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    Re: How to Activate License for Tally.ERP 9

    Even after entering the correct license for activating Tally.ERP 9 software, it will still search for internet connectivity on your computer. When it will find the internet connection then only the...
  2. Re: How to protect your system from Session Hijacking

    Preventive Tips:

    After reading the above paragraphs you would have understood how this all stuff happens. Now you do not need to worry that it will be quiet complicated to protect yourself from...
  3. How to protect your system from Session Hijacking

    Session Hijacking is a most common threat on web. Most of us are not aware about this. Much time you visit a website and after that you find your system filled with popup. Your antivirus started...
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    We use netwrix logon reporter for this—it tells...

    We use netwrix logon reporter for this—it tells you exactly when someone logs on and off and they offer it in a freeware
  5. Re: Bash command to delete entire Files from folder

    Hello friend, I am not the continuous user of UNIX operating system. But I had something idea related to it. You can remove the entire files without deleting the specific folder by the following Bash...
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    Re: Error message While Installing CentOS

    If you need to create the bootable USB drive then renames your folder called isolinux to syslinux. In that then type syslinux -m –a, then type -d syslinux (should be in the next line). In last line...
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    Re: Not able to Locate System/Default Icons

    What kind of icons you want to locate, there are many other icons such as applications icons like IChat’s icon or Preview Icons. These icons are located inside the application file itself. It is...
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    Re: Installation error in windows live writer

    As you have tried the installation of the software to the system I think this may be corrupted due to some viruses into your system. As this type installation issue mainly occurs due to the viruses...
  9. Re: Unable to get new MS Clip Art for Mac Office 2010

    I was getting the same error as you are getting now, but I think this can be solve by just renaming the file extension which you have downloaded. The file which you have downloaded, rename its...
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    Re: Windows 7 Blue Screen

    The problem may also persist due to some kind of hardware problem. I think the problem is of RAM. It seems to be over clocked. The blue screen may also persist due to some kind of corrupted file...
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    Re: How to share parallels and boot camp file

    As far as I know bootcamp needs windows a true copy of windows XP service pack 2 which is needed to installed in a dual boot setup. Bootcamp only sustain in Microsoft windows. It runs all the...
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    Re: Which is the best Power supply

    In my point of view 500W is enough for many users, but to buy a good quality in a cheap price is not easy. There is a power supply of OCZ’s ModXstream with the new available latest version in...
  13. Re: No sound in windows 7 media player on MacBook Air

    I think if your machine not recognizes to the AirSuperdrive then I think you should reset the SMC and then check it again, and also check into the system (hardware) profiler, that USB is recognizing...
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    Re: Windows compatibility software

    I have search through your question and there is a software named Parallels Desktop completely use to run applications of Windows on to the Mac machine. This software is now available with the new...
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    Re: How to convert PDF from Mac to Windows

    What do you exactly want? Do you just want the recipient to see the content of the file or you want the other to be allowed to edit the file as and when required? If you just want the other person...
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    Re: Making an Animation or Movie.

    sadly you wont be able to make a movie with windows movie maker with them, being that windows is proprietary software and you can only use windows file format,If you want to do animated graphics then...
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    Re: Sign in button is not working in Bing bar

    I had the similar problem and clearing the cache but did not work but this fix it for me. In IE go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings, unchecked " and then utilize automatic...
  18. Re: Configure Windows Live Hotmail and contacts on Windows Phone 7

    I would like to suggest you to use Outlook Hotmail Connector which will manage your all the contacts from hotmail. I am giving you steps how to use this for that just follow these points.

  19. Re: How to change the font size in Hotmail skydrive photo album slide show.

    As you have described your issue I think this is happening because of the caption you are increasing in the slide and which is not more than 225 characters. I think you should to check by decreasing...
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    Re: Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

    I think you are opening the file using the wrong link. i recommend you that try to open other file formats of ms office like excel file or any of .ppt file in the skydrive. If that files are getting...
  21. I was getting the same dynamic link library...

    I was getting the same dynamic link library error. Then one of my friends, who is a computer technician suggested me to get the dll repair tool. Then I downloaded this tool and ran it, believe me...
  22. Re: windows live messenger error code 800706ba Invaild Ip

    I was also facing the same problem and that was due to the settings that have changed the server certificate revocation and if you want to fix this problem you have to Clear the Check for server...
  23. Re: error 80df0009 in windows live movie maker with windows 7.

    As you are using windows 7 and other configuration which you have specified in the post are proper to have a windows live movie maker to be installed in the system with this configuration. But as you...
  24. Re: How to sync outlook 2007 and windows live calendar

    According to me the Windows Live Calendar does not support the feature of synchronizing the calendar details. Also it will not allow you to synchronize it with your Outlook Calendar. And if you want...
  25. Re: Win7 64-bit Movie Maker fails to show HD 1080p and 720p movie from 5500 pics.

