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    Re: Evil Within lagging on Windows 7 system

    Performance problem can be fixed through different ways. Like you can first try updating the video drivers. You can find the latest one on the official site of your graphic card manufacturer....
  2. Re: Counter-Strike Global Offensive crash while connecting to online server

    I got this issue due to my security software. I do not understand why every time it keeps on deleting the file. I tired a lot to resolve the problem but it was not working. Later on I disabled the...
  3. Re: How to defeat Kingpin in The Amazing Spider Man 2

    What I do, whenever I get chance I collect the suits. It is hidden in Russian hideout. Just go and collect as much suit as you can. If you can see two eye icons on the map then it means you can get...
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    Re: Common fix for PS4 startup problem

    You can boot the console in safe mode. If it works well then it means the problem is with the software not with the hardware. You can troubleshoot it. In safe mode you can try various things to fix...
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    Re: Which is the best Wii game for this year

    Very slowly wii is fading out from the market. We had seen very less games in the same. When it was out I had seen many games released every month. Now the figure is redirected to few in year. A few...
  6. Re: Tips for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC games

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is a long game. There are some things you can do to enhance your gameplay. If you are stuck at some level go on YouTube and checkout the video. You will get a proper...
  7. Re: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One in terms of features

    I will go with Xbox One. It is not just a console but a media player also. I have a old one at home which I had hooked on my tv to play movies only. I hope in coming time we can get more additional...
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    Re: Visa Debit cards accepted in PSN?

    Whichever card has a Master or Vista logo will work on the network. But it is right that you must use Paypal. Because it is more easier. Here your information remains secure. Paypal is like a prepaid...
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    Re: Cannot sign in to PSN, error code 8002A548

    I am getting sign out after 10mins. It is not constant. Atleast I am able to login. But many are not. I hope this issue will be resolved fast. I think the site is not able to handle too much server...
  10. Re: Vertical thin lines on monitor while playing HD games on old gaming pc

    Looks corrupt video driver. When last you updated the drivers. Try to get a new version and install it on your system. You have to find the driver on the basis of your gpu model. Like Nvidia or AMD....
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    Re: Multiplayer gaming on Assassins Creed 4

    Multiplayer is amazing on this game. I am always a great fan of Assassins Creed 4. It has great environment with rich graphic output. And the multiplayer mode offer you more challenges. You must try...
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    Re: Resident Evil Revelations PC worth it?

    The game is good. I am also going to get this game. I had not yet ordered it. I had gone through a set of videos which are based on the game and they really look promising. I will still go for some...
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    Re: No open world PvP in Guild Wars 2

    As we all know that Guild Wars 2 is a new game developers haven’t unlocked everything available in the trading post here. We can still see lot many things that are not available to buy. This means...
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    Re: Guild Wars 2 First Impressions

    I have been playing World of Warcraft for 6 years now and I had got so habituated to its graphics that I failed to realize that a game with high end graphics can also be made into a MMO game. The...
  15. Re: Trade Post, Guilds, etc issues in Guild Wars 2

    The grouping feature given to us in this game is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I can connect to the groups while other times not. If I join a group now and complete the fight or mission or whatever...
  16. Re: Orcs Must Die 2 won’t start when launching it

    I found the cause of this problem. You were not the only people who were suffering from this problem. Actually, every time you start Orcs Must Die 2, it checks and verifies the serial key on Steam....
  17. Re: How to do a lock-picking with keyboard in Sleeping Dogs Game

    I don’t think that lock picking technique designed in Sleeping Dogs is not that hard. I am using a gaming keyboard and let me tell you that this is very easy. These types of lock picking methods...
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    Re: Dark Souls worth it to be bought or not?

    Not just the bad porting of the game affects the key configuration of keyboard and mouse, but this game also has instruction and labels improperly designed. For example, a game designed dedicatedly...
  19. Re: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Havoc Pack is very costly

    I know $9.99 is costly for a game of price $59.99. I too have failed to understand that why the developers don’t put the DLC part in the main game itself and sell it for much larger price. You can...
  20. Re: Is Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC version worth it?

    The multiplayer mode of Fall of Cybertron is kind of crappy and uninteresting. The main thing that makes it uninteresting is the slow pace of the game. Also there is no chat box for the players to...
  21. Re: Waiting for players to make a move in Hero Academy is very annoying

    I think the idea of having timer in the game is cool and the best. The restricted time limit means the person playing the game will have less time to think and will tend to make mistakes. This will...
  22. Re: Darksiders II already leaked without official release?

    Even if the people who have got early pre-orders, how did they get the game unlocked. They will get the code which they will have to redeem for the game’s serial key. Then this serial key will have...
  23. Re: Is the new Death Rally game from Remedy worth it?

