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  1. Re: How to setup Counter Strike GO Server on TP-Link TL-WR740N

    Tips to create a CS Go server on TP-Link TL-WR740N:

    Type the default router IP in your web browser. It is mostly hit enter and it will ask you the login details. This is printed in...
  2. How to setup Counter Strike GO Server on TP-Link TL-WR740N

    Counter Strike GO is an popular game which offers you a competitive gameplay and hours of fun. CS is one of the most popular lan games. And it can be also be played online. If you are having a...
  3. Re: Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

    Password Protecting WhatsApp

    Many of you might not like people to check your chat conversation. For that you can password protect the app. By default this feature is not provided in WhatsApp and...
  4. Tips to use different features of WhatsApp on Android

    WhatsApp is one of the most common chat messenger we all use. This app is easy and has simple feature that saves time and money both. But there are many features you don’t know. There are also few...
  5. Re: Office 2007 .tmp files cause access denied error when saving file.

    It looks to me that it is making a new temporary file. The file might be getting created under a temporary name and if it is renamed once and saving and updating completes it. You can use this safe...
  6. Re: Resolution for Windows Media Load Simulator 9.0: SERVER ACCESS DENIED...

    Well, I have heard that you will be only abel to run the Load Simulator against the same version as the server. So for that you might require to get a hold of the v4 Load Simulator. Also check...
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    Tips to use Titanium Backup on Android

    Titanium Backup is one of the most trusted solution for Android devices. It offers a set of options through which you can backup and restore your devices instantly. It works really fine and has no...
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    Re: What does Remote Code Execution means

    In one word it is a bug. If your browser has bug then the attacker can try to hack your computer. It can operate your system through complex commands which no average user can catch.
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    Re: Spybot detecting Fraud.Facebook.Messenger

    I had seen a number of threads that are facing the same kind of issue. This is a very nasty infection and you cannot get rid of that so easily. It has tons of files located in many places. You must...
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    Re: Is it possible to use Android on TV

    You can do that via TV box. This box are like miniPC or similar to set top box which runs on Android. But they are quiet costly. I had seen a number of brand in international market, but in Indian...
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    Re: How to protect Android from Malware

    That can be done. Because if such issue occurs even once, people my lost their confidential information. Attackers just need a platform to work which Android might give them.
  12. Re: Is Fake Microsoft Security Essential tool still exist

    There are many online scanner that can help you to find that your system is infected or not. If you get any of those popups on your screen you can check your system with that scanner. It check...
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    Re: How to set up make .conf in Gentoo Linux?

    Gentoo Linux is not usual Linux distribution type of operating system but a meta-distribution operating system which will provide options and tools for proper customization of Linux as you want and...
  14. Re: Which is better FinePix HS30EXR or HS33EXR

    Both looks one the same to me. If you go on official website you can see that there is common specification mention for both type of camera. I think you can go for any of those. It does not really...
  15. How to Install Java on Linux, Mac OS X, iOS & Android

    Java is another famous programming language used on various platform. Many applications that are available on web need Java to run. So in that case we cannot trace which app needs Java or not....
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    Re: How to Install 7zip on Linux

    Just last night I was needing to decompress a .7 z file type is the first time I met with compressed files with this extension in my years of using linux and thought could not but obviously I was...
  17. King Arthur II: The Roleplaying Wargame Tips and Tricks

    King Arthur II is a role playing game. I am providing you here some basic tips on how to play the game and also help that someone will keep on updating so that the game becoems more easier to play....
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    Re: How to Boost Performance of Samsung Galaxy S

    If you are really looking forward to improve the performance of Galaxy S, then there are several ways. But before that you need to get the good benchmarking programs from the Android market which...
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    Re: Other features in Google

    Using Wildcards

    You can use wildcards. That is, the symbol '*' can be used to replace a word, and provide some searches. For example:

    "The * years"
    "The * * years"

    Upper and lower...
  20. Re: Tips to Purchase a New Laptop for Study Purpose

    You must check for the below mentioned thing before making decision.

    DVD burner (CD writer at least)
    PCMCIA slot
    SD card slot
    RAM (preferably 1 GB or more)
    Hard drive...
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    Re: Basic Windows terminology

    To customize your start menu perform the following steps:

    Click Customize ... on the screen will display a window with two tabs:
    On the General tab you can select how you want to see the...
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    Re: Practical advice about cell phones

    Just think about the requirements that your phone must meet and the functions that your device may or may not be available. you can select a device to your personal requirements. You can choose the...
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    Re: Tips for Email Marketing

    Here are some tips for email marketting:

    Keep It Short & Simple
    Offer something new every mail
    Give a chance to get something / win
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    Re: Study of computers impact on literacy

    OK, in the final I can say that, as is obvious by the study, introduce in a computer literacy training program will improve individual significance and put in to the self-assurance rank. Being...
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    Re: Tips for Virus Prevention and Detection

    The updated antivirus database is one of the best weapons for prevention in the fight against viruses. Subscribe to free newsletters or security bulletins for information about the latest virus...
  26. re: How to add commas after each text in each cell using Excel Macro

