected. So I...
  8. How to buy printer toner properly and at the lowest price?

    I want to purchase the toner for the printer. I am having very less knowledge about the hardware parts. I don't know what all things to check before buying the printer toner. So thought that you guys...
  9. Information about network bi-directional printing support in Windows.

    Hello friends,
    I have recently bought a HP's Printer. I am not having much idea about a printer. I want to know about the bi-directional printing that are supported by the Windows operating system....
  10. How to generate 3D objects using Draw in

    Hello friends,
    I have studied the basic things of the draw module and I have created some normal objects which are 2D in Now I am eager to make the 3D objects.!! :cool: Since I know...
  11. How to import and export information in OneNote?

    Hello friends,
    I have recently started learning about the OneNote, so I am not having much idea about it. While going through my assignments I found that there were many questions related with an...
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    Overview of fonts in Word 2007

    Hi friends,
    I have recently started working with the MS Office 2007. So I am not having much idea about it. I have knowledge about the browsing, editing the videos and songs. Since I am interested...
  13. Error while pasting ActiveX Controls in Excel for Mac

    Hello friends,
    I have installed MS Office in my Mac operating system. Many times I have observed that the errors get popped up while pasting the controls of an ActiveX in an Excel sheets. I have...
  14. What are an improvements of LINEST function in Excel 2003?

    Hi friends,
    I have done some basic things of the statistical functions. I have been told to write about an improvements of the Linest function. I have an idea about the Linest function but I don't...
  15. What is an Error Handling and Newspapers in PHP?

    Hello everyone,
    I have completed some basic portion of the PHP programming language. Now I want to know more about an Error Handling, which I know in other languages but not in PHP.!! I also read...
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    How to Upload Multiple Files in PHP?

    Hi friends,
    Your last time help was really grateful, so I thought to post my queries on this forum. Now I am stuck while uploading the multiple files in PHP. I know to upload a single file, but when...
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    What is Content Rotator Component in ASP?

    Hi friends,
    I have written many scripts in ASP, but I don't have enough knowledge about the components.!! :crybaby: I have been told to use the content rotator in my assignment. So I thought that...
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    How to Define Namespaces in PHP?

    Hi friends,
    Since I am new to the PHP programming language I don't have enough knowledge about it. I want to know about the namespaces that are used in PHP. So, thought that posting here would be...
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    How to catch an Exception in Java?

    Hello friends,
    I have recently started with the Java. Before that I have done C++ and HTML programming language. I have done very less coding of the basic Java. Since, I am new to Java I am not...
  20. How to write a Property Change Listener in Java?

    Hi folks,
    Last time your solutions were really useful for me, so thought that this is the right place to post my query. Now I am stuck with the property change listener in Java.!! I know that this...
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    How to use Sliders in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I am new to the Java. I want to use the Sliders instead of using the text field. I am fed up of text field because I am getting many input errors. So help me to explain how to use...
  22. Re: WSUS 3.0 SP2 and Windows 7 x64 - admin console won't install

    Alright, when I went to the WSUS website then I was only able to see a download for some type of Service Pack 1 update and also it didnt look like to be even a full install or so. Is there anyone who...
  23. Re: WSUS 3.0 SP2 and Windows 7 x64 - admin console won't install

    Thanks for giving me a headstart, since it makes sense that I have 64 bit then I would require the same software support. I will go back to the microsoft websites and then try to download the 64 bit...
  24. WSUS 3.0 SP2 and Windows 7 x64 - admin console won't install

    I have got some new hardware at my work and I am trying to reinstall all the items that I need on this new machine. I have this computer running on Windows 7 64bit edition operating system and I am...
  25. How to Reset or Clear a form using JavaScript?

    Hi friends,
    I am new to the scripting. Recently I have started doing the JavaScript. I have designed the form in HTML. But for making the form more advanced I will have to use the JavaScript. Now I...
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    What are an Enterprise Beans?

    I have just started with the J2EE components. I know that the Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) are implemented by the J2EE components. But I want more information about an Enterprise Beans. Can anyone...
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    How to Display XML with XSLT?

    Hi Friends,
    I have just started working with an assignment. In that I've been given a sample XML file and an XSLT file which will apparently transform the XML into something with a meaningful...
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    How to use Get Method in ASP Form?

