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  1. Re: Want some suggestion to customize Ubuntu like Windows

    There is a Windows 7 theme pack for Ubuntu. You have to download that and install it on your system. To make any major changes you have to first setup the classic desktop. This is quiet recommended....
  2. Re: After successful installation getting error while playing Dragon Age 2

    Hi I searched for information related to the error code 51 that you are getting in the game and I found that this type of error is not related to the game at all and should be the operating system....
  3. Re: Internet connection issue after Windows Update KB915597

    I have problems since the update Kb915597. And I have incredimail, messenger (left), avast, on my computer. And in this my main problem is that I watched the monitor reliability, result: since the...
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    Re: How is the Fanatec wheels shift 2

    About this game I have also an issue in the same. I do not know why but in my case the braking (GT3rs CSP) really very horrible. So to fix this I have checked all the brakes on my PC and they are...
  5. Re: Windows 7: Getting message “Unable to access the Windows Installer service”

    Here's what I've done I have installed a prog that an update of the Windows installer service required. The installation failed due to a meaningless error message. Whenever I want to install a...
  6. re: Wordpress display broken only in Google chrome 9

    After reading all this over here I just want to pass a note and I am sure this will effect. In this I have created one new theme in this . And related to this matter I couldn't wait for this issue to...
  7. Re: Google chrome synchronization is not working properly

    Regarding the google chrome I have also an issue in this. Actually I have installed Google Chrome beta on my Windwos 7 computer system. Since I have updated my google chrome to most recent version on...
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    Re: YouTube videos playing off frame

    I have one solution related to ths but regarding it I am not very much confident that whether this will going to help you in your case or not. But when I was going through the same issue so at that...
  9. Dell Studio 15 HDMI output fails to open in full screen

    I have the Dell 15 and I have with the ATI Mobility Radeon 4670 video card. And I have here and I have the 2 GB of RAM here and with that I have the HDMI output as well. Now regarding the question I...
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    Re: Windows 7 HD audio device does not respond

    Thanks for the link, but this does not seem to apply to my chipset. My chipset is supported by these drivers in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but my chipset is not listed as well-matched along with...
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    Windows 7 HD audio device does not respond

    I have Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on my dell laptop and the device worked nicely. So after upgrading to Windows 7 my RR speaker emits sounds that are supposed to come from the subwoofer. By...
  12. Unable to uninstall Internet explorer 7 in ubuntu10.10

    I created a new hard drive on my Dell computer with password protection on my machine, but unfortunately I forgot the password, so I had to reinstall Ubuntu 10.10. The problem after the second...
  13. Re: Asus g70 notebook not able to run AVG 2011 software

    I'm using a registered legal software program, I had installed on my old computer and now I have used it to install on my ASUS laptop. I have also used the same registry key as I did above to get the...
  14. Asus g70 notebook not able to run AVG 2011 software

    I brought this new Asus G70 laptop I've found that AVG antivirus software 2011 will not run properly on my laptop. Before this I was having a Dell laptop and I was able to smoothly run the AVG...
  15. Re: How to import Gmail contacts into a blackberry curve

    I have to thank you for this information. Well let me tell you that I am able to import contacts from Gmail with your phone. Well, I did not know the exact method by which I can try to import the...
  16. How to import Gmail contacts into a blackberry curve

    I want an easy way to import all contacts from gmail to my new blackberry curve. I tried to work in the export options of the phone and that does not help me much. Well, I had to sue the vcard to...
  17. Re: While loading NFS from saved game it automatically hangs

    Well I tried to work in compatibility mode and there is a problem with the compatibility mode and it is that the game is not loaded correctly. The game was loaded correctly in Windows 7 is not even...
  18. While loading NFS from saved game it automatically hangs

    I love the NFS series and let me tell you that I have completed the entire series and I'm ahead of all of my friends. And recently I am playing NFS undercover. I have a Core i3 Windows XP operating...
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    Re: KIS services not responding

    Hello friends, it's great that this forum nice and a quick fix, but the problem is that I still could not resolve the error yet. First I am having a lot of free memory on my system and I also have 1...
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    KIS services not responding

    Hello friends please help me as soon as possible for you guys. I got very irritated with this KIS antivirus program. I have heard from many of my friends about this firewall that has a very high...
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    What does BitDefender 10 Downloads daily?

    I have BitDefender 10 which is installed on my computer. Which is working very well, but I just want to clarify a few doubts regarding downloading updates. I have noted that Firewall shows that about...
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    How to mute Nokia x6 Camera click sound

    Hi all, I have Nokia x6 phone. The best part I like about this phone is the camera. It is giving a very good resolution. But I do not like the sound which it made while taking pictures. So over her I...
  23. Controls for music player is not working in Nokia C6

    I recently bought the Nokia C6 for me. I'm having trouble along with the music player. The whole time when I open the music player then I found that the music player controls do not work. I tried...
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    Re: Downloaded files in Motorola Xoom

    Actually the file which I am trying to save from the email is "camera.xml" through the download. But in the last what I have found in the same is that I am not able to get that file. An when I...
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    Downloaded files in Motorola Xoom

    Hey friends I need your quick help over here. Actually the matter is that The Droid X has a "Files" program. But my Motorola Xoom is unable to find anyone in the same. So I just want to know from you...
  26. Getting error message “Printer Cartridge “in Photosmart C5280

