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    Re: infected with s3amazonaws virus

    I will suggest you to get Hitman Pro. It is an anti-spyware software which includes automatic use of multiple anti-spyware known as Spybot - Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. Hitman Pro is...
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    Re: Cannot get rid of I-Cinema

    I will recommend you to use Adware Removal Tool for PC. This tool is easy to use and has a simple way through which you can get rid of adware from your system. I had provided the link below from...
  3. Re: Is it possible to add a media server in Windows home edition

    If you need a decent media server setup then there is two things you can do. First if you rely on the software then there will be limited things. Or else you can try using a blu ray player or a media...
  4. Re: Getting only 2kbps of download speed on 1mbps internet connection

    First start with updating the lan driver. You can find the drivers on the official list of your motherboard manufacturer. If you are unable to find that then you can try running cpu-z. This tool will...
  5. Re: How to find which antivirus will use minimum ram

    I am using McAfee Antivirus. I had upgraded to a full edition last year and I am using it till know. I am having a Core 2 Duo system with 2GB ram. I found this as working really well. It does not...
  6. Re: NetGear DG834N connectivity failure on Windows 8.1

    There are few command in windows that can help you to locate whether your lan network is working well or not. Or there is some other issue. First ping your router to find out if you are getting a...
  7. Re: How to get rid of pragma Trojan virus from windows 7

    I got that virus detected in avast. But it is not removed. It remained in my pc. The antivirus just keep popping up the infection. And this thing continued for the entire week. It is very complicated...
  8. Re: How to remove BrowserProtect by Bit89 Inc

    Download a software called SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition, which is a reliable software designed to detect and remove thousands of pieces of spyware, adware and malware, such as Trojans, keyloggers,...
  9. Re: get rid of browser hijacker

    You can also download a tool called AdwCleaner created by Xplode which aims to remove adware (advertising programs), PUP/LPIS toolbars (toolbars installed to the browser) and the hijackers (diversion...
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    Re: Managing network printer on mac os x

    Mac has very few printer manager software. For windows there are ample of them. I can find some easy tools that you can use to control the printer access. Most of the tools which I found are simply...
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    Re: Windows Defender consuming 100% of cpu

    Turning defender off is not a solution. There can be virus issue in your pc due to which your cpu consuming is really high. You have to use a third party antivirus program here. For that you boot...
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD supports 64gb memory card?

    I have found out that the company claims that only 32gb memory card is supported by the ebook reader. But there was one person who said that he got the 64gb memory card working for his ereader but...
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    Re: How to remove linkbuck virus?

    I had the same problem with this linkbuck virus in my pc and found out a very simply fix for it. You do not have to install anything on your computer for removing this nasty virus. I had tons of...
  14. Re: Unable to ping Google Public DNS from my router

    Try to ping the router first. If you are getting response then it is fine. The second thing you have to do is locate the IP details of your system. You can do that by typing ipconfig /all command in...
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    Re: Irex DR-800 firmware update

    You should also note that before installing the new firmware, your should also keep theIrex DR-800 fully charged. To do that connect this ebook reader to the supplied usb adapter and wait for 60...
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD font problem

    When you are logged in your Windows system then you need to get in the internal font name by double clicking on an otf file and see at the top left corner for font name. You need to check all the...
  17. Re: Kobo Glo ebook reader crashing continuously

    You will need to modify fonts in your Kobo Glo ereader so that you can read from the different language ebooks that you have stored in it. You have to name the font file which is tough as it requires...
  18. Re: WD My Book Live Dual very slow on backup

    What is the maximum speed your drive offer. Run a benchmarking test to find out the actual speed of hard drive. If it is less then there is some issue. You can contact the manufacturer for the same....
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    Re: Event ID 1168 NTDS General

    The error message that you are getting might be happening because the user account that is used to execure DCPROMO might not been granted the “Enable computer and user accounts to be trusted for...
  20. Re: computer browser service stops automatically...frequently

    Run windows update. See what help you can get through that. The second thing you can do is boot your system in safe mode. Then launch CMD and in that type sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will launch...
  21. Re: Pre-Authentication Failed - Type 0x0 - Code 0x19 - Event ID 675

    I was also having this similar kind of problem with a 2012 domain member and 2003 domain controllers. When I changed the registry entry then it stopped my account from being locked out. If you want...
  22. Re: how to move WINS from server 2003 to server 2008

    Check the Technet online article on How to Upgrade Domain Controllers to Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 on this url address -...
  23. Re: Smart card login - untrusted certificate authority error

    Did your setup fulfills all the requirement of domain controller certificates. I will recommend you to check the below link and test out everything. So that you can find whether you have everything....
  24. Re: FATAL: Failed to get notification handle, hr=80070057

    There seems to be some sort of issue with the WUA of the clients. Can you please tell us what version of WSUS you are using in your machine, I think that the WSUS 3.0 SP2 is the latest version. I...
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    Re: DSM SA Data Manager service won't start

    If you are on a Dell machine getting this error then open manage storage tools or else there might be a previous OMSA installation also. Aftert hat go to Add and Remove Programs and then check if you...
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    Re: want to buy Sony PRS-T3 ebook reader

    If you are from the US then let me tell you that Sony is not going to release the PRS-T3 eReader in United States. This is because the huge competition in the market from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and...
  27. Re: Is it safe to use banking sites no cyber cafe

