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  1. Re: How to use Tor browser in Windows 7 for surfing

    Tor browser is easy to use. It is best if you want to surf privately. There is no need to look study much on that. When you turn it on there are ample of settings in which you can turn on anonymous...
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    Poll: Re: Do you want WhatsApp+ back or not

    One of the best thing that I found nice about WhatsApp+ si that you can share hundreds of emoticons on the same. You can just create your own and you can share it. There is a upload icon on the chat...
  3. Re: Recording screen through fraps slowing down Windows 10

    Screen2Avi is a nice software and I am also using the same. I am using in my Windows 8 system and it is working really fine. The best part of this software is that it allow me to choose the format as...
  4. Re: Is it possible to embeds videos from different site in Microsoft Word

    Embedding a video from youtube is the easiest option. For that you have to just turn on Developer option. It can be done throgh Word options. just turn that thing and on there you will find Active X...
  5. Re: Not able to change secondary resolution of XMBC

    You can try making change in the resolution you have to go in the system. There you will find in the settings panel. Then you have to again look for system and you have to find a video output...
  6. Re: Unable to find lan driver for old Gigabyte motherboard

    If you are unable to find the right drivers through that then there is one more. You have to locate your motherboard model. You can use CPUZ for that. Once you get the model just search on that web...
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    Re: Video Surveillance software for office pc

    I was also looking for the same kind of software and I found iSpy. This one is a free software that can help you to record videos through your web camera quietly. Being a free tool it is loaded with...
  8. Re: Software to take ringtones of multiple music files

    There is no such tools through which you can edit multiple files at the same time. Even I am trying to find the same from long time but it fails to work. Most of them which I found are having a...
  9. Re: Want some help to embeds pdf file in Microsoft Word

    It is correct that you might face issue with sharing the file through mail. I had added around 4 ppt files in the word and it was unable to attach in the mail. So for that I simply added the file...
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    Re: How to merge size of 16GB DVD video

    You can try using Wondershare Video Editor . This tool is also simple to use and has easy way to merge DVD files. It is fast and provide you a simple way of merging different DVD files into one. You...
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    Re: How to convert PowerPoint files to html

    To get the best HTML type of output from that you have to use a professional took. You can try using iSpring. It is one of the most simplest way to save your files in proper HTML format. You have to...
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    Re: 3DMark showing up incorrect results

    There are few others tools available in the market that you can still test to find out the maximum output of your system. You can leave 3Dmark aside if this is not working. You can run PassMark...
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    Re: Notepad is not saving my fonts on Windows 8

    In Mac there is a tool called as Font Doctor. This tool fixes the damage font quiet easily. But the same thing is not available in windows. If the font is not working you have to replace it with some...
  14. Re: Important things to install before making image recovery of windows 7

    The best thing to do is get a updated antivirus in the image file. So that whenever you restore you can get the antivirus protection also. You can add a few essential applications like a pdf reader...
  15. Re: Which software can help me to merge and crop videos at the same time

    A good thing about using Movie Maker is that it has a option through which you can produce a hd video quality. That is the best thing. Through movie maker you can get a high resolution video and you...
  16. Re: Realtek HD Audio driver crash while playing dvd through vlc

    This might be due to a bad driver. You have to find the latest one and try back. This will help you to fix the issue. Most of this crashing problem appear when you have issue with corrupt or damage...
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    Re: How to root Bluestack and add more apps

    It is a emulator not a complete OS installed on android phone. Then how can you root it. I do not think there is any option available. What you can do is install some root apps from Google Play. Or...
  18. Re: How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

    You cannot because there is no file editor for that. If you even manage to extract the content you can compile it back to a single file. It is a bit complicated problem. You will need the tool...
  19. Re: Which ebook can quickly help me to learn java

    I am going to recommend you a few free ebooks that you can simply try out to learn java. This wll help you more in learning the same. The Java Tutorial 4th Edition will give you a short course in...
  20. Re: Removing old backup from WD Smartware and starting a new one

    Do not format. There are some software in the drive which are used by WD Smartware to access the content. You can remove the old backup. Go in the drive and just delete those folders. And then launch...
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    Re: Unresponsive script error on Firefox v.29

    To fix this issue you can install YesScript on your browser. It is a tiny addon which help you in fixing the problem. Just add the same and check back. You have to install this first and then go in...
  22. Re: OneDrive wont sync after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    It happens something. A few apps does not work well on your system. You have to skip using them for a while. There are tons of online storage solution available. That you can use for storing your...
  23. Re: Simple way to record HD sound from a regular mic on Windows 8

    There is nothing can be done without a good hardware. You have to buy something very effective that can record your sound and give you more effective output. I had seen tiny mic which you can attach...
  24. Re: Which is the best android simulator for windows pc

    There is nothing better than Bluestack in the market. It is the best one. There was some issue in the old version but now the new one is just amazing. I am using it. You need a good system for that....
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    Re: Cpu-Z crashing on Windows 8.1

    I think this is a ram issue. Before running cpu z download memtest. There are some other memory tester also. Memtest is the best one among all. Just download the iso file and burn that on a CD/DVD....
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    Re: Webcam with face recognition lock for pc

