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  1. Re: iPhone 6 plus screen scratch already just in 1 week

    There are many people who are facing a fine scratch on their iphone 6 even if you carefully handle it. You should try to grab a screen protector for your iPhone 6 but even if you still got a little...
  2. Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

    If the .nes file is not working in your mobile phone, then try installing either the .mrp game files or java game files in your phone and see if that works or not. Below is the article on how to...
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    Re: How to update karbonn A2+

    First of all Android 4.4 is called Kitkat and not Jelly bean. To update your phone to Android Kitkat, follow the below steps:

    First of all you need to istall the ROM Manager on your Karbonn...
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    Re: Best Mobile phone like google nexus 5

    Well, I would suggest you to go with Sony Xperia Z1 Compact smartphone. This phone runs better and under heavy load it remains very stable as well. Compared to Google Nexus 5, Xperia Z1 Compact has a...
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    Re: Call entry deleted from Nokia E5-00

    Well, it seems that due to the phone turning off the memory if the phone didnt save that particular phone number and so you can tell that it is just a little software issue. You can get into Call log...
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    Re: Wifi issues with Acer Aspire S7-391 laptop

    I actually installed the latest driver version of which did not fix the problem for me. So, I just went ahead and did a full uninstall of the wireless driver from the Uninstall a Program...
  7. Re: Which is the smartphone by features, battery back up etc... within Rs. 25000?

    The best phone available in the price range that you are willing to purchase would be Samsung Galaxy S3. This phone will cost you only Rs. 23000 approximately. It comes with a giant 2100mAH battery...
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    Re: Change IMEI number using MTK tool.

    You can also try to download Mobile uncle tool that can be used to change the IMEI number of your mobile phone. The steps first includes you to go to Engineer mode in mobile uncle tool. After that...
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    Re: Wi-Fi usage in Nokia C6-00

    Yes, when you will connect to the institution wifi then your details will be logged in the administrator computer or in the wifi options your phone will be listed as it is connected to their wifi...
  10. Thread: Tecom MP5 Player

    by Gonzo

    Re: Tecom MP5 Player

    I cannot find any details about your Tecom MP5 Player? Is it a media player, also when you purchased it then didnt this player come with any manual or instruction with it. What about any CD/DVD that...
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    Re: acer 4736z laptop body damaged

    If you have a new laptop then you can get your system for repair and it will be a good idea. But if the laptop is 2-3 years old then you can try to get some replacement parts but again it will cost...
  12. Re: Lost Amber updates after Nokia Lumia 920 hard reset

    Since you have lost the system apps after a hard reset, then you will need to download Lumia System Updater app to update your phones system apps to the latest versions. The Lumia System Updater is a...
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    Re: yellow hue problem with Nokia Lumia 920

    There are different applications like Fhotoroom app that has good white balance editor and if you combine it with Creative Studio then it can fix the photos that you are taking from your mobile...
  14. Re: How to recover lost data from Lexar 4gb firefly memory stick?

    Have you tried conneting your Lexar Firefly Jumpdrive to another computer and checked if it is working or not. Did you try to format the usb drive to get it working? If not, then open My Computer and...
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    Re: Volume down button problem in Nokia Lumia 720

    There are many people who seems to be facing this problem with their Nokia Lumia 720 and it was written somewhere that this problem is happening after updating the music application. So, to solve...
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    Re: Audio recording problem in Nokia Lumia 1020

    Can you check whether you are having the latest firmware update installed in your Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone? If not then go to Settings > Phone Update and then check for any latest software update...
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    Re: performing factory reset bricked Lumia 920

    Can you try to put your Nokia Lumia 920 phone back to charge for half an hour and then check whether you can again reset your phone or not. If this doesnt work then try to press volume down + power +...
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    Re: no service on my iPhone 5S

    Can you try to use different Sim card and check if it is working. If it is still not working then the problem might be with the GSM functionality in your iPhone 5S. It could be either a hardware...
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    Re: iPhone 5S is not charging, help

    Can you visit the nearest apple store and hand them your iPhone 5S, so that they can test the phone and see where the problem lies actually. If they find your iPhone 5S to be faulty the they will...
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    Re: Accidentally deleted files from TomTom One XL

    You can try to backup the complete Explorer of your One XL's contents and then make sure that the hidden files and folders are shown. After that you can use Explorer to remove all the loose files...
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    Re: iPhone 5s release in India

    Well, Apple has not yet announced the availability of iPhone 5s for India. But the release date should be in December nearly. Also, in the US this phone will be put for sale from September 20th 2013....
  22. Re: Motorola Moto X phone supports Qi Wireless Charger

    I am surprised to see that after searching on the net for answer I am getting mixed results. Some website say that Moto X phone supports Wireless Charger while other websites dont. When I checked the...
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    Re: How to unlock Huawei t520 phone?

    There are many websites that give you the unlock code for AT&T Huawei Impulse 4G mobile phone for free, once such is WorldGSMcodes website. All you need to do is give them your mobile phoes IMEI...
  24. Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 camera features or apps for Note 2 available

    I would like to recommend you to not go with the ported version of the camera app even if it is available. Most of the ported version of the firmware either corrupt the inbuilt features in your phone...
  25. Re: Can my HTC Explorer handle a 32GB memory sd card?

