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    Re: How to add AutoText in Microsoft Word 2007

    Word AutoText

    Under Autocorrect tab add a tick on Show AutoCorrecct Options buttons. Below you can see two boxes. Replace and With. Under replace you can add the shortcut text and under With the...
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    How to add AutoText in Microsoft Word 2007

    Here is an simple tips for those who are looking for an option through which they can simply add a AutoText feature in Microsoft Word 2007. And this is really easy. For that you have to us a simple...
  3. Re: Tips to compress images before sharing on Facebook

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    Now right click on the top picture and choose open with > Microsoft Picture Manager

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    In Microsoft Picture Manager Click on Filmstrip View.
  4. Tips to compress images before sharing on Facebook

    We all love to share pictures on Facebook or on any other social networking sites. But sometime it happens that when you are trying to upload them it takes a really long time. For that you have to...
  5. Re: Tips to speed up your android device through APUS Launcher

    By tapping on Apus Tools you can find all apps divided in categories. It saves your time if you are trying to find a specific app. Like if you want a Media player you can swipe to the Media section...
  6. Tips to speed up your android device through APUS Launcher

    Android brings ample of new benefits to customize the phone the way you want. Today I am going to provide you a short tips on using a fast and easy to use launcher that will make your screen look...
  7. Re: How to download streaming videos on android

    FVD - Free Video Downloader -

    FVD Video Downloader

    Last but not the least FVD - Free Video Downloader is another easy to use plug-in to download videos on your android tablet or Smartphone....
  8. How to download streaming videos on android

    Today android an widely used platform and has ample of applications that can let you have pc like features on your system. Now we all use our tablet or Smartphone for watching videos. And later it...
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    Re: Tips to Enhance Drupal based site security

    HTTPS -

    By default Drupal works over HTTP. That means a bit of less security where your login details are carried forward in plain text. It is good to use the entire site over HTTPS so that your...
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    Tips to Enhance Drupal based site security

    Drupal is a widely use CMS that offer you different ways to create effective site. It also has ample of good plug-in which can help you to enhance your site output. Drupal is versatile in usage. But...
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    How to speedup File Search on Windows 8.1

    Searching for a file from large pool of data is time consuming and frustrating. A number of time you don't really remember what is the file name and where it is. I am going to show you tips and some...
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    How to speed up your Android browser

    Today android platform is quiet popular for web surfing and internet chatting. But a number of time you face slow browsing issue when you try to visit a website. It is very common with android...
  13. How to install Android ADB USB drivers for Oppo N1 Smartphone

    Oppo N1 is the first smartphone to comes with rotating camera.It is a high end device that offers you the the latest Android operating system. And it opens up new world of rooting and playing with...
  14. How to setup Video Messaging in Skype on Windows Phone 8

    Skype on Windows Phone 8 offer you simple solution to make calls and chat with your friends. Now in the new edition you can also send video or picture in your existing messages. I am covering a few...
  15. Re: How to boost up Android Mobile phone for better performance

    I am having a Gingerbread device. I had simply added a number of widgets. But when I removed them the phone is working a bit fine. Widgets are always running in the background when you add them on...
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    Re: Tips to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet

    Ubuntu does not really work well on Tablet's. It needs more better hardware config. The entire tab gets slower due to that. I tested an image file which I got on web. I want Ubuntu to use some...
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    How to Optimize Android Phone Performance

    Android is one of the widely used platform on mobile. The latest edition of JellyBean. It is more optimized and faster compare to the predecessors. Now I am going to list some quick tips here that...
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    How to write Macro in Microsoft Excel 2010

    Macros are very efficient programs in Microsoft Excel. They help you to perform regular task and save your time. Many time while making certain report or using Excel you need to perform some clicks...
  19. Re: Troubleshooting Time Machine Backup common Problems

    "The backup volume is read only."

    If you get the above error message then disconnect the drive along with the power supply wait for some time and then Restart your Mac and connect the drive...
  20. Troubleshooting Time Machine Backup common Problems

    Hey friends I am starting this thread to share the troubleshooting methods for the Time Machine Backup common Problems.

    Initial Backup Failed

    The cause of this issue is mostly when the Time...
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    How to Install OpenOffice in Linux

    Now came the new and revamped version of OpenOffice, and now we will follow these simple steps so that it can install on your Ubuntu:

    Step 1: Obviously, download the version for linux debian...
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    Re: Basic Windows terminology

    Here are the things that you will see on the Windows and this are terms to be known first. There are many of the people who are using computers but they don’t know that what are those terms. So I...
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    Re: Tips to Play PS3 Games on PC

    Let's see, the game runs really on the pc, using the CPU and graphics card in the pc.

