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  1. Re: Windows cannot repair this computer automatically, please help!

    Well the whole scenario tells me here that there is an issue to deal with the operating system and also the HDD. I mean either the Operating system is corrupted or the hard disk is having some bad...
  2. Re: Should I get HTC Incredible S or Samsung Nexus S or other?

    I do not think that the difference of 0.3 inches is sufficient for you to go to sensation. One of the best phones out there. I understand it, if I were you. You should see the startling statistics S...
  3. Re: Motorola Droid X is not getting connected to pc?

    Well I had the same problem I to faced this problem and I dint knew what to do and how to get this problem sorted up but after having a tuff time I found a solution now I would like to share my...
  4. Re: Music turns off with screen in Motorola Droid 2

    Well I think I can help you out in this because when your Motorola droid is going in the sleep mode and that is the reason why the music player stops I know this must not happen but there might be...
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    Re: Phonebook error in my Motorola droid 2

    The question arises, how you want to synchronize your contacts. About Wi-Fi, you should have no problems. If you want to expect, however, contradicts synchronize your contacts on 2G/3G was the...
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    Re: Unable to register for Sims3 online.

    Since most precise happens that when I go on the website and click on Create Account, the registration window appears where I enter the serial code, nickname, email, password, date of birth, country,...
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Expansion in The Sims 3

    I liked all And I do not regret ever buying them. But voting Travel for its completeness and involvement. Now I would laugh, but they are too busy when I start an adventure in a new tomb, not to...
  8. Re: How Alice Madness Returns is structured?

    We have no idea how this game is going to be structured other then that we will be collecting Memory Fragments Possibly foreshadowing events, such as in the gamely footage),and will be switching...
  9. Re: LG on screen phone app not working properly

    You've turned on the debugging mode in the P990 Settings -> Applications -> Development. For me this was the solution to the problem. So much for the LG_Support and Suitable only for KD880 and not...
  10. Re: I am no happy with the performance of Multiplayer in Duke nukem forever

    Well according to me it depends on what type of server you are playing with. I mean the thing here is that I am playing the same game on my server and in the multiplayer mode and mind you the...
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    Re: Ego-based deaths in duke nukem forever

    I sincerely doubt that the Duke was attacked until you realize that the short range of the RPG. Therefore, it is time to start is, I think it's totally inexorable, the damage rather than physical. As...
  12. Re: Duke Nukem Forever: The campaign ends with 18 hours

    Play test the game in the appropriate way No way this game is 16 to 18 hours. I finished it in eight, and that's with stopping to explore everything and make sure you do not miss any content. I was...
  13. Re: The elder Scrolls: Who else thinks CHIM is silly?

    IMO, seeing as Nerevarine was Ruling King during the Morrowind MQ, I feel Vehk couldn't do anything. Either that, or Vehk couldn't do anything because of Prophecy. And since we're on the subject of...
  14. Re: The Elder scrolls: Is the Empire falling apart?

    Well, falling apart may be an over-or-under-statement (We Won't have the clearest picture until TES:V) But the Empire certainly isn't in good shape, as most likely roads have been destroyed, cities...
  15. Re: What was the role of Mehrunes Dagon and Martin Septim

    Wasn't it the whole point that Martin's true lineage was a secret? Jauffre comments that Dagon may be aware of his existence, but I doubt he knows exactly who he is. Perhaps Dagon had some...
  16. Re: The elder scrolls: The magic in Nirn is unrealistic

    I am sure the mages have developed spells that are far more destructive or far more useful than what the recent games offer us. In Arena, you could destroy walls and/or floors to access other rooms....
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    Re: The elder Scrolls: Dagoth is an evil?

    To put that into perspective, Atmora became too cold for the Nords and some are walking around naked in Solstheim. So Kamal can be cold as hell, if not colder because even the devils freeze in. He...
  18. Re: Unable to format Nokia 6500c with model of 265

    By going through your query that I come to that you are failing to format your Nokia mobile 6500c with model number 265.For that you have to entered *#7370# this code to your cell phone. This code...
  19. Re: The Elder scrolls: Which is the most powerful image?

    I do not believe that Sotha Sil would have been the most powerful mage due to this question seeming to question the potency of non-divinities. What about Kagrenac of the Dwemer? Learning to bend the...
  20. Re: How to forward a received SMS to a non default contact number in Nokia X7

    I have gone through the query that you have mentioned and it seems to me that I can help you out of the same. So now what you have to do here is that just go to the message that you have received and...
  21. Re: The Elder Scrolls: Why always Helseth Remain King?

    If someone claiming to be the resurrection of Abraham Lincoln showed up, would he be able to rightfully step in the Oval Office as the President? Okay, bad comparison, republics don't work in the...
  22. Re: How is the nature of Aludin in Elder Scrolls

    Alduin is Akatosh is Auriel I guess . Also, Akatosh is nothing more than a political move, the god of time reinvented when Alessia became the first emperor of Cyrodiil. Before Akatosh, the only...
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    Re: The Elder scrolls: What is CHIM?

    It's explained subtly, because the writers at Bethesda, full-time, freelance, or both, like us. Rather than beat us over the head with obscure philosophy, they have Vivec leave clues. And most of the...
  24. Re: I still don’t know how to end the Oblivion

    I can understand how mixing the blood of the last Emperor and a Divine, taking on the form of Akatosh was able to defeat Mehrunes Dagon and close shut the gates to Oblivion that were currently all...
  25. Re: The ElderScrolls: Dragonfires in second era

    In my mind's eye, I put Namira as somewhere in-between Nocturnal and Vaernima and so when I start talking about the Darkness that is to come with the fall of a unifying empire, Nocturnal and Namira...
  26. Re: There are lack of villages or hamlets in the Elder Scrolls?

