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  1. Re: Mineral Oil submerged pc for extreme overclocking

    There is a site on the web who offer mineral oil submerged pc. It is found that this mineral oil is around 5 time better when it comes to transferring heat from pc. Air cpu cooler are not so great...
  2. Re: Replacing heatsink of Cooler Master Hyper TX3 for more cooling

    It is only possible to replace a heatsink if you can get the exact mold. Or else it wont be easy. For custom heatsink you have to contact some person who can simply give you a custom heatsink and...
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    Re: Is Air cooling enough on AMD FX9590

    It is right. Anyhow your cpu is going to heat when you will be playing games at maximum resolution. And if you are going to use any turbo boost kind of utility in your system then it will also...
  4. Re: Cheap but good processor for overclocking

    If you are looking for something in Intel then I think Core i3-4150 is a good processor. I am not really sure about the budget price of this cpu but it is really awesome. The cpu falls in the haswell...
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    Re: AMD FX8320 bsod while overclocking

    Install a cpu temp monitor application on your pc. That will help you more in fixing the solution. Your cpu is heating up and you are ignoring that. Due to which you are getting the issue. It is...
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    Re: Radiator placement for Core i5 computer

    The placement is important here. Or else your system will not cool and you will have issue if you are going to overlcock or play games. The best thing you can do here is upgrade your case. Or if you...
  7. Re: Want some advice on making my cpu case wireless

    There are some cheaper one also available. If you are not planing to move your pc far from the modem you can go with them. There are some mini wireless cards that are nice and easy to use. They have...
  8. Re: Intel Core i5 locked cannot overclock on MSI board

    You have to check in the bios. See whether overclocking is enabled or not. If yes then you have to check the other settings. You can also go ahead with updating the bios version to get rid of this...
  9. Re: Is there any way to keep the cpu cooler at room temperature under basic overclocking

    Vostro 2420 is a budget laptop. I had seen a newer version of this system on Dell's official website. It cost around Rs.35,840. But that does has a gpu in it. The only version that I know comes with...
  10. Re: After overclocking Core 2 Duo performance drops

    Did you checked properly that the processor which you are overclocking really supports it. If it does not supports then you had destroyed your cpu. It might work for few more time and will dead...
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    Re: Which ram is best to help overclocking

    Here if you have enough ram sticks then it will do the job. Like if you have around 8GB of ram sticks, it is more than enough. It mhz does not matter here. Some manufacturer also offer ram for...
  12. Re: What is the use of Extreme Tuning Utility by Intel

    Never overclock without testing your system.Because it can give you serious problem. There are number of testing software available on web which gives you a clear log report at the end. It tells you...
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    Re: Gigabyte Easytune 6 is not working

    It is recommended that you must never use those utilizes for the overclocking purpose. That can be risky. The best way to overclock is through bios. There are minimum settings required for the same....
  14. Re: 60C Intel Core 2 Duo temperature on idle, is it safe

    Looks like there is lots of dust inside. Due to which air ventilation is locked. You will have to open your cpu case and you will have to clean it. Try to remove all the dust and then check back. The...
  15. Re: Is laptop a safe platform for overclocking

    They can provide you overclocking, but a reasonable rate only. In desktop you can simply cross the limit by applying a good set of cooler. While in laptop you have to stick with limitation....
  16. Re: Black screen problem with AMD FX 8120 Eight Core at 3.20 Ghz

    This cpu works great with overclocking. If you check online then you can find ample of websites offering details about clock rate. Now I saw on a forum where the overclock rate on this processor was...
  17. Re: Black screen problem with AMD FX 8120 Eight Core at 3.20 Ghz

    This cpu works great with overclocking. If you check online then you can find ample of websites offering details about clock rate. Now I saw on a forum where the overclock rate on this processor was...
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    Re: Gigabyte Z77 with i5 3570k overclocking

    Check your bios first. That will be better. There are third party tools available but they can be risky. Because if your overclocking calculation are not proper then there is maximum chance of facing...
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    Re: Want help to overclock AMD FX-6300 CPU

    People were able to get 5Ghz on this cpu and that looks to be working great. Overclocking consist of many things not just increasing the cpu clock rate. It is better you stick with auto settings or...
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    Re: Is it difficult to overclock under Linux

    There is one thing you people can try. Instead of installing Linux directly on a separate partition there is one more option available. It is called as virtualization. Just Install whatever your...
  21. Re: Intel Core i7 Hashwell reached till 7.01Ghz in overclocking

    This is a good news for the overclockers. So those who wants to gain a great performance in gaming and extreme processing then this would be one of the best cpu we have. Does anyone knows about the...
  22. Re: One of the cores of AMD Phenom II x4 955 is damaged due to overclocking

    Overclocking is always a risky procedure. You must not do the same unless you are completely sure about the output. There are chances that you face severe damage if overclocking is not carried out...
  23. Re: Which is better Overclocking or Turbo Boost

    Overclocking is for advance users. Turbo Boost is for beginners who want hassle free solution for overclocking. But it does not really gives you great output. There is a bit limitation to the same....
  24. Poll: Re: What is your favorite OS virtualization program?

    If you need a virtualization program for an office like environment, then I say that VMware is best for the use. It provides many features that will help you for professional use as well as for...
  25. Re: With ASRock Z77 extreme6 overclocking Intel i5-3570K

    Intel i5-3570K is known to be one of the most sensitive processors when it comes to overclocking. A minor mistake while overclocking this processor can mess up the processor so badly that it will...
  26. Re: Poor focus of closed object in Nokia 808 Pureview

    Make sure that you try to focus anything that you need to click beyond the range of 15 cm (not even at 15 cm). it is better suggested to maintain a distance of at least 20 cm between the camera and...
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    Re: Has anyone overclocked Mac system

    It is named as ZD Net Clock. I guess this tool have been made by some other people and not by apple. The main intention of Apple was always not to allow their customers playing around with the Mac...
  28. Re: What is the importance of thermal paste and what is the time interval to change it?

