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  1. DVD video lagging on Windows 7 Starter edition

    I am using a system that has a 32bit of Windows 7 Starter edition. The system was having a hidden system partition. I restored that because of slow performance. Once everything was done I installed...
  2. Antec NeoEco 620C PSU unable to handle Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler

    I have a system that has Antec NeoEco 620C PSU. I am using Intel Core i5 with a high end gigabyte motherboard. There is 8GB RAM and 3TB hard drive on the same. Recently I got HIS 280X 3GB GDDR5...
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    Recovering files from a dead hard drive

    What are the possibility available to recover data from a dead hard drive. I am talking about a complete dead drive which is not working at all. I got my drive stopped working suddenly. I just came...
  4. Does anonymous surfing on chrome hide my ip address

    Google Chrome has a incognito mode. This means private mode. When I turn this on does Google chrome hide my ip also. I have to visits a few sites which has blocked my ip address. I want to access...
  5. How to control backlight on Linux based system

    How to control the back light of Linux based pc. I am not having any hotkey setup for the same. I am looking for a nice brightness controller thing which is not working well. I am unable to use the...
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    Best movie manager app for Android tablet

    I am looking for a good movie manager app for android tablet pc. I am having around 110 compress pictures which I am able to fit inside a 64GB SD card. All of them are having name. I can start them...
  7. How to add a live clock on Windows 8 Desktop background

    Is it possible to add a live cock on Windows 8 Desktop background. I want to configure a clock so that when go on the desktop it can show me the latest time. I had tried finding out some software....
  8. What are the way to increase twitter followers

    How to get more twitter followers easily. I am unable to find any good way. I have some sites to promote where they are going well on Facebook. But on twitter none of them are performing well. I hope...
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    Vivo Xshot vs One Plus One for camera

    I had found two Chinese brand phones which looks very promising in terms of output. The first one is Vivo Xshot and the second one is One Plus One. I am looking for the best camera phone here. Both...
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    When LG Isai FL is going to release

    Does anyone knows about LG Isai FL. I had seen this a week ago in news. But I am unable to find any information on the same. I am looking for a bit detail information on the mobile phone. About it...
  11. What will be good Core i3 with gpu or just Core i5 for gaming

    What will be the best choice for a mid range gamin pc. Intel Core i3 with 1GB Graphic card or Just Intel Core i5 processor without gpu. RAM will be 4GB. I am confused here. Many says that Core i5 is...
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    Nvidia driver crashing on MSI GS70 STEALTH

    I am trying to install a few new games in my notebook. I was having lots of issue before. I was removing applications as my system is working quiet slow. Now I am getting a nvidia driver crash...
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