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  1. remove from google chrome

    I dont know how did this search engine got installed on my computer on google chrome browser. I am also not able to remove it from the options? Does anyone know how to remove search...
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    Re: Motherboard + Processor under 8000 Rs

    I have AMD Athlon II X4 640 and Gigabyte GA 78LMT SP2 with 4 GB ram in one of my system at office. It works great.

    AMD Athlon II X4 640 will cost you around 4.7K

    Gigabyte GA 78LMT SP2 will cost...
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    Re: Stock Gadget for Windows 7

    I have attached "StocksForWin7.gadget" below. You can download it and check it out. I want to add that I have received varying response for this app. Some of my friends have said that it works where...
  4. Re: D-Link DWM-156 keeps saying "Dial up failed"

    You can try updating the firmware of your D-Link DWM-156, I doubt if that will work but Ill suggest you to give that a try if you are very sure that you have configured the connection properly.
  5. Re: Best combination of antivirus with MSE ?

    You can run below combination:
    MSE + Panda Free AV ()+ Comodo Free Firewall
    2. MSE + Avira Free + Comodo Free Firewall
    However, it is not recommended to run to antivirus alongside on the same...
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    Re: Top MCA colleges in Tamil Nadu

    Best MCA colleges in Tamil Nadu as per current criteria:
    1. Anna University/MIT
    2. PSG, Coimbatore
    3. SSN School of Management and Computer Applications (SSNSoMCA)
    4.Bharatisadan University,...
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    Re: Best 2.1 speakers under Rs 2000

    You can check out below ones, they all are in your budget and are best compared to the other 2.1 speakers under Rs 2000:

    Logitech Z313
    Tech-Com SSD-3200 FM
    Creative SBS A335

    I personally...
  8. Re: AVG Free Edition 2013 completes scan immediately

    Don’t just uninstall Bit defender and AVG form control panel, rather you can use “AVG Remover (32 bit & 64 bit version)” and “BitDefender Uninstall Utility” for uninstalling them completely...
  9. Re: AVG Free Edition 2013 completes scan immediately

    I guess something is interfering with the AVG scanning process. In that case you can open task manager and close all un-necessary program and unknown non Microsoft services. I also wanted to know if...
  10. Re: Top university in India offering LLB course

    Top 5 Law Universities in India:
    Amity Law Schoo
    Yasho Bhawan, Okhla road,
    Website:Amity - Leading best top ranked institutes, colleges and schools in India

    Army Institute of Law...
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    Re: Wireless headphone for PC under $50

    Within $50 I think Logitech Wireless Headset H800 will be the best option for you. I had bought it for $50 and I think its price might have got decreased by now. It can work with Tablets and...
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    Poll: Re: Windows phone vs Android Smartphone

    Don’t get biased guys and don’t talk about future, this poll should be on current scenario. So as per current scenario Android Smartphone’s are just not better they are the best. I don’t...
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    Re: MSI GTX 660 vs. ASUS GTX 660

    People over here have already pointed you in the right direction. I don’t think you should have any confusion now. Choice is yours, if you have planned for overclocking than get MSI GTX 660, if not...
  14. Re: Not able to downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8

    I have updated to windows 8 over windows 7 using genuine windows 8 update installation disk. Currently I am trying to install same genuine copy of windows 7. I have tried using another genuine...
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    Re: XVid x64 decoder new version

    Thats a great new friend. Thanks for sharing. But did you tested it using?
  16. Re: Micromax Funbook tablet freezes on bootloader image

    I have a very bad experience with my Micromax Funbook tablet and their service center. There was overheating issue with my Funbook and I had sent it for replacement. They said that it will take one...
  17. Re: Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe comes up with error 0xE1 (Dr.Debug codes) while resuming from hibernation

    Not sure but it seems as if there Is something wrong with your psu, I have found some people running in to such issue while resuming from sleep mode and hibernate node. In their case they had to...
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    Re: Best speakers for game sound

    See if you just want to get one just for gaming than I will suggest you to get a good gaming headset. If you want to get the best sound quality and don’t want to disturb people around you than...
  19. Re: SFC error 0x000006ba (RPC server unavailable)

    I have found a Microsoft knowledge base article related to the same error for windows 2000. You can refer it and try out the resolution mentioned there for fixing this error.
    Windows File Protection...
  20. Re: HTC J Butterfly - Android Jelly Bean revealed

    HTC is doing great in touch screen smartphone market. I guess after Samsung HTC is the one coming up with eye catching and power full smartphones. I haven't tried any HTC touch screen phones by now...
  21. Re: Samsung 7 series notebook won't charge above 80%

    That’s normal if you might have not changed any default power setting. I will like to share that Samsung has a default setting where battery is not allowed to get charge above 80%. It is a standard...
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    Re: Deskjet 5550 Duplexes incorrectly

    The fix is available for download from here.
  23. Re: Mafia 2 Save game download for pc - complete 100% completed mission

    You just have to download all the 3 parts of the save game file of the Mafia 2 and save it to your desktop. After you have retrieved all this 3 files, download and install a winrar onto you computer....
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    Re: Mafia 2 Playboy pictures download

    Due to forum rules, it is not legal to put this nude pic on here. However, I have removed all the censored part from the playboy magazine pic that you can download from the below attachment. Remember...
  25. Re: Mafia 2 Save game download for pc - complete 100% completed mission

