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  1. Re: Getting sharing permission error on Windows LAN network

    When such issue occur I go with manual way of accessing the shared folders. It is easy. You just have to type the full location on Windows Explorer and you can access the folders/files. The locate...
  2. Re: Clash of Malwarebytes and AVAST on Windows 10

    You have to remove both of them first. You can use the Avast Uninstall Utility for the same. This is a tiny utility that will remove avast from your system even if you are facing problem. It is the...
  3. Re: Unable to share my pen drive movies through dlink router

    It is possible to create a media server kind of thing for sharing movies commonly between different devices. If you are having wifi in your home then
    this thing is possible. You just have to copy...
  4. Re: My entire windows 7 desktop filled up with popup ads

    I do not really think that it is possible to get rid of that malware just by scanning the same. You have to start taking backup of the data. Once you are done with that you can then go ahead running...
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    Re: What are the risk in using a P2P Network

    I agree with that. VPN add more security. Here VPN channels allow all traffic to be exchanged in the encrypted from. So that it is not interfered or interrupted by any external thing. It is cheap and...
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    Re: Backup solution for Windows SMB

    I will advice you to go with cloud storage. Because that is a very effective solution. And there are many. All you have to do is install the application in your pc and your data goes online. There...
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    Re: Does mac systems are prone to keyloggers

    Keyloggers are program. They work when you install them and when they have full permission to record your keystrokes. This things does not install or work on their own. This are just like a software....
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    Re: FTP connection failed through filezilla

    The issue might be in the configuration file. It is good if you can create one more ftp account and check the same. I am quite sure that will be enough to resolve the issue. All you have to do is...
  9. Re: AVG keeps on detecting win64/patched.a on Windows 8

    You have to find out the application or file which is infected. AVG is unable to clean that is why its keeps on giving you the same popup. It is good if you can simply scan your pc in safe mode. If...
  10. Re: Constant taskeng.exe popup on screen in Windows 7

    If you think it is a virus then you can try scanning your pc with a good antivirus under safe mode. The antivirus will locate the threat and will delete it. Here it is recommended to use a nice...
  11. Re: What are the common network utilities in Windows 7

    You might be aware about the ping command. This one is the most common command that is used to find out response from a site or a server. Like if you have to find out whether a site is working or not...
  12. Re: How to get rid of Cryptolocker on Windows 8.1

    Well boot your pc in safe mode first. There are few online scanner which can help you in fixing the issue. But if that does not work much then you can try using a bootable antivirus. You can download...
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    Re: How to prevent Virus on Android mobile and tablet

    Things above are quiet helpful. I was not using a antivirus in my mobile phone. Now I had installed one. I am using Norton Security & Antivirus. I am using a free version and after installing the...
  14. Re: How to remain untraced through vpn connection

    It is weird to find that you got traced. Well vpn can only help you to hide your ip on the web. Now when you use that a log is maintained that can reveal your exiting IP address. There can be...
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    Re: Avira detecting steam.dll as a virus

    This type of warning appear only when you are playing pirated games. That means downloaded from torrent. Most of this games are having virus in them and they cause issue later on. If you have...
  16. Re: It is possible to benchmark windows LAN network

    Download and install LANBench on your system. This is amazing tool that wil help you to get exact info about your lan network. it will also test the maximum speed you are getting and how to enhance...
  17. Re: Advice for Cyber Cafe to prevent Cyber Crime

    Applying good security policies are the best way to prevent things. If you use a windows server environment with proper login stuff then you wont face any issue. You must use gpo to restrict access...
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    Re: Windows 8 spyware protection through MSE

    MSE is good if you are not going to use internet. For office or home pc. But if your internet connection will remain active 24x7 on this then you need
    a good internet security package. There are...
  19. Re: Avira antivirus dll file downloaded from filesnack

    AVIRA antivirus has a feature where it does not allow any external thing to make changes in the system file. That is the reason why you are getting that error. To copy that file you have to replace...
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    Re: Simple home internet monitoring software

    You can simply configure parental controls in router. Most of the router comes with this features. You just have to enable that and configure the settings. This will be enough to fix the problem.
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    Re: AD alternative for Windows Server

    Well I do think there is anything better than Active Directory. It has simple procedure to add a user and also to configure a shared space. You just have to learn the settings. And it is also easy to...
  22. Re: Installation of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

    This looks some kind of serious bug in the system. Due to which it is not getting off so easily. I am here trying to go ahead with both RTM and SP1 SBS setup. But that does not looks to be working so...
  23. Re: Exception System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'xxx.dll': The specified procedure could not be found

    There one tool which can help you to fix the dll issue. You will require Dependency Walker. It is a tiny free tool that scan your windows for damage or missing windows module and will give you detail...
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    Re: VSS Error, Event Id 12289, Backup Failed

    Just to verify once check whether VSS is enabled or not. For that you can go in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. In that you have to find Shadow Copy first. Double click on the same...
  25. Thread: GPO Timeouts

    by Bjork

    Re: GPO Timeouts

    Looks like some kind of configuration issue to me. It is essential that you must checkout all the settings back again. I am providing a link below that offer you more detail solution on configuring...
  26. Re: How to find that someone is using my wifi connection

