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  1. Re: Laptop running windows 8 won’t connect to my home network

    Guys there was something wrong with my router. Restarting and resetting the router was of no use but updating the router solved it. Thanks a lot GuruT.
  2. Re: Laptop running windows 8 won’t connect to my home network

    So have you crossed checked it again by connecting it to your friend’s home network? If it refuses to connect to your friend’s home network now, then there might be something wrong with your...
  3. Re: Laptop running windows 8 won’t connect to my home network

    Your situation is quite weird. I am not able to suspect the cause of this issue. So to narrow down the cause of this issue I will suggest you to follow some troubleshooting steps.

    First try...
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    Re: Best Ebooks for learning android development

    You can refer below Free EBooks for Android Development:

    AndBook: Android Programming Book by Nicolas Gramlich(PDF, 1.6MB)
    Professional Android™ Application Development by Reto Meier (PDF,...
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    Re: Loop mobile internet – “DNS failed”

    If you get the same error message after checking “Static DNS” option as well than you can try out below settings.
    Set name – BPLGPRS
    Access name – www
    Auth type – None
    Protocol – HTTP...
  6. Re: Itunes is not getting installed in windows 8 pro

    Which version of iTunes you are trying to install?? Are you getting any error message while installing it??
    I have come across some people who have mentioned that they have installed iTunes 10.7 and...
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    Re: Best laptop deals this Diwali - 2012

    HP 431 - Rs. 30000 seems worth getting, one of my friend was asking me to suggest him a laptop within 30k, so i will suggest him to check out HP 431 and Dell Vostro 1550
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    Re: New taxi and auto rickshaw fare list

    I totally agree to you both, anyways Kh@LnaYak do you really think our Government have a class :rofl_2:

    Did you all know this????? I Came across it yesterday on Facebook, not so sure but it seems...
  9. Re: Huawei Ascend P1 LTE - India's first 4G Smartphone revealed

    Huawei Ascend P1 LTE looks good and its specification is impressive as well. I was expecting either Nokia or Samsung to come up with India first 4G Smartphone revealed and I am quite surprised to see...
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    Re: Angry Birds Star Wars release date confirmed

    I was quite sure that it was not a rumor. I knew that they will come up with Angry Birds Star Wars. My little cousins are already eating my head to get Angry Birds Star Wars toys for them. I am just...
  11. Re: Spybot update gives warning "Please select some update files from the list first."

    While checking out for your issue I have come across others who had encountered same error message, they had done below thing for fixing it.

    Right click on Spybot-Search&Destroy desktop icon >...
  12. Re: Unable to login neither Gmail nor Google play from my samsung smartphone

    There is nothing wrong with Gmail and Google play, they are working fine in my case. I just wanted to know if you have gone through the “forgot password” procedure. If not then go through it...
  13. Re: ASUS P8Z77M PRO everytime wants me to reset CMOS to boot

    I think either there is something wrong with the cmos battery of your board or something wrong with bios. I will suggest you to first updated your board bios to the latest and check out if that’s...
  14. Re: Error 80004005 while updating firmware in lumia 710

    Can you just let me know your phones current OS version, Firmware version so that I can have better idea of issue you are going through? In the mean while you can try resetting your phone and try to...
  15. Re: Buying apps for Windows Phone 7 without credit card

    No you cannot use Microsoft Points for buying applications for a Windows Phone 7, I don’t have much idea about debit cards as I have hardly used it for buying anything online. I prefer using credit...
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    Re: Hero Academy startup crash on windows 7

    That’s weird, I don’t know why these things are not making any difference in your case, just let me know your system specification so that I can have clear idea of your issue and will try to help...
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    Re: Hero Academy startup crash on windows 7

    I will suggest you to check out the below trouble shooting things and see if anyone of them is ending your issue.

    Update your graphic card driver – Make sure that you are updating to the latest...
  18. Re: Unable to upgrade to Diablo 3 Starter Edition

    If you want then you can check out the below things to make sure that there is nothing wrong at your end.

    First check out your bank transaction status, if it is pending then your upgrade might be...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3P-B3 reboots frequently

    Below are the things that can cause your system to reboot frequently:

    Virus or Malware
    Loose Connection of Hardware Cables
    Old CMOS Battery
    Hardware issue which inludes ram,...
  20. Re: Trendnet TEW-423PI won’t work in windows xp

    I have come across a number of people facing such issue, anyways as far as trouble shooting is concerned you can try out rebooting your router and even resetting it and reconfiguring it. If at all...
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    Re: Lumia 900 not booting after battery drain

    Before visiting the service center you can try out the below reset methods and see if you are getting any luck with that.

    Soft Reset: Hold down Volume Down and Power keys and wait till it...
  22. Re: Intel Core i7 3.70 GHz vs Core i7 Extreme Edition 3.80GHz

    Even I think the same until you won’t be overclocking your system I don’t think there is any point of getting Core i7-3920XM Processor. Generally there will be negligible difference between their...
  23. Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    Your issue is appearing quite weird now, anyways I will suggest you to try doing a system restore and check out if you are getting any help from it. You can follow the below steps for doing system...
  24. Re: Even after removing mac os x skin pack, computer looks like mac pc

    If the above solution does not help then you can try using SFC /SCANNOW Command. If at all you are not aware of the same then I will like to inform you that SFC /SCANNOW Command runs a scan for...
  25. Re: Can I overclock Intel Core i3-2120 Processor to 4.0 GHz on Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P?

