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  1. Re: Intel Pentium DualCore E5700 overclocking

    I too believe that it should not be a good idea to overclock that processor because it is too much old and the CPU could not be able to handle such voltage modified. Most of the newer CPUs now-a-days...
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    Re: amd radeon hd 8850m overclocking

    Well, I think that Radeon HD 8850M is an underclocked 8870M graphics card, so you can overclock it without any problems. All you need to look at is the temperature that might go at high rates but it...
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    Re: intel i7-920 running at 100C at load

    Well, have you tried to remove the side door of your cabinet off? Incase there is problem with the case airflow causing it then you can simply remove the side of the case which will help clear it up....
  4. Re: overclocking Gigabyte 7950 video card

    There are also different overclocking tools that you can use like Afterburner, instead of AMD Catalyst driver, but it is always recommended to use the inbuilt driver only. There will be a slider that...
  5. Re: How to overclock Kingston HyperX Blu RAM?

    I think that you can up the memory to 1.65v but you wont be able to increase the voltage much above that. You can try to play around by changing the timings to 10-11-10-30 but still the 1600mhz will...
  6. Re: Antec kuhler 620 Temperature software

    There is another tool for monitoring temp called SpeedFan. It is a popular software for free and lightweight as well to monitor the components of your computer. With a few mouse clicks, you can set...
  7. Overclocked GeForce GTX TITAN AMP! Edition Video Card Announced by Zotac

    The Chinese manufacturer Zotac, Nvidia partner on the graphics card market, announces a new model based on the high-powered GeForce GTX Titan arrived earlier this year.

    As its name indicates,...
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    Re: Is Dynatron K618 CPU Cooler any good

    I think that the Dynatron K618 CPU Cooler will fit in the Rackmount Server Chassis without any problems. Even if it comes with mounting hardware or not, which is not confirmed still, it doesnt...
  9. Re: How to move apps to SD card from internal memory of LG Optimus Elite?

    One reason for which LG Optimus Elite must not be allowing you to move installed application outside the phone is to maintain the integrity f the data generated by the specific software. I mean...
  10. Re: Playstation 3 games should be played on PS Vita through remote play

    Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 could be connected using Bluetooth in it. But I don’t think that Bluetooth 3.0 will be able to transfer data at such a high rate. I mean in the video of remote...
  11. Re: Facebook problems with IE 9 - Cannot view or upload videos on Facebook

    What is the file format of the video that you are trying to upload on facebook? From which devices you are uploading, is it a mobile phone? If the file size is pretty big then due to slow download...
  12. Re: How to unlock bootloader of Asus Transformer TF300?

    I agree that there are lots of legal formalities that Asus will need to complete before they can unlock the bootloader for the customers who have purchased Asus Transformer TF300. If they unlock the...
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    Re: Telephone-shaped USB hub

    That is something unique Telephone-shaped USB hub if one can notice, however I wonder how do we connect it to other devices in order extract the data or view the data from the usb drive? I dont see...
  14. Re: New Dual-Sim Touchscreen Handset Samsung D980

    One of my cousin gifted me this phone and I have been using it for a couple of months till now and all of a sudden the touchscreen of this phone has started to die, it just hangs whenever I get a...
  15. Re: How to Overclock basic E and Q processors in Gigabyte motherboard?

    Just have glance over the below:
    Advanced BIOS Features

    Hard Disk Boot Priority [Press Enter]

    First Boot Device__________ [CDROM] <-- use whatever device you have memtest created on.
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    If a graphics card via the VGA port connected to the display, the digital signals from the graphics card are first converted into analog signals. The display is then reversed again, the conversion...
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    Re: Overclocking Intel E6550

    Intel Burn Test I be one of the nicer tools for stress testing the CPU. That is really about the temperature when running, however. I guess it's a good tool to see how capable the CPU cooler is also...
  18. Re: Building Gaming Chair by modding Gigabyte 8N SLI (1.1)

