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  1. Re: Method to enter product key for publisher 2013

    You can give try to phone activation. You will first need to select your country/region in the Activation Wizard. Then it will provide you one or more telephone numbers. Simply call up those numbers...
  2. Re: Internet explorer Error message: This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue?

    Even I am getting the same message displayed “This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue?.” I have a client firewall...
  3. How to clear XD Proxy Server for facebook in Internet Explorer

    The XD Proxy remains showing up at what time I click "show Address bar Auto complete". I have also attempted to remove it from the auto complete by clicking each and every one the red X's, as well as...
  4. Re: Grouping dates in Access by date components

    I am currently performing this:

    Private Sub Manager_Comments_AfterUpdate()
    If Not IsNull(Me.Manager_Comments) And Me.Manager_Comments <> "" Then
    Me.ManagerCmt = True
    Me.Manager_Signed =...
  5. Grouping dates in Access by date components

    Is it probable to have a comment field in a form with the intention that whne a comment is made an after update process will place in the username as well as date on the front end of the comment?...
  6. Re: Windows 7: Unable to run regedit after modifying registry

    Thanks for your suggestion. Unluckily it states that no restore points have been produced on the PC, possibly this is because of the partition as you mentioned. Any further things that I can attempt...
  7. Windows 7: Unable to run regedit after modifying registry

    I am having a brand new HP pavilion laptop and running windows 7 64 bit. Since I have a lot of disc corruption trouble so I wanted to partition my drive to separate the Operating System from the data...
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    Windows 7 - Can't login, Atbroker.exe error

    I have recently upgraded my system from windows vista to windows 7 and Keep receiving Atbroker.exe popup error after logging in. And when click on OK then get black screen. I need to power off on...
  9. Re: After Windows Update Installation, windows 7 will not boot

    I am having the similar trouble by means of an old HP Pentium 4 running windows 7, after I install the updates it is getting stuck on the starting windows splatter display, so what I perform is...
  10. System process terminated unexpectedly with status of 0x00000000 (0xc0000001 0x0010037c)

    I started my PC previous to I go to class, and at what time I came back not yet an hour afterward it was off, however plugged in. At what time I attempted to turn it back on it inquire me if I...
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    Re: Nokia E5-00 unexpectedly shuts off

    I presently drop it inside the "SMC Communications" Nokia support (assistance ticket 56714 from 23/01/2011). The people who listen me inform that certainly they cannot do much considering it since...
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    How to improve website Pagerank

    I am having a shopping website and my site age is two year. And currently I am having a page rank one. I do not have a lot idea of search engine optimization but while reading on Internet about it I...
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    Re: Nokia N8 Amoled Color Display

    So what am I supposed to do now? It is really irritating that I bought this cell phone for 500 $ approximately and I have a screen Wicked Witch of the NCC did not desire to replace (for what they...
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    Nokia N8 Amoled Color Display

    I have a problem with the display it is displayed as dark and if dark is right, after that it turns into purple. It is extremely irritating to watch movies when the film is dark; it's all purple and...
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    Re: Asus P7P55D-E pro: unexpected shut down

    I am also having the accurate similar trouble by means of a similar configuration:

    Processor; Core i5 760
    Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E
    Ram; G.SKILL 2X2GB DDR3 1600MHz CL7 PC12800
  16. Re: Dead Space 2 Will Have Modern Warfare-Level Action

    I have not yet completed the first game, however from what I played I liked. It is a shame too, for the reason that the game was very frightening as well as disturbing and felt more than a game of...
  17. Dead Space save Files Will Unlock Sequel's Plasma Cutter

    I cannot visualize that a lot of us are used to pursue old game save data, however here's a solution: do not delete the backup file of Dead Space, Dead Space 2 is so on my list greetings. According...
  18. Re: Cannot read any file or folder - All fonts changed to squares

    I also have this issue and I copied the fonts from the Windows Fonts folder from a functioning computer with windows XP and after that administer to obtain them (I think) keen on the "all-squares"...
  19. Re: Unable to display Chinese character folder in Window 7

    I also have the similar trouble with Windows 7 professional. Through my old windows XP I was able to read both Traditional as well as Simplified Chinese. Looks like that the official solution from...

    I have an ASROCK board, using from last two years and now I am planning to upgrade my system. I am thinking to purchase ASUS M4N98TD EVO AM3 NVIDIA nForce 980a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard to replace an...
  21. Unable to Create New Library in Windows 7

    I have recently upgraded my system from windows vista to windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I have a clean install on a number of computers. At whatever time I attempt to create a New Library I always...
  22. Re: Cannot read any file or folder - All fonts changed to squares

    No change in the system made. However has the Avi2Dvd-installation additionally so installed, which requires Avi2Dvd if I required to insert subtitles in a dvd. In any case if I AVI2 in the menu...
  23. Cannot read any file or folder - All fonts changed to squares

    I have in recent times installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and to start with the whole thing was well.Instantaneously after installing sound and video drivers as well as rebooting all of the text...
  24. Re: Need to create network- ubuntu, windows and printer

    Hello. Thank you for the quick response. The worry is that I do not understand much about networking, and I do not understand how to make one. I looked all over the place on the internet but I cannot...
  25. Need to create network- ubuntu, windows and printer

    Hello, I would like to create a local network at home which allows me on the way to be able to exchange files (images, movies, openoffice, and so on.) and be able to print a file from any PC. I...
  26. How to add shortcuts to the Windows 7 start menu?

