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  1. Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro

    Media Center is what differentiates Microsoft from Apple. One sentence within the entire post and no previews of Media Center very concern me. Please concentrate to the present. It feels like most...
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    Re: What is your opinion on Prototype 2 ?

    I found it a brilliant game and I played it with pleasure I want the best play again. The main missions were not very varied indeed, but the combat and the opportunities for people to take over were...
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    Re: Best Graphics Card suited for 250 watt PSU

    Will like to suggest the Radeon HD 7770 which measures a length of 21cm and it should fit without problems in any enclosure. To lie there, according to AMD, the typical power consumption at...
  4. Re: Anyone convinced and bought Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

    Not too agree with that, the weapons are not super accurate (sensitivity and not setting a bad adjustment), but ... not understandable? I see no ... and back, there are damn about infantry weapons....
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    Re: Will hulu plus enable on new Apple TV?

    I don't suppose Apple with ever for Hulu out there on ATV. they are looking to sell the varied TV episodes for $.99 every instead of allow a subscription to a service that has all-you-can-watch....
  6. Re: Unable to print black in Brother MFC 240C printer

    seems to be having some clogged print head issue. Color works fine however black wont print. I took apart the printer and wished to scrub the print head. i heard you should to soak it in heat...
  7. Re: Is it possible to use Verizon 4G phone SIM Card on iPad 4G

    Well I like to tell you that you need to upgrade your device and be able to use your active 4G simcard in spite of of contain a data plan for your device or not. My device is not active at the...
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    Re: HP Pavilion G6-1257SA keyboard buttons lock

    I just bought this laptop and see this keyboard problem . this is really very frustrating as when this happen the everything go crazy . so tool my laptop to the customer care and all he did...
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    Re: Nokia N9 unable to connect to WI-FI

    I have N9 just some days ago , however I have already become aware of Wi-Fi connectivity problem. The device cut off automatically Wi-Fi connection, while is not used. For ex. while I open a few web...
  10. Re: PowerPoint on Office for Mac 2011 hang on startup in Mac OX S

    I can say that this occur on my machine too . I have establish that while making use the dedicated GPU ,Power Point come across unsteadiness and hence hang or crash too. Forcing the integrated...
  11. Re: Is it possible to change or create new iCloud email without creating a new Apple ID

    It appears to me there are 2 problems here. There are people who wish to alter the name on our iCloud email address Then there are people who incorrectly input their new Apple id. As I perceive from...
  12. Re: which is Best among MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti HAWK and NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 570

    I don’t see any much difference between the two both as the gtx 570 is after the gtx 560 so the variation will be not that, matter difference is not huge.
  13. Re: Does Google Toolbar Compatible with Firefox 8

    For what I have know that the Google tool bar only works with the older version of the Firefox till the Firefox 4 . Apparently there is a new that Firefox is no more supported by the Google...
  14. Re: Need help on syncing iPhone 4S calendar with iCloud

    just suppose I mess something along the means as a result of I actually have 2 entries for my Google calendar events on my iCal on my iPhone. One is on my subscriptions and therefore the...
  15. Re: All location service and GPS app not working on iPhone 3GS

    Same here, did the ios5 upgrade and currently none of my GPS and satnav connected apps are functioning properly. Have done all kind of resets, combination and thus on. terribly irritated, and...
  16. Re: Need help on Typing the degree symbol iPhone 4S

    Look like an impossible task to me because the keyboard don’t have it .I don’t know recognize when and why I had to use the degree symbol not important to me that what I think apple didn’t add...
  17. Re: Keynote remote on my iPod touch won’t connect with keynote on iPad 2 via Bluetooth after updated to iOS 5

    I just recently Upgraded to IOS5 on my iPad but my Remote Keynote app no more able to connect to my MacBook Pro with the Bluetooth. Apple, YOU require TO slpve THIS problem as clearly this iOS 5...
  18. Re: When accessing the Voicemail Siri pop’s up on iPhone 4S

    I came to know about this whenever I was recording the voicemail greeting as soon as I say a message the Siri interrupt the recording and thet next time I have notice this problem when I was...
  19. Re: Does anyone have Optimum Screen settings in Catalyst Control Center for Dell Studio XPS 1645

    I've by no means accomplished something with color profiles and . If I try any profile out for a week or 2 and discover that I do not like for whatever basis , is it as simple as it seem to...
  20. Re: Zune software not working with the Nokia Lumia 800

    what are you talking about what is this wireless sync and how does it function can you explain me how can i able to do this i would be really glad ? i really like the zune software
  21. Re: Zune software not working with the Nokia Lumia 800

    even i did the same this that you said but i am anable to get any result on this in fact i saw many guide online which also suggest the same drag to the PC icon which i do already do but it does...
  22. Zune software not working with the Nokia Lumia 800

    hi guys i have recently purchase this phone and really very happy with the specs of this phone very nice phone based on the windows platform great work Nokia but i have a issue with the phone not...
  23. Re: Ubuntu will be soon available for Mobiles and Tablets

    what is the sitch on relelease od this os by the way i was just wondering that is this both iOS nad android are based on the Linux . what is the stock bare bone version?

    i really dont get any of...
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    Re: Trouble in Campaign Part 3 in Anno 2070

    I just passed the stage of wheat after build enough monitor stations in the South Island, where the growth of rice you need to put them on top of mine by the way .. get the seed of wheat, which is...
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    Re: Trouble in Campaign Part 3 in Anno 2070

    I have explored the whole map, there are two additional islands.

    The place One where you rescued 10 people, and you have to clean monitoring stations.