    I'm thinking of going for an SSD of my hard drive. It seems that it will work better considering moving the chair around. Just wondering what type of DVD drive you can use that works best with the...
  19. Re: Need help in overclocking Gigabyte P41T-D3P (rev 1.3)

    "The increased frequency BLCK automatically increases speed of RAM. To this end, all motherboards, there is no way around it. So you have to drop the RAM speed to a lower value by raising the FSB...
  20. Re: Using HyperTransport and DDR 3 makes CPU Overclocking

    Well I want to tell and also want to add some information to you that on all the motherboards that over Overclocked on their which has been an option to reduce the RAM clock / memory frequency which...
  21. Re: Unlock a Telus Mobility BlackBerry Storm 9530 with MFI Multiloader 2.11

    I have decided to take the salaer think

    1) Clear MP cache, and like before unlocked device wCP! cleared, phone unlocked successfully
    2) If it does go clueless athe files go to wipe device using...
  22. Re: Need information on my 32GB RAM ESXi whitebox build.

    In my belief the giga-byte boards are not having any ECC hold up. I didn't understand Intel exposed registered ECC support while moving from the last gen UP to current gen UP servers. While 4GB...
  23. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Civ 5 games crashing after playing for 20 minutes and requires hard reset

    I think you should once contact the customer center and ask for assistance. Those people are experts and they will guide you very properly regarding this.
  24. Re: Any input on this Micro ATX build would be greatly appreciated

    I'll undoubtedly get the 2500k on account of I've perused some people about hyper threading in some older games. Utilize the coin for the film card. I'd moreover get a cheaper motherboard if there...
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    Re: customizing PC for gaming

    Be Careful there. There's the GTX 560, and then there's the GTX 560 Ti. The Ti description is more analogous to the 6950 than the non-Ti description. At ~$220 AR for the non-Ti GTX 560, you may as...
  26. Re: My First custom build can its runs Skyrim, Witcher 2, and Battlefield 3

    Well I just love when someone ask Will my rig max out BF3 and gives all there configuration , just don’t worry I am pretty sure that your pc would be able to play all game that you have mentioned...
  27. Re: Need information on LG D2342P 3D Monitor

    The 23-creep LG Flatron D2342P has polished piano-dark bezel and foot stand, compared with a plain light-faded back. The beginning expanse of the case is 0.7 crawls, with a different 1.5 creep of...
  28. Re: Unable to delete the SMS message on BlackBerry Pearl 8100

    Execute restore factory settings and then check the preferred modify as needed. You better you can make changes when necessary. Surely allow you to get the changes to be processed. I hope you are...
  29. Re: Getting ‘system error’ during the welcome screen on nokia C7

    I also had the same problem with my Nokia mobile phone. And I have followed the below steps and after that I have solved mine issue. Turn off the phone and press red, green and camera button together...
  30. Re: Overclocking of Intel Core i5 2500K on GIGABYTE h67a-ud3h-b3

    I'd think that the option CPU Smart Fan Enable would help to improve your execution speed and it will be help to improve the performance of the system. Then you need to use this type of think and it...
  31. re: Overclocking of Intel core i7 2600k on Gigabyte z68x-udh3-b

    The other way to do this overclocking task is to be the BIOS update. This will be help to improve the functionality of the CMOs. This process is to be simple and it will be help to improve the speed...
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    Re: Overclocking on Gigabyte GA 990FX UD7

    You need to do this overclocking task properly. Before doing this task you need good set of tools installed to know exactly how fast and how hot your computer is running at all times. This will be...
  33. Re: Overclocking with Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD5

    Gigabyte’s new GA-990FXA-UD5 motherboard has just been delivered to me and I have to say it looks pretty impressive. You need the F5b BETA BIOS that help a little. You need to install this BIOS...
  34. Re: Prime 95 passes 8 hours after Overclocking at priority 10 but fails 1min of LinX

    I'm more inclined to think the circuitry of the CPU in my old mobo + AM simply cannot handle the stress of an overclocked 1100T (three revisions, which are supposed to provide better support...
  35. Re: Unable to overclock Asrock p67 professional

    I think you are overclocking system really higher. Due to overheating you are causing such a problem I don’t think the board is capable of that much higher clock speed. You can try to enable or...
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    Re: How to do Overclocking in MSI P41-C33?