    For several reasons, it is not possible on the way to insert any new shortcuts to the start menu within Windows 7 Home Premium. I for all time get a message which states that 'Windows cannot create a...
  27. Re: Error code: 0x80070035 Windows cannot access \"networkpath""foldername"

    I also had this trouble occasionally ever while I installed Windows 7 as a result I am certain it is a Windows 7 trouble. One instant it will be able on the way to observe the share on my Windows XP...
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    Maemo 5 : Google Chromium web browser

    For all those who have attempted android cell phone previous to, is the web-browser open source? If yes it will be well if the source may possibly be downloaded as well as ported to theNokia N900....
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    Re: Microsoft Outlook 2007 XML error

    I too have exactly the same problem with outlook 2007. I have search on internet and read a lot of forums and try numerous suggestions but none of them works. Today while searching on net I come to...
  30. Re: Why "Remember my credentials" setting never works after reboot?

    Thanks for your valuable I have followed your steps to confirm if the credential for accessing the share folder is saved but It does show my username and password stored. On the other hand, it still...
  31. Why "Remember my credentials" setting never works after reboot?

    I did not understand why the "Remember my credentials" setting by no means works? Here is what I perform: Open my N/W places and double click a PC in n/w. The system asks for username and password....
  32. Re: While deleting hotmail contacts drop-down box still appear when I start typing in an address?

    Thanks for replying so rapidly. I am so regretful, but I do not recognize what you imply by "mail client", or how this may have an effect on what is wrong. As well, I attempted the up down arrows and...
  33. While deleting hotmail contacts drop-down box still appear when I start typing in an address?

    I am familiar with how to remove a hotmail contact from my record, and in recent times did so at what time a friend altered e-mail address. I after that created a fresh contact for her. On the other...
  34. Re: How to fix wireless "hidden network" on Windows 7

    I also have a WGR614v7 and while upgrading to Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I am unable to connect to any other wifi network every time (drops out totally). I have attempted a lot of suggestions not...
  35. Re: Need to add Windows Contacts with Windows Live Mail in Windows 7?

    I do not observe a "Contacts" folder in my Windows Live Mail folder. On the other hand at whatever time I open up Windows Live Mail and click on Contacts, the entire 311 of them are plainly listed.I...
  36. Re: Windows Action center says virus protection is turned off

    Hi I am also having troubles by means of McAfee. In the beginning action center shows the similar message as yours moreover I cannot get it to start. After that when I attempt to activate McAfee...
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    How to setup Root password

    I just installed Mint, and the initial thing I did at what time I was able to log in was to alter the password for the root account by means of term. On the other hand, at what time I run any gui...
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    Re: Missing menu button on Gnome desktop

    Thanks both of you for your valuable suggestion but this do not work for me. Got a configuration error in some way I was judging there is a hidden file which I require to delete. I just consider...
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    Missing menu button on Gnome desktop

    My dad is having some issue with his Gnome desktop. On his dell laptop running windows 7 he had a configured stop working that caused his menu button to vanish. I tried some of known issue but I was...
  40. Windows Live Mail: "Unable to send or receive messages for the Windows Live Hotmail account" Error ID: 0x80048849

    When I attempt to send or receive new messages in Windows Live Mail, I am getting the following error message starts that “ Unable to send or receive messages for the Windows Live Hotmail account....
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    How to permanently delete wireless profiles

    Hi,I just got my job laptop upgraded to windows 7 and I am having major problems with connecting to the wireless. So first thing I want to do is remove all profiles but my main one, so simple, go...
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    Re: How to set defaults Contacts in Nokia c6

    I experienced this by means of different software versions counting most recent as well as setting defaults in Contacts works appropriately.Formatting cell phone be supposed to solve the problem,...
  43. Re: Application for email synchronization and notifications for C6-00?

    Even I have this issue. My C6-00 does not synchronize emails appropriately. I have searched all the way through nokia as well as third party forums however it appears the trouble may be corrected in...
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    Re: Nokia N8- Call answering

    Hi I there I in recent times purchase a nokia n8 and I’m extremely dissatisfied this cell phone does not have a slide to reply like my c6 did I loved my c6 to one side from the reality it freeze...
  45. Re: Additional Users not able to Unlock Taskbar

    I as well have this trouble.It's a work laptop as a result I cannot generate a new user account, and even though I’m permitted to access the administrator account, I am not allowed on the way to...
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    Re: How to Get Rid of Parental Control Pop Ups

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate. Each moment when I turn on my computer, little popup windows inform me to set a password as a means on the way to activate Parental Controls.On the other hand, I do not...
  47. Re: How to acquire Cricket broadband modem to go online with Windows 7

    Even mine does not have the setupdrv.exe in it either. I as well alter on the way to show hidden files furthermore still cannot distinguish it. I have wrinkled the whole cricket website and am able...
  48. Does Windows Live Mail 2011 have stationary?

    I remember that in old version of Windows Live Mail used to have stationary that can be used by means of any e-mails sent. At what time I upgraded to the Windows Live Mail 2011 version that vanished...
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