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  1. Re: Microsoft Office 2010 docx missing word icon in windows 8

    There’s surely something wrong in your case, even I have installed Microsoft Office 2010 last week in my laptop running windows 8. The docx files appear with proper icon in my case. I want to know...
  2. Re: Best Motherboard for Intel core i5 3570k within 15 k

    Why don’t you go with Intel ones?? Intel boards are best. Intel DZ68BC is available for 15 k, you can check about its features in detail at its official site.
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    Re: Samsung galaxy S duos S7562 SIM1 problem

    It seems a network issue to me, since you have mentioned that it works fine when you are outside. I want to know if you have tried using the same SIM card in some other phone at your place. If not,...
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    Re: ASUS Maximus V Extreme compatible case

    I’ll suggest you to get “COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced RC-932-KKN5-GP Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case”. ASUS Maximus V Extreme will surely fit in it without any issues.
    Key specs:...
  5. Re: Is Microsoft Security Essentials compatible with Windows 8?

    I don’t know whether Microsoft Security Essentials is compatible with windows or not. However rather than installing MSE I will suggest you to install trail of any of these antivirus:

    AVG Free...
  6. Re: Skype is not working with Nokia X7 with Belle

    Please follow the below steps to fix your problem.
    1. Goto Nokia OVI store from PC.
    2. Select "Nokia 603"as your device & log in into your OVI accont. (Because Nokia 603 runs on Belle and...
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    Re: SMS Problem with Nokia 2310.

    Even I had the same problem with this cell phone you can try out the solution which actually worked for me in my cell phone.
    Delete all the sms from your sent items I hope this may resolve your...
  8. Re: Social App not working on Nokia Asha 303

    Even I am having nokia asha 303, after updating the phone software, the phone suddenly started restarting and after that I noticed that chat icon was not working thats wierd. After few days I have...
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    iPad and iPhones get Opera Mini 6 browser

    Opera has released Opera Mini 6 for iOS, including an iPad version as well as support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

    It features up to 90% compression of data traffic for speed and cost savings,...
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    Re: Airtel Mobile Office

    Which handset are you using? I think you can opt for Aircel network for surfing and gprs connectivity which is quite cheap as compared to Airtel mobile office. There are also Airtel Mobile Office...
  11. same problem here

    Yeah, indeed it sounds strange as you said you tried installing this on a fresh installation. Anyways, lets have a try again. You will need to remove your Office 2010 again, do it from control panel....
  12. Re: How to create AD security group, filtering by a custom property

    I think you can do it simply using a script which will manage the groups depending on particular criteria. You can get those scripts and more details about the same here:

    Script Center:...
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    Try to boot in safe mode first. Press F8 on...

    Try to boot in safe mode first. Press F8 on restart. The system will give you a safe mode menu. There are chances that in safe mode your system will not crash instantly. Later on you can go in ...
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    Re: File name too long - cant delete

    I think you should repair your recycle bin. You can do this by these steps;

    Go to Start > Run and type CMD
    Type following and press Enter

    attrib -s -h %SystemDrive%\RECYCLER


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    Re: Need for Speed SHIFT Patch is out or not

    I have a Logitech Dual Stick USB Gamepad for computer and if I try to play the nfs shift game with it, then all the controller movements mix up in sense like if I press X for accelaration then it...
  16. I can only say here that the problem lies with...

    I can only say here that the problem lies with the driver disc. You can visit the motherboard manufacturers website and download fresh audio drivers from there. Then install that. There can be some...
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    You can also use an alternative program called...

    You can also use an alternative program called Windows Live Mail Desktop that allows you to access all your email accounts from different sites and operators. This application also offers access to...
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    Re: I do not know how to unlock documents in microsoft word.

    I know an Office password recovery tool named Office Password Unlocker, which is very smart to recover ms word password and ms excel password. With it, you can open and edit ms documents without any...
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    Group policy not applying to user configuration

    I am having some problem where the user configuration of the group policy is not applying to the users. I have followed many steps to troubleshoot this problem but nothing is working for me, so I...
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    Cross Domain privialges for Domain Admins

    I am on a 2008 native domain setup with Domain-Child1 users and Domain Parent and Domain-Child 2 with servers, applications, services. I have got complete control over all the domains. It has been...
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    I will also recommend you to run the repair...

    I will also recommend you to run the repair setup. That will be more helpful in fixing the issue. Another simple thing you can do this here is run system restore. Just run that and choose the right...
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    Re: Active Directory Remote Desktop Permissions

    You just need to Allow logon locally should be set on the server in question with a GPO. Hopefully the server is NOT a Domain controller.
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    Re: key combination to hibernate

    If you need a single key access then you have to replace your existing keyboard. You will need to buy a multimedia keyboard which is available on web for cheaper rate. Many multimedia keyboards comes...
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    re: All the game cheats you want for any platform

    I prefer the in-game console and enter cheat code there, sadly that has been removed in most games lately, in order to cut down on online multiplayer cheating most likely...argh... trainers suck.......
  25. Re: SKU001.CAB and ZF612702.CAB missing in office professional 2003

    I can help you with this but you will need to arrange the office 2003 disk to take the effect. If you can do the same click this page and download Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe (that is...
  26. Re: Cannot install Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista

