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    Re: GTX 960 vs GTX 970

    I have recently heard that one of the released game is soon going to get a DirectX 12 patch soon, I dont remember the name of the game but. I dont know if GTX 960 will support the DirectX 12 or not...
  2. Re: How to enable more than 3.5GB Vram on GTX 970

    Every person who has bought a GTX 970 card is not able to get this card to function at 4GB VRAM. As per the observation the memory on this card is split into 2 different sections and so both are...
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    Re: very low performance with Radeon R9 280X

    As you have already told that the Radeon R9 280X graphics card that you have bought is used one so it might be possible that the card might be at fault. Also check if there is any power saving...
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    Re: displayport link failure error message

    Well, there was not problem at all for me using displayport on Windows 7 which worked fine. But the only problem started to happen once I installed Windows 8. This problem seems to be very strange...
  5. Re: pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    When ever a computer is automatically shutting down at the time of playing games, it simply means that your system is overheating and therefore shutting down your computer to prevent it from getting...
  6. Re: Asus GTX 970 vs Gigabyte GTX 970 graphics card

    I was also looking for a comparison for the same cards and found that Gigabyte GTX 970 is a well deserved card. The best part about this Gigabyte video card is that it remains cool even on full load...
  7. Re: XFX R9 290 vs Gigabyte GTX 770 graphics card

    I am using the Gigabyte GTX 770 graphics card and it is the best GPU I have ever used on my pc. Even if the R9 290 video card is good but still the GTX 770 is a little better. Most of the Nvidia card...
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    Re: FPS drop with Sapphire Radeon HD 5770

    What CPU are you using on your machine? If it is dual core or quad core then it might be bottlenecking the GPU to some extent. This term usually means that if one component in a system is slower to...
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    Re: GeForce GTX TITAN Z vs Radeon R9 295X2

    Yes, the GeForce GTX TITAN Z is nothing but two TITAN BLACK graphics card joined together or in SLI. When you will check the review for TITAN BLACK cards then you can notice that it easily beats the...
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    Re: SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 280X worth it?

    It doesnt matter if there are not many reviews on the SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 280X being a new card or an old card. Its just a renamed and tweaked version fo the HD7970 GHz graphics card for which you can...
  11. Re: Nvidia Geforce GTX 800 Series graphics card release date

    3 months ago Nvidia have released their 780ti graphics card so I would expect the GTX 800 series to be out in about 3 to 6 months or so. I recently purchased the Xbox One just to kill some time....
  12. Re: Antec HCG 750w for AMD FX-9590 and Radeon R9 290x

    Since both AMD FX-9590 and Radeon R9 290X utilize ample of powers so it will be better if you can get power supply above 750 watts because the Antec HCG 750watts can be considered as the minimum for...
  13. Re: Gigabyte GTX 780ti card crashing, artifacting...

    Many people who have the same Gigabyte 780TI card are facing the same problem and now they are replacing it with other models. Some retailers are also exchanging the Gigabyte 780TI model with the...
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    Re: Radeon HD 7770 to play Battlefield 4

    Even I agree that the HD 7770 will not be able to play Battlefield 4 very good although it is much better than a Radeon 5000 series. You need to take HD 7850 or some higher card in order to play BF4...
  15. Re: Gigabyte 7950 OC vs Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC

    Both the Gigabyte and Sapphire 7950 OC card are good brands, you wont find much difference on them. In any case, I have read that Gigabyte video cards have the best aftermarket cooler built on them...
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    Re: GTX 780 OC edition crashes computer

    I have heard that there is a problem with the GTX 700 series card of Nvidia. I am using GTX 770 video card which will BSOD if I keep it on idle for a long period of time or it will automatically...
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    Re: budget video card for Photoshop CS6

    Check the below Photoshop CS6/Photoshop Extended CS6 System Requirements:

    Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
    Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 with Service...
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    Re: low fps with 2 x hd 7970

    Can you try to change the graphics settings from lower to higher and then check what FPS rate you are getting? You can try to play the games at low resolution and also turn off Anti-Alising to get...
  19. Re: bad performance with AMD A10 5800k Processors

    Can you try to ensure that the RAM model that you have is setup in dual channel. You might be having atleast 4 slots of RAM on your motherboard so you need to ensure that the RAM sticks are connected...
  20. Re: Planar touch screen monitor not working in Windows 7

    It seems like there is some problem with the Optical Touch Inputs in Windows 7 which is not letting the touchscreen to function properly. You will have to contact the Planar technical support and ask...
  21. Re: 2 monitors detected in Windows 7 but using only single

    What you need to do is right click on your desktop and then select Screen Resolution. Here you will see 1 and 2 Display, click on the number 2 display. After that check under the multiple displays...
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    Re: Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

    I was using Antec 300 case and it was very good and very much quieter as well. I havent tested the Antec 302 but the reviews for it are good. The fans on this Antec 300 case is also not so loud and...
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    Re: Antec 302 cabinet with HD 7950

    The Antec Three Hundred Two Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Upgraded 2 x USB 3.0 can support graphics card upto 12.5 inches long, so there is no need to worry about it. This cabinet also...
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    Re: HD 7990 vs GTX 780

    I would suggest you to go with the GTX 780 graphics card. The main problem with the HD 7990 is that it is overpriced and gtx 780 is just only 4%-5% less powerful than a Titan model card and also it...
  25. Re: best graphics card between GTX 650 and Radeon 7770

    Well, I am using the GTX 650 and I am quite satisfied with it. The reason I purchased this card because it has low power consumption and is not like the other competing cards at that performance...
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    Re: HD 7950 vs GTX 760