    HTC Explorer phone does supports 32gb of memory card. And by default, all applications on the handset are installed on the phone memory. An application can only be moved to the microSD card if it was...
  26. Re: HTC One dropped by mistake, now it is completely dead

    Just try to connect the phone into the computer by holding down the power button until the phone boots. You will also need to hold power button until it boots and then it will work just fine. Also,...
  27. Re: Can I get the replacement for the cracked screen for dell streak 7?

    Well, you can check ebay if they are selling any broken Dell Streak 7 or you can even sell your broken tablet on many different sites that are offering such services. Just google out for same and you...
  28. Re: Can I get the replacement for the cracked screen for dell streak 7?

    Why, what happened, is your Dell Streak 7's screen damaged? If yes, then check if it is under warranty and send it to the Dell technician for a repair free of cost or either for a replacement. If it...
  29. Re: qwerty mobile with GPS at a budget of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000

    I thought that qwerty + touch screen mobile phone would be worth the upgrade, since you can enjoy both features. Anyways, if you want only qwerty mobile phone with gps then go with Samsung Galaxy Y...
  30. Re: PC suite for SPICE stellar Mi 425 android 2.3

    I have heard that Karbonn A9 's driver can be also used for SPICE Stellar Mi-425 because they both have same hardware or so. So first search for ADB-Drivers_A9_Fonehacker and download it in your...
  31. Re: qwerty mobile with GPS at a budget of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000

    There are many mobile phones that has Qwerty plus the GPS features like BlackBerry Curve 9320, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, HTC ChaCha, etc. But in the budget only the Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 is...
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    Re: Drivers for China N95 mt6227 mobile phone

    Well, you need to check which file format does your china iphone mobile supports, that is, whether it supports java games or apps, or .mrp file or .nes file format. Based on that you can download the...
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    Re: Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with GTA 3

    Is your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 phone rooted. If not then the crashing of the game could also depend upon that. You need to gain access to the phone in order to play any third party games. How did you...
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    Re: Nokia C5-00 camera's click sound

    On many other nokia phone's you can try to turn off shutter sound of camera by doing the following - Menu > Settings > Profiles > <active profile> > Personalise > Warning tones > Off. But for...
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    Re: Problem with my Nokia C5-00 phone

    Well, have you tried the application called GLock: Lock phone gallery. It will help you to lock your phone gallery. If locked, gallery items like photos, videos, sound tracks & private files can be...
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    Re: Nokia cell phone warranty check

    Well, you can check the warranty of your nokia mobile phone online by putting in the IMEI information on this website here -

  37. Re: How to track stolen/lost laptop with serial number online

    There is a software program for tracking your laptop and it is called Adeona. It’s an open-source laptop tracing software program and you can download it from its official site. Adeona requires the...
  38. Re: Cherry Mobile Phone? supports games or any application that can be install? in waht format?

    Well, you can insert some of the memory card or SD cards in your mobile phone to increase the memory, but you cannot increase the phone memory that comes in stock. You will also have to note that,...
  39. Re: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 back side USB 3.0 ports stopped working

    Have you tried updating the chipset driver?? If not, then try updating the chipset driver and see if that makes any difference. I am not sure if that would help but you can surely try it out in such...
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    Re: reinstall android 4.0 os on my trio stealth

    Well, could you please tell us why do you want to reinstall android 4.0 in your trio stealth tablet? Did something go wrong in the tablet? If that is the case then you can try to go into its settings...
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    Re: Recovering forgotten security code on N73

    Well, havent you tried to connect your mobile phone to the pc and then try to backup all the data and contacts with the help of Nokia Pc suite that you can easily download from the official nokia...
  42. Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

    It seems that your mobile phone supports .nes files and therefore you can download the application and games file from here -
  43. Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

    Well, I have heard that the intex sense 3.0 phone is running on the java platform, so you can try to search for some java games from this forum and then try to install it on your pc. I hope that your...
  44. Re: getting beeps 5 times on start up with Dell inspiron N5110.

    Beeping sound means that either it is a ram fault or maybe the cmos battery needs to be changed. So first of all have you tried to insert a new Cmos battery and then checked if the problem of beeping...
  45. Re: Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5330 built in webcam is not working

    Which version of Toshiba Web Camera Application you are using? Is it the latest one? If not, than you can uninstall it reinstall below one.
    Toshiba Web Camera Application (v2.0.3.3)
    Best of luck.
  46. Re: Sony Xperia T vibrator makes a strange noise

    There might be some kind of hardware issue with your phone. I think you should better get it checked. If you want than you can try doing a hard reset, I am not sure if that would make any difference...
  47. Re: Error "Frequency out of Range" while running Dishonored

    Hey you will have to edit below registry:
    Current _user / Software / Arkane / Dishonored
    You just have to change values of ResX and ResY form there accordingly for running the game.
  48. Re: Integrated graphics not found - Virtu MVP cannot be installed

    From where have you downloaded the drivers??? Virtu MVP latest driver are available at company's website, have you tried installing those. There are possibilities that your current drivers might be...
  49. Re: want to buy a new laptop with Core 2 Duo, 4gb ram and 500gb hard disk

    Well, you can buy the Compaq 420 laptop that has a Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P6570 and can be upgraded to 4gb of ram. It also comes with 500gb hard drive and has Mobile Intel Graphics Media...
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    Re: Best sites for tracking ip address

    Rather than using some online ip address tracker site you can also use “Free IP Address Tracker from SolarWinds”. It is capable of tracking unlimited number of IP addresses and lets you know...
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