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  1. Re: How to unlock Lost in Nightmares in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

    There was an update released for Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition game, so you reached 3-1 before the update or after applying the new update? I think that you will need to beat the whole missions of...
  2. Re: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell crash at startup

    Can you try to disable the SLI or Nvidia Surround if you have that enabled in the option and you are using 2 cards in SLI in your system. One fix you can also try is to open the display.ini file and...
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    Re: Assetto Corsa crashing all the time

    Can you try to get into the games installation folder, something like here - Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg. After that search for a file named "vr" and open it in notepad. Here you...
  4. Re: After installing patch of Dragon Age: Inquisition, game pauses randomly

    What is the CPU that you are using. It might be possible that your CPU usage is going to 100% while you are playing the game, can you check that. I cannot say for sure whether the patch has made it...
  5. Re: PC restarts randomly playing Assassin's Creed Unity

    It might be a faulty graphics card problem because usually the operating system restarts when there is a driver level failure or hardware issue. But I could be wrong because Assassin's Creed Unity...
  6. Re: error "OpenGL context creation failed" while trying to play Train Fever

    Well, I am on a laptop that has AMD Radeon 6470M dedicated graphics and also have installed the latest graphics driver. On my laptop this game is running fine without any issues. So, if you got a AMD...
  7. Re: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    As for fixing the game crashing issue, you can go to this path - C:/Users/<YourUsername>/Saved Games/Lichdom Battlemage/ and then try to delete the game.cfg file and then try to launch the game...
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    Re: Metro Redux preload bug, help

    Incase you have successfully pre-loaded that much of game data then you seem to be very lucky because there are still many people who are only able to preload only 150mb and me being one of them. The...
  9. Re: Ultra Street Fighter IV crashes without any error message

    I have read from somewhere that the transition introduced into the game has some weird graphics problem. There are also may people who are reporting major FPS drops and the game is running very...
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    Re: Risen 3 Titan Lords game will not start

    There is a temporary fix till they release a patch for this game. To do this, you need to go to Start and then type msconfig in the Search box. After that click on tbhe "Boot" tab and then click on...
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    Re: Firefall game crashes constantly

    Many users who are facing this issue can easily solve it by following a simple solution to get the game working. All you need to do is update the game through the launcher in the Steam folder. After...
  12. Re: all default fonts set to italic in Windows 7

    The first thing you can do is first look at what might have caused this issue. Can you tell us what exactly did you upgrade which might have caused this to happen? Did you actually perform an update...
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    Re: playing Real Boxing on pc with gamepad

    Well, first of all can you tell us whether you are using a compatible gamepad on your computer? Like the ones that are called as the Xbox 360 controllers or Logitech gamepads for PC? You can also...
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    Re: GRID Autosport freezing solution

    I would first suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the GRID Autosport game in your computer and see if that makes any difference. Can you tell us what error message you are receiving? Is it giving...
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    Re: Dark Souls 2 save game for PC download

    Did you make sure that the save file of Dark Souls 2 game is completed deleted from your computer? Usually the save game files are located in the roaming folders in your pc in this path -...
  16. Re: Dark Souls II crashes at startup, help

    If you are having an AMD graphics card then go to its Control Center and then under Properties, ebable the GPU scaling and then apply this changes and start the game. If still this doesnt work then...
  17. Re: Titanfall game "Origin Error retrieving player data from storage. Code 503"

    I think that it might be a server issue on their side. Their server might be temporarily down. This problem happens when too many people are trying to join server to play this game. You should try to...
  18. Re: how to play Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation HD on pc with xbox 360 controller

    Have you tried connecting the controller in all other usb ports or tested by playing the game. I dont think you require to install any controller emulators like x360ce or MotioninJoy for Assassin's...
  19. Re: Shadowrun Returns stucked at Launch Campaigns

    Can you try to search for the output_log.txt file in your Shadowrun_data folder for "IsolatedStorageException: Could not find a part of the path" and just try to copy what is written over there. I...
  20. Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 All that Remains crashes continuously

    Even I was facing the same problem with this game but later I found a way on how to fix this. Can you tell me where exactly if your Steam folder located, because if you have created your own folder...
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    Re: Starbound beta crash fix

    Can you try to check the Starbound.log file which might be located at this path - \Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\. You can paste the log file that might have all the details about the crash and...
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    Re: Battlefield 4 Save game for PC download

    Well, you mean you were playing the Battlefield 4 Singapore mission, which seems to be the 4th chapter in the same game. I dont have the 4th mission save file of battlefield 4 but I can provide you...
  23. Re: controller not working with Contrast 2013 game

    Can you tell us what is the make or model of the controller you are using to play Contrast game? Have you checked if it uses the old DirectInput or the XInput API configuration since that will be a...
  24. Re: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Uplay or Steam version?