    I am using a HD 7950 video card from quite some time and I should say that its extra Vram plays an important role in the games and future. You also get so much of bundled games with it which is not a...
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    Re: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    You will be able to test out different settings in the BIOS and see at what RAM setting your system works stable. These Kingston ValueRam can be easily overclockable but it is not better than the...
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    Re: GTX 780 SLI or GTX Titan graphics card

    I dont think that you should go for SLI because both GTX Titan and GTX 780 graphics card are usually the same. It is just that Gtx 780 is a little slower for about 10% on the same clocks. It also has...
  29. Re: Upgrading HP TouchSmart 610-1030y graphics card

    Yes, what ever written in the above post it is correct. This is the reason why people buy assembled computer where they can upgrade any other hardware peripherals if they want to. And if you go with...
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    Re: Nvidia GeForce GT 750M Overheating problem

    So, you are using a laptop. Have you checked if the laptop has some kind of buttons to turn on or off the Nvidia Optimus settings in the BIOS or perhaps from the driver itself? Incase you find one of...
  31. Re: antec eleven hundred cabinets fan very noisy

    Since you have told that the cables are short then you can buy something like Phobya 81028 Extension Cable 30cm and Phobya FanMax 6 Controller Single Bay 5.25" to control the fan speed in your...
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    Re: HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    It might be possible that your 2d clocks are conflicting with the 3d, so what you can do is install MSI Burner or Asus GPU Tweak (incase you have an Asus Board) and then try to set the 2d clocks to...
  33. Re: Cannot update firmware on Kingston HyperX 3k SSD

    I think that there might be some problem with the Sata port, so what you can do is, try to connect the SSD to another Sata port and see if that is working fine or not. Also, are you using the Sata...
  34. Re: TOSHIBA 40FT1U: Black Line appears on the screen

    I have gone through this same issue and mine GPU is overheated with the meaning of what is causing this problem. You determine necessary to stop the accumulation of heat and obtain redress, they are...
  35. Re: Dual monitor setup: unable to move windows from one monitor to another

    I have gone through this same issue on mine system as well and after long research I have find the solution to this issue. This problem occurs when running Windows Media Center in full screen mode on...
  36. Re: Need Extended Desktop preferences reset on undocking, rebooting, or sleep mode.

    I have gone through this same issue and would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this follow the below steps: first make hit on the start and after...
  37. Re: When I connect my Laptop to my TV with a HDMI Cable I am getting black screen

    One of my friends is aware of this error and this is what I set out to solve this problem: Start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and check that it is working well or not. To do this reboot...
  38. Re: I want to know on which monitor an application comes into view when it opens

    This is what I set up. If you desire an application to open on the secondary monitor by default do the subsequent. 1. Unlock the application. 2. Resize the window which is maximize or reduced. 3....
  39. Re: Samsung LCD SyncMaster B1930 screen goes black

    The problem here is because of the drivers and hence you will have to update your drivers because you have not installed the drivers correctly and hence i would advice you to get inside the device...
  40. Re: Cannot install drivers for Dell touchscreen monitor ?

    I think some of the exixting application is preventing you to install the driver.You also mentioned that you cannot install Google chrome, I think the current browser which is installed in the...
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    Re: 3G Mobile handsets below 10K

    The LG Optimus One will be one of the best choice for you because of high specification recommended by Microsoft for its new operating system , manufacturers have a Windows phone room for and all...
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    Re: Nvidia GTS450 or ATI Radeon 5750

    The best option for you is to purchase the GeForce GTX 460, Nvidia developed GeForce GTX 460 after a long wait not only the first own DirectX 11 products placed under 300 $ segment, but with the 768...
  43. Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 video card not working with linux

    I think if your system configuration is not proper or suitable with your computer then also you have to face this type of problem. So first check your system configuration is correct or not. If your...
  44. Re: Where can I get GeForce 8800 GT 1 Gb version

    1 GB of memory is it not an exaggeration for most commonly used resolutions like 1280 x 1680 x 1024 or 1050? Remember, the G92, which equips the 8800GT and GTS, is not intended for high-end cards and...
  45. re: ATI Radeon HD5850 crashes when on full screen in windows 7

    I think there is a problem in your ATI Radeon HD5850 video card. Because of that you are not able see video with full screen. i think you have to check your ATI Radeon HD5850 Video Card. Check it on...
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    Re: windows 7: Graphic driver for intel d865gbf

    You are right my friend. There are more chances that the problem behind this issue is the Graphic card driver. You can select the below link and this will redirect you to the page from where you will...
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    Re: Can we play game with a $79 Video Card

    First of all if you really want a cheaper one then go for either 4650 or 8600GTS. What ever you are selecting, make sure you have the best one with larger memory size. The GPU memory is basically for...
  48. Re: Which one is better:5870 i5 750 or 5870 1090t

    I experience the most excellent means to compare is to run a small amount of tests from different sources. Why not you evaluate both computers with Vantage or 3d mark? I favor to check the games...
  49. Re: Can use both Nvidia and Ati Radeon Graphics Card on a MacBook Pro

    You cannot use two different graphics card from different company on your MacBook Pro as both the companies use different technology which will be conflict. I suggest you can use either two ATI...
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    Re: Ethernet adaptor not showing in ipconfig

    It seems to have the issue with the driver which is not showing the compatibility and that is why your Ethernet is not detected by the IPConfig. Did you checked the Device Manger for the Ethernet...
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