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  1. Re: OS X Lion ( ) helpd use RAM from 1MB to 1GB

    It doesn’t look like the continuous problem

    I have already reported the bug expect you also did the same thing , plus after a number of communication with the engineering team, I remain for...
  2. Re: Missing “Save As” option in OS X Lion as "Duplicate" is not helping, Apple should bring it back

    Since Lion just altered the whole thing we consideration a OS should behave as it intended to

    Apple is fond of alteration and they even promote their fresh software with that importance Final...
  3. Re: macbook pro drains battery quickly after updating mac OS X Lion

    there could be so many problems with the machine as you can’t say directly that this is some problem with the newer operating system. Thus according to me you should try to make sure whether the...
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    Re: How to save a document in Mac OS X Lion?

    Saving a document hasn't distorted apart from that each time you utilize the Save option Lion will save the present document as a dissimilar version of the similar document.

    However, there is no...
  5. Re: Preview and TextEdit stop surprisingly after installing OS X lion

    - I am agree with the above user as it seems that some of the symbolic Links are causing this problems with your machine, thus let me tell you as you cannot have any symbolic links or alias in your...
  6. Re: Need help, after installing Mac OS X Lion headphone output I not working.

    For resolving this problem I have some idea, try with them. Hope that this will help in your case. For resolving the problem try to go to the Applications> Utilities> Audio MIDI Setup> Built-In...
  7. Re: WI-FI connection drops down constantly after upgrading Mac OS X Lion v.10.7

    I would say that try to reset the SMC. For this try to follow the following steps and after them you should try to connect the WI-FI,
    • Press Command + Option + Escape to force quit any...
  8. Re: Apple OS X Lion: need help in Wi-Fi connection.

    In this case I think that the Mac's seems to have an argument with the "known network" function if both SSID's are in the "known network" list of a Mac and reachable. I have read elsewhere also, that...
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    Re: Apple Mac freezes for approximately 2 minutes

    I have no solution, but we are experiencing some of the same problems, so perhaps this information is helpful to someone who eventually can be resolved. We have 4 Macs (various forms) that produces...
  10. Re: Does Windows 8 Bootcamp works properly on MacBook

    The above user have given you the proper and also the best method to do it and also you will be able to do it and get it done for your system, so I would recommend you to do the same and get it done...
  11. Re: Font not displaying properly in Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion while using safari 5.1

    This happens to safari all the time when safari updates on regular basis. I would suggest you to try to close all application from the terminal. Got to the administrator account and try to open the...
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    Re: Why do computers just stop running?

    Sometimes I experience that my computer is working slow, sometimes I hear some beeping sound from the computer, and sometimes the computer keeps rebooting and all. I don’t understand why this...
  13. Re: Windows XP User pasword screen freezed on Emachine 422

    When you come at login screen, press ctrl + alt + del. You can see a new dialogue box for adding new password and login account. Provide your login details and then check back again.
  14. Re: Is there a alternative for Prosafe VPN Client to make it work in windows 7?

    Yes there is a vpn cliebt software named as VPNG01L. you can check it out from any of the netgear website and you will be getting all the information out there only and hence that’s what you shoid...
  15. Re: Error code 8003, while trying to empty Trash in Intel Imac.

    Hey friend, let me tell you that, Snow leopard have the common trash problem. Recently I had called the Apple Care second time to resolve the error code 8003 message. Before that someone has told me...
  16. Re: How can I record a video of screen events in windows XP?

    Yes, I also use its latest version HyperSnap 7 and I think it is the easiest and the fastest software to capture windows screen. I also use it to capture the texts from where I cannot copy the text...
  17. Re: MacPro crashes after updating to MacOSX 10.6.8

    My procedure is the same without fail I do a Sys redesign. I run Disk Utility and run Permissions and unfailingly do Disk verification. I constantly utilize auto updating, whenever the system update...
  18. Re: Windows 7 Configure Updates failing after continuous tries

    I attempted that and it didn't work. I think the updates that are bringing on the issue are retreated being as how they cannot be arranged. In the event that you know where the aforementioned updates...
  19. Re: Unable to mount ISO files on Virtual Clone Drive

    I am also using the same software but I am not having any problem with the software, in fact not only ISO files but also almost all other formats are perfectly loadable. I think there could be some...
  20. Re: Unable to format Windows including missing NLTDR

    DBAN or blank the drive. There is no more corrupt drive. There might be alternate issues similar to a fizzling drive, grave smash or the IDE link but this is not a degenerate drive issue.
  21. Re: Unable to launch Windows Xp on any mode because of blue screen

    As per me you ought to reinstall Win Xp by arranging your hard drive as a matter of fact there is no ideal result for BSOD
  22. Re: What is the meaning of "64 bit" version of Windows 7?

    You’ll see built proficiency. You fix more RAM in your system (effectively the same amount as your motherboard can back) you’ll additionally see more productive utilize of that RAM. As a result...
  23. Re: 3GB ram memory been used constantly in windows 7 64 bit

    Same problem was with me. In my case first I was using 2 GB ram and at this time it was always like 700 or more is in use always and then I thought that when I would be getting a increment of 2GB...
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    Re: How to run server on Windows 8?

