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  1. Re: Nokia to roll out Belle FP2 update for selected phones

    Why is it like that, i mean why are they giving priority to Nokia 808 PureView?? If they are releasing Belle FP2 update for Nokia 700 as well then they should release it on same day. I am quite sure...
  2. Do not go with paid services. There are many free...

    Do not go with paid services. There are many free software which are available. You can try any of them. I had seen some freeware DOS utility that helps you to format or resize the partition as per...
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    This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but...

    This isn't exactly what you are looking for, but you can apply this download to your global.mpt so all uk holidays are automatically in your standard calendar when you create a new project plan....
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    Re: NTP Server for time sync

    As far as I know the DC with PDCEmulator role in a domain is the source of time while all other SCs just sync with that one DC. And rest all other domains use to sync with an available DC. So as per...
  5. Re: Import data from Excel with main tasks and subtasks

    I don’t know what can be done in the Project 2003 itself to fix it but from Excel end, you should try adding a field to the Excel sheet called Outline Level. Once done, populate it with 1,2,3 or 4...
  6. Re: Security Essentials scans but won't "Turn On"

    Did you tried re-installing Microsoft Security? If not, give it a try. Also I would like to whether there was any Antivirus installed earlier on your system and you removed it completely using their...
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    Re: Can't Right Click in/on My Computer

    Well before we actually start the troubleshooting can you tell me what is the actual version of your operating system and what service pack you are using. The solution may differ from version to...
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    Update your video drivers and then check back....

    Update your video drivers and then check back. The resolution will be available on the basis of your monitor. If it is not much large in size then you cannot get that much resolution. Also check the...
  9. There is a small hotfix provided by Microsoft. It...

    There is a small hotfix provided by Microsoft. It am not sure what it does, but similar to SFC. It will allow you to scan your system and fix the corrupted file. And if this does not work then the...
  10. RE: WMP 12 does not detect media metadata changes

    As far as I know Windows Media Player works fine if the MP3 files are on NTFS drives. Are you using Fat32 or NTFS drives?
  11. Re: Cannot install/remove 2007 Compatibility Pack

    Calvin K thanks for pointing me to that article but just when i tried uninstalling 2007 Compatibility Pack i came across same error again. I am just running out of ideas now, I had not installed it...
  12. Cannot install/remove 2007 Compatibility Pack

    I am having Office Professional 2003 in my system and i have installed 2007 Compatibility Pack today but now when i am trying to run or remove any program then i am getting below error.

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    Re: Disabled.SecurityCenter

    I think you might have installed any firewall third party software that is killing the default Window firewall to run itself. Also it wont be able work with the Security Center so it disables...
  14. Re: Change color for # of items in Outlook folders

    I don’t know how to do it in Office 2003, but in Office v2007 we can do it easily by right clicking the number itself and going into its properties. There we have option select "Show the number of...
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    Poll: Bad pool caller

    The common ways to fix a blue screen is error is first finding the associated software or hardware causing the issue. Then booting your system in Safe Mode and removing the associated program. Later...
  16. Re: Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Gigabit connecting @ 100Mbps on Auto-Negotiate

    It depends on the quality of NIC. If possible you can go inside the bios settings and there you can find related option. You can modify the settings as per your choice also. I am sure it is not a...
  17. How to remove Recycle Bin and System Volume Information Folder from usb

    I want help to remove Recycle Bin and System Volume Information folders completely from my partitions. I am not able to delete any of them. I also have this folders automatically created in my usb...
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    Re: SBS 2003, Outlook Web Access and DNS

    As far as i know about this, I can suspect all three or any other party as well. What you need to do is contact the one who controls your DNS entries. Once you come to know that who is the one then...
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    Re: Project Resource Plan

    Hello Sulolab, just try out the following steps. Hope you will get helped:

    Start with removing the resources from the enterprise project, as the resources are not necessary.
    Open the Resource...
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    Re: Windows XP touchpad

    Just go to Device manager, select your TouchPad and update the drivers. When you will go in Device Manager, it will be listed as PS/2 unless you have the enhanced drivers installed.
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    It looks there is some issue with the software...

    It looks there is some issue with the software itself. I got this error some time ago when I was logged in a guest account. It did not allowed to create a file in C drive. But on the desktop I was...
  22. Re: Problems with Microsoft Bluetooth notebook mouse 5000

    I think I have a solution for your problem as me too experienced the same thing couple of months ago. I found my mouse stopped working when I installed the vista update on April 2008 KB938371....
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    Well let me tell you that you dont have any...

    Well let me tell you that you dont have any separate Graphic Card on your system, it is the integrated chipset on your mobo. So what you need to is go to the AMD Download Page here , select your...
  24. It can be due to buggy drivers or...

    It can be due to buggy drivers or incompatibility. When you are running the setup just right click on the same and choose properties. Go the compatibility tab and choose the right OS. Then run the...
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    Re: Can't empty recycle bin

    I appreciate your suggestion shivinder. As per your instructions I tried doing the same but as soon as I put the command, it gives me the following message

    c:\ recycler\ S-1-5-~1\Dc30.mkr _...
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    Can't empty recycle bin

    It is Windows XP desktop started giving problem while deleting recycle bin. There are some deleted files in the recycle bin and its icons show the same as well but when I try deleting the same it...
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    What I know about this, if you leave the embedded...