    You get the same bonus with both the Uplay or Steam version for this game. It depends on you which version you want to buy and on which platform you are more comfortable. Normally I have all the...
  25. Re: Call of Duty: Ghosts error EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE

    There were many people who were suffering from the same problem. And one guy from Steam was able to fix this. You will need a config.cfg file for the singleplayer and Config_mp.cfg file for the...
  26. Re: red screen while playing Battlefield 4

    Are you using the Windows 8 64bit edition of the operating system because it is recommended by their developer Dice. Or else try to install the latest 13.11 Beta v7 driver for the graphics card. If...
  27. Re: Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer wont save

    Yes, it seems that many people are facing this problem where the multiplayer mode doesnt save or gets resetted everytime when you log in. Since, you are right now playing this game, I would recommend...
  28. Re: bought Goodbye Deponia Premium Edition for pc and didnt get soundtrack and bonus

    It looks to be some sort of problem with the release status for the premium content. You will need to contact Steam about it and they should be able to solve this problem for you. I believe that...
  29. Re: how to play Air Conflicts: Vietnam with a controller

    I also bought the game yesterday and the controls are really a pain for me. I am using a controller with 3 axis and I just want to use these like any other normal game of flights. The plane controls...
  30. Re: how to save manually in Legends Of Aethereus

    Well, I agree that the game needs to have a manual save game feature because lets face it, if we need to go out urgently while gaming, then should we just close the game, no. Closing the game will...
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    Re: Foulplay.exe game stopped working

    Can you tell us more about the computer specifications that you have? Is the problem happening everytime when you try to load into the game? Can you try to get a minidump of the error that you are...
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    Re: Splinter Cell: Blacklist FPS issues

    Well, can you make sure if the game is not using any onboard graphics on your machine? You can force to start the game with the video card that you have in the AMD Control Panel software. Since you...
  33. Re: Rayman Legends Challenge mode error "Ubisoft servers are momentarily unavailable"

    Well, this problem happens when Ubisoft servers are down actually. Or there might be some internet issues that is blocking the connection to play Challenge mode. Can you try to do port forwarding,...
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    Re: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    Well, I think that there would be some nudity showoff in the game like for examples naked people tied to a pole or chair. While running around the game you will notice all this things with your...
  35. Re: Splinter Cell Blacklist is not playable on pc

    Even after turning off a lot of graphics options in the game, nothing will change unless the game is properly optimized for the graphics card that you are using. There are many software that can help...
  36. Re: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified flickering problem

    There was a new AMD Catalyst 13.8 Windows Beta Driver released to fix the flickering problem in this The Bureau: XCOM Declassified game. The problem was very serious framerate problem. I dont know if...
  37. Re: The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief wont launch on Windows 7 64bit

    It seems that for many people this issue was fixed after an update for the game was released by Steam but for others there are still having the same problems. Even for me the problem still remain....
  38. Re: Call of Juarez Gunslinger crash to desktop "This program has stopped working"

    Well, if it is a surround sound problem then you can go to Control Panel and then Hardware and Sound and then Manage Audio Devices and then right click on the audio device and hit configure speakers....
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    Re: Best Imaging Software for windows 8

    + For Paragon Image Backup for Windows 8. It’s a simple backup tool with ReFS and Windows 8 support. You just have to launch the software, click on Backup, point the Backup Wizard to the partition...
  40. How to create a 1TB Personal Cloud on My Net N900 Central

    I am here to share steps required for creating Personal Cloud on My Net N900 Central Router using your android and iOS phones. Cloud storage is similar to Drop Box or Google Drive where you can keep...
  41. Re: Good books for learning Python programming language

    If you don’t mind getting soft copies then you can check out below 10 great Python programming books. They are available online for free of cost. You can turn them in to hard copies if you want....
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    Re: Acer aspire 4315 wont shutdown

    Before i suggest you anything I want to know if you have made any changes in your laptop? I mean have you installed any software’s or applications? There are possibilities that some recently...
  43. Re: System with Biostar G41D3C motherboard keeps on crashing while gaming

    There might be something wrong with your Graphic card as your system crashes while playing games and not while carrying out any other tasks. Can you just let me know your system specification so that...
  44. Re: Overclocking Dell inspiron 15r se 7520 with AMD Radeon HD 7730M

    What have you tried so far for getting better fps?? Have you tried updating your graphic card to the latest??? If you haven’t then install latest one from Dell official site and let me know if you...
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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    These are the Asha phones that are mentioned in WhatsApp supporting list.
    Nokia Asha 201
    Nokia Asha 300
    Nokia Asha 302
    Nokia Asha 303
    Nokia Asha 306
    Nokia Asha 311
    Since Nokia Asha 305 is not...
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    Re: Wireless headphone for PC under $50

    If you are getting it for gaming then get Sony MDRIF245RK Wireless IF Headphone. It’s available within your budget and you can get it from the online site selling it for the cheapest. It has 8...
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    Re: Keyboard_Filter_01 in Other devices

    Have you tried updating its driver from there?? I mean simply right click on it, select update and follow the further simply instruction for updating the driver. I guess once its driver will get...
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    Re: Photofunstudio has stopped working

    Hey you can try downloading the latest version of Photofunstudio, there has been a PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.0 BD Edition Update Program to version 6.0L028. 6.0L028 comes with some improvement and might help...
  49. Re: GeForce GTX 560 Ti driver keeps on crashing

    Have you made clean installation of GeForce GTX 560 Ti driver?? Which version of windows you are using? Which version of driver you have installed? Is it the latest one?? If not than install latest...
  50. Re: Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5330 built in webcam is not working

    It’s hard to make out if there is a hardware fault with built in camera as you don’t have physical access to it. If uninstalling and reinstalling latest application/ driver are not working out...
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