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  1. Re: Status bar is not seen properly using Screen Filter app in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    According to my information you can make use of application for this issue to overcome, there are several application available. The HideBar apk is one of such app which you can make use for this...
  2. Re: Sansa Clip + take 10-15 minutes to refresh media

    This is common issue I have seen for most of the sansa user that if the songs in the memory storage is more it take times to refresh it, may be the OS is not that much sufficient for performing this...
  3. Re: Is it possible to use Samsung Captivate Glide in different country

    Just go to this link to have the unlocking application that can be used for unlocking Samsung Captivate Glide mobile. And also the good thing about this application is that you can again re-lock the...
  4. Re: Is it true that if we spend the coins then we get higher score in Orcs Must Die?

    The guardian deaths will definitely lead you to score less points as well, that’s what I know. I don’t know much about the spending of the coins seems to be a type of rumor that all are sending...
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    Re: Is there 4G in iPhone 4s?

    Good news for all who are expecting that iPhone 4S will be having the 4G technology in it what I got to hear is that The LTE Standard and WiMax installations do convene the present 4G specifications...
  6. Re: Apple is releasing iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5

    Yes those who are getting ready to buy the iPhone 4S they are highly disappointed sicne the new iPhone 4S does not any good designs and also no longer battery life at all. so that’s what I have...
  7. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    You cannot say that since Motorola media link is a very old one and the Motorola triumph is a new phone so there may be a possibility that they might have not mentioned the name of the phone in the...
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    Re: Some questions regarding Kindle Fire charger

    See it is best to use the charger that comes with the device instead of using the other charger. Since it can damage the battery as well. So that’s what I would like to warn you all about the same,...
  9. Re: Internet experience not good in Acer Iconia A501

    I think those people who have upgraded it have done their biggest mistake of their life, that’s what I think here. Since I did not find any such difference in their speed after the upgr4ading and...
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    Re: Covers for Kindle fire?

    Why don’t you get it from Amazon. I think so the best suitable covers for the Amazon will be available there only. I don’t know what’s the harm in getting it from there. So you can go and fetch...
  11. Re: How is Kindle Fire for document creation and editing?

    Why don’t you make use of usb mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard for that purpose. So if you are looking for that then you should surely check out for the same. so that’s what I am saying here. why...
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    Re: 8 hours Battery life in Kindle Fire

    Yes that’s a great point that you have raised and I must say that we should have a good look at the same. after reading the above post I think the battery life should have been increased more...
  13. Re: Error 1004 while downloading from App Store in iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3.3

    Why don’t you have a chat with the apple support staff about the issue and they will be addressing you accordingly for the same. so that’s what I want to say here. so that’s it from my side for...
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    Re: What is the keylock icon in iPhone 4?

    Could you please explain the icon a bit properly because with the description that you have described here may be I would be able to help you with the same and hence that’s the reason why I am...
  15. Re: Gibberish Error Message in Luvinia Online Game

    Even i was having the same problem and i was trying out different solutions to solve it out but nothing was working for me but later when i did a GM Refresh and after that when i had run the Luvinia...
  16. Re: can Kaspersky mobile security 9.4.95 be installed on a symbian phone

    In case you are confused about the phone model the software supports the following models:
    Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 has been tested on the following mobile devices:

    Nokia: E61, 5500, N95,...
  17. Re: How to block and unblock the SMS service in T-mobile G2x

    The problem is occurring because almost all spam SMS are sent from email instead of being sent from another phone. that is why I would suggest you to block these mails in every possible way
  18. Re: Which is the best video option for Nuclear Dawn Game?

    I have been playing this game in the following viseo setting an i have not yet faced any kind of lag till now.If you want even you can try it out:

    Moderate/texture detail-low
  19. Re: how to assign customized ringtone to windows phone mango

    Microsoft has posted some details about the custom ringtones feature to be introduced in the upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone 7.

    New custom ringtones API that Microsoft- This API will...
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    Re: Installation failing in KVRT

    In order to attach your file to your post,soon after run the exe file just you will get a main window and then just navigate the file to customs script and then just copy and paste the below script...
  21. Re: Error code 80072EFD with Exchange on windows phone 7

    For solving this problem you need try to confirm that on your Windows Phone, all configuration works well. Then you need to go to Settings menu and hit the Mobile Network option. The next is to be...
  22. Re: How to set lock screen wall paper on Windows Phone 7 using Bing Daily image

    You can also do this task in different way. In creating these wallpapers I also came up with an idea for the lock screen. Windows Phone 7 doesn’t offer a massive selection of options in this area....
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    Re: HTC Vigor - Dimensions

    That's not excessively far off from my math. In view of the fact that the display will be 4.3", I used the Pythagorean Theorem and scaled each picture. This is what I came up with:

  24. re: Is HTC vigor screen is better than htc thunderbolt?