    Go to the BIOS, choose the menu cell, its memory-Z cek, set your memory latency in advance D-RAM configuration must be 6 early, the times at 6-9-9-9 -24 tray first step, increased the CPU clock. At...
  37. Re: MSI Big Bang Xpower not running with DDR 3 2000 mzh

    Set the command rate for a large part of the problem. It is CR 2 to that speed. The times are very good, 8 8 8 24, but make sure tRFC is 110. DRAM V. You should have 1.65v also you may need to be set...
  38. Re: Acer Aspire 5253 with AMD E-350 APU overclocking

    No OC in this case. Oddly, through E-300 1.3 GHz AMD CPU, which actually has a turbo t overclock I do not be acquainted with the speed of OC. But the 1.67 E-450 in addition has a turbo boost mode...
  39. Re: Number crunching - Intel 2600K vs. Intel I7-2600

    The other thing behind this is to be the both processors has to be contains the comprocessor. This coprocessor has been specially designed inside the processor for the numerical calculation. Then I...
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    Re: Kindle’s mock trial concerns

    Incidentally, with the generalization of ebooks will also ask the piracy problem. Forgiveness of counterfeiting. And this in a way that probably more prevalent in the world of music publishing. For...
  41. Re: Kindle one of the finest eReader on the market

    First, PC-Mag which awards a score of 4 / 5 in the Kindle. Design more compact than the previous generation, a screen with better contrast, the addition of WiFi and its unsurpassed catalog are the...
  42. re: How to increase the voltage of the Nvidia G105M GPU

    Hello according to my knowledge your graphics is soldered on the way to the motherboard which means that their bios are incorporated into the system BIOS. You would have to eliminate the system BIOS,...
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    Re: What is FileASSASSIN in Malwarebyte?

    I am happy to hear that running MalwareBytes Professional with the realtime scanner active and Avast and a separate firewall is working for you. I'm sure MalwareBytes is written to co-exist with...
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    Re: Need a Dinosaur hunting game

    I want you to try out Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP which is an action game where you play as a warrior hunting down the biggest game that never existed: the dragon. Use force and cunning: you must...
  45. Re: According to you which points are best for Mobile Gaming?

    As for smart phones, the iPhone is by far the most productive, although there are many redundancies in the App Store. But the simple casual games under sophisticated, the range is wide and the limits...
  46. Re: After updating to Froyo 2.2 my Motorola droid 2 reboots frequently.

    The update I am on the Motorola Software Update tool performed. Then a wipe and the new Android system set up my downloaded apps, ringtones, etc. selected. Then I did a restart and since then the...
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    Re: Overclocking in AMD E-350

    All the AMD based motherboards have a "hypertransport" speed and hence there will be necessary to do the overclocking task over this system. This is so necessary to improve the system speed. Hence If...
  48. Re: How to overclock AMD athlon 64 x2 5000+65nm Brisbane

    I have a problem with this system and I decided to overclock this system. Then I check the system configuration and it will be help to solve such problem. First I go into the BIOS and then use the...
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    Re: Download 64 bit installer for iTunes

    I refer you to download the system Utility cleaner from the Internet.Once you have opened the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, it will populate all of the programs installed on your computer by...
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    Re: Bookmars not working with Firefox 5

    I insist you the procedure for solve the problem of the bookmark loading as follows:
    i)check the bookmark which you made.if it is incorrect then delete the bookmark.close the browser again....
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