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  1. how to make desktop icons invisible in windows 7

    I was just thinking if anyone can tell me how to make teh desktop icons now show via the transparent top border of a program or a software? I just want my wallpaper to show through it and I dont want...
  2. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 not getting completed

    Once we focus on the right road, we use the viewfinder and each time we move to cover the roof to eliminate the enemy tank positioned on top of the control of the machine gun, for this is our worst...
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    Re: Samsung CLP-300 Colour Laser Printer

    The paper tray holds 150 sheets, according to Samsung. For me this is sufficient in most cases. The printing operation is smooth on both sides of paper. First I printed all the odd pages and the...
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    Re: GTX 460 SLI problems

    Consumption is acceptable, I checked some reviews before buying, and most could not reach 500W total system under extreme load (Furmark) in real burden must walk between 370 and 450 approx. Regarding...
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    Re: WCDMA frequency for Airtel & BSNL

    I am sure that many users must not having deep knowledge about the WCDMA frequency. So I would say that along with the information about the WCDMA frequency for Airtel & BSNL, you should also know...
  6. Re: How to transfer pc files to a Macintosh

    There are many ways you can transfer your data. Portable hard drives which can be utilized to move or transfer data from your computer to a Mac computer comprise a FireWire drives and a USB-based...
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    Re: Problem installing Linux

    I use Redhat at work and SuSE / Ubuntu at home and am very happy with them, both personally and professionally, installation processes are simple, clear manuals and work without problems. But I...
  8. Re: How to create an encrypted Time Machine backup?

    The FileVault is an encryption system that uses AES as the encryption method. It is a very secure against any attack on our computer and we will be reassured if we have in him any confidential...
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    Re: What is Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server?

    Many don;t know that how to use the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server. As its name implies, this version has been specially designed to act as a server because it has Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server...
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    Disk Read Error Occurred

    I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 on a gateway computer. There was no issues with this pc but all of a sudden it started to slow down and then it was also not able to load any web page at...
  11. Thread: Crack MD5

    by hariharan_00

    Re: Crack MD5

    Like any hashing technique, the technique is obviously not absolute and two files may have the same MD5 key being different but this is unlikely. So on a similar principle that is basic to this site...
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    Re: Hyper-V R2 BIN file size only 4kb

    My first guess at what is happening is that there is a bad interaction with Antivirus happening here. To resolve this issue, configure the real-time scanning component within your antivirus software...
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    Re: Strange Upload Problem on Hyper-V

    OpenVPN can Be a little daunting to configure the first time you jump Into it, you get your goal ounces configuration WORKED out, it's a pleasure to use. Once You Have the software running on your...
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    Re: Hyper-V / VM mixed up VHD files

    At the end of the path we have said we have all the data exported our machine available, and the original machine where it was. It is time to clear and free space. Once deleted from the import option...
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    Re: Virtual PC VT workaround?

    The free virtualization solution "more open" does not require the use of Intel VT-x or AMD-V to virtualize Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux or Mac OS X. It is multiplatform and can access a maximum of 32...
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    Re: Hyper-V Cluster, ARP table problem

    Requiring high availability requirements of more and more important, Hyper-V is no exception to the rule and clustering virtual machine will be the axis of the most important developments of the next...
  17. Re: Getting the duplicate MAC addresses on Hyper-V host

    Windows Server 2008 R2 provides powerful improvements to Hyper-V including increased availability, better management and simplified deployments. The new version of Hyper-V also includes a attractive...
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    Re: Virtual Server on Hyper-V

    Hyper-V is a Role in Windows Server 2008 That Provides you with the tools and services you can use to create a virtualized server computing environment. This type of environment is useful because you...
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    Re: Hyper-V Manager RPC Error

    Either you do not activate the instructions Intel VT or AMD-V on your machine, or you have an HP Prolians and there is RSBU in the bios. Or else it can come to your antivirus. Try to install the...
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    Re: Windows 8 expected in 2012

    The fact that Microsoft is already working on successor to Windows 7 (and even the successor of the successor) is a mystery to anyone. You learn so that the successor to Windows 7 should appear in...
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    Re: Print Error 0x0000007A in Windows 7

    To troubleshoot the Stop error 0x0000007A, do the following things :

    Use a recent version of your antivirus software to detect the presence of viruses on your computer. If you find one, run the...
  22. Re: How To change the parameters of a single mode of Power Management in Vista?

    You can change the following parameters for modes of power management individual. Configure your computer to automatically obtain standby after a specified period of inactivity. To open the Power...
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    How to use Graphics in Java?

    hello everyone,
    I am new to the Java which I started recently. Before that I have did the C++ and HTML programming language. In C++ I have used the graphics to some extent. But now I want to use the...
  24. How to write a Component Listener in Java?

    Hi friends,
    Last time you all guys helped me a lot. So i thought that this is perfect place to post my query. I am getting confused while writing the Component Listener..!! I have tried many...
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    JLabel - Swing Label Class

    I really want some help from you guys.!! I have recently started using the different classes in Java components. Now I have given an assignment for the Swing Label Class..!!I don't know anything...
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    jQuery Context Menu script

    Hi Friends,
    Last time you guys did the great job and fixed my problems. So I thought to post here again since I am not able to solve one more problem. I want to create the jQuery script, so that...
  27. How to Enable Sun JavaScript in Mozilla FireFox?