    I have come to know about the thing that is Microsoft is saying that Windows 8 is cloud-ready OS and it is Windows hypervisor. It is developed for the both premises and hosted clouds.
  25. Re: Not able to install Vmware Workstation on Fedora

    There are was a similar error when I updated the kernel of Fedora 8. You won't get that error just like that, till you run some kind of major updates. At the time of update I faced that error that ...
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    Re: How to run Nested Vms

    Whichever processor has an support for Intel VT-x will support this feature. So just have a proper look on the hardware requirement first and then try to run the setup. The official website gives you...
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    Re: VMware View PCoIP Client for Linux

    Yes friend you are right in saying that there is no bar, but the USB redirection working perfectly fine. I don’t know if there's a way to reset your desktop like on the windows client.
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    Re: Gaming support on Microsoft Windows 8

    Windows is widely used platform and still the most easiest operating system for any noise. Games support will surely give a boom to this product.
  29. Re: How to uninstall “Microsoft office 2004 for Mac” in Mac OS X Lion 10.7

    These information can also apply to Office 2008 with the office 2004 . though Office 2008 installs fonts in the root Library/Fonts and on contrary Office 2004 installed fonts in your User's...
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    Re: install OS X on asus p5qpl-vm epu motherboard

    you are right actually but as mentioned by the above user as you must have to install post installation pack in your machine then only the threat you have mentioned would be fixed.
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    Re: install OS X on asus p5qpl-vm epu motherboard

    if you are having the original disk then you must be having guide for that particular operating system. you can carry on with this guide I mentioned as well.
  32. Re: How to fix ureadahead main process (485) terminated with status 5 on ubuntu

    First you need to edit /etc/fstab on the hard drive root filesystem and then boot to Ubuntu live CD. The Ubuntu live CD works on this system and the ureadahead works well to perform each assigned...
  33. Re: Error message "Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue" in Ubuntu

    I had the Bluetooth manager working initial stage. It will be helps to me for managing all the Bluetooth connection inside the ubuntu system. Yesterday, it won't start and the reason behind that is...
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    Re: Motherboards support Light Peak / Thunderbolt

    The same amount as Apple would give just about anything to cost their stuff a small on the towering side, they're not bonehead. They cannot ingest unlimited prices, or they'd restrain Thunderbolt to...
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    Re: When will be GUI grub2 editor available?

    All that declared however, Grub 2 does have vow, the scripting back apart from everyone else might as well prepare towards significantly more propelled offers in the fate, but keeping it more basic...
  36. Re: Error: Target Filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init during mount filesystem at boot

    Use recovery mode on the grub. It will Auto-settle your issue. This is the safest. Else it might be ext4 issue. Or n exist modes see collecting that it is mounted.


    cat /proc/mounts
  37. Re: Unable to find version ‘GLIBCXX_3.4.9’

    The following is the error while running a simulation in Xilinx…

  38. Re: Random Freeze or Hang-up of Ubuntu 10.04 (LucidLynx)

    For the final few hours I 'm over on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)-clean fix and until now I didn't encounter any of those haphazard stops / framework hangups. I will leave it on for a large number of...
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.10 running slowly

    I think that you must check your ram once. I think your ram has got corrupted and hence you are facing this problem. I would suggest you to remove the ram from the slot and put the ram back again....
  40. Re: Windows 7 video is not proper on Intel Desktop Board D510MO

    The VGA support on your system needs proper driver to work. Restart your PC and press F8 continuously at the start. You will enter safe mode. The resolution here is limited to 640 X 480 and 16...
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    Re: How to access CHMOD on Mac OSX

    The vast majority of the times unless you are determined to positively get into the Unix of Mac OS X you would like to Chmod. Mac OS X's managing framework and requisitions have particularly...
  42. Re: Windows 7: BIOS and Disk Management cannot detect Hard Drive

    I think that the hard drive that you are using is corrupted and so it is not getting detected from the system. Other than this, it can be also problem with the cable connecting the hard drive to the...
  43. Re: Software to adjust Partition Size on Win 7 and Win Server 2008

    You can make use of the shrink and extend tools which are built in within the disk manager. This will help you to extend the partition. So try with this and reply back that if this was helpful for...
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    Re: Should I go for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?

    The 64-bit operating system can theoretically represent 2 ^ 64 bits and therefore there remain a lot of headroom up. At the same time it can also handle 4 GB of RAM and less without any problems.
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    Re: How to install email program in Windows 7

    It’s all depends on the client type you are using out of this Windows mail, thunder birds or Outlook 2007 or something other than that. Download any one. And then set that as the default client now...
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    Re: cleaning up the event log information

    First thing you can do is that start Event Viewer. Navigate to the event log you want to clear in the console tree go to Action menu, and then try clicking on the Clear Log. You can either log or...
  47. Re: Before the Desktop loads Windows 7 64-bit freezes

    The video card is not been supportive or it might be that the video card is not good for the system, as it might have some bad or spoiled video card. So you better check it out that first and get...
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    Re: BC2 GTX 460 giving bad performance

    It's the CPU. A phenom II x2 or C2D E8XXX can handle BFBC2 but generally the event quite preferences 3+ centers. In addition, Crysis 2 "elevated" settings are in reality its least setting.
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    Re: way to boot directly to desktop in Windows 7

    There are ways around this problem, but I do this: Go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management. Expand "Local Users and Groups", select "Users" and you should see your account on...
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    Re: Is WordPerfect X3 compatible with Windows 7

    I don’t understand why have you went and purchased WordPerfect when there was a perfectly good software available for free, Open Office. It is a free, open-source and it is compatible with all...
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