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    Re: MSP2010: Show/Hide Assignments

    You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.
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    Re: MSP2010: Show/Hide Assignments

    You're right, it doesn't appear that the "Show Assignments" button made it to the default ribbon. However, you can customize the ribbon and add the "Assignments" command to the ribbon to restore the...
  3. 2 speakers in 5.1 surround sound not working in Windows 7

    I have recently switched to the Windows 7 and attached the new bought 5.1 speakers of creative. When I am playing some videos, I can observe that only 2 speakers and woofer has sound, there is no...
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    You need to follow the below suggestions to fix...

    You need to follow the below suggestions to fix this problem

    First of all you have to go to email and then TOOLS
    After that click on ACCOUNTS
    After that on every one of your accounts do the...
  5. Re: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    Can you try to navigate to the Tracking Gantt (Views > Tracking Gantt) or can you try to either expose the Finish or Start Variance fields. You can right click on a column header and then select...
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    Canon MP 730 driver problem

    Hello friends,
    I have a little problem with driver of Canon MP730. Let me explain :
    Initially I had a problem with the ink, in fact nothing appeared when I wanted to print in black, the color...
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    Sync Server Not Working Error

    Hello friends,
    I have recently purchased iPod Touch. And after some days I started facing an issues. Some of my friends told me that I should download the latest version of an iTunes. Then I...
  8. Re: Ways to watch TV on your computer for free

    Watch TV on your computer by installing a TV tuner card

    PC tuner card allows television signals to be received by a PC or a computer. Some tuner cards for PCs can also be used as video capture...
  9. Ways to watch TV on your computer for free

    Did you know that you can watch live TV and pre-recorded programs on your computer for free without the need to pay subscription cable or satellite television? This includes access to most major...
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    Hyper-V / VM mixed up VHD files

    Hello everyone,
    I am using the Hyper-V on the Server 2008. I have attached VHD while virtual machine was running. I want some more information about the Hyper-V / VM mixed up VHD files. Also...
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    When nothing is working for you then you can...

    When nothing is working for you then you can either try to repair Windows Vista or you can also never use Windows Mail and start to use the Windows Live mail. By repairing Windows Vista, you will...
  12. What are the computer's Internal Clocks?

    Hi everyone,
    I have recently started studying about the Hardware peripherals that are required for the synchronization. But my notes doesn't provide some helpful information. So I am expecting some...
  13. What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    I am thinking to purchase an IPod. But I am not having any idea about the types that apple are having.!! So please tell me what are the various types of Apple iPod? Any suggestions regarding the...
  14. How to Enable AutoArchive Feature in Outlook 2007?

    Hello friends,
    I have recently went through the term AutoArchive. I am not having any knowledge about it. But when I read about it, I thought that it might be much useful for me to arrange the mails...
  15. Transparent Objects cannot be printed correctly in PowerPoint

    Hello friends,
    I am having an issue while taking the print outs from the PowerPoint. I never used to take print outs from the PowerPoint, so I don't know from when this problem started. Whenever I...
  16. Error message while printing to Adobe Distiller in Publisher 2007

    Hi friends,
    I am facing problem with the Publisher 2007. Actually it works properly but when I print to Adobe Distiller in Publisher 2007, it gives an error message. The error message states that :...
  17. Troubleshoot problems that occur while opening a file in MS Office for Mac

    Hello friends,
    After installing the MS Office I am facing enough problems while opening a file. I don't know what exactly is causing the issue?!! I have even tried to reinstall the MS Office but...
  18. Settings in the Dialog box Format Cells in Excel

    Hi friends,
    I want to know about the format dialog box that is present in the Microsoft Excel. I always have a doubt that can we change the display of the cell.??! I guess, its yes, because I have...
  19. What is an Authentication Services - RADIUS in PHP?

    Hello friends,
    I am an intermediate programmer, but do not have enough knowledge about the PHP programming language. I am starting with an authentication services that are included in PHP. I want to...
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    How to Switch from HTML to PHP?

    Hi friends,
    I have completed the basic topics that are needed for doing the programs in PHP programming language. I want to know about the switching from HTML to PHP. Instead of searching on the...
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    Why OpenXML is used in VB6?

    Hello guys,
    I am an intermediate programmer so I don't know much about the programming language, especially when it goes to deep. Few days back I was just going from my assignment, I read the...
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    What is a PHP Filter?

    Hi friends,
    I have done some basic things in coding of PHP. You can say that I have used the PHP to some extent but I am not an expert in that.!! Last time your help was really grateful. So thought...
  23. What are Command-Line Arguments in Java?

    Thank you for replying me and giving me explanation about what are Command-Line Arguments in Java and explanation it in details.
  24. What are Command-Line Arguments in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have recently started working with the Core Java. Now I am working with the basic classes that are used in Java. I want to know how command line arguments are passed in Java.? Since,...
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    What are an Executors in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have recently completed with the basic functions of the threads. Now I have gone through the term executors of which I am having no idea. So thought to post here, as your help is very...
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    How to use BoxLayout in Java?