    What I know about this, if you leave the embedded edition, there is less chances you can use the usb to boot or install Windows XP 64 bit. There is some driver issue. But still I had seen on some...
  28. Re: Limited or No Connectivity after Power Outage - Wired Connection

    Here is what you need to do. Just turn off the power completely for these devices. Unplug the modem from the power and leave it ideal for about 3 to 5 minutes. Later plug it back again and turn on...
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    Re: Need free AV for Win 98SE?

    Yes Avast is supported by Win 98SE, i have been using it in my laptop running on 98SE from a couple of weeks and it works great. I dont know for what reason AVG version 8 support has been...
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    These are top 5 antivirus of 2008: AVG...

    These are top 5 antivirus of 2008:

    AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
    Avira AntiVir Personal
    Avast Home Edition
    AVG Anti-Virus
    Norton AntiVirus

    You can get anyone from above one's, If...
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    You can copy paste that. There is no need to go...

    You can copy paste that. There is no need to go for a template. If you properly copy paste the data it will be working fine. There will not be any issue with creating chart on Powerpoint. But there...
  32. PRO11.MSI is missing while uninstalling office professional 2003

    I was thinking of uninstalling office professional 2003 and upgrading to 2007 but while uninstalling it asks me for pro11.msi file. I have checked out for that file in my system but i am not able to...
  33. Re: Case of the disappearing toolbar in XP SP2

    Looks like your profile settings are not applied properly due to which you are getting that problem. Did you tested the same on some different account. You must try it and then check back. This kind...
  34. Re: Word 2003 - JPEG transparent background problem

    Instead of editing and changing the extension, I think you can also do it directly from Word itself. Try out the below steps:
    View=>Toolbars=>Picture > transparency tool
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    Re: cannot ping through vpn

    Seems very strange problem. Can you just let me know the results of pathping? Where does it stops if you use pathping to remote computer?
  36. RE: Connection Properties Sharing Tab Disappeared in Vista!!!

    This is what I got on few other websites while searching for your problem. Go to Device Manager, right click and uninstall the NIC Adapter on which the ICS is running. If there is any other NIC...
  37. You will need Paint Shop Pro 12 in Vista. You...

    You will need Paint Shop Pro 12 in Vista. You cannot stick with the regular version. The older you go for the more poor performance you will get. It is already mentioned on the top that you need the...
  38. You will need to click on the network icon in...

    You will need to click on the network icon in system try and click on Troubleshoot. It will scan the issue and will give you a error or detailed description of issue you are facing. It is necessary...
  39. Re: How format an external hard drive in Vista?

    The very first thing you need to do is Action | Refresh. Action |Rescan Disks. Power down, plug in the disk, then power on and watch for Found new Hardware. By the way can you tell me how exactly...
  40. Re: Wireless Sync with Exchange and OMA not working

    If I’m not wrong I guess Windows Mobile 5 uses OMA, is it working on your device? If not, then you must first get OMA work properly otherwise what you are trying to get will not work. You can also...
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    RE: Office 2003 service pack 3

    I get an error message saying "Some updates could not be installed" and after that it says "The following updates were not installed". I also wanted to add that i have tried using disk from Microsoft...
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    Office 2003 service pack 3

    I am trying to downloaded Office 2003 service pack 3 update and have turned auto updates on as well but it is not getting installed. I am not able to make out whats going wrong, is there anything i...
  43. Check the cable. I think the issue lies with...

    Check the cable. I think the issue lies with that. For driver thing go in Device Manager and right click on DVD rom. Choose uninstall. Restart your system and let Vista install it automatically...
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    I had tried to do that manually but it failed. It...

    I had tried to do that manually but it failed. It looks that updates are not compatible with Windows Vista. There some issue with compatibility of Office edition. I am also using Office 2003. Later...
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    Cannot delete/copy/move .MOV files

    I have a Sony Camera. I had some videos in it. To backup the same I copied them in my computer. It is a Windows Vista PC. Now everything went well. The data was around 1.5GB which copied well. I...
  46. What features are you talking about. I cannot...

    What features are you talking about. I cannot find any great difference. Even I am using the same and it has all those things that was before. It is a very basic application that allow you simple...
  47. I think that is not applicable. Instead of that...

    I think that is not applicable. Instead of that you can configure timeout settings. That makes the user to re-login when the time expires. The settings are done through network security policy. You...
  48. I was looking out for same thing and have come...

    I was looking out for same thing and have come across this thread. Other than the solutions you have tried, i have tried using powercfg /hibernate command and have tried following this article and...
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    Re: Add or remove programs won't populate

    As far as Add and Remove applet is concerned, you should check out this KB Article describing the solution for incorrectly displayed programs in Add/Remove:...
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    Re: Socket Error 10061

    The problem seems to be the port number “995”. I don’t think it use to be 995, just check the settings on your email provider’s official web page. I guess it should be port 110 (without SSL)....
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