    I loved the Death Rally game because of its simplicity. But don’t think that you don’t get many options to try out new things in this game. It is well detailed with many options to try out and...
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    Re: Achievements for A Virus Named Tom

    There are also some small achievements in the game that can be unlocked by performing some specific task in a specific level. For example, beating level 3-4 without stealing single energy will gain...
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    Re: New ideas for A Virus Named Tom game

    The further levels of this game are so tough that there should be an achievement for completing them in one try. The tutorial levels and the beginning levels shouldn’t be counted under this...
  26. Re: Prototype 2's Excessive Force and Colossal Mayhem DLC Pack available

    You will also find another good force multiplier power in the Colossal Mayhem DLC Pack of Prototype 2. With this power activated, the glide time of James Heller will increase by a good amount.
  27. Re: Argonian vampire lord in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard

    I think that vampires from Skyrim Dawnguard should have the quick ability to transform into bats. It would be exiting during the fights to have a vampire suddenly disappear; I mean turn into bat and...
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    Re: Prototype 2 is similar to The Saboteur game

    Botjh the games have the ability in character where they can climb buildings. But in Saboteur, the game is situated in World War II type of France which has roofed house and highly designed houses....
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    Re: Impressions on Prototype 2

    Though Prototype was a good game it lacked the variety in missions. After few missions all the missions seemed similar in fashion. For example, consume some high ranked soldier or kill some person or...
  30. Re: After finishing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard storyline

    Just because this game is the dlc for Skyrim and to continue to give its feel the gamers, developers have given us the decision making part. But let me tell you one thing that decision making in...
  31. Re: Skyrim Dawnguard game is very similar to Van Helsing storyline

    I don’t know how many of you have noticed it, but actually Marcus from Underworld and Vampire Lords from Skyrim are same too. I have posted some pictures and see it for yourself. First of all, they...
  32. Re: What is Endless Space game all about exactly?

    I think that Endless Space game is an awesome game that shows how the games need to be made. The big game developers should learn few things from developers of Endless Space game to learn how depth...
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    Re: Endless Space is pretty much a broken game

    I too agree with you, there should be a stage where a heavy damage has been taken by the battle ship in Endless Space. It won’t reduce the HP to low levels, but will cause enough damage to have one...
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    Re: Quantum Conundrum Patch information

    Some people who were playing Quantum Conundrum had complained about inconsistency of the game in maintaining the resolution properly. The problem that they were suffering was that resolution of the...
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    Poll: Re: Quantum Conundrum vs. Portal game

    I too found the training part of the Portal a major turn off. The portal had basic movement controls, a single key to pickup and drop object and a single control to use the portals. The basic concept...
  36. Re: Ending of Quantum Conundrum game is disappointing has no sense

    I think that this game deserved multiple endings with every end finishing the game in different dimension. It would have been more interesting. For example, in fluffy dimension, the character gets...
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    Re: Quantum Conundrum game is not launching

    Before I suggest you something about the same I wanted to know if you are having the latest graphic card driver for your system?? If not then install the same first and let me know if the issue is...
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    Re: The Secret World Player Housing

    The Secret World should also have a common hub where the players can meet each other. They can have a bar or secret hideout where many players can meet, chat with each other. Exchange and trade items...
  39. Re: Will there be Steam version of End of Nations?

    I think that End of Nations should be kept free to play as it is of now. This will boost it and let it have more players. Also having it on Steam just to have feature of having single player mode is...
  40. Re: Diablo III stuck at 0% with error "Tracker is not responding"

    most probably this seems to be the port access issue. Many proxy servers, firewalls, as well as Internet connection has the technique that can be blocked by the port access. I guess your...
  41. Re: Max Payne 3 Multiplayer error "Incompatible Data"

    This problem might be occurred because any other player using incompatible NAT type. I will suggest you to test Xbox connection with the help of following steps open “System Settings” in your...
  42. Re: Game of Thrones audio sometime produces static and stutter

    I have read your problem related to audio stuttering and I would like to tell you that many times type of problem can takes place because of the PCI Latency setting to solve this problem you have to...
  43. Re: Looking for Manual to Change Gears in DiRT Showdown

    Well I don’t completely agree with you, the thing that you are ignoring here is this game is based on the arcade mode. The player of this type of game hardly use the manual gears as an option. It...
  44. Re: Not happy with Tutorial Campaign in Iron Front - Liberation 1944

    I agree with you that some part of game tutorial is very awful. I have the same problem that you were facing on and on in German campaign. I am not telling that the game don’t have better store...
  45. Re: Some Thoughts on Alan Awake's American Nightmare

    I do agree that story of Alan Wake was really nice. However I am bit disappointed as it failed to do well in the market. It was very first Xbox 360 game which I really loved to play. So far the...
  46. Re: How to get Fallen Idols achievement in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City?

    You will get the ‘Fallen Idols’ achievement in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City when you single handedly kill four of the opponent’s heroes. I know it is bit difficult to earn, but Heroes...
  47. Re: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City should have stamina bar for melee system

    I don’t think such restriction would be practical to be applied in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Instead I think that there should some level at which it will be executed. For example, if...
  48. Re: Alan Wake's American Nightmare looks very easy to play

    I have also played this game for hours. There is a great improvement in this game in related to manual aim. It is really possible to shoot the enemies instantly. I agree that you will get the...
  49. Re: Alan Wake's American Nightmare is totally awful

    I am personally happy with this game, Alan Wake's American Nightmare is made up of on an original game graphics engine but there is a slight change in Character model and design of texture, the...
  50. Re: Download Spec Ops DLC Missions 2-4 of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on Xbox Live

    I am having 3 thoughts about the new Spec Ops missions, such that Echo Six elite squad is still doing the hunt for the crucial evidence which will be proving the Umbrella's as guilty in the Raccoon...
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