    I want to that when you are getting the error 0x87160129. This is occurring at the time of saving the file or it occurs at the time of playing movie. I think information is much needed to solve this...
  26. Re: You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password error

    You can go to the below solution this will provide you the additional information about the same problem what you are facing for this will help you to know some procedures that you should take to...
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    Re: Recovery my work and restart microsoft excel

    hello! To solve your problem just Go to Start menu->Run or press windows+R key, Type regedit (i.e. Registry file) and click OK. After doing this find the way through:...
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    Re: Steam running out of steam ?

    A terrible batch of Mac gamers are running Valve games below Bootcamp so though they will most likely download the Mac ported Valve list, Valve won't create any currency from this if they previously...
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    Re: Linux shell script to find duplicate images

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that there is something wrong with your operating system, If the shell script will fail to help you then definitely there is a big problem in the...
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    Re: Top ten defragment software

    I have the list of some of the best software which you are seeking for I think this description will help you to get the solution of the confusion.

    Here is a program called CONTIG it is developed...
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    Re: Internet download manager for ubuntu 9 10

    It seems to me that you are new to the linux operating system, But if you need the download manger for the linux then you have to just first install the Wget package, The wget is nothing but the...
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    Re: What are the best Perl forums?

    I have searched a lot and got on the conclusion that perlguru is one of the best in the field which you are searching they will surely provide you all the information about your all trouble. I think...
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    Re: Collections lost in Windows Movie Maker

    The windows movie maker software which you are using must having the auto saving features enable due to which the files you have created are getting saved automatically. I advise you to open your...
  34. Re: How to print PDF file that’s been password encrypted???

    You can print the encrypted file by using adobe acrobat or by using PDF secure. Open the program then in “file” menu click on the “open” option, look for your PDF document and select the...
  35. Re: Where in windows XP Regedit to the Product KEY and owners Name

    To find the key there is a Key finder utilities and system resource utilities scheduled below. You must go for the same.

    If your system came preinstalled with the windows XP operating system, the...
  36. Re: Just started up outlook 2010, initial startup problems

    I have gone through your question and i guess that the Office professional version you are using is a trial version. I will suggest you to remove the current one and use the register version, hope...
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    Re: WL Beta Error 0x80040609

    The WL beta that you are trying to install may get corrupted at the time of the downland these happens when the download is not completed from the download website as thee may be a problem in the...
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    Re: Size of update Definitions 4 to 5mb daily

    I think your concern about update file size of Microsoft Security Essentials is just wrong as it can be large enough between the size of 4 to 5 Mb. Your work is done by updating and loading the file,...
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    Re: Dymo add-in with Office 2010 not working

    These problem mostly occurs when there is a problem in the outlook 2010 application that you are using as a number of the files would be corrupted. So to overcome these problem you have two options...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 keeps closing and restarting

    The problem of the crashing of outlook 2010 is very frequent when there is no anti virus protection on the system on which you have installed the application/software. There seems that the outlook...
  41. Re: How To Schedule A Specific Time To Automatically Update Definitions

    I have not come across such problem using Microsoft Security Essentials Update which i am using from long time to protect my computer from types of malicious software which can damage the computer...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 messes with Email Newsletter

    As per my knowledge there is an internal issue with the internet, what i want to say you that just reset the settings of your internet, Also one more thing never hard reset the settings because it...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 File Attachments problems

    There seems to be a problem in the outlook 2010 software that you are using, which does not allow you to send the files of the different format. To resolve these issue you have to update the software...
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    Re: [Office 2010] No data in people pane

    To get the solution you can use the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search\Preferences”. After this right click and add new keyword DWORD. Prevent Indexing Outlook give...
  45. Re: How to remove Office 2010 Trial version which is not working

    To uninstall the office that you are now using that is the trial version of 2010, you have to follow few steps the thing here is that in windows 7 removing a hardware is altogether a different...
  46. Re: Outlook 2010 Social Connector NOT working (not Beta, final version)

    I think this is an issue related to the improper installation of the outlook. I will suggest you to check the installation of the software. Also check the following points which I am describing...
  47. Re: Unable to Install 2010 Office Home and Business because of corrupt file

    As you mentioned that you are installing the Microsoft office 2010 business on the windows xp operating system then you will require service pack 3 for that purpose. you need to first download the...
  48. Re: Unable to Install 2010 Office Home and Business because of corrupt file

    As you have stated above that there is a problem in the installation of the Microsoft office 2010 business edition in your laptop so these might happen due to the system requirements as it requires...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 journal entries problem

    I have understand the concept of the PST files but the problem with that is i don't know the procedure for that. The PST files repair option is available where and how i can repair it, so please...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 journal entries problem

    A PST file is a private folder file in Microsoft Outlook, In Outlook, and the storage space boundary for a solitary user's .PST file is 2 GB. PST stands for personal storage. The PST files many times...
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