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  1. Re: mouse pointer disappears on google chrome browser

    You can also try to disable your hardware acceleration settings and see if that works for you. To do that simply go to Chrome Settings and then System and uncheck the mark for "Use hardware...
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    Re: best hosting provider for gaming website

    It seems to me that you will be hitting disks hard. If there are 1000 visitors downloading from the server then it might cause huge problems. The best option for you would be to check out a cloud...
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    Re: Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

    It works if you are logged in YouTube. And then try to configure the settings. Once the settings is applied you wont get any issue. YouTube will save your preferences. It wont keep on increasing the...
  4. Re: fix for Dailymotion thumbnails blacked out in firefox

    Check to make sure that you have not blocked images from some websites. You can tap the Alt key or else press F10 to show the Menu Bar. After that check the permissions for the domain the currently...
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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    When you open Whatsapp, then after closing it, have you made sure to close it from the background rather than just minimizing it? You can try to d that by holding down the home button or some other...
  6. Re: Cpanel File Manager empty after adding WordPress

    I use the ftp way only. Because that is more simpler. But I do not just upload my files on the server directly. I had created a test server. I install all files, and test all plugins there. Then I...
  7. Re: Is it possible to record streaming audio file on Windows 7

    There are third party downloaders that can help you to do that. But you cannot download or share the file without permission. It is right that you must go with the paid version or with some android...
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    Re: Name server issue with my website

    Some dns server does not comes with load balancing. Due to which you are getting issue. It is essential that you have to simply ensure that the dns server you are using has a proper load balancing...
  9. Re: Can multiple social media account help in site traffic

    I am using hootsuite. This app is really awesome when it comes to management of social media. I have a few blog that I update through this on different social media platform. It makes your job really...
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    Re: Slow Outlook sync with Gmail

    Can your internet issue. Slow sync means your internet is slow. Check that first. You can try reconfiguring the account. You just have to backup all the emails first and then you can re-add the...
  11. Re: watching streaming video makes firefox to consume more RAM

    I was also facing this same problem and to some extent I have narrowed down the problem. I went into the Extension area in Firefox and then found a extension called IDM CC from a software Internet...
  12. Re: How to auto-share Youtube videos on Facebook fan page

    This feature was available before. But YouTube has just modified its complete UI. I was using this before, there was a option available called as Activity Sharing. Here you can allow stuff on your...
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    Re: how to connect facebook fan page with youtube

    I dont think that there is a way to AutoShare a youtube video to a facebook fanpage or group but you can try to feature your Facebook fanpage as a link on your Youtube Channel page. To do that, you...
  14. Re: How to remove SearchFlyBar5 from Internet Explorer 11

    The toolbar will not go so easily. Try to re-install the browser. You can find a IE remover tool from the web. Just run that and wipe out the browser. This would definitely fix the issue or switch to...
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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    You can also buy a portable twin USB socketed battery charger from Zagg called the SPARQ2.0 will easily charge the Nook HD+ ebook reader from its second port but not from the first port. It also...
  16. Re: Google Drive is continuously refreshing, help

    Yes, it seems that the automatic refreshing of Google Drive is occuring due to the unwanted extension installed in the browser. So to solve this problem we need to disable these extensions and google...
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    Re: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    With Calibre you can convert any ebook type to any different format, edit metadata, list the books on your ereader and transfer back and forth, etc. You can do a lot of stuffs but note that it will...
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    Re: Where can I get list of secure websites

    I think big sites are all secure site. Like yahoo, gmail, etc. You can go on them blindly. They maintain a good security ratio so that your data is not compromised under all circumstance.
  19. Re: New Facebook Graph Search now peep into your comments

    Graph Search is a good addition in facebook. It help you to get many new information in much better format. Like you can view the pages of people with similar names. This page has their photo and...
  20. Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    The problem that you are facing might be happening because of the incorrect values that are assigned to properties of a RegExp object when Internet Explorer 11 Preview performs regular expression...
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    Re: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    If you want to use Skydrive then you will see that only 7gb of storage space will be given to you, so its kind of like limited. But with the Redeem link in the web interface you can get a fill 25gb...
  22. Re: sync microsoft exchange activesync with my samsung phone

    There is a complete step by step method given on how to set up Microsoft ActiveSync (Exchange) Email on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, just follow the method given on this website -...
  23. Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    In terms of performance Yahoo Messenger is really poor. Still in the new edition the same problem lies. Yahoo must plan to make it more lighter for netbooks because in this way people can use it on...
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    Re: finding out number of bookmarks in firefox