    HP webcams also comes with that feature. I had also seen a nice software for Mac. It is called as KeyLemon. But I am not sure whether this one is available for Windows or not. The tool provide you...
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    Re: Correct bios file for Lenovo ThinkCentre M58

    The most safest way is to use bootable cd to udpate bios. This will surely help you in fixing the issue. In Windows if the utility crashes then your system will fail to boot. So to get perfect update...
  28. Re: PC Cleaner Express crashing after scanning system

    Try to re-install it. The program is crashing due to damage setup files. You can download a fresh version from its official site and install it. Once done reboot your pc and then test it. Most of...
  29. Re: Screen resolution manager software for Windows XP

    There are few helpful tools that can help you in fixing the issue. I am also using Screen Resolution Manager. It is nice and works fast. But it is better if you can stick with the default method of...
  30. Re: Advance volume mixer tool for 5.1 Audio Channel

    There is one more tiny tool that you can test. Most of the system comes with a audio manager. And if you a high end system that already has a 5.1 channel support then surely in the driver cd you will...
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    Re: Slow file indexing on Total Commander 8

    The problem does lies with the software. It is your hard drive. You have to run a hard drive health test software to find out if there are bad sectors or not. Try to bifurcate the videos in different...
  32. Re: Is there any software to diagnose cpu case fan failure

    Well I do not think there is any kind of utility available which can alert you about fan failure. You can do that directly from the bios. Many motherboard comes with this feature. You can simply find...
  33. Re: Excel formula to calculate the time difference

    I had tried some formula. Most of the time does not give you exact results. The best thing you can do is simply try out a web based calculator. This will be enough to fix the problem. You just have...
  34. Re: How to edit and merge vcard files through Excel

    I am using Youlu. It is a cloud based constant manager. All of my contacts are uploaded on this and I can anytime export or import new things from the same. It is quiet easy to manage also. I think...
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    Re: Windows Media Player suddenly stopped ripping

    I got this issue when I was trying to play a dvd. I am not able to understand why it crashes so instantly. The player also takes a very long time to load the dvd video. It crashes instantly when I...
  36. Re: New free calendar templates for office 2003 and 2007

    There are many sites that give you tons of free template that you can use on your office suite. I can found more for the latest version instead of old one. You just have to download and add them in...
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    Re: Download Now Skype

    The reason you are getting the issue is you are trying to run a old version which is no longer support. The best thing I would recommend you to test a new edition atleast once. This will help you to...
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    Re: How to repair a PDF

    There are some password remove tool available. That you can use to remove the encryption. It is only possible to repair that file if it is not completely damage. If you had got the file in the same...
  39. Re: Help to convert hand written html codes to digital for college project

    OCR is the only solution for this. But to use you require clear writing. If the content of page is not proper then OCR will generate a lot of junk characters. And you will have to fix the manually....
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    Re: New features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    There are more new tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements 12. This can be used to customize the image and make them far more perfect. You have to learn the same bit before using it. It might take sometime...
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    Re: How to apply soft effect on portrait photos

    Through Photoshop you can clean the photos. I cannot give you the full steps in some line. You have to checkout some tutorial video on the same. Or else it will be complicated for you to work on the...
  42. Re: Is HDDExpert a better tool for testing hard drive

    I am also using HDDExpert. This tool gives you information about drive errors. And if there are many time to backup your data. This type of tool are very effective to keep a eye on the drive...
  43. Re: Software to fix old black and white photos and add color in them

    You can do that in photo shop. But for that you have to follow a online tutorial. It is a bit advance work. You can fix the black photos by filling up colors, but you cannot enhance the quality. You...
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    Re: Password Manager for Windows 8.1

    I am using KeePass. It is a basic password manager which has all the features required to manage passwords. You just have to create a account on the same. With a single email id and password you can...
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    Re: 3D effect camera application for PC Webcam

    There is nothing like that. But there are extension which you can try. You can go and search for various Firefox addons. The addons provide you simple filters that you can apply directly on the...
  46. Re: Benefits of using uninstaller software on Windows 8

    A number of time Windows Uninstaller misses file tracks and registry keys that remain in the system for long time. You can use a good uinstaller to make you system more clear. Try to find a tool with...
  47. Re: Nvidia Display Drive crash every time when I wake pc from Sleep mode

    There can be number of reasons behind that. First a outdated or corrupt driver. For which you have to download the new one from Nvidia's website and install it on your pc. That is the easiest way to...
  48. Re: Note taking application for Windows 8 desktop

    If you need a professional software then Microsoft One Note is the best one. This come in Office suite and offer you a very simple way of taking note. You can keep a track of all your activities and...
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    Re: How to split a widescreen into small parts

    There are number of different applications available for that. Like UltraMon, Splitview, Gridmode, etc. This tools work the same way. They offer you to have a different split screen on your desktop....
  50. Re: Video from Movie maker crashing and audio stutter

    Try to convert the videos first. You can use Bigasoft Video Convertor. Try to convert them to mp4 or avi format. And the import them in movie maker. You can also do one thing. Try to run all the...
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