    I don’t think that overclocking Core i3-2120 to 4.0 GHz is possible, I had a system having Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4 board and Core i3-2120 Processor previously and I had tried out overclocking the same....
  26. Re: Different kind of Crossbows in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard

    Along with Crossbows and bolts below are the new armor found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard:

    Ancient Falmer Boots
    Ancient Falmer Cuirass
    Ancient Falmer Gauntlets
    Auriel's Shield
  27. Re: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT driver update fails with an error

    In that case you can try installing the below beta driver for your NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT:

    Version: 304.79 BETA - link
    Release Date: 2012.07.03
    Operating System: Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7...
  28. Re: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT driver update fails with an error

    I wanted to know if you have uninstalled the old driver completely before installing the latest drive for it or not? If not then uninstall it first using driver sweeper and then precede installing...
  29. Re: Want to buy best aftermarket cooler for EVGA GTX 670

    I have replaced my EVGA GTX 670 cooler with Arctic Cooling Accelero Mono Plus and I will suggest you the same. It had fitted well and I did not had any issues while installing it, it is working great...
  30. Re: Which operating system is good for overclocking

    I don’t think that, Overclocking is not concerned with the operating system you are using but it depends on the components that you are using like video card, processor and power supply. As far as...
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    Re: Android apps to make Mobile network better

    These applications are really looking cool and I really want to give them a try in my Samsung galaxy y. anyways I just wanted to know that if they will work in my phone as it is running on Android...
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    Re: Flickering screen with Nexus 7

    Flickering screen is mostly due to hardware issue but it is not necessary, if you want then you can try resetting the tablet and see if you are getting any luck with it. For resetting the Nexus 7 you...
  33. Re: Low GPU usage while playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with GTX 580 3GB

    Since you have mentioned that you have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and it has not helped I just wanted to ask if you have tried updating to the latest driver available?? If not...
  34. Re: Right arrow key of Toshiba Satellite A205 stucked

    First off all I wanted to know what exact situation you are having?? If it is just stuck then you can take out the cap of the key and clean it underneath. You just have to check if there is something...
  35. Re: Which version of Surface Tablet will you buy - Intel or ARM Processor

    Things that make Surface (Windows Pro) better as compared to Surface (Windows RT) are as followed:

    Windows 8 operating system
    Intel third-generation Core i CPU
    42 watt hour battery
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    Re: Add border art in Word 2010

    I am starting a short tutorial for using Text Boxes and WordArt, I am quite sure the questioner is looking out for the same:
    Inserting a Text box:

    Select Insert tab and click on Text Box command...
  37. Re: Intel DH67CL freezes completely and blue screen error

    I will suggest you to try running the System File Checker tool (SFC.exe) for that you need to follow the below steps:

    First go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt (make sure that...
  38. Re: Skype sound quality is very bad to any person I am talking to on iphone

    Your issue seems to be weird, anyways I wanted to know that have you tried uninstalling and installing Skype from your iphone?? If not then try out the same and see if the issue is getting solved. If...
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    Re: best cooler for intel i5-3570k processor

    What about cooler master Vortex Plus (RR-VTPS-28PK-R1). It has a Compact profile design with 4 x Direct Contact heatpipes as well as balanced PWM fan for excellent airflow. It is said to be a very...
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    Re: Best GPS Device Manufacturers

    As far as I am aware Garmin ,TomTom and Magellan are the best GPS Device Manufacturers today. They are the leading ones and the top three in the market as far as their best products are concerned I...
  41. Re: Asus P8Z68-V Pro is not detecting my graphic card

    See you have tried out the possible solution for tracking out the cause of the issue in your case. If you still think that the board is not the culprit in your case then you can cross check out the...
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    Re: Negative points of Kobo Touch and Kindle 4

    I have checked about the same and have found some more disadvantage of Kindle 4. It does not have shelves like the Touch and you have to enable a plugin for the same. If you don’t do so then you...
  43. Re: BSOD and BCCode 116 with GTX 480 SC sli setup

    Which psu you are using? as you have said that the cards were working fine before without any issues in the same environment with the same games. I think that the psu is the culprit for this and not...
  44. Re: Asus P8Z68-V Pro is not detecting my graphic card

    Yes the graphic card should work fine with your Asus P8Z68-V Pro but I think that there is something wrong with either the card or the board in your case. I will suggest you to first check out in the...
  45. Re: Acer Aspire 8735G overheats even after replacing cooling compounds

    You have not mentioned the condition in which your laptop is getting overheated. Will you elaborate your issue in detail so that I can have a better idea of what you are facing and will try to help...
  46. Re: No Display nor Asrock M3A770DE Boot on new system

    If you want to get similar 550W psu then I think that “Corsair VX550 550w Power Supply” will be the best choice. I think that it is one of the best 550W psu. You can just go through features of...
  47. Re: No Display nor Asrock M3A770DE Boot on new system

    Since you have mentioned that this issue has started suddenly I will suggest you to better open the cpu case and inspect the connections thoroughly. Check if there is any lose connection and so....
  48. Re: Headphone jack of Lenovo ideapad K1 not working at all

    I have checked about the same and have found some solutions that have helped out others in similar conditions. So if you want then you can try out them as well and see if it is helping you out or...
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    Re: Cannot Activate Quick Heal Online

    In that case you can follow the below steps for getting rid of that error message and registering the quick heal total without any such issues.

    In you are using proxy for accessing the internet...
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    Re: Audio Device on Asus P5Q PRO

    Its not clear from you explanation whether you have performed the installation manually or you have to follow the solution that I had suggested, you should not try to install the files manually but...
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