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    Re: Is Virus Attack on Action Center?

    There are some application avaialbe on official site of Malwarebytes which you can make use for detecting the bugs or the malware, because of which these issue happen overthere in your Action Center....
  2. Re: How to convert Microsoft Office document into OpenOffice format

    I don’t have used this OpenOffice but however there is some other word processing application available libreoffice which can open the Microsoft file but can’t edit that document. So first try to...
  3. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    I too am having this problem, I have iTunes and my iPhone4 had synchronization troubles when "with video" is marked with 4.3.3 and 4.3.5 IOS, seems to be an iTunes issue rather than IOS.
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    Re: Do OS X LION supports OpenOffice

    Yeah I have used it and it works perfectly with the newer version as well despite due to some other errors.

    But still I would like to recommend you that you should try to download the fresh...
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    Re: Silverlight 5 RC now Available

    This package is an append for Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 to offer tooling for Microsoft Silverlight 5 RC. In this post, I am going to share the link of the Silverlight 5 RC Tools for Visual...
  6. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    The best answer is that you should try both of them and also see that which is the best and also which is giving you no problem to use it and also you will be able to use, hope you have got the point...
  7. Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    According to the developers report, they have developed two variants of VLC for Android. NEON and NONEON are the two builds available for android. Most importantly, the VLC media player uses Native...
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    Re: Fix paf file error on Powermill

    There is a way to fix this :

    In the DVD look for Flex folder inside PowerMill 2010. Copy this on your desktop.

    Now Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advance > Environment Variable....
  9. Re: Long mode not working in VMware workstation 7

    I burned iso to CD and a DVD. But I could not start any of them and the boot process continues until the start of Windows 7. To verify that the BIOS to select the CD player to boot first I installed...
  10. Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    How about we encounter It's been four years following the iPhone turned out, and harshly a few years following the first Android phone did. Adobe has had more than enough chance to make Flash do its...
  11. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    Have you downloaded any unique project to your system when this began? For there could be a situation with IE, if a newfangled project is downloaded to and more advanced in years framework that has...
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    Re: Unable to install VMware workstation 8

    Attempt to support all users who want to run and set up MSI directly at the back. Necessitate a command to extract all the files in a spotless and a command that - used by an administrator - set...
  13. Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    The video card in the laptop I'm testing workstation 8 on entry-level laptop, so the onboard video card. Still performs marvelously with the beta tools. Work station 7 I'll be in for a while, I...
  14. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    I ask about Norton and MacAfee for the reason that I see them block internet connections, stop printers from printing and so on. Generally following they are evacuated and remains get other side over.
  15. Re: Need suggestion for Best Sound Recording Software

    Live Sound Recorder is influential MP3 sound recorder programming. It records simply any sound from any root good to go to your sound card. The recording record might be spared in WAV index and MP3...
  16. Re: How to Open PowerPoint and Excel Files on Toshiba Satellite

    You have to make the use of recovery PowerPoint, which can work in all the Windows OS, this steps are used to fix out the trouble with .ppt this is normally used when we loss some data after the...
  17. Re: QNAP NAS with an option for SATA 2 drives and SATA 3 drives

    It's not stood by read/write and is likewise moved by a significant number of different elements for example record size and sort. I'd not pay that much careful consideration regarding those display...
  18. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    In the long run I found Outlook.pst in C:\Documents and Settings\My Profile Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. I did not have an archive.pst as my auxiliaries are named...
  19. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    Well the thing is I am able to make the Fax Viewer head up by sticking the way into Start RUN line, but I could not recognize an approach to produce a shortcut to that way on my desktop. I would like...
  20. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    There are also other software program help to do this same kind of cookies monitoring task on the proper way and one of the best example of this is the CCleaner. It is still reads cookies the right...
  21. Re: How to swap Outlook personal storage table to MBOX

    MBox hold the collection of electronic mail messages. The entire message is concatenated and stored as plain text in a single file. Some of the e-mail client uses an adjustment of the mbox format...
  22. re: gettin error "communication failure" while access nokia mails after firmware update in Nokia X3-02

    Hhave you tried to open other website? If not then you should first of all try that so that you can at least figure out whether the internet is running or not. and if there is the only problem than...
  23. Re: Do Power Data Recovery tool is good to use?