    I am very new to the ASP (Active Server Pages). Now I want to create form by using the Get method. I have tried a lot but not getting the appropriate results. Can someone tell me how to use Get...
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    IP Ping using VB.NET

    Hi Friends,
    I am new on this forum, so please ignore my mistakes. I am having many network attached storage on my network. And these network are attached to network over a spread location. I am...
  30. Help needed in Java for Writing an Application that reads four doubles as its input

    I have given a project. I need help for the same project that has to be completed soon. I have to write an application that reads four doubles as its input in Java. I am new to such scenarios. The...
  31. Error 1305 Setup cannot read file while Installing Microsoft Office 11

    I am getting the Error message when trying to load the Microsoft Office 11. The error stats "Setup cannot read file. Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM1033 drive." I am using the Windows...
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    Lenovo ThinkPad t400 Vs T61 Laptop

    I've done a fair bit of reading about the two models Lenovo Thinkpad T61 and t400, but can anyone out there who has actual experience with both answer this for me? Is the battery the same as the T61...
  33. Sony Vaio, Facing Strange Power Issues..?!!

    I am having the Sony Vaio VGN - S150. From the last two days I am facing very strange problem of my battery. When my battery is in, my system will boot up and will go to Hibernation immediately, even...
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    Ps3 Fat Vs Ps3 Slim

    The PS3 Slim is thinner and lighter than the old PS3 fat. Is there any performance difference between PS3 Slim and PS3 fat. Which one faster and i also want to know the cost difference between this...
  35. The 'click' sound can be heard after some time.!.!

    I am facing very strange problem. After some time interval I hear a 'click' sound. This may from the default sound scheme, but I do not know what is causing it. And other problem that I am facing is...
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    Email Pop Vs Imap

    There are several different ways to use Internet message access protocols. I am looking for information on this two protocol pop and imap. Can nay one tell me the difference between pop and imap....
  37. How to Repair Windows Vista Using Startup Repair??

    I was having some errors of the system files. When I tried to search solution for that, I came to conclusion that Startup repair will fix my problem. My operating system is Windows Vista. And the...
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    Error getting Clipboard Data

    I am not able to work with the Prt Scr Button. Whenever I try to copy paste any screen in my Paint application I get the message as "ERROR : Getting Clipboard Data" . I don't know what is going...
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    office 2003 and windows 7

    I bought a new HP computer with Windows 7 and then loaded all the software I had been using on my XP computer. When ever I start any Office 2003 app, then I get a dialog box labeled "Microsoft Office...
  40. Even I am having the similar kind of issue with 2...

    Even I am having the similar kind of issue with 2 of the client computers that we are using. Is there anyone who can help us both out. Thanks for any information in advance.
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    Server specifications

    Hello friends,

    I am going to put a database/web server on Linux, Apache, and am searching for good recommendations on the best specs for under $1,000.00 including back-up peripherals? I...
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    Poll: Re: Best mobile phone in 2009

    My vote goes to HTC Ozone , it offers an e-mail and messaging-centric feature set that includes EV-Do Rev. A Wi-Fi, GPS and support for overseas GSM networks. Call quality is quite respectable. The...
  43. Re: Device Manager missing "display adapters" entry

    Thanks, I have checked that out and cannot find anything useful. I have taken another hard drive, reduped the old drive, and went through the upgrade procedure again. This time I checked after I...
  44. Device Manager missing "display adapters" entry

    I was having an old system which was dying so I rebuilt the system with a new AM2+ motherboard, cpu, ram, video card. I booted off the original installation CD with Windows XP and with the original...
  45. Re: What is the difference between verizon ev and 1x

    Ev lets you know that you are in an area, if your phone is capable, where you can get Vcast. I would imagine it would allow for easier data downloads than 1x.1X is 1xRTT gives the wireless provider...
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    Re: Alltel unlimited text plan

    Hey i dont know about the smart plan, but if you want to take any unlimited text plan then here are few plans for which you can go for.

    My Circle Message Pack 1000 $12.99/mo. 1000 text, picture,...
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    Re: Airtel Digital TV Channel List Overview

    You can take the ESPN Plus Package to view sports channels like iSports, Star Cricket, ESPN, Star Sports. it will cost you 45 RS. per month. for more details on Airtel Digital TV Channel see the link...
  48. Lost Product Key Microsoft Office Standard 2007

    I have lost the product key of Microsoft Office Standard 2007. Is there anyway by which i can get new product key for the same package?? any idea? any one??

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Re: Broken CPU pin!

    Wow, so you did it yourself and made your CPU back working by soldering the broken pin!! I was only knowing that if the pin of the IC is broken, then it is just of no use.

    I had done soldering...
  50. RE: can't start Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

    I again did some testing by uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player 11 and it seems to have fixed the issue for me. The Windows Media Player Network Sharing has also started and running...
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