    It is risky because public computers are not completely safe. They can have virus,malware, keyloggers, etc. I never do that. If you did this then change your password right-now. There are many other...
  28. Re: Confuse between different antivirus programs

    We can today apply multiple antivirus program in our system. We can keep a malware and internet security pack side by side to get more security. It is always a confusion what to choose and what to...
  29. Re: Does portable usb antivirus are effective against pc antivirus

    You can turn off the autorun from Windows directly. There is no need to use a third party software for the same. For that type gpedit.msc in start > run box and then go to Computer Configuration >...
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    Re: removing Desk 365 virus

    The Desk 365 software is nothing but a known spyware program. When you install any free third party applications then it gets installed as well if you dont untick it while installation. Download a...
  31. Re: Microsoft buying Nokia Devices and Services for 5.44 billion euros

    Why? If it is not done, are you planning to buy Nokia? :P Just kidding.

    Both companies have agreed with the deal but it will finalized next year in 2014 somewhere in first quarter when...
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    Re: iOS 7 releasing on September 10th

    The new iOS 7 will be compatible with range of iOS devices including iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch devices. All these devices should probably get the update for...
  33. Re: Does NOOK Simple Touch eReader support Chinese fonts

    I was also searching on google for installing the Chinese fonts on this ebook reader. Even after rooting this NOOK Simple Touch eReader, I was not able to read the Chinese books on it. So after some...
  34. Re: In Windows 8 bluetooth mouse disconnects continuously

    I have been through this problem with another brands Bluetooth Mouse in Windows 8. After lots of workouts finally I managed to fix my problem but I am not sure whether this will work for you as well...
  35. Re: Windows 8.1 can be installed on Windows 7 or only on Windows 8?

    I don’t think so because Surely it is going to be a Service Pack and will be available only either through Windows Update or Windows Store. So in both case you must be having already running...
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    Re: Best Cases for Kobo Aura HD Ebook Reader

    Well, have you checked out the kobo SleepCover Case? It is a like a book style case (similar like a Flip Cover Case) which will turn the Kobo Aura HD Ebook Reader on and off if you try to open and...
  37. Re: McAfee will stop running and goes to sleep, please help

    I dont think that sleep mode is going to effect any kind of scan, but the Hybrid sleep could effect a scan. So to turn it off, follow the below steps:

    First of all right click on your desktop and...
  38. Re: Join TechArena YouTube Channel for Fresh Reviews, Previews, Launch Events and more

    Thank you Mod for letting us know about the same. I just checked the channel, found it really useful, subscribed :happydanc
  39. Re: How to make backup copy of Lotto Buster 2010

    You can try to create disc images using ISO-Buster by following the below method:

    First of all you need to start ISO-Buster and insert your Lotto Buster 2010 disc into your drive.
    It should...
  40. Re: How to change the background of Metro in Windows 8?

    Windows 8 needs a large amount of resources to operate properly. It needs graphic to give the fancy features like the transparency, shine, blur and so on. The interface of this operating system is...
  41. Re: Plextor announced M5 Pro SSD in 128GB, 256Gb and 512GB variants

    What is the cost of this SSD. I hope this not be much costly. It is nice to find that we can have a maximum of 512GB storage now simply on SSD. This will give a boost to data transfer support and...
  42. Re: What's new in next Nokia Windows phone 8

    Here is the complete list of changes going to show up with the launch of Windows Phone 8:

    Internet Explorer 10
    Windows Phone 8 for Businesses
    MicroSD Card Support
    Native NFC and Mobile...
  43. Re: Nexus 7 screen turns black while watching full screen videos

    Than you should simply try re-installing Youtube app or resetting your devices to factory settings. There is surely problem with any of these two. If you want to reset Nexus 7, simply backup all your...
  44. Re: Which is the best Photo Manager tool for Ubuntu

    I found Picasa as very light Photo Manager software. It works on Windows and Linux also. It has a awesome menu. You can simply differentiate among photos and remove which you do no want. Along with...
  45. Re: How to choose right development module for Java programming

    NetBeans is best according to me. It is free and nice. There is no way to spend a good amount on JBuilder. Because you have a better alternate compared to that. NetBeans has a third party plugin...
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    Re: What is Google Play Music

    The process is very simple. Just connect your Smartphone with your computer on which you have stored your music files. For your information, all these music will be stored on
  47. Re: How to get Power Nap in older Mac system

    It is possible to get that without upgrading to Mac OS X Mountain Lion. But it is limited to certain models also. I found a article which shows that you can get that on Retina Macbook Pro. You have...
  48. Re: Are portable antivirus safer compared to full version

    I would recommend you to stay on safer side you must rely on full version antivirus. I am using quickheal here. It is nice and easy to use. Before that there was a portable scanner in my system...
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    Re: How does Panda Cloud Antivirus works

    That is a common doubt which everyone will have in this mind. Panda offers a power protection and the best thing about this antivirus is, it is very light. The new version 2.0 only has a alternative...
  50. you can see who has checked your posts on Facebook

    As Social giant Facebook keeps updating its features list time to time, they have unveiled one more with the Facebook Groups.

    Facebook has launched this new feature gradually for Facebook groups...
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