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  1. Re: How to Overclock basic E and Q processors in Gigabyte motherboard?

    It is feasible to set your memory voltage at a level that will inevitably harm your memory. We should rely on your memory maker's information for fitting working voltages and you need to know/find...
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    Re: Overclocking Intel E6550

    I would just propose controlling the temperature in the NB and see if it needs any additional cooling /
    Memtest86 + will test the memory of the errors of any kind, not only for OCing. No need to...
  3. Re: Building Gaming Chair by modding Gigabyte 8N SLI (1.1)

    Yes, the chair is very easy to remove, apparently an imitation that has been imported to New Zealand in mass and, although not large materials is not as bad in its structure. I have the means to...
  4. Re: Need help in overclocking Gigabyte P41T-D3P (rev 1.3)

    I tried the settings you suggested and was able to do what I've done so far, which is to raise the 10 MHz clock. Strikes back strain did not help the situation either and I still was not able to...
  5. Re: Overclocking Intel i950 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 460

    Really I wouldn’t bother with windows 7's rating.First off its inconsistent cause it doesn’t run the benchmark for long enough. Secondly the HD rating is capped at 5.9 unless you have an SSD. I once...
  6. Re: Getting boot failure after changing ec firmware to hybrid phenom II x2 560

    Now tried to install 32bit win 7 loaded files ok but then froze on 'starting windows' and wouldn't go any further. I'm contented with it as a 2 core although hate not knowing why it does this!!
  7. Re: Overclocking i5 2500k with Gigabyte z68xp-ud4

    I will use CM Hyper 212+ so I imagine there will be no difficulty in cooling and can I use gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3 oc guide.
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    Re: Overclocking Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 and 2500k

    Obviously make sure that you have downloaded all the most recent versions of the programs that you are using for reporting. Also if one program sounds suspiciously out check it with another.
  9. Re: Overclocking Gigabyte Z68XP-UD7 2600k at 4.8 GHZ

    Just to answer your last point there as long as you have decent cooling and keep the temperature down and you make sure that the QPI/Vtt voltage always stays within 0.5v of the memory voltage it...
  10. Re: I am receiving unknown error message 15000 While using itunes airplay

    I am going to provide a solution which effectively works for Mac OS X 10.5.1 or later. Go in Apple Menu > System Preferences > View > Network. Select the network card from here. You have to choose...
  11. Re: Need information on my 32GB RAM ESXi whitebox build.

    I will rather advise you that you should be going for a Sandybridge E3-12xx in place of a gen Xeon. They are equivalent as far as the price is concerned. Go for a Supermicro X9SCL and a
    Xeon E3-1230
  12. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Civ 5 games crashing after playing for 20 minutes and requires hard reset

    I would suggest you that if you are using the retail stock HS/fan or any other cooler that came with its own thermal pad or compound then try to remove the original and try to apply a VERY thin coat...
  13. There is no need to add any third party utility...

    There is no need to add any third party utility for the same. Once you turn on your system it is active. Super Charger just pass current to your smartphone or tablet constantly even when your pc is...
  14. Re: Any input on this Micro ATX build would be greatly appreciated

    GTX 285 is about 160W DC. A lone GTX 580 in addition to a specific GTX 285 could leave just about 80W on a 520W PSU, which is likely not altogether enough. I mean genuinely you're no doubt not...
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    Re: customizing PC for gaming

    This is the right forum for it, and you can read about many other gaming system configurations here. But now as you are on the verge of configuring of the system think upgrading to 2500K and P67 /...
  16. Re: How BIOS and Cupid vCore frequency are different from each other

    The temp goes up when the frequency rises, because the CPU performs more cycles per second. So I think the cpu is heating which is causing the crash.
  17. Re: Overclocking ASRock z68 Extreme4 for complete dummies?

    It may consider a danger action to overclocking Asrock motherboard if you don’t have the beneficial quality of having knowledge regarding this. So one have to examine each and every step twice...
  18. You can do that through AXTU. This is a...

    You can do that through AXTU. This is a overclocking utility by Asus. Called as ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility, it can help you to get standard performance. It has everything in it. It offers you a...
  19. re: Display driver crashing in DirectX 11after Overclocking GTX 580 Twin Frozr II

    Also, do you know how to flash new BIOS with different default values? I rather not have to set Afterburner to auto startup. Follow the below steps:

    - download NiBiTor v6.0 or above
    - save your...
  20. re: How to Overclock Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 on a Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G(rev1.4)and not having proper speed in kingston 1GB HyperX RAM - KHX8500D2/1G

    Pentium has lower computing poer than Core CPU in computing pore but in the formal use there is no different using that cooler Overclocking will be very limited, 2.66GHz, perhaps 2.8GHz, not...
  21. Re: Overclocking Acer Aspire ethos 5943g with HD5850

    I try 900/1040 and have 7700 points. The evade 625/800 I get 5850 Marks. So now in its place of ATI Mobility 5850 I 7700.

