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  1. Re: Features Lacking in Logitech webcam pro 9000 installed on a mac

    The program utilized by the Pro 9000 is Logitech’s QuickCam edition 11. This works into 2 methods- QuickCapture and afterward the QuickCam controls. QuickCapture is a fundamental app that can...
  2. Re: How to make a bootable device out of Nero burner

    If you want then you can burn the ISO and CUE images through Nero Burning ROM otherwise Nero Express. With Nero Burning ROM, you will have to go to Nero Burning ROM and select file from the menu bar...
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    Re: Compare Samsung Vibrant and Mytouch 4g

    MyTouch better dynamic performance by far. All the dynamics are enhanced in the media. It has the larger display and great speakers are stunning. MyTouch best only four camera flash, Froyo, a quicker...
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    Re: How can I setup VPN on my Motorola Defy

    Well here on thing I would like to tell you that just see whether the network that you are using is the best and that is the reason I mean if they are granting you the services or permission to have...
  5. Re: Internet always on standby in my Motorola droid 2

    Although already solved, but as you say, it is only in standby mode, it may be that your WLAN standby policy to not "always on" position. This press under WLAN Settings menu and under "Advanced" the...
  6. Re: Phone calls and Internet simultaneously with Motorola Droid 2

    As far as I can remember is on the coverage map of plus or umts not talking about 3G, just Edge. Also, I'm in the plus network also never like what came in better edge. Neither the Motorola droid 2,...
  7. Re: Motorola droid 2: how to synchronize PC outlook?

    I've now tried out times MPE. Unfortunately, I have the problem that the Sync does not work really well. Every time I re-sync, says that on the Defy MPE are no contacts and want to completely...
  8. Re: Mysterious disappearances of sims in The Sims 3

    I found myself in the same situation. If the sim is missing the friends list, so if you can call it, has certainly moved. Look in all the inhabited houses, will be one of those. I so I found one. In...
  9. Re: Unable to built external stair case in Sims 3

    I have your same problem, and even separating the two scales, my sim goes down the first ladder but not the next that goes directly down to the basement. I also tried deleting the scale of the...
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    Re: Bailouts in The Sims 3

    The next day, I open the game and I see a slot, what is called "Sunset Valley ", where there will be the Goth with his son, and White, etc. Instead of opening Sunset Valley, I decided to open a new...
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    Re: Do you like the Sims 3

    Then there was a time (now I seem to have passed) in which I die every sim I found. I was looking for the most unpleasant and transfers them into a mega villa in 2 levels: the first floor then Viven...
  12. Re: Will it be worth to switch from Alienware to Macbook pro

    On Craigslist I sold my Alienware. I got lucky and had no issues with being ripped off. Unless your smart in a public place to visit, invest some money in a fake pen, and check the bills you'll be...
  13. Re: Can dragons be cliff racers in elder scrolls

    The thing is these dragons are intelligent and they can breathe fire depending on its radius I think it could burn about 1-50 cliff racers that's basically the main reason I asked this question. And...
  14. Re: Bluetooth is not working properly in my LG E720

    This statement implies, that would be the operating system, so Android 2.3, which is responsible for cabinets using Bluetooth. If so, then why this entire works as with the Samsung Galaxy 9000. I...
  15. Re: My connected Facebook friends are not appearing online

    Well the only trouble shooting ,method I can give you here is that make sure you have a friend who is sitting beside you I amen next to you and logged in his facebook account and then see whether you...
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    Re: My Facebook account is suspended

    Well the first thing that I want you to do here is that just try and check the account on which your Facebook account is registered I mean Gmail , yahoo, hotmail or any other . Just go and see...
  17. Re: Duke nukem forever:I am facing cycloid in the beginning itself

    Well it depends on the conditions I mean when I press the spacebar as Duke moves, more options in the Menu During what then with jetpack and stuff. The settings are the same as after the...
  18. Re: The elder Scrolls: why players usually hate Mer?

    Like the Imperials aren't heavily biased and racist? Have you read any books by Alessia Otis since she has to be the most biased, racist, character I have ever me and don't get me started on the...
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    Re: The Elder Scrolls: What is Sheogorath?

    This is true, but then anyone can write anything on forums, too. There's a lot of speculation in this thread. The Wiki does quote sources, most of which can be cross-checked. I think I'll do that,...
  20. Re: The elder scrolls: Who is the best Nerevarine, Shezzarine or Tangerine?

    That's probably just hyperbole you're not the Shezzarine. You speak to his spirit, for crying out loud. That strongly suggests you're merely following in his footsteps, as his spirit still exists in...
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    Re: Deadliest warrior in the Elder scrolls

    The goblins are frankly weak. I am not scared if I see one in a cave. Either an Imperial battle mage, A tongue, one trained in Pankrato sword, or a Necromancer. Any one of those skilled enough with...
  22. Re: Ambiguity is the downfall of The Elder scrolls lore?

    True, I guess this makes the most sense as to why it is how it is. But then, it does sometimes take on the appearance of being difficult or complex for the sake of it. It's very interesting to me,...
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    Re: How can I learn Elder Scrolls Lore?

    This is not to say that you shouldn't believe anything you read in books, of course, it just means that not everything you see is necessarily objective fact in the lore. And if there's anything you...
  24. Re: What is the importance of blood in the Elder Scrolls

    At the risk of making everyone groan and roll their eyes, this is actually pretty similar to White Wolf's portrayal of vampires: if you feed regularly, you can quite easily pass for a mortal by...
  25. Re: Which was your first map in The Elder Scrolls?