    You can even try to open the bookmarks.html file in a Windows and then go to Files and Open file and use the %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\ in the File name field to go to the profile folder and then use...
  25. Re: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    Even I was using the ctrl+page down keys for some time and then used to click on tabs and it seems the issue is gone now. I also ran the Symantec antivirus in my computer and although it didnt find...
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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    There is also another sevice that gives you similar kind of functions like Skydrive called Bitcasa. The best past of this service is that you can store infinite data on it whether from your computer...
  27. Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    If you want your browser to work fine and remains secure then you have to start removing unwanted stuff. Recently I had added a emoticon addon which added more malware in the system. I thought it is...
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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    There might be some software on your pc that is conflicting with Chrome browser and it is freezing the computer. It could also be a malware or some network related software that is interfering with...
  29. Re: change colors of a stylesheet (.css) in Opera Browser

    Well, you will need to edit the file by going into profile/user/styles/contrastwb.css and then use the below changes:

    Change the below code:

    * {
    color: white !important;
    background: black...
  30. Re: How can I hide my comments and like on Facebook Post

    You can also consolidate your post and update through privacy settings. Which is quiet easy. But still your friends will be able to get notification about the same. Facebook does not does really...
  31. Re: Windows Phone 8 screen stops working during phone call

    Did you tried restoring the phone? Factory reset?
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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Scams are getting common day by day on facebook .It is the most popular social networking website on web due to which a huge traffic is drawn to the site and that also attack spammers. I hope...
  33. Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    Thanks for the wonderful solution but from what are telling we will have to go into each contact separately to add it in the group which seems to be a very long process. I remember how we used to do...
  34. Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    You can also try to restore the deleted email messages in your account. Just check in the left side of the Outlook Windows and then click the deleted folder and then at the below side of...
  35. Re: solving "You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with"

    Even I was facing the same issue when I was trying to access my university's account. After alot of digging I found out a solution. All I had to do was go into Settings and then Privacy and then...
  36. Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    Even I found out that the stop download video button is missing. I dont understand why google needs to remove this useful feature without even letting people to know about it? The problem with us is...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the Best Home Theater PC

    The Cyberpower Media Center PC Ultra 9000 is also a very good htpc that I was previously owning. It come with an Athlon 64 X2 4200+, Nforce 4 SLI mobo, GeForce 7600 graphics card with 2gb of ram and...
  38. Re: File contained a virus and was deleted error with Internet Explorer 10

    This issue usually happens with a missing program that was set to scan downloads including with a previous infection on the computer of 'System Care' and it usually messes up the installation of...
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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    Yes, you can download a seperate standalone program called Opera Mail 1.0 RC. Opera Mail was the name of the mail client which was formerly integrated into the browser, but in Opera Next 15 browser,...
  40. Re: How to solve Windows 8 installation has failed error

    Well I have never been across such error hence don’t have any personal idea but as I too interested to know the solution, I did some searches on Web and found an interesting stuff. I read somewhere...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the best Image Hosting Service

    Well, I am using Tinypic from more than 2 years and so. I have created an account on it and still, till now in my account I can see the images. I thought that on many image hosting website, the...
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    Re: remove from google chrome

    Even I was facing this similar issue but somehow I was able to remove this search engine from my computer. I hade removed Google and then reinstalled it again, 2-3 times before syncing with the...
  43. Re: How to completely wipe off phone data before re-selling it

    It does not looks like a matter of worry. Simply restore the operating system and wipe out the phone data completely. Format the memory card with external utilities and done. There would be no way to...
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    Re: Game like Cut the rope game for Android

    Try Amazing Alex. This is another puzzle type game which is added by Rovio. The one who created Angry Birds. It is quiet popular and nice according to me. The price of game is around Rs.55.09 on...
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    Re: Using StarDock on Windows 8

    You do not need StarDock type tool for Windows 8. The Metro UI itself is a short menu that you can use. You can add a fence type box on the screen and then put your icons in that. You can either drag...
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    Re: News Reading app for Smartphone

    Pulse is also available for iOS. You can use the same on iPad or iPhone. It is better if you use single app for both the devices. It would be easier for navigation and setting purpose.
  47. Re: What are the negative points of Jailbreaking and Rooting phones

    I know about iOS. I had seen that if the Apple guys found that you had Jailbreaked your mobile phone then you loose the warranty. It is not recommended from security point of view. The same is also...
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    Re: Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

    If you are trying to get the Skype then it is the best idea to have this application for the use, since this application also work with the browser such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on...
  49. Re: Steps to install Apple Bluetooth Module in your Hackintosh personal computer

    Bluetooth module is a USB dongle which the Mac recognizes automatically; you don’t need to install or add driver software. It’s a plug and play device so just buy a dongle plug it to your...
  50. Re: Need opinion regarding the release of Apple TV 3rd Generation

    I think on this issue you should either visit the official website of apple or you must search on the google website regarding this. I like Netflix very much. You will find all the latest news and...
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