    Hi folks,
    You guys are really cool in explaining the things. So I thought that instead of doing the searching on web and wasting the time, it would be better if I post here. I have just completed...
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    How to use Actions in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have recently started doing java, so i am not having much knowledge about it. I have created an application in which i need to do the coding of the action. But i don't know anything...
  28. How to write an Action Listener in Java?

    Hi friends,
    I have started doing Java before a month ago. I have done some basic coding into that. Now I want to implement an event handlers. I think to start with the action listener because it is...
  29. Format Date and Time Script in ASP

    Hi friends,
    I want to change the formats of the date and time in ASP. Since I have recently started I don't know much about the ASP. I have done that changes but in Java. Anyone out there can tell...
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    Script for Slide-In Links

    I am trying to make a script that can make visible only those links which are needed. I have tried a lot by creating many scripts but all in vain. If someone can give me the Script for...
  31. Random Text Display Using JavaScript

    I have created a website for the shop. Now I have been told to do some changes into that. I have done the other changes but I am stuck at a place. They want me to do something that can display some...
  32. How to use Comparison and Logical Operators in JavaScript?

    I have recently turned towards the JavaScript. I knew many comparison and logical operators (not all), but I don't know how to use that operators. I want to compare and use some logic in my program,...
  33. How to turn a .py script into an .exe file?

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to convert a .py script into an .exe file but not succeeding. Does anyone know how to convert a .py script into an .exe file.? Also please tell me some basic programs since I am...
  34. Re: Batch file for system restore XP and Vista

    Extremely Thanks Guys..!!! Really feeling good that so many are trying to help. Here is my code that I am trying to use :

    runas /user:local\administrator
    @echo off
    title Test Utility
  35. Batch file for system restore XP and Vista

    I have created the batch file which is related to the System Restore in Windows XP and the Windows Vista. When I try to open that file it opens properly in both the Windows XP and Vista, but after...
  36. Cannot uninstall Works & MSI Error on program startup

    My problem is that I am not able to uninstall the Microsoft Office Works. When I am trying to uninstall the Works, I am getting the message "Error 1316. A Network error occurred while attempting to...
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    How to Send Form Data to Email.??

    Hi Friends,
    I am trying to design a small website in which user can input their comments on the site and email that data to my email address. Now, my requirement is that the email address should be...
  38. Getting an ERROR when trying to compile the Correct Code!?

    I am very new to the Java. I am getting fed up when trying to run the file called The text is exact as I described below :
    public class Hello
    public static void main(String[] args)...
  39. Canon Pixma MP145 All-In-One Printer Issues.!!

    I have bought Canon Pixma MP145 All-In-One Printer. I was working fine till yesterday. Now I am getting an Error 27 when I try to print some documents. Sometimes it gives error that the device not...
  40. Error "Cannot create a DOM document" When Starting CorelDRAW!!

    Recently I have formatted my hard disk and installed Windows XP as my operating system. I have installed the CorelDraw but I am not able to do anything into that. Whenever I am starting the CorelDraw...
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    Mouse Freezing while using Windows 7

    Since I have installed OS Windows 7, I am facing mouse issues. My mouse freezes after some time. This happens many times while using the applications. The movement just stops for fraction of second,...
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    Re: c000021a (Fatal System Error)

    The STOP 0xC000021A error occurs when either Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe fails. When the Windows NT kernel detects that either of these processes has stopped, it stops the system and raises the STOP...
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    MS Access 2000 crashes

    Hi Folks,

    I am experiencing a worst situation with my MS Access. It sometimes crashes and in return produces errors: ImageShack - Hosting :: 20630948ic9.jpg.I have no clue what is wrong with the...
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    Move apps to the SD card


    I need to move apps to the SD card,same time i need to know what else the card can be used for? I am stick with OTA sync with Treo & MotoQ Does there an OTA or Bluetooth sync with the 8800...
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    Re: GPRS settings for Tata Docomo

    Have a look at this thread posted in India BroadBand. it will give you details about the GPRS Tariff charges. And yes its quite cheap as compare...
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    Re: Dish TV versus Cable TV

    Cable tv lacks broadcasting of Foreign channels, Dish Network provides variety of languages channels, including Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean,...
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    Re: Break an at&t wireless contract

    To avoid paying for fees attached to carrier switching, You can take services of third party network provider. These sites usually work by matching prospective buyers with cell phone owners with...
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    Re: Getting out of verizon contract

    Visit any Verizon store and tell their executive that you want to Switch to other network , they will guide you on how to cancel Verizon contract. IF you are canceling your account before expiry then...
  49. Re: Activate att sim with existing phone

    why dont you buy Apple iPhone 3G It will cost you 99$, its a Revolutionary 3G mobile phone, you can activate your current sim card on Apple iPhone 3G and download Thousands of applications at the...
  50. Re: How to change phone number caller id

    SpoofCard is the best option for you , SpoofCard, the world's leading Caller ID privacy tool with over 3 million customers. spoofing service is now available worldwide, with local access numbers in...
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