    To be honest, I hardly remember it, or Daggerfall, since I played them so long ago. I downloaded the free version of Daggerfall, but couldn't get into it, mainly because of the controls. LucasArts is...
  26. Re: Changes in magic system of The elder scrolls

    But, of course, rapid regeneration came to be because there were so many popular mods for Morrowind that made magic a renewing resource plus a lot of people complained that they couldn't play a "pure...
  27. Re: The Elder Scrolls: Do dragons exist in this game?

    As for the OP, there are dragons in ES. They are very old, very powerful, and VERY smart creatures. They're not some rampaging monsters that eat people and destroy villages for the eules. The empire...
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    Re: The Elder scrolls Official Speculation

    I agree, if Bethesda had an development game they'd already announced I could see them showing a new game play video or something similar at the VGAs but an announcement seems unlikely. I don't think...
  29. Re: what are the minimum gift chips that can be sent in Zynga poker?

    I agree that limiting the numbers of gifts someone can collect is a bad decision. You already limit the number of free gifts someone can send. That's fine. But now, even though someone was able to...
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    Re: Zynga poker: Cry me a river contest

    This went on for quite a few hands, probably around twenty.. Then, I was dealt a pocket pair 9's. Nothing too fancy, but worth seeing a Flop. At this point, I was at 2.4 M chips, and I wasn't worried...
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    Re: Opera Mobile 11 flash player

    Opera Mini is a lightweight version of the browser that allows even the sites that have not been optimized for browsing on a smart phone to have a correct visual through reformatting to avoid...
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    Re: Tecom MP5 Player

    Well actually the pdf file can't read on the MP5 player but it can be if a proper pdf reader is installed on it. Now what i want you to do here is that just use Google and search for the latest Pdf...
  33. Re: I am not comfortable anymore to play Zynga poker

    If there are 3 people in a hand player one with 1000 chips, player 2 and 3 with 5000 chips and they all go in. the winner of player 2 and 3 will win 8000 chips even if they have a worse hand than...
  34. Re: How many Big Blinds can I play in Zynga Poker

    My choice is definitely more I'd like to play with 200BB or more, but in Zynga poker it's pointless because of the stacks of the other players. Usually, after half an hour of searching for a good...
  35. Re: How to prevent Zynga Poker from disconnection?

    If you timeout yourself on purpose, the server will understand it (I verified) and your hand will be folded. I guess if you go offline then the server will treat you as you lost connection, so you'll...
  36. Re: Zynga poker: Team service took all my chips!!

    If you deliberately lose a hand to move chips from one account to another (whether a friend or another account of your own) you are breaking the rules and will be banned if caught. It is also against...
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    Re: Brink: No knife kills?

    Knifing in modern games is one of the easiest gimmicks. For some reason people defend it as being hard, or taking skill but you click a button and anyone in front of you instantly dies. It is used in...
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    Re: _this_program_will_be_deleted

    If you have completely removed the software from the system then there is no need to worry about the same at all further you can also delete the folders and subfolders related to the software to...
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    Re: Good deeds in Brink ?

    I have noticed it too - Besides the occasional lost idiot, this forum has been very mature about discussions of all kinds. It's also been pointed out - in every interview or player beta test, there...
  40. Re: CRC error while installing the Witcher 2 - Assassins of Kings

    I am also a row in the queue of people who have the CRC problem. Have also been various "solutions" tried. So far, no success. But now when I read that after the installation is equal to the next...
  41. Re: Keyboard or controller for Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

    The first ever thing that I want you to do here is that just install the game and then see how the things are going I mean after installing the game you are able to play the game comfortably or not....
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    Re: Should I go with stealth in Brink?

    There's a "stealth class", the operative. He can disguise himself when he steals the outfit of a member of the other team. Only other operatives can spot disguised people. They are also able to hack...
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    Re: Theme installation in Nokia 5233

    The issue that you want to clarify is not at all complicated. In Nokia 5233 you can easily install and remove the theme whenever you want. Installing theme in Nokia is not a complex job. You can also...
  44. Re: What Should I be in Brink Security or Resistance?

    My stance is that both parties have lots in common, they are both fighting for survival and I believe there will be some grand story line of someone behind the scenes pulling the strings and...
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    Re: Nokia E7 not reading SIM card

    Well I think that the phone is not getting anymore newer now because I have seen lots of users having the same issues regarding it and if we need to solve this one then you have to reinstall the...
  46. Re: Your network administrator has blocked Gmail chat ?

    Well I can’t make out whether you are using the Gmail for this one or using the Gtalk which is the chat application and if you are facing the problem with gmail then try out the chat application...
  47. re: BlackBerry 7 on the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

    Well it seems to me that this is the more advanced version then the one you are using and it continues to refine the user experience reintroduced last year with BlackBerry OS 6 to make the platform...
  48. re: Can I get unlocked blackberry Touch 9900/9930 in US?

    Unlocking a phone will not help you cause I guess if you are doing it from any unauthorized source. I mean if the phone is unlocked then it is no use if there are any protocols set regarding the...
  49. Re: VLC media player opens .MOV files in multiple windows

    I was also facing the similar kind of problem few days back and I was not able to get any solution over the same and I hope that you are going through the similar phase but after troubleshooting a...
  50. Re: Best RHCE, Red Hat Linux & Ethical Hacking Training in Pune

    Ohh great!! news that you people have started an training campaign in pune. It is good to know about the same. I am happy to get admitted over there and will be there soon.
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