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    Re: Dirt 3 not working on windows 8

    You can try out the solutions mentioned above but if you don’t get any luck, then you can cross check below things:

    Runtime files included in the games are installed
    Latest version of DirectX...
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    Re: Best 3g service provider in Mumbai

    Yes go for Vodafone, Idea 3G plans are costly and I don’t have any idea about Tata docomo’s plans. In Mumbai there is a tough competition between Airtel and Vodafone but it depends on the region...
  3. Poll: Re: Which one is better UC Browser 8.7 or Opera Mini 7.1

    No doubt UC Browser!! Opera mini is really a turtle, I have installed many newer version of it by now with a hope that it will work faster but as usual it was damn slow. Last time I had installed it...
  4. Re: Best College for Mass Communication in Delhi

    Top 10 Colleges for Mass Communication In delhi:

    1.Mudra Institute of communications Ahemedabad
    2. Asian college of Journalism Chennai
    3. AJ Kidwai Mass Comm Research centre, Jamia New Delhi ...
  5. Re: Windows Surface tablet with Windows RT keeps muting

    Not sure but I have come across one who was facing same issue and he has mentioned that uninstalling the sensor software had helped him out. If you don’t mind uninstalling the sensor software then...
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    Re: Dota 2 black Screen

    Try verifying integrity of game files and see if steam reports any corruption. If it doesn’t than you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I also wanted to know if you have tried running...
  7. Re: Linksys SRX400 Wireless Router keeps shutting down

    You won’t be able to make out if there's a hardware failure or not in case if there something wrong with power supply circuit, capacitors, resistor etc. So even I will suggest you to get your...
  8. Re: Orcs Must Die 2 takes too much time for loading and lags slightly

    Orcs Must Die 2 is full of bugs by now, we surely need a patch to fix this issue, below are some more threads addressing this game issues.
    Orcs Must Die 2 game freezes
    100% cpu usage when playing...
  9. Re: Windows 8 error "The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation"

    You can try installing Windows 8 from within Windows 7:

    You have to create “unallocated space” in sane way as mentioned above, I will suggest you to choose 40 gb rather than 20 gb. 20 gb is...
  10. Re: Which one is better Dell Inspiron 15R SE or Samsung 550p

    I know that Samsung hasn’t developed its name in laptop market but it is getting good response from mass with specification and feature it is delivering compared to other leading brands. I agree to...
  11. Re: Remove Live platinum Security virus with spybot

    You can remove it manually as well, you just have uninstall it from add remove program first and delete below files, folders and registries.

    For window xp:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All...
  12. Re: What could be drawbacks of Bottom-Mounted PSU

    I don’t think Bottom-Mounted PSU or top mounted psu makes much difference, it just depend on the case might be getting. The only advantage I see with top mounted psu is its cable management. I have...
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    Re: Not getting more than 15 fps in Dark Souls

    I wanted to know if you both have installed latest video card driver ? If not then install the same and see if that’s making any difference. If that doesn’t help then you can try turning off...
  14. Re: Question paper download for SSC CPO Sub Inspector Exam

    SSC CPO Sub Inspector Exam is divided in to Paper-I and Paper-II, where Paper-I includes Written Examination for the below topics 50 marks each:

    General Intelligence and Reasoning
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    Re: Intel DZ77BH-55K Memory Beep problem

    In that case you can try Increasing memory voltage and System Agent Voltage, actually I have just now come across one who was having very similar issue as of you. He had bought 4 x 4 (16 GB ram) but...
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    Re: Question paper for WIPRO Placement Exam

    Hey you can check out my attachment as well, this is my collection of WIPRO Placement Exam papers which I had made previously and I am sharing the same with you.
  17. Re: Netflix not working since upgraded to Mountain Lion

    In that case I will like to inform you that Netflix doesn't use Flash and it uses Silverlight. That’s where you are going wrong, so just install latest version of Silverlight and see if your issue...
  18. Re: GIGABYTE G1.Guerrilla error "Open driver handle failure"

    Which version of bios you are having installed? Have you updated it recently? If not then check out GIGABYTE and get the latest bios for your board and install the same. After installing the latest...
  19. Re: Can I play upcoming high end games with ATI 5xxx series graphics card

    I think you might be lucky here, even I am having a Radeon HD 5850 1GB but I am not able to play all the latest game and I am finding a need to upgrade the card. Below are the issues that I am facing...
  20. Re: Want to upgrade from 5870, please recommend

    I will suggest you to go for “SAPPHIRE 100352OCSR Radeon HD 7950 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card”

    Core Clock: 950MHz
    Stream Processors: 1792...
  21. Re: Thomson Gateway wireless router restarts itself

    Have you tried out restoring your router to factory defaults? If not then give that a try and see if the issue is getting solved that way:

    Via Thomson Gateway GUI:
    First go to Thomson Gateway GUI...
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    Re: Nokia Asha 302 keeps on restarting

    Have you tried inspecting the connection between the battery and the phone, I mean hope you have made sure that there is no loose connection and all. My Samsung used to do the same but it was luckily...
  23. Re: All themes are gray in window 7 professional

    I don’t think that there's actually a need for reinstalling whole windows, you can better try running SFC /SCANNOW Command and check out if that’s fixing the issue:

    Go to start type cmd,...
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    What is new in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    Just got a new that the next month Google is going to provide Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. I want some information on the same related to the interface and new additions in it. I was wondering that...
  25. How to configure Jriver media center on home pc

    I was looking for a good media center pc for my home theater system. I have a desktop and a widescreen TV with surround sound speaker system. I landed on Jriver. I have some doubts on this. Can...
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    How to Create Indie Games