    I am uploading Mafia 2 PC Save game in the below attachment that you can download. The save file is basically attached in rar format, so you will need to download a software called winrar or winzip...
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    Active Sync Authentication Error

    We have got 3 HTC Desire with Active Sync configured to our SBS 2003 Exchange. Till last week, it was working fine until one phone has issues syncing Calendar items. When I checked the log then I...
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    Re: Best ISP for Crysis in Mumbai

    I also agree that Mtnl is good but Bsnl are also very good broadband providers, and provide very good service, take your pick, incase if you live in the city I advice MTNL, else BSNL. A modem will...
  28. Re: One or More ActiveX controls could not be display

    It seems as if your sender is composing an HTML-formatted e-mail. I will like to inform you that a "HTML-formatted e-mail" violates windows security and that's the reason you are getting that error...
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    Re: Need Help, Task Start Date wrong

    After checking I saw that display of time shows start 8am and finish 8am on the next day for a 1 day duration task. And yeah, I have modified the calendar in Tools > Options, calendar tab to 7:00am...
  30. re: Can i install Microsoft Money 97 on Windows 7-64 bit?

    Yes it works, you just have to put the CD in and carry out the normal installation process. Anyways in my case the shortcut on start menu was not working but i made one of my own for fixing that. I...
  31. Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    I have got one question about Microsoft Project. I have made a project plan and I have set the baseline also. Now I just want to show the delay of each task, so can anyone tell me how to do that?...
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    IAR C Problem with Memory Size

    I am working as RFID Electronic Engineer of a company. We are finishing Monitoring Zigbee system and we use the CC2480 for this. After Some Problems with the CC2480, Mainly with SPI...
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    Re: Converter failed to save file

    Problems are usually easy to fix if you get any error message. Error messages help us to get to the cause of problem. So if you are getting any error message while reading PDF files, please post it...
  34. Re: Can't Change My Desktop Background Picture/Wallpaper

    Instead of playing with critical registries if you are looking for more simply solution than try out this:

    Go to Start > RUN > type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter.
    Click Plus sign to expand...
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    Re: SBS 2008 Stuck Applying Computer Settings

    Even I’m using SBS 2008 with WFBS 6.0 but never faced any such problem on my server. By the way are you using Trend Micro Firewall on the server? If yes, I guess it might be blocking the DNS, you...
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    Re: error code 0x80004005

    Simply turn off UAC and get rid of that error, this is an common issue in vista. I mean even if you are using an account from Administrators group they continue to run in standard user mode. So You...
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    Re: Unable to add computer to domain

    Thanks but when I checked it was not there either.
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    Unable to add computer to domain

    I got a machine that cannot be added to the domain. It seems that someone deleted the OU which had the servers and never restored it. So, I am not attempting to apply group policy to one of the...
  39. Re: How do I fix a corrupt pst file in Vista Outlook 2007?

    One of my friend has a very similar problem with its Outlook client. After spending some hours on web for solution we finally ended up with an Outlook recovery tool called "Advanced Outlook Repair"....
  40. Re: CLIENT: wuauclt.exe /detectnow versus SERVER: Last Status Report- can you force check - in?

    If the command is issued after a successful detect, and before the regularly following call to ReportingEventWebService, then you can trace back to a log entry showing the execution of the command.
  41. Flash player based video lagging in Windows 7

    I have installed Windows 7 Rc and whenever I try to play any streaming video on either youtube or myspace or any other site, the video lags. I have upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and using the...
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    Try to put your system on automatic settings and...

    Try to put your system on automatic settings and then see. What you get when you type ipconfig /all. You must proper output there. Try to put them on automatic and then see. I am sure on automatic...
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    hard drive password of Acer Aspire 5100

    My brother accidentaly set a password on Acer Aspire 5100 hard drive and forgot it and therefore I cannot access anything except the password screen. Hence, I took out the battery from the CMOS and...
  44. Re: Outlook 2007 not working after Office SP2 installed - out of m

    I have found one facing similar error in this forum, just go through below thread and try out the solution that has been discussed there....
  45. Thanks for the suggestions, that did the trick....

    Thanks for the suggestions, that did the trick. In my case, the below commands were used to view the existing and set the max message size to 20MB:

    get-receiveconnector | select...
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    call of duty modern warfare tactics

    Hello peeps, Long time no see, whats going on. Anyways, I have started playing this so called game call of duty modern warfare and I am quite impressed to see new line of games in progress. However...
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    world at war new free maps for all

    I have heard that a new call of duty: world at war free map has been released for all platforms? Is it true then from where can I download it and also what is the size of that map, please elaborate...
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    Windows Media Player 11 shuts down

    If I am trying to open Windows Media Player 11 then after some time the program shuts down automatically. I thought that it was some kind of a problem with a music file but after ruling that out I...
  49. Re: Local activation permissin to the IIS WAMREG Admin Service required

    Thank you very much for the solution, after applying the fix, I am not getting the erorr message in the event log anymore.
  50. Local activation permissin to the IIS WAMREG Admin Service required

    The BPA of SBS 2008 is giving out some problems that says "Local activation permissin to the IIS WAMREG Admin Service required: The Network Service is missing local activation permissions to the IIS...
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