    I realized that the balance between the core and clocks membership is...
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    Re: Programmer or Coder

    I consider myself in the "Looking for a coder"-aggregate-so plainly I am not one of them. I am even assist far from being a programmer. I esteem individuals that are equipped to do things similar to...
  23. re: what is mctadmin.exe and mctadmin process in window 7 operating system

    it is just a microsoft command line object in Windows 7 operating system to allow Local Pack installation when user chooses customize installation it is automatically activated to check the user ...
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    Re: Unable to overclock AMD 1090T to 4.0GHZ

    Try shooting the CPU-NB to 3000 GHz following you have less hotness. 24 hour is course over kill...2 to 4 hour is perfect. Yours-re never taking off to use your machine for example how prime does...
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    Re: Overclocking of AMD Bulldozer to 4.63 GHz

    To solve these problems of speed, AMD reported its plans to build a booster Bulldozer, called B2, which should make the chips competitive with offerings from Intel. The delay will not affect 6200...
  26. Re: Sound not working while using Voice call on nokia C7

    I recommend you to do hard reset or soft reset on your cell phone or see if this is the solution to your problem and get the chat services again or not. This is the best that helps you avoid this...
  27. Re: Performance of Gigabyte G-Power 2 Pro Cooler

    The main key features of this cooler is it box composes a fantastic bargain of the cooler's slanted fan plan, with the cooler's fan and chrome cover obviously visible through a plastic surround. The...
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    Re: How to overclock Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

    This motherboard is intended to provide a stable, high-speed stage for transport remarkably speedy data transfer using GIGABYTE 333 involved speeding up technologies. I think you require using the...
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    Re: Overclocking with Gigabyte GA 990FXA UD5

    The best way to do this overclocking task over the motherboard is to be used the BIOS update task on it. This is the best solution that helps to solve the problem. You need to use it and it really...
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    Re: Best CPU cooler for mini itx sg-06 case

    I would suggest you to take the total measurement of and around the CPU that you have so that you know what the maximum heat sink is or the fan size is that your case can take. You will then find it...
  31. Re: Prime 95 passes 8 hours after Overclocking at priority 10 but fails 1min of LinX

    It can be many things, including the NB voltage, and perhaps try a different version of OCCT. If I remember correctly, P95 needs a little more voltage to run than OCCT, sometimes OCCT act that way...
  32. Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have read your question. As per my information I will say that the core i5-2500k and -2600k are the CPU which can be overclocked. You can increase the multiplier of the CPU through the bios. This...
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    Re: Is 75 degree ok with a graphic card?

    Well, I would say don `t worry about temperatures. In fact, it `s fine if the temperatures below 100 degrees Celsius. Just check in the control of paneland NV see what the temperature threshold for...
  34. Re: Can I overclock or underclock Asus EEE PC 70x model on demand with Linux?

    You should be careful while compiling the source code because it might kill the computer of yours permanently. There would be changes into the Default action changes when there is print out of...
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    Re: Overclocking i7 2600k on aurora r3

    He felt no different than my 4.4GHz OC, since I tested my OC for 12 hours in Prime95 and OCCT made four races to ensure when it is overclocked steadiness. So must be perfectly stable. It does not...
  36. Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    Poke too soon, I guess the mod works up great until Windows restarts then no matter what always will default to the values of the shares. You need to see if you can isolate the trigger BIOS that...
  37. Re: How to save settings in BIOS with RevoDrive 240GB?

    Well dear would like to share up my personal experience about this so I update my bios to 1.8, 1.9, and the revolutionary unity does not work, did not appear at all with 1.8, but 1.9 was presented...
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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Change CPU Ratio [33] <- (is wrong. It is[48], but you can not see it. EIST, etc turbo makes it slower and accelerate when needed. To correct the error on my board, all I did was press F6 UEFI and...
  39. Re: Can BIOS XPOWER 1.6 lead to random Windows BSOD?

    After performing steps that you have mentioned on your question you must have received the following results:
    Under SPD tab your CPU will show-

    SPD ext. XMP
    1067 Mhz
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    Re: P35 Platinum with Q9550 Overclocking

    Lately I have performed a flash the bios to install and use my Q9550 because my P35 motherboard had an older bios. The data was willingly accessible on the MSI site but I had just checked the CPU...
  41. re: Cannot insert images in Nero Cover Designer

    What are the temples that you are trying to use? You should check that if the format you are attempting to utilize is listed within the cover designer while selecting the file. If that file type is...
  42. Re: How to overclock Acer laptop having SLG8SP556V clock generator.

    I don’t know at what your laptop will going to boot for the 2 time and I don’t think any laptop with ddr2 ram will go to max 1000MHZ. well I don’t think there is a problem with the power...
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    Re: Kindle to be soon launched for Android

    With an electronic ink device that runs Android, it was expected that small malignant embark on the adventure of hacking not too serious, but pretty funny. And above all, revealing the relationship...
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    Re: How to clock a ddr3 ram to 1600mhz

    Well I had changed the setting voltage for my motherboard to the 1.500 and for multiplier I had applied 1.2250 volts and for memory multiplier speed I had given the 12:1600 value and for the max...
  45. Re: Which one is the best Kindle 1 or Kindle 3

    The similarities end there. The list of differences is longer and will crescendo: the Sony Reader display 8 levels of gray (that's enough to read a book) while the displays in Kindle2 16. Well....
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    Re: How to fix malware manually?

    Version Microsoft Update and Windows Update tool runs in the background and then reports if an infection is found. If you want to use this tool several times a month, choose the version the system...
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    Re: Need information on Q9650

    Ok I think that I can help you with the information. As the CPU's speed is identified by it's multiplier times the Front Side Bus. And as it's not an Extreme Edition, your CPU instead has a...
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    Re: Intel I7 930 unable to reach at 4.2 GHZ

    You can even try the different method by combining the feature which usually obtains the heat much. You can even try to add the 121mm exhaust fan at the edge of the case and then turn the vcore...
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    Re: HOW TO overclock Intel E5800 Processor

    I had increase the voltages which is now 1.347 and the fsb is at 1333MHZ and the ram had down clocked to the 1333MHZ I had even tried in putting the profile to the 1 which had clock my cpu to the...
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    Re: can I get faster RAM with overclocking?

    I would really like to help you but before I need to know the system details of your pc, so kindly mention your system details as soon as possible so that I can help you in a better way. As even I...
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