    What makes this program is to interact with the PC that runs the game and the ps3 (only on linux) so you...
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    Re: Tips to write Good Article Headlines

    The short titles are the best! Studies have shown that people prefer short titles. In addition, by optimizing the length of your titles, you facilitate their dissemination on the web especially for...
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    Re: Tips to Encrypt a Smartphone

    The growing popularity of smartphones and using them as real miniature computer is necessary to take appropriate security measures to protect its contents. Encrypting the data is one of the best...
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    Re: Study of computers impact on literacy

    Hello guys, it interesting topic as it will enhance not only the individual knowledge but also render country’s growth. , some people state that using computer in children school consequences in the...
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    Re: Tips to Refill your Printer Cartridge

    Recharge your cartridges can be a cheap purchase as often as the ink ends and is also more environmentally friendly. But if you do not feel confident enough to recharge the cartridges alone, there...
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    Re: Tips for Virus Prevention and Detection

    Today our computers are easy targets of programs called "malware". Examples of malware include viruses, worms and Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Dialers. It is necessary to have the right tools to protect...
  29. Re: Format to create Debit note in Microsoft Office

    According to my information you should try to take a look over the Microsoft Template center official link. And from the collection of list select the one fits for your needs and condition.
  30. Re: what are the tips to the newbie for the linux mint

    I must say that using the linux mint is fun and easy. You will try to learn the linux mint easily. But if you have used te windows and try to keep in mind the user interface and functions of the...
  31. re: what is ecommerce and what is it advantage and disadvantage

    There are some disadvantages of the ecommerce as well:

    Anyone can start a business and fool people and steal their money
    You don’t get guarantee of the product quality because you cannot make...
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    Re: Downloader.EXE file of Luvinia is crashing

    to do the clean boot you have to open the start menu and after that you have to select the run option and then you have to type msconfig there and then press ok. Now select the service tab and after...
  33. Re: getting memory dump Blue screen while playing Nuclear Dawn

    many times this type of issue because of the corrupt system files and that is why I will suggest you to do system repair and after that check whether it makes any difference or not. According to me...
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    Re: cannot continue Wasteland Angel Game

    if updating the graphic card drivers in your computer does not help you to solve this issue then you have to update the direct X in your computer as this game is requires DirectX 9.0c or higher...
  35. Re: Azerty support is not there in Wasteland Angel Game

    Are you using wireless keyboard in your computer? if you are using wireless keyboard in your computer then you have to try to solve this problem by reinstalling the keyboard drivers in your computer....
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    Re: Wasteland Angel Game fails to start

    i think this problem is caused by graphic drivers. may be any some of the graphic driver files has damaged and to get rid of this problem you have to reinstall the graphic driver in the system and...
  37. Re: sounds disappearing and video jumps around in Driver San Francisco

    I think this problem is occurred because of the graphic card in your computer and that is why I would like to tell you that remove your graphic card from your computer and after that you have to...
  38. Re: Launching Driver San Francisco does nothing, game never starts

    According to me you have to visit the official website of the Nvidia and after that you have to download the lates drivers for your Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT graphic card and after downloading the...
  39. Re: Unable to see character models and Gamepads don’t work in bunch of heroes

    you have to go to the official website of the graphic card manufacturer which you are using in your computer and after that you have to check whether there is any graphic drivers update available or...
  40. Re: Getting error “Not Connected" in Bunch of Heroes

    If the problem is coming with Bunch of Heroes game only then you have to first uninstall the Bunch of Heroes game from your computer and after uninstalling the game to restart the computer and after...
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    Re: Cannot play from dust with S3D

    I was also facing the same problem with from dust game in my computer and after that I have download the updated direct X in my computer and after downloading the updated version of the direct X in...
  42. Re: 3D Vision is not working in Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress steam version

    have you checked the Direct X in your computer is updated or not. if the Direct X in your computer is not updated then you have to download the new version of the Direct in your computer and after...
  43. Re: The world is black and white in Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress

    In my computer I was also experiencing problem with graphics and problem was similar like yours and after that I have downloaded updated graphic drivers from the internet and after downloading that I...
  44. Re: Cannot enable Anti Aliasing or AF in Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress

    If you have patched the game with 1.3 versions and after that you are facing this problem then I would like to tell you that you have to first uninstall the game and after that install the game...
  45. Re: Men Of War: Vietnam crashes while playing Multiplayer

    if you gt the same problem after that also then you have o uninstall the Men Of War: Vietnam from your computer completely and after uninstalling the game you have to install the Men Of War: Vietnam ...
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    Re: Radio bug in Men Of War: Vietnam

    Does it happen with Men Of War: Vietnam game only or this problem comes while playing another game also. If this problem comes while playing any other game also then I think problem is with the...
  47. Re: Cannot execute the Autorun file of FIFA 12 game

    I will first suggest you to instead of reinstalling the game you should first try to solve this problem running the file as administrator in your computer and after that check whether you are getting...
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    Re: Computer starts FIFA 11 instead of FIFA 12

    I have tried to search the solution on the internet and after spend some time I finally find the fix for this issue. you have to download the registry file which is attached with this solution and...
  49. Re: Ashes Cricket 2009 launched only once with windows 7

    if you want to run Ashes Cricket 2009 game in compatibility mode then you have to first open the folder where the game is installed then you have to right click on the launcher file and after that...
  50. Re: Call of Juarez: The Cartel - Ubisoft game launcher: Error code 2

    I will not suggest you to reinstall the game but instead of reinstalling the game you have to first check that your antivirus or firewall is not blocking the game launcher file. go to antivirus...
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