    According to my information, you just try this out

    In an adjacent helper column (column B), put this in B1 and copy down. =A1&","
    Then do Copy > PasteSpecial > Values on that column to get...
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    Re: Discussion on Highest Paid jobs in India

    You can make career in Aviation Careers and SAP Consultant: The commercial airline industry has seen an increase in recent years. There is a constant demand for qualified pilots, ground staff,...
  28. Re: Interview questions and tips for TCS (INDIA) regarding VMware

    Recently one of my friends had an interview in tcs- hyderabad. He told me that the questions were very normal and basic. He had gone through three rounds and finally got selected in the...
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    Re: Tricks and tips for Sony xperia Arc

    I have the Xperia Neo, but this should work the same with the Arc:

    During the incoming call alert, you can mute the phone by pressing any of the volume buttons. You still have the option to...
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    Re: What Is a Motion Card in Computer Terms?

    The aforementioned mechanisms incorporate modems, links, satellite union mechanisms, and considerably more. Regard the proposed actualities about movement cards:
    A motion card is a sort of...
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    Re: Weird And Wonderful Computer Furniture

    Here I have Vision One Computer Workstation. If I were an executive at a technology company. That would be a setup screen to television, one of a team, and 1 for a TV connected to a console. Devils...
  32. Re: How can I disable standby or sleep mode for my EEE PC 70x?

    Well there are steps which you can follow and do it to make it happen, the steps are been mentioned below:

    • First go on to your desktop and then just right click on the desktop.
    • When you...
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    Re: Alienware M11x R3 VS Alienware M14x

    The M14x looks an entire parcel similar to the M15x, but how do we know this isn’t a M15x? We are able to tell the laptop being referred to isn’t an existing M15x (R2) by the outer surface ports:...
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    Poll: Re: Call of Duty: Black ops Vs Crysis 2

    Crysis 2 makes a brilliant showing of depicting a metro under attack without reveling in unvarying activity-picture cutaways. There is still more than enough cinematic overabundance here, however its...
  35. Re: Tips for Preloaded Symbian Applications/System

    Doing a full restore is good when doing a simple format the entire device, or a reflash. In this case, the configuration of the restoration will not have adverse effects on the operating system or...
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    Re: Need help for drivers of Asus 1015PN-PU17

    If you format your netbook you will lose many special functionality of it. You will lose single key functionality of restoring using F9 button. You also lose functionality of accessing Asus Express...
  37. How to choose an Security Camera for your Home & Office

    The security camera systems can be configured with a single camera or multiple camera operation. The idea is that security camera systems are capable of capturing video 24 hours a day in the event of...
  38. Re: Error Loading Local Pages from Dreamweaver in Chrome

    If you are using DreamviewerCS3 then: follow the above steps: It’s according to the OS.
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    Re: Sort a row or column in MS Excel

    You can also follow these steps:

    Start Microsoft Excel and open the file you want to change.

    Drag over the two or more columns or rows that you want to sort.

    Open the Data menu and...
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    Migration Tips for Linux Systems

    Many time we plan to migrate to some other operating system which is due to either your need for security or learning the new operating systems. Right Linux is found as one of the most secure...
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    Re: Ati Radeon 4650 1 GB vs Inno3D GT 430 2 GB

    We have another product from the well known company AMD. It is ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series. It is loaded with latest features ATI Radeon 4600 Series Graphics cards deliver a level of gaming...
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    Re: Uninstall Windows XP SP2

    Using the Recovery Console
    If you can not remove Service Pack 2 Windows XP by using one of the previous methods, follow these steps:

    Insert the boot disk in Windows XP the floppy disk...
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    Re: Create voting buttons to messages in Outlook

    If you want to create message with voting button, follow this steps:-

    Launch Outlook.
    Create a new message.
    Enter the list of usernames of the recipients (separated from each other by a...
  44. re: What is the purpose of the windows task manager

    Hey buddy from the discussion going on the topic that what is the purpose of windows task manager I saw the Question and the suggestion given to you the suggestion are quite systematic I think that...
  45. Re: Tips to hide the delete option of Recycle bin

    Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search or run box.
    Go to : HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
    create a new key called “Shell” on the left hand side
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    Re: How to use Xbox 360 on Windows Media Center

    The Xbox 360 can you listen to your favorite music, as with a PC. Using Media Player 11, you can manage your library, play your mp3 files, but also download music and surf the Internet. Here are...
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    Re: Why my velociraptor is slow

    Do not worry about the same I have solution for this. Actually the driver does not have any jumper. It is backward well-matched along with SATA 1.5. and you have to check the setting and for that you...
  48. Re: Dell 720 Printer not In Sync with my System

    I have one solution and in this you have to go to the Device Manager and disable the shutdown option in the Power Management tab for the Wi-Fi in the game and then you have to see if it works or not....
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    Re: Dell inspiron 1520 fan is very loud

    There is a simple solution for this for that you have to defragments the hard disk. In contrast to the month of fans wonder that will trigger any 2h 45 years in office. I think it is a driver...
  50. Re: Unable to establish a proper connection between LGKE970 and my PC

    In this first you have to go for the setup menu of the memory and SD card and then activate the mass storage. After it get activated, connect the phone to your computer, you will see a warning at the...
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