    There is a tiny tool which can help to see who is on your network. The name of that utility is Wireless Network Watcher. It is a free tool that you can download and keep a close eye on your network....
  27. Re: Confuse between different antivirus programs

    Different antivirus came up with different features. Some give you real-time protection against online threats while some offer you a shielded that automatically block all unwanted things on your...
  28. Re: Where to download Portable FTP server which can be run from usb

    There are many. I am also using the same portable Filezilla tool. It works fine. But I did not find it stable. I had last time kept around 2GB of file upload on that. The process was going well but...
  29. Re: Is it worth to go for Static IP instead of relying on DHCP for security

    Static ip cannot be said as secure but it provide you complete control over your network. Security goes with strong password and type of security application you are using. Like a firewall, network...
  30. Re: What does Ukash virus do and how to remove it

    Run a antivirus scan under safe mode. This will fix the system. It is necessary that you must simply use a good antivirus software and run a full system scan every week. So this kind of infections...
  31. Re: Where to find a usb drive with powerful encryption feature

    Many usb manufacturer offers you a different model of pen drive which comes with encryption support. It is easy to operate and has ample of features to keep your data safe. But there is a risk in...
  32. Re: Windows failed to start after removing alureon.a virus through Windows Defender

    Go in Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools. In that look for Event Viewer. Click on it and checkout the last error description. You can do that in Safe Mode. Post that complete error log here...
  33. Re: Windows 7 crash while scanning pen drive with antivirus

    My issue was resolved by running system restore. That did the job. It was a bit complicated to find the solution for me. So I instant ran system restore. There were ample of things stopped working...
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    Re: How to block DDOS attack on a small network

    Just try to reconfigure your network settings. Ask your ISP to provide you different ip address and keep on changing them. So that the attacker does not get the straight way of affecting your...
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    Re: Looking for some affordable Wifi Repeaters

    You can buy some good models on Netgear website. One among them is WN2000RPT. This comes for Rs.2780. You will need to spend between 2000 to 3000 rupees to get a decent model with appropriate...
  36. Re: Port Forwarding not working in Windows Vista

    I had made this changes on a Linksys router. There is a tab in that called as Application and Gaming. You just need to click on that. Type the name of application and port number. Also you can try to...
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    Re: Avast Webrep is not working at all

    You know what, this problem is something which comes and then goes automatically. In most of the cases people do face the problem with the webrep but then they themselves get corrected. As you said...
  38. Re: Base filtering engine hangs with avast on windows 7

    Hey I have something interesting to share with you people. i know that most of the people are facing the same symptoms but none of you have the answer for “why it is happening”. If you are one...
  39. Re: System mechanic won’t load and gives error "invalid floating point operation"

    I am one amongst you my friends. I do have system Mechanic and Avast antivirus both installed and running into my computer system but the same problem. While loading my system mechanic is showing me...
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    Re: Configure NAS on Vista Wi-Fi network

    I cannot see much devices under wifi nas. I was trying to find a high speed wifi router. Which game me a result of Dlink router that offers maximum 108 Mbps. Compared to that when I search for high...
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    Re: How to Upgrade LINKSYS WAG200G firmware

    In that case you can reboot your system and see if you are getting the internet connection back. If you don’t then Open up your browser and go to You will be prompted for...
  42. Re: IPSec configuration failure on windows server

    It can be possible that some of your IPSec policies are corrupted, because of which you are facing that issue. It is necessary that you must check properly all polices are fine. There is a small...
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    Re: Configure NAS on Vista Wi-Fi network

    Before going for a wifi storage I will recommend you to have a look on different pros and cons between them. In my views wired network is more reliable. The issue arise mostly due to hardware...
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    Re: How to Upgrade LINKSYS WAG200G firmware

    My bad, I forgot to mention that you have to reset your router after updating the firmware. Anyways you can try that now, if you are not aware of the same then you can follow the below steps:

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    Re: How to Upgrade LINKSYS WAG200G firmware

    That’s not a big deal, for checking the current firmware version your LINKSYS WAG200G router you just have to go to modem admin. After that open the browser that you might be using and enter...
  46. Re: Wifi devices unable to access Webservers in lan with X2000 Router

    It looks that the mobile phone is either out of wifi range or there is some issue with the signal. Firmware update is a right choice. But if that does not work then there is one more thing you can...
  47. Poll: Re: Do you believe that Antivirus Software increase your PC budget

    I am not sure about that. What I know that if there are no antivirus software you can face serious issue in your system. Antivirus software a need of today and you are aware that threats are still...
  48. Re: 2 LAN computers unable to ping each other with WAG160N-AU

    Ok! There are certain things that you need to take under consideration and also make sure that they are nowhere being a reason for your problem.

    Firstly it would be much better to check...
  49. Re: Need help to configure PPTP on Cisco WAG320N

    Here is a short guide by which you can start PPTP configuration on Linux system. It is possible that there might be some issue with configuration or you are missing something. First as mentioned...
  50. Re: In Firefox Google Redirects to Nginx on searching

    I have faced this problem earlier and used the HostsXpert to get this resolved. You can also make use of the same with the steps given below.

    First of all, download and install
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