    Can anyone tell me how to create Indie Games. I had seen that this games are quiet loved by many and there are number of developer who had earned nice amount. I had some knowledge on C and want to...
  27. Re: Need of official kits for host countries in FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

    This problem of missing kits of many countries and also the bad naming of players has lead to outrage among the fans of FIFA, especially the fans from countries whose teams have been messed with. The...
  28. Re: Is bad referee decisions and AI fouls fixed in FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

    I know the problems that FIFA 12 has with bad refereeing. Many times, fouls made outside the penalty box would lead to penalty shoots. Many shots which didn’t touch goalie’s hand would be awarded...
  29. Re: Innovations and improvements in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Konami has finally revealed the first look for pro Evolution Soccer 2013. The trailer has shown the development in the graphics by showing the Cristiano Ronaldo closely. The same trailer also shows...
  30. Re: Overclocking Intel i3 2120 on Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4

    Intel i3 2120 is one processor which can be easily overclocked as compared to other processors. You simply need to add the multiplier in the BIOS. At the last bit of frequency that you can extend...
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    Re: Role of GPU and CPU in terms of Gaming

    It is your misconception that CPU is only needed to execute a game and for nothing else. If this was the case, even a Pentium 4 processor would have run games like Grand Theft Auto 4 with combination...
  32. Re: Making mobile games without using programming language

    To develop any game or any in game interaction programming language is necessary. Since you don’t know any of them, you will need to use tools like GameMaker available to develop games. It...
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    Re: iWork (beta) vs iCloud

    I just cannot guess what they might have thought off for not integrating it with iCloud, I am not sure which tasks other are willing to carry out in icloud or iwork but then I have been looking out...
  34. Re: How to sort File Folders on Apple 20" iMac like windows

    I don’t think that you will have to use some apps for the same I mean that you can very well sort File Folders in mac os x, here the files are alphabetized backwards, I mean to say from the end of...
  35. Re: Cisco Linksys E1500 is having slow wifi after upgrade

    You can try out these possible solutions as well and see if they are helping you out or not:

    First try disabling WMM support in the settings which will be In applications and gaming
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    Can I return Ipad2 for new one?

    Hi guys, I have a query regarding the Ipad2. Actually I just wanted tell you that my parents recently bought the new Ipad2. The Ipad 2 currently in good condition. My parents paid for the one year...
  37. re: Is there a SIM card slot in IPAD 3 with Wi-Fi 4G (Verizon Ver.) ?

    I don’t agree to you, from which store you have checked out the same??? I have checked out for the same and I have found the below thing:
    "iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G models for AT&T and for Verizon...
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    Symbian vs. Windows phone 7

    Hi guys, I have been using nokia since 2 years. I never had gotten any type of the issue related to the product. One more thing I just wanted to tell you that hardware of Nokia phone always well. ...
  39. Difference between Esprimo Mobile V5505 motherboards.

    Hi guys, sorry if you got any mistake in my English. Actually I recently purchased the Esprimo Mobile V5505. I just wanted to tell you that his motherboard is dead. One more thing I wanted to say is...
  40. How to solve crashing of AnyDVD during multiple Instances?

    Hi, guys I am currently using the AnyDVD along with I am running windows vista ultimate 32 bit. I am not facing any problem when I rip any DVD to hard drive. One more thing I just wanted to...
  41. Pictures and videos are not working in the Sony Xperia Ray.

    Hi, guys I recently purchased the Sony Xperia Ray. One day I took many pictures of my family and friends. When I had taken the pictures and videos at that time I was able to see the pictures and...
  42. Is it possible to add WWAN card on HP Pavillion DV4?

    Now guys before going to the further I just wanted to ask you people is this possible to add WWAN card in HP HP Pavillion DV4? I had opened the compartment where I saw that some slot where the card...
  43. How to solve SAM locked file. Not tested issue Error message in AVG?

    I am currently suing AVG antivirus in my computer. One day I decided to run AVG for scanning of my system. I started scanning process in safe mode at that instant I got an Error message. The Error...
  44. Re: Is Noctua NH-D14 compatible with Asus P8Z68-V Pro?

    I have not yet tried out the same but then As far as I know that they are having the similar socket so I think that it will be working out fine but then I am not that sure if it will be fitting well,...
  45. After updating TOMTOM XL 335.S maps becomes blue periodically.

    I have recently purchased TOMTOM XL 335.S. One day I got problem in my device, I saw that after updating map recently, when I used the GPS the map turned blue for about 2 to 3 minutes and then back...
  46. re: Sony S tablet front camera is not working with chat roulette like sites

    I am having the same issue and there are a no of people facing the same issue, I think that the websites simply appears not to be working on android, I will like to know if there is anyone who has...
  47. Re: Is there a Tablet with real GPS and not aGPS ?

    I think that I can clear your confusion here, I am having a Transformer TF101 and it seems to be having the real gps that you are looking for, I am quite sure about the same as once I was there at a...
  48. Re: Tablet with camera that can work successfully with TANGO?

    I am not aware it is working fine with the tablets that has been mentioned above but then I am having a ASUS Transformer Prime and I had tested the Tango on it as well and it was working fine but...
  49. How to protect picture to be delete from phone?

    I have been using android phone from two months but I haven’t face this type of problem. I was really enjoying in this phone. In this operating system I installed so much software. One day I saw...
  50. How to stop multimedia play/pause button launching of WMP on Lenovo IdeaPad U330.

    I am having Lenovo idea pad. Actually I like the music and I have installed the music software in laptop. One day I got the problem, I observed that whenever I press multimedia button it opened WMP...
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