    This requires engineers ego in some of...
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    Re: Trouble in Campaign Part 3 in Anno 2070

    I have one problem for which I need your help I would be really glad if you able to solve this issue also i can’t look as if to figure this one out I stuck by means of the rice problem, i...
  27. Re: How to use MP3 songs as Ringtone in MOTOROLA ADMIRAL

    Sorry for off topic but can you help me how to set a ringtone for unknown calls or people that aren’t on your contacts list? I would be really glad if you assist me on these thanks in advance I...
  28. Re: Need help on Deadshot in Game Mode + in Batman: Arkham City

    I am curious to know how exactly do you get each part of the quest for instant messaging, it's not like you just find the material that has to be unlocked ... How do you unlock? Are you able to do...
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    Only 3 Arc Upgrades available in Anno 2070

    I have recently got this game and I must say this is one of the best games I have ever played but I have noticed something that is bothering me a lot I don’t know is there I missing something or...
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    Re: Unable to login in Anno 2070 game

    Similar issue. I cannot say I'm surprised though. Ubisoft is not precisely in my good books as it comes to reliability. Do not make out why Blue Byte plus related designs to it cannot get a honest...
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    Where is Decoration elements in Anno 2070

    Hey, out of curiosity, how I can activate the decorative elements in the construction menu? It was not a big fan of them in ANNO 1404, but I know a lot of players who love you and I would change my...
  32. Re: Batman Arkham City Earth One DLC code invalid

    Hi even I am also having this same problem and I'm in Quebec Canada, my DLC code did not work on the day of release so I decided to I wrote about that to them the subsequently day ,but I got no reply...
  33. Re: Unable to unlock Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham City

    I just confired with the WB tech support about the armored batsuit and this is what they said to me when I called them and ask How do I go regarding utilize this fresh skin? Is this an concern that...
  34. Re: Unable to unlock Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham City

    What ????? There is no armored batsuit in the game? Because I am very much sure that I unlocked some outfit when I completed the game.
  35. Unable to unlock Armored Batsuit in Batman Arkham City

    Really I like the game very much absolutely a great game no doubt about this anyhow, I completed the Arkham City campaign on Normal mode plus have been extremely satisfied with the game, with just...
  36. Re: Unable to get access on Catwoman's free roam in Batman Arkham City

    I also have this similar issue. I begin a fresh normal difficulty game with no means of the code however every time I resume it inquire me if I required to make use of the code for Catwoman content...
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    Re: Motorola Droid Razr XT912 has Torn screen

    HI guys I have update I go to best buy plus Verizon moreover they both had the similar hitch. They tell me as I had 30 say I must come back close to the 20-30 day mark furthermore see if their newer...
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    Re: Batman: Arkham City Audio is choppy on PS3

    That is absolutely correct I am on xbox and similar hitch Batman voice forever get choppy on my turtle beaches. It’s actually irritating
  39. Re: Is it possible to use unlocked HTC Radar on AT&T

    Thank you for the reply . I akin to the HTC Radar over the Samsung Focus S, however don't b familiar with how fine TMO's coverage in my region is. I have sure to get the HTC Radar and seek it for a...
  40. Is it possible to use unlocked HTC Radar on AT&T

    Hi guys

    I have the unlocked version of HTC Radar with me I was just wondering if anyone here can tell me is it possible to use this unlock phone on the AT&T carrier anyone her who has already...
  41. Re: Does STOCK, DEODEXED, ZIP-ALIGNED, NO-CIQ ROM, and DEBLOATED compatible on Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727

    I am not sure whether Deodexed debloated, zip aligned ROM ciq is compatible I myself trying to get anything on this and so far I can only able to know that answer for all that is still on standby...
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    Re: Motorola Droid Razr XT912 has Torn screen

    Sorry to hear that but I bought mine at the Best Buy mobile, pretty bother free. I just required seeing Verizon because they have approximating 5 display models out.
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    Re: Motorola Droid Razr XT912 has Torn screen

    I think I have to go there tomorrow to check out the display model previous to I complain regarding it. It’s really difficult to make out but I paid $300 for the phone.
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    Re: Motorola Droid Razr XT912 has Torn screen

    Thanks for the reply it exactly seem to be similar to a tear on a movie screen, tough to spot however I will see if I able to take a picture I am not sure when . Looks like I have to swap over it...
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    Motorola Droid Razr XT912 has Torn screen

    This is really annoying I have become aware of this when With the display not bright as well as with a dark background, the handset appear like it have a tear in the display that's darker than the...
  46. Re: Unable to play YouTube video on MacBook pro

    Thank you very much for your reply, but now I'm totally confused as I am not very computer literate. Anyway, as you suggest Google and found problems re flash player "is a loss of response to mouse...
  47. Unable to play YouTube video on MacBook pro

    My new MacBook Pro I bought in May this year was playing the YouTube video flawlessly. After a month or two it stopped working. YouTube page opens and you can see the video, but what happen when you...
  48. Route Creation feature is not yet working on Motorola Motoactv

    I have bought this phone on the basis of many promises made by Motorola on regard to this phone and few none of them is seems to be false take for instance Motorola has not out Route Creation, so...
  49. Re: Power Mac G5 processor upgrade is it possible?

    Hi I'm looking to replace the 2.0 GHz processor Dual-my G5. I searched the Internet and found a good pair, but also come from a 2.0 dual model no. A1047 EMC 1969. My Mac is the model number is A1047...
  50. Re: How to upload stock version of the Rogers ROM in Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727

    Even I am having the same issue and really annoyed with this is there any one who can assist me to do something like running few things to get the ROM out I would be appreciating this thanks
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