    Hopefully someone over here will be able to help me; I have an error message that says in the title: "printer cartridges" and then the text says: "See the printer documentation." Very frustrated...
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    Re: Photosmart B110: Unable to get color print

    Hello, I followed the instructions but nothing works, always in black and white. Actually I have tried this on HP 6550b Probook (nine) Pro 7 Windows 32b And also on to the Hp mini 2133 Vista home 32b...
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    Photosmart B110: Unable to get color print

    Hello everyone, Forgive me in advance if this question seems silly to you, or worse, if it has already been asked, but I am really unable to get thread related to it. In short, I'm the lucky...
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    Can’t synchronies my playlist

    I have a large music collection on my windows music player. I am able to synchronies them finally to my android phone which is my Samsung Galaxy. But the main problem is that I am not able to see I...
  30. My dell laptop shut down without any notification while playing video

    Lately my dell 1015 laptop along with Windows Vista which has been turned off while watching online videos. (On YouTube, metacafe, Blip, etc..) It seems to happen every 10-20 minutes between the...
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    Can people trace prank calls through skype?

    Hey fiends I need your quick help. Actually I want to know that is there any way through which I will be able to trace the prank calls through Skype? Actually the main issue is that actually somebody...
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    Losing internet connection intermittently

    I am recently making use of the Netgear router which is provided by my isp. Actually in the same The "Up Stream" light blinks and goes out at times and after that the cable light which is on to the...
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    YouTube is not working in Ipad

    Hi friends actually over here I need your quick help. Actually on my ipad I am not able to access YouTube. About the same I have searched a lot but unable to get information about it. In this I have...
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    Re: Blackberry bold screen calibration

    I really appreciate your quick response I did not had any idea about which I am getting because it is happening so quick that I am not able to get that. I admire that. Actually the touch screen of my...
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    Blackberry bold screen calibration

    To me the BlackBerry bold has turned out to be the most magnificent piece till now. And also in the same I am not able to get any big issue with the mobile phone till date. I was happy along with...
  36. Re: How to organize contacts on Blackberry curve 8520

    Thank you very much for the responses that I have tested the filter option about which you were talking. I have one of my friends who often play with this thing (BlackBerry). So about this issue when...
  37. How to organize contacts on Blackberry curve 8520

    I have the BlackBerry mobile phone. This time it's BlackBerry curve 8520 to me. I am happy with the mobile phone, and still could not think of any issues yet. At the present I desire this smartphone...
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    Re: Which is better in MAC and PC

    I require more than whatever I think about the same. All I desire is a laptop to browse the web in the coming months to a year that can be utilized to connect instruments and apparatus for the input...
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    Which is better in MAC and PC

    Hello. I have been making use of the PC for about 7 years and as time is passing I am taking less interest in that like in games, programming, modding, socialization this is all what I love to do...
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    Re: Unable to get audio in Dimension 4700

    You have talked about in your post that in the Device Manager you are able to see Multimedia Audio Controller, but has a yellow question mark, then in this case I think you need to restore the...
  41. Tab is not working getting error in treasure isle

    I have an strange issue actually at any time I click the send gifts neighbor labels or tabs, all but the tab to play, just go to the white support Zynga, etc in black, but not between the content of...
  42. Windows Live client could not connect to server and showing error code 80072F8F

    I have some problems with Windows Update and some other Microsoft services. One day, I bought NFS shift for PC and installed it and discovered that the Games for Windows Live client couldn’t...
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    LinkScanner kill IE and Firefox

    This morning I had a problem with the Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. When I just any page (google, bbc, cnn) wanted to open the internet crashed both programs. IE brought the message "The...
  44. Getting message “Not Fully Protected” while turn on AVG 2011

    I do not know why I am going through like this kind of issue. Actually the main issue is that at whatever time I try to turn on the AVG 2011antivirus so at the same time I get the message that...
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    Is geotagging used by stalkers

    As much I know about it that most smartphones encode a GPS stamp which is called as geotag which is into the digital photos they capture and a tag which reveals the exact location a photo that was...
  46. Re: All folder get disappear when I connect to remote PC

    Sure, but I do not want to use a program such as team viewer but I want everything to happen through windows that I know a script or whatever yesterday, I have mostly seen a PC which is getting a...
  47. Re: All folder get disappear when I connect to remote PC

    So let me explain better job we have a PC that acts as a server for a billboard advertising, now is not the only one I would like to use that PC so that when I use the computer remotely to copy or...
  48. All folder get disappear when I connect to remote PC

    I would like to ask you if you let out a blue screen and an eventual elimination of the temporary files that are in circulation on the desktop when I connect the remote pc I wish the screen turns...
  49. re: Samsung Galaxy I7500: Camera switch off automatically after it starts

    Here are the answers which you have asked tome So there is the following:

    Firmware version: 1.6
    Baseband version: I7500XXJB2

    got the phone over the NPS updated so original before the...
  50. Samsung Galaxy I7500: Camera switch off automatically after it starts

    I have these following issues in my Samsung Galaxy I7500. I have recently bought it. And over here the main problem is that Once I start the camera close to a photo, it remains about 2 sec. opens and...
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