    Name of the Setup: IE8-Windows Vista-x86-ENU.exe
    So the answer is yes.
    Thank you.
  27. Cannot install Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista

    Hello everyone,
    I am running Windows Vista with SP1. Installing IE8 starts, then nothing happens and a window opens with the following message:

    Whether in normal startup mode or selective mode...
  28. Infrastructure FSMO role owner attibute not correct in root domain

    I am getting the below error message in my OpsMgr 2007 that tells me that my root domain has some issue:

    AD Replication Monitoring : encountered a runtime error.
    Failed to obtain the...
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    Windows XP, 4 GB RAM shows only 2.7 GB

    I got here a computer with 4 GB of RAM installed. All 4 GB of RAM will also appear in the BIOS. But under windows xp it shows "only" 2.7 GB ram. Any suggestions?
    Asus A8N-SLI Premium
    AMD Athlon...
  30. Thread: No mixer devices.

    by jean

    Re: No mixer devices.

    You might have received a CD with your computer or motherboard, right? It should have the sound driver. Just run the CD. And if you dint received any CD with your system then simply go to Dell...
  31. Re: My system automatically logs off after logging on.

    Did you tried system restore in safe mode. Run system restore and then test back. There is a tool called as Hijackthis. You can run this to generate a log file of each and every application running...
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    Re: Can't reinstall DirectX

    Thanks for responding, but I installed the .reg and restarted, but when I run the DirectX setup then I am getting:
    "Installing Components...
    Searching for updated DirectX Runtime Components..."...
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    Can't reinstall DirectX

    I am trying to install game on Windows XP and if I am getting to the Directx install, then it fails/ So I am running it manually, but still I get the below errors:

    Installing components....
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    Re: Explorer.exe does not load

    Yes it is better you just try to run system restore first. That will be more easy way to fix the system back and make it work fine. I do not think Setpoint is causing the problem. I am also using the...
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    RE: Virus - browser hijack

    Then you have a bad BHO/Hooks installed on your browser and you need to remove them by running a through scan.Run a thorough scan by doing the following steps:

    First, try to clean up your caches,...
  36. Can you go to Tools >> Accounts >> and Select...

    Can you go to Tools >> Accounts >> and Select that mail account >> Properties >> Servers. After that you have to make sure that the box for "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is unchecked...
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    You can download a software called DriverFinder...

    You can download a software called DriverFinder that scans exhaustively all the hardware you have installed on your computer in order to detect the specific drivers you need for every one of them....
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    I have faced same issue previously, actually the...

    I have faced same issue previously, actually the device needs to go through "autoplay" sequence before it is opened in order to cope up with windows media player. I don't know what's the logic...
  39. Re: Can't remove or modify programs from control panel Add/Remove Programs any more..

    Looks like some kind of permission issue. It is essential that you must simply login to your admin account and then try back. Try to do the same in safe mode if it does not work in your existing...
  40. Thread: SATA boot drive

    by jean

    SATA boot drive

    Hello everyone,

    I have my DVD and hard disk that was dropped ... Both were IDE (old config: P)
    So I bought a recorder and a SATA disk drive.
    As against, I can not boot on the DVD player to...
  41. Re: Ran XP prod key update tool - now getting "activation period has

    I have a legal copy of Windows XP and everytime I have o reinstall I have to contact microsoft to be interrogated about when and how I bought my copy of Windows XP. This activation process is really...
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    Can you try to repost the error message in a...

    Can you try to repost the error message in a proper way again so that we could understand it or you can also contact Comcast support as an alternative. Are you able to accress the email account that...
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    Re: WSUS 3 sp1 install to non-default web site

    I don't have a direct reference for WSS3 (I'd need to dig thru my WSS3 admin book), but here's an article I wrote to address the same issue with WSS2 and WSUS.

    The concepts are the same; the menu...
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    Re: WSUS 3 sp1 install to non-default web site

    Will, the key to co-existence with WSS and WSUS is twofold:
    [a] WSUS must be installed in the alternate virtual server ("WSUS Administration"/port 8530) (as I recall, the WSUS installer will refuse...
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    Re: security certificate errors

    Many times the problem occurs also if your time is incorrect. Specially the year. So just click the clock in the right bottom of the screen and correct the time/year.
  46. Re: How to remove $RECYCLE.BIN and System Volume Information

    Don’t worry dude, those are not any virus, neither had they come because of the infected USB drives. They usually remain on all fixed drives/partitions. They are kind of system files because they...
  47. Re: Windows live id password location / secret option ?

    The only thing you can do now is to contact Windows Live support. Yeah they have a community for the same. You will need to ask them for help. Offcourse they will ask you for details and you have to...
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    Go in Device Manager and see what you get in...

    Go in Device Manager and see what you get in that. You are not able to use the card because your system is not having proper drivers for the same. You can go in device manager and right click on the...
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    Re: You Have A Security Problem!"

    I had such problem with my laptop long back ago. In my case, after doing lots of researches I finally came to know that the system was infected with Zlob virus. I bought Avast as well as Spybot and...
  50. Try the below method and see if it works for you...

    Try the below method and see if it works for you or not:

    First of all you should try to update the firmware of the drive.
    After that you need to check the BIOS if the drives are getting detected...
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