    Here you will get the main purpose of thermal paste in our computer system. In simple words thermal pastes are used to exert heat from the hardware component on which it is applied. Actually it...
  29. Re: AMD 980BE throttling itself after overclocking

    Yeah even I think the same. might be there is something to do with your board but if you check on internet about the Asus boards and CPU compatibility there will be AMD 980 processor listed there. I...
  30. Re: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge multiplier is limited at x38 on Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3

    Gigabyte USA had itself announced that there is limitation with Ivy Bridge K series processors which has locked multiplier at x39. People who are using either Gigabyte P67 or Z68 motherboards will...
  31. Re: Which printers are good for Wireless Printing

    I suggest you to use the HP Office jet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One. This printer is fast in printing the documents. This printer includes HP eprint and web applications to print. In this printer...
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    Re: Risen 2 Dark Waters vs. Witcher 2

    Risen 2: Dark Waters is some time after its predecessor. The well-known nameless hero languishes in Caldera around and resting on his success. Or rather, He decant rum carefully with the ruling in...
  33. Re: How to wipe out Tape Residue from Zalman GS1000 CPU Case

    Those sticky stuff is really irritating to remove. You might have heard about spray called as WD-40. This is a commonly found spray used on computer and other electronic stuff to remove dust and get...
  34. Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 freezes after installing patch

    The downloadable content UEFA EURO 2012 and the supplied patch 1.05 makes problems. So shall the football more often freeze or crash-adventure. Meanwhile, the publisher released an official forum...
  35. re: What is Good for overclocking 2500k Processor, 16 GB or 8 GB RAM? "

    I guess that it will be lot easier to overclock with the 2 Ram stick but I m a not completely sure about this . what I suggest that you get the 8 GB set , the EBay has ...
  36. re: Little Overclock Advice for Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600

    Core 2 Quad is a good cpu and its combination with Asus Sabertooth can give you better output. Are you planing to have a gpu for the same also. If yes then I will recommend you to increase the psu. I...
  37. Re: Need suggestion for the Intel Core i7 2700k Overclock Settings

    I am not sure about this but by the looks of it ,looks like you have the wrong RAM for the CHIP and incase the CHIP dies than the Intel will not honor the warranty because the...
  38. Re: Which is better motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V PRO vs ASUS Sabertooth Z77

    Add to this the Asus DIGI + VRM technology that aims to provide a food processor to the more stable and accurate as possible. Indeed the VRM are considered key components of the motherboard, because...
  39. Re: Overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb at 4.2ghz using stock voltage

    As it has been previously mentioned to get higher performance you need to provide higher amount of the voltage. You can say it is an exponential function to get the desired frequency vs the...
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    Re: Overclocking GeForce GTX 570 SLI

    While overclocking see t it that your graphic card doesn’t overheat. Overheating can cause the graphic card to be damaged and will also not give proper results. If the graphic card is overheating...
  41. Re: Benching of AMD Phenom X4 955BE versus AMD FX 6100

    I don’t think that making any comparisons between AMD FX 6100 and AMD Phenom X4 955BE is right. These two processors are completely of different types. They are designed for different purposes and...
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    Re: Suggestion for CPU Fan Controller

    I would like to say that who is there using 5.25" drive bays in this present time and where user is been concerned then he might be having a empty slot of motherboard to get thermal hardware fit on...
  43. Re: Unable to overclock Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 on ASUS G31 P5KPL AM

    After going through the problem of yours I am suggesting that motherboard which you are using might be limiting to get the need of yours. also you should try to overclock your RAM in order to get...
  44. Re: Method to overclock Radeon HD 7950 to run 3Dmark vantage @ 1100MHZ

    I think you are talking about 29,000, let me tell you that according to Guru3D it is taking ASUS Mars II which is 2x GTX580s to best 39,000 GPU points till now, due to which I do not think that you...
  45. Re: Fanless CPU water cooling system for AMD A6-3650 APU

    For testing if your existing cooling system is getting enough ventilation and good airflow you will need to open the side panel of CPU and blow a good amount of air using a table fan. Keep the speed...
  46. Re: Intel Core i5 2500K versus Intel Core i3 2120 for gaming

    When a heavy game is played on a computer, it requires all the cores of the processor to be active even though they won’t be needed all the time. Intel Core i3 2120 is a processor designed such a...
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    Re: Kitting Koolance water cooler system

    I have the Swiftech MCP655 pump along with the radiators that are provided by Swiftech. It uses the midi system and is of great size as compared to the other radiators available in the market. Due to...
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    Re: Any news on A Sony Ultrabook

    For those who don’t know Sony has launched its new Vaio laptop Z2, a powerful ultrabook. It features an Intel Core i7 is at 2.7 Ghz-2620M able to climb to 3.4 GHz with Turbo Boost, 4 GB of dual...
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    Re: Suggestion for Ventilation of PC

    You can make use of the Swiftech MCP655 pump and that will be better option for. Astute design is presented in a movable block (spherical magnetic turbine which rotates on a bearing ceramic) and...
  50. re: Intel Core i5-2500K or i5-2550k for Overclocking

    The Core i5 2550K has a clock speed of 3.4 GHz. This is more than the current 0.1 GHz Core i5 2500K and Intel calls due to the quad-core processor also $ 9 on average, although the difference in the...
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