    I have downloaded the one that you have mentioned in the title and it works very good thus I would like to suggest you that can simply have this one for recovering your data but still as the above...
  24. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    AviScreen also has a unique feature called “follow the cursor”. It is the software that can be work on the windows based system. AviScreen enables you to record screen action to an AVI vide file....
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    Re: How to open .rsd files in windows 7

    You can go to the Google and you will be able to get the software to open the file, as there are plenty of the software’s which are been available in the market and also you can be able to download...
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    From the starting onward I use Shark Codec pack. This is best for me to enjoy the entertainments. I recommend you not to install multiple Codec pack in your system, May it happened that it mess up...
  27. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    I know that unique admin people or home users would not be able to comprehend the terminology but Windows can lose the user's records if a profile ends up being degenerate. It's an old issue and more...
  28. Re: Is imaging software in windows 7 an effective way to replace my hard drive

    I have a good choice for you, you can use a Macrium reflect I think which is the most easiest software and the best software and it would be resulting 100% in a positive way. Just download it now and...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    The best way is that you try to uninstall and install it again on the same computer which you were using, as it might be that the panel file in the folder might be deleted.
  30. Re: How to enable "Save and Quit" feature in firefox 5

    I am agree with the above user actually, because it is much far better than firefix 4, because see while we use FF4 it generally opens on It on, even if we don’t want to open them and that’s the...
  31. re: How to make adobe edge animation run in internet explorer?

    Actually the thing is like the content that is developed through the Edge is made up of div elements and jQuery and which is actually not supported by the internet Explorer, in fact it was not...
  32. Re: Unable to install adobe edge on windows 7 64bit

    I was also having some problem while installation the adobe edge and when I visited their website about the same, at that time I came to know that there was some problem with the previous version....
  33. Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    Edge is one of the new promising Adobe tools that make it possible to create HTML5 animation. You can take the help of the HTML to do this task. There is something present on this that will be help...
  34. Re: Cannot access vmware-host after upgrading windows7 and vmware fusion3.0

    Well I would be asking you to try out the NAT and the Bridged modes from the VMware network adapter with no other affect I am sure this would be helping you out because whenever I have had a problem...
  35. Re: Adobe Edge looks great but not works in Internet Explorer 8

    I think this IE8 needs an additional driver to handle this adobe edge software. Hence I suggest to you for try to perform an upgrade the driver of this IE8 web browser. This will be works and in...
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    Re: Loop animation in Adobe Edge

    I am not sure if there is an inbuilt option present on this software tools. You can use the manual as well as few of the articles for this complicated task. I hope that you found this option using...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    For solving this running problem you must change OpenGL settings. There is necessary to change the setting of this OpenGL and then in response this edge software works on your windows 7 system. ...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    You can now copy and paste a transition from a single element to multiple elements using the inbuilt copy paste tools onto it. This product is to be recently launched and if you want to use this...
  39. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    Vmware 7.1 is better for Windows XP. It is somewhat a better software than Windows XP mode. I can just see better interface enhancement, nothing more than that. And one thing which also want to tell...
  40. Re: Failed to compile vmmon module in Fedora 15 x64

    I have the same trouble. Installed VMware-player-3.1.4-385536.x86_64

    uname-a: Linux Fedora # 1 SMP Sunday September 11 4:10:59 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU / Linux
  41. Re: What things you like to see in VMware view 5.0

    Success rate of ThinApp applications is 53 %. The applications that I can not get ThinApp for one reason or another are well-liked applications and HP emulation packages In fact; by means of MS...
  42. Re: How to compile VMware in ubuntu 11.04 using kernel 2.6.38-8

    Do this changes it will surely work .
    install the kernel headers:

    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname-r`

    2) install development applications:

    sudo apt-get install...
  43. Re: Getting error message ‘Message could not be saved’ of the Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

    Let me know whether any of the above mentioned solution was useful to fix the matter? if there is no change in the situation than I am suggesting that you should contact the technical support team...
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    Re: Hidden Outlook Temp folder

    Try to upgrade to Office 2011 by this end of the year. Well none of your files will be in the Saved Attachments 2011 folder or in the Auto recovery folder 2011 after you having done the upgrade. ...
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    Re: VMware Player is unable to start

    You should try to install the VMware Player again on to the system, before you install just completely uninstall the VMware Player from the system and do a single restart of the system. Then install...
  46. Re: Getting error message in Microsoft Outlook 2011’HTTP error. The server cannot fulfill the request’

    In this particular situation I am suggesting that you should go for the Exchange Web service protocol enabled on the server. OWA server needs the Exchange Web Service Protocol enabled on it....
  47. Re: Unable to open adobe acrobat reader x in VMware thinapp

    Anyone else has a trouble with the search function and the use of embedded links in the pdf. It works very well when I installed it locally without ThinApp. This only happens on a machine having...
  48. Re: Windows 7 Resolution Setting Tab vs. View 4.5 over PCoIP

    With the P20 I realize I be able to alter the resolution in the View Manager. It is element of the display settings for the virtual machine.
  49. Re: Unable to open Microsoft outlook 2011 for Mac and getting error message ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot be opened because of a problem.’

    Let me know whether there is a difference in the path? If there is a difference than you should use the following instruction over here.

    You have locate the folder of the office 2011 and...
  50. Re: How can I insert the text box into the chart in the Excel sheet of Office 2011?

    Well to fix the matter of yours I am suggesting following steps which you can try to fix the matter of yours.

    You should choose workbook cell and then go for View and Toolbars and Customize...
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