    I speculate too. Once the device comes out and an important person can elucidate, I would provide this device some solemn consideration.
  25. Re: Unable to restore Windows Phone 7, stopped during update, Restore error 80180083

    Actually I had the same problem once with my Phone and therefore I went to my nearest AT & T Device centre so that they can help me with something. When I gave my phone to them then they looked at it...
  26. Re: which one is better nook color or kindle fire

    The key features of nook color includes a 7-inch 1024x600 resolution n LCD display . It has a display with color options, six font sizes, and internet browsing over Wi-Fi, it also has a built-in...
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    Re: Incorrect time stamp on windows phone 7

    This may correct the incoming SMS message time stamp, but it makes all emails incoming and outgoing others, etc. come into view with an wrong time stamp as set out in a time zone different from the...
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    Re: Will HTC Mozart Update to Mango 7.5 go through this thread I hope this would be helping you out. And one more thing I would be saying that this version is having lots and lot of...
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    re: Releasing date for Mango 7.5 windows phone

    That’s true no one has been specifying any tie or any date I haven’t even saw a approximate time on internet like a month or two so I think that there is nothing been decided by the developers...
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    Re: language selection for iTunes in Ipad

    If your iTunes software is asking for any sort of update to be carried to change the language, the best suited option from me would be waiting for an update at the same time check for daily updates...
  31. Re: texting of messages only allows 160 Character limit HTC arrive

    Due to some reason the draw counter from the first message "160/160" instead of going to the“xxx/320" it just stops at "160/160" and doesn't let you carry on typing. While the other posts that I...
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    Re: automatic reboots occurring for HTC HD7

    The purchase of an aftermarket memory card can give u error messages pop up…if this is the case please do not buy aftermarket memory card cause Htc HD7 has a permanent data memory storage and does...
  33. Re: Character limit for text messages on Windows Phone 7

    These kind of problems occurs some time but at that time you have to recognized the fault of that, Basically if you have seen that there is the maximum length provide for creating the sms is of 160...
  34. re: Unable to sync with Exchange 2003 getting Error Code 80072EE2, 80072EE7, 85010016 in HTC TOUCH HD WINDOWS 7 Phone

    The company has allowed the proxy regulations again and I am trying to connect. I no longer receive an "error" per se, but the device still says "xxxx account information is incorrect. Update your...
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    Re: How to back up data on Windows Phone 7

    According to my suggestion most of the contacts of your friends and relative are coming from Windows Live, Facebook, Outlook, or your SIM card. So there is no worry to lose them since they are all...
  36. Re: How to reload the OS software on BlackBerry Curve 8530

    Now I am explaining you some steps please do check out some steps from there and let me know if that was useful for you
    1) The BlackBerry Smartphone that you are having connect it to the mac system...
  37. Re: Crashing of BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1.0 B34

    You know what some guys have also related this problem with having a dual screen monitor as well, so that’s the warning I am giving you all. now what I want to say here is that if any of you all...
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    Re: Compaq presario cq61 Battery not charging

    If the laptop battery is not charging or notebook does not point out that the battery is charging, then you need to make sure that the power management software you use for this connection has to be...
  39. Re: Does Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 support GSM SIM, SMS & MMS as 7.0

    I think it does not have the relation with the tablet you are using, if you were able to get the all the access of the GSM, SMS, and MMS in the Galaxy Tab 7.0 then you will be able to get in the...
  40. Re: New things In The Store for The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    I have came across some combat items that will be coming up in the stores thay are as followed:

    A Scroll of Finesse in order to Buff your Finesse and to easily tear through your enemies
  41. Re: Need help to sync notes from BlackBerry Curve 8320 to Apple iMac

    If you sync to Apple Mail Notes, to appear in Apple's Mail application. You may need to configure your e-mail with Apple Mail first. I would recommend this option if you have not done. However, I do...
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    Re: How to use blackberry phone as a USB device

    I will help you check that everything is OK or not. Well turn your Windows which the Computer after that turn your BlackBerry device. Now Connect the USB cable to the computer. In Windows, you will...
  43. Re: Blackberry password not working with USB password while connecting to computer

    I have seen a number of people with the same problem but the cause for this is just a simple thing many people think that they are entering numbers but the are not aware when that by default they...
  44. Re: Home screen of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is not working

    You don’t require to do factory reset and all. Here is a working solution for that. Once I was also stuck in the same problem, but I found a work around for that. You can download an app called 'GO...
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    re: Does Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 have GPS support?

    Here is the link that you can check out if you want more information on the specifications of the tablet, that’s the place to check.
  46. Re: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 same as G-Slate of TMobile?

    What exactly are you saying here :no: , do you want to compare the two products or something else. So what are you trying to do over here can you please explain it to me. So that I can give the...
  47. Re: Got blue screen when installing OS on iBook G4

    What type of DVD you are using for Leopard? In short to install Leopard on that iBook, the DVD has to be the business version. The retail version of Leopard is black, not silver gray. If you have the...
  48. Re: Need help in setting up multi monitor in Macbook Pro

    Monitors linked to a Macbook Pro 2008, so I'm pretty certain you can do with the accurate settings. There are two differences among my setup and yours:

    Connected the monitor via DVI, as both of...
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    Re: Getting HD Noise in Macbook Pro

    Do not worry, this is very common. It becomes more evident with the hard drive and SSD is also true. Is a mechanism that protects the drive head, I experience the same noise that sometimes the left...
  50. Re: Need help for buying first Macbook Pro, Processor, Ram, hard drive

    If you can wait a little longer, there are rumors saying that there could be a stroke of processors soon. Reader about it here: Apple Macbook Pro Bump May processor in 2011. Also, I'd recommend...
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