    City size has to be appropriate to setting. MW was a backwater district recently opened for settlement. It seemed right to me that it lacked large cities and towns. I would've liked a couple more...
  27. Re: The elder scrolls: My saves are corrupted

    What I am getting at, is that Daggerfall at version 2.13 rarely crosses the 20MB boundary, and as such using more than 32MB is a waste. My personal experience here is that when I allow DOS or DOSBox...
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    Re: Which is the best Guild in TES?

    In Daggerfall, the Thieves Guild is actually an organization full of thieves, muggers, prostitutes, brigands, rogues and people who take children for ransoms. Nothing like Gentleman Jim Stacey in...
  29. Re: Critical Strike skill in The Elder Scrolls?

    I would also love to see some monster identification skill the name is borrowed from M&M since I lack creativity at the moment), which would help you to know more about your enemies. It is kind of...
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    Re: Strange characters in the Elder Scrolls

    Aorc in Morrowind named Kiya I think. He was speced for heavy blunt combat. But I used full in a full set of glad and used swords and bows. My cousin stole a full set of glass Armour for him at level...
  31. Re: What do you love most about Bethesda games?

    Since I was forced to choose I went with the lore. No lore from any other series whether it be, books, movies, or games have never interested me as much as the world Bethesda has created here with...
  32. Re: What are the things that you don’t liked in The Elder Scrolls?

    I hate how every man and monster in the game can be defeated by a combination of back-pedaling and jumping while doing any ranged attack. AI in Oblivion consisted of if monster sees you, it...
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    Re: Elder Scrolls Best Series Of Game

    While I liked the glass armor at first it took only one comment along the lines of "flaming green clown" to never get that image out of my head when I thought of glass armor. Let's see higher level...
  34. Re: The Elder Scrolls : Which is the Favorite Tribunal God ?

    I agree with Almalexia when she said that Vivec was a poet, nothing more. But she was also a complete , and I really wanted to meet Sotha. Vivec. Warrior-poet. Magic hermaphrodite. Coolest NPC I've...
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    Re: New hacking technique in Zynga poker

    I am new to the forum but thought I'd join to make all forum users aware of a new account hack used on me today. I've been playing now for approx. 12 months building a 261 million stack. I logged in...
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    re: Donkey flowchart for Zynga poker

    Let's put it this way. You shove any two cards and always get 3 or 4 callers. How many times do you need to win to get your money back? You will certainly lose a lot of hands, which is why you need a...
  37. Re: Zynga Poker blocked me from collecting daily chip bonus

    I managed to clear enough by sending gifts to friends who don't play poker. They'll get tired of it sooner or later and block the app. Or they'll play. I don't know of any way to get rid of Mafia...
  38. Re: Zynga is forcing me to accept their emails

    I said ironically because registering on the forums already requires a valid e-mail address. Also, if you remove your e-mail address via Facebook, then the nag screen reappears. If you click the...
  39. Re: Where can I download Windows 7 or Vista Bootable Disc Images?

    Well according to me all this free downloadable ISO files can be used to generate your possess boot disk that will permit access to Windows 7 or Vista Recovery Options menu, including control system...
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    Re: World cup collections in Zynga poker

    I agree with Geebear, what I like about it is the unevenness if that's a word. It kind of reminds me of my school days (yes, I can remember that far back, no comments please when big events like the...
  41. Re: Setup Gmail & Multiple Google Calendars on iPhone or iPad

    I am also having the multiple Gmail Calendars and also have added the Gmail and other accounts on the same that is the mail contacts and calendars . on the iPhone that I use now I want to tell you...
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    Re: How to Remove MacDefender

    Well to Quit the MacDefender completely I want you to follow the steps below:

    First of all Click on Spotlight which is nothing but the magnifying glass in the top right angle.
    Now I want you...
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    Re: How to install Mac OS X on Acer Aspire One

    Well many have done this task but no doubt that it is the challenging one because a small mistake can harm your system. I am sure you are getting my point. So what the basic thing that I would like...
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    Re: How to claim lottery in Zynga Poker?

    My gamebar kind of works it shows the countdown to claim lottery and the play again and buddy, message and how many chips. But when the countdown is done and I can claim when I click on it, it does...
  45. Re: How does the term “All-in” works in Zynga Poker?

    I agree. Poker is supposed to be of skill, bluffing and knowing when to fold. These goofs that go all in before they even see a card on the table are idiots and it makes for aggravation and no fun. I...
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    Re: I am scammed in Zynga poker

    Scams and other frauds are common on the Internet today and Zynga Poker takes all allegations of fraud committed by our players. But Zynga is not responsible for the actions of those who are not...
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    Re: Foremost challenges in Brink

    I'm surprised there are only 4 different challenges. It sounded like a huge game mode itself, now it feels more like a tutorial. But this is a great way to implement a tutorial i have to admit. Plus...
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    Poll: Re: vmware machines on separate disk vs RAID 0

    I thing Raid 0 will be beneficial for you because if the data is scattered then it will become more difficult to retrieve the same and if it is not then you can have an easy access on the same.
  49. Re: Unable to get along with Fable 3 on my Vista system

    The first thing that I want you to do in here is that just check whether the game is compatible with the system that you are using and to the same you need to carry the compatibility test and one the...
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    Re: How to Stream a video in Micromax Q75?

    Streaming is a technology which must be inbuilt in your mobile if it is then it must have a sufficient buffer memory to buffer the video from the internet .due to less buffer memory you had getting...
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