    Hi Friends,
    I am new to this forum, so please ignore my mistakes..!! I have completed the Core Java and now I am turned to the JavaScript. I am using Mozilla FireFox as my browser. And I am not...
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    Timing programs in C

    Hello Friends,
    I am stuck in the coding of C language. I am new to the C programming language. And I am trying to make a solar system program. I'm trying to use the functions getrusage or times, or...
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    MySQLDriverCS Error in C#.NET

    Hi Friends,
    I have created a simple software for invoice management. I have developed that software using the C#.NET (Visual Studio 2005) with using a MySQL 5 database. Also I have used the proper...
  30. Console Window flashes on and off while running C++

    Hi friends,
    I am very new to the C++ programming language. I am facing very strange problem. When I tried to search in Google, I can't find the appropriate solutions. So thought posting here will...
  31. Outlook 2003 Repeated Network Password Prompt

    I am having very strange problem with my Outlook 2003. I have checked the box for remember my password, when I set up my email account in Outlook 2003. However, it frequently pops up the prompt to...
  32. PHP Script for Registering and Signing in the Website

    Hi friends,
    I am trying to make the code for my site so that unregistered users can be kept out. But I am not able to do. I am going somewhere wrong. Can anyone help me by giving me the code. I...
  33. How to turn C# and Visual Basic.Net into .exe?

    I am the student of the Computer Science. I have created number of programs in VB.Net and C#. But still I don't know how to create the .exe files for these programs. Does anyone know how to convert...
  34. Wireless Issue of Canon PIXMA MP620 (Wireless) All-in-One Printer!!

    I have bought Canon PIXMA MP620 - Wireless All-in-One Printer recently. When I want to add the wireless printer, it is not offered in the Add Printer Wizard. Since I am using the Wireless Printer for...
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    Lost Network Connectivity

    I am having Acer 4730, and I am suffering from network connectivity issues. When I type command ipconfig it shows the following
    IP address :
    Subnet Mask :
    When I try to...
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    Re: Need wmv to mpeg4 converter

    Videora iPod Converter is a free iPod video converter that converts video files, YouTube videos, movies and DVD's so you can play them on your iPod. The software, developed by the creators of...
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    Re: How to use vobsub

    To use this software make sure that have download and install both VobSub and VSFilter/DirectVobSub. on your pc, Because VobSub is needed for subtitle extraction, where DirectVobSub is must for...
  38. Unable to remove Vista and install XP on Sony VAIO FZ140E

    Hello friends,

    I am facing a problem my Sony VAIO FZ140E which came with Vista.I inserted my genuine XP CD in the DVD drive and turn on the system.Everything appeared to be working as it does...
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    Need FM Server 5.5


    I am trying to grab the FM Server 5.5.We have many FMP 5,5.5 & 6 DB solutions which we wish to put on server so that all can share,So all we required is to install FM Server 5.5.Any one...
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    Computer Shuts Down after Inactivity


    I do have problem with my personal computer,which is shutting-down or crashing .I notice if it is inactive for some time it is happening, if I leave the computer to do something else, after...
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    Re: Converting .mov files to .wma

    You need to download Digital Media Converter , it proposes to organize your media files and encoding of these files in batches. Different formats supported are: VCD, DVD, AVI (DivX, MS MPEG4, and...
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    Re: How to edit mkv file

    Download Free Download MKV Editor for Mac, after installation open the application and insert the mkv video to edit, and if you want to convert .mkv video to a common format do as you wish, after...
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    Re: How to convert a .img file for dvd

    Use CloneCD Disk Image Data File, .imag file Can be mounted like an optical disc (such as a CD or DVD) or a disk drive (like an external hard drive); resides on the hard drive, but is recognized by...
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    Re: Convert MP3 to DVD

    you can burn mp3’s to dvd using any dvd writing software such as nero or roxio or whatever. burn it as a data disc. use roxio its much better, New roxio does Encoding video 5 times faster than 2...
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    Re: Need help merging srt files

    Go to this site, its an online .srt subtitle time correction. insert the two srt subtitle files you want to merge, insert the time of the end of first part + a few seconds (look up the time of last...
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    Re: Windows movie maker codec v.1.1.0

    If you are unable to open this file in Windows movie maker then why dont you use VirtualDub Mod. VirtualDubMod is a modified version of the famous VirtualDub. Therefore, this software has many...
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    Re: File extension vob

    If you are using windows Xp then you must use InterVideo WinDVD .Its a DVD player with all the features of a real DVD player. Thus you will find the zoom functions, direct access to a chapter,...
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    Re: How to crop an avi file

    VidCrop is a software that allows you to edit your video to remove unnecessary frames or cut part of a video. You can also zoom in on your videos as much as the resolution allows you to subsequently...
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    Re: Sedg codec download

    If you can not View movies recorded by Smasung camcorder then download this Unified Decoder of Miniket. Then you can play the files on your PC with normal MPEG4 player such as Windows Media Player....
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    Re: How to open dvdscr file

    If you files are larger then 2gb then you must use WinSplit, It can cut large files into pieces possibly compressed. These can be reassembled easily without the software WinSplit. Supports large...
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