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  1. Thread: Assert Failed

    by Chucky

    Re: Assert Failed

    If you are getting the error is associated with some program then just to re-install it back again. That will be enough to fix the problem you are facing. You can find more information on the same...
  2. a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licen

    I am having a Windows HP Home system. The model is Win XP Home SP3. Now there was some serious virus problem in my pc. So I was just working hard to clean my pc. After multiple scans I found that the...
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    Re: Add programs to All Programs folder in XP

    I had installed windows back from the scratch. I had installed everything here. There was some problem with my system. There was a virus issue. So I formatted my pc. I installed all the applications...
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    error code 80040154

    I am here trying to install a new edition of Windows Live Messenger. I am trying to install Live Messenger 9 here which does not looks to be working well. When I try to do the same I am getting a...
  5. Re: Stop Error: 0x0000007F (0x00000008,0x80042000,0x00000000,0x00000000)

    The error that you are getting indicates that there is some issue on the software level. An exception occurs during a call to the handler for a prior exception. Basically there are two exceptions...
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    Re: Defrag And Chkdsk Problems,

    Try running sfc /scannow and then test back. Try to boot in safe mode with command prompt. In that just run sfc /scannow and hit enter. It will scan for the system files which were damaged or...
  7. How to add Messenger Live chat box to my website?

    I want some help to embed a live messenger chat box on my website. I do not want to use any third party plugin for the same. I am sure there will be some way available to do the same. I am trying to...
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    explorer.exe will not start

    I am not able to start Explorer.exe. I am getting a bit issue with the same. On boot the first message that I get on screen is explorer crash. There is a blank desktop and there is nothing on the...
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    shell32dll,control_Rundll.hotplug dll

    I am using a Windows XP PC. I had installed Acronis on the same. I am using the SP3 edition of Windows XP. I had updated my system withal patches and it looks to be working proper. But I got a error...
  10. "Nero burning rights" msg with winxp sp2 and nero ultra edition 6

    I am using Nero Ultra Edition 6 on my pc. I had updated the same from older one. But after that a new problem started appearing. The software is not able to detect my blank cds. I had created a...
  11. Re-installing Windows XP Without Original OS Disk

    I am having a laptop that has windows xp on the same. I need some help here to install the same back without xp cd. I am not having any disk for the same. And my laptop is simply working very slow. I...
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    cannot open excel files from windows explorer

    I am having a laptop that has Windows XP Pro on the same. I had downloaded some excel files from the web. When I try to open them through Windows Explorer it is not working. When I click on the file...
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    Low disk space on drive C:

    My system has two hard drives. Both of them are of 120GB. Here one is for windows and software while the other one is for data. My C drive looks to be increasing. I got a low disk space warning...
  14. How to simulate mouse movements to prevent screen saver activation?

    Whenever the screesaver is active on the web we have to re-logon and re-type the password back again. This is simply weird. The settings are applied on all the computers. I am simply not able to...
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    Unable to Delete Reg Entry

    I am constantly getting a invalid registry entry on my screen. I am not able to figure out the issue here. When I login to my account I am getting the error on the screen. I tried to find the...
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    Display icons too large

    I had just restored my system. There was blue screen error. After system restore there are weird changes in my system. The display icon on the desktop are very large. A set of few icons are occupying...
  17. Copying User Profiles- Copy To button grayed out

    There is some kind of issue with my system. I am having a Windows XP PC, which is fully patched and updated. I am facing a bit issue with copying user profile here. I am using the process published...
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    xp reinstall hp pavilion laptop

    My system drive fails. I am having a HP Pavilion DV5000 laptop. It was working fine but suddenly the drive failed. Due to which I lost all my data and Windows XP is also not booting. I tried to...
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    Re: How can I fix these errors.....

    I am having a huge list of errors in the Event Viewer. I am not able to understand how to deal with those errors. I am also finding for a better way to fix the errors. Is there any more advance tool...
  20. Thread: Stop 0x000000CA

    by Chucky

    Stop 0x000000CA

    I am getting a really serious bug on my pc. I am having a Windows XP system which was working fine for few days. But now I am started getting a problem. There are common partitions on my pc. All of...
  21. Insufficient resources exist to complete the requested service.

    I am getting some problem with the system memory. I am getting insufficient resources error on the same. I had tried to check the same by turning of some applications. But it is not working fine. I...
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    Internet Explorer 7 and Java problem

    I had upgraded the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 on my pc. I thought this will be better and it will make my system more stable. But somehow there is a problem with java. The java is not...
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    system dll user32

    I am getting system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory error on windows XP. It gives some HHCTRL.OCX file having problem. I don't know anything about this problem. Can anyone here help me how to...
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    What KEY to press to get to BIOS menu??

    I a having a ASUS A8S-X motherboard. I am here trying to enter the bios but not able to do that. I am simply not sure which key works here. I had tried ample of keys but simply no one allows me to...
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    XP's prefetch and its layout.ini files.

    I was just try to clean my system files. I went insode the prefetch folder to clean stuff but there is some problem with cleaning the .ini files. I am using the command here c:\windows\prefetch\...
  26. Memory could not be written error. explorer.exe

    I am facing a bit problem with windows explorer on my system. Whenever I try to open the same I am getting a popup error on my screen. The error stays that memory could not be overwritten. I had...
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    In Vista 64 bit running IE, no Flash?

    I had upgraded to Windows Vista 64bit system. I had updated everything after the upgrade. The default web browser which I can using in Internet Explorer. Now when I try to play some videos it is not...
  28. ATI CCC Catalyst Control Center - Allow ccc.exe

    I need some help with CCC.exe. When I start Windows Vista I am getting this error on the desktop. I click on ok and it is gone. But the error appear each time when I start the pc. I am having AVG in...
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    where is chkdsk located in vista?

    I need some help to locate chkdsk in Windows Vista. I am not able to find the same. I am facing some problem with one of my system partition. The G drive in my windows is not working. It is giving me...
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    Dreamweaver APPCRASH in ntdll.dll

    I am facing a bit issue with Dreamweaver. It is just crashing while using the same. I am getting a error on the same which is associated with some dll file. The error that I am getting on my screen...
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    Add/remove programs will not populate list

    Hi this is Windows XP system. Since today morning I am facing some problem with the same. Whenever I go to Add and Remove Program it says "Please wait while the list is being populated..." I keep...
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    How to burn Vista's UDF file. Using Nero.

    I need some help here with burning udf file via nero. I am here trying to install Windows Vista on my XP system. Now here I a having the iso file of vista which is udf format. I tried to burn that...
  33. "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the application"

    Whenever I try to run anything from my cd drive I am getting a weird error on the screen. The error is "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000006). Click on OK to terminate the...
  34. WOWEXEC problem when I try to install an application

    I am facing a wowexec error when I type sysedit in the Start > Run box. I am not able to locate a proper fix for the same. I am here trying to install my printer back again but it does not seems to...
  35. Thread: swflash.ocx

    by Chucky


    I am getting a swflash.ocx error on my screen. I had installed a screen saver on my pc. The screen saver is having nice flashy effect based on spider man them. I had configured the screen saver on...
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    base system device

    I am having a HP NC6000 system. It came with Windows XP. I am using Sandisk 128MB external storage device on it. When I connected there was a popup on the notification bar that new hardware found....
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