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  1. Re: Which 1000 watt psu will be better for a extreme gaming machine

    Corsair is having a RM1000 series which I think would be the best one for your requirement. When you are buying psu one of the most important thing to check that the psu must be having a silent fan....
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    Re: Stylish mouse under Rs.1000

    I am also trying to find out a few budget mouse that can have a great look. But I am not able to locate any. There are ample of mouse in the market that comes at cheaper price but they don't work for...
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    Re: What is most required to build a 4K pc

    There are ready to use assembled htpc that will give you enough support for playing all this 4K videos. I think you can find some good models under Dell. HTPC are quiet designed to work with media...
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    Re: Are compact 3D printers affordable today

    In future I am quiet sure it will be a great boom and there will be people mad about buying the same. It is sold buy many sellers online but it is right that it might carry heavy shipping chargers....
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    Re: Cpu case replacement for Mac desktop

    It actually depend on the model of mac version you have. If you are having a very old one then there are chances that you might case in the market. Nobody sells that officially. You have to buy a old...
  6. Re: Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

    Instead of going complete fan-less you can still go for some quiet power supply unit. There are ample of them in the market. Antec EarthWatts EA750
    750W is one of them. It is a nice and effective...
  7. Re: Which site is good to buy computer hardware online

    There are sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal who are sending all computer parts. But to be frank it is costly. You have to buy different hardware and each of them will carry shipping cost also. IT is...
  8. Re: HP Touch Smart 520 does not wake from sleep mode after tapping on screen

    This is little bit weird. I never heard about such kind of problem. Mostly in touchscreen system when you tap on the screen the system wake back from the sleep mode. But if not then you can try...
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    Re: How to get HD audio from a old Vista PC

    My friend has a home theater setup at his home. He is using a amazing receiver. It manages all the audio. The speaker are connected to the receiver and it is then further connected to a blu ray...
  10. Re: How to add usb 3.0 ports on my old Vista PC

    That is right. If you are not having the connectors on your board then you can't use the usb 3.0 front panel. What you can do is buy a pci card. There are some usb 3.0 pic card available on the...
  11. Re: Which one is better between Close Looped Liquid Cooler or Open Looped Liquid Cooler

    The usage here depend on your need. If you need something only for the processor then you can go with closed loop cooler like Corsair H90. But if you need something for the entire system like gpu...
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    Poll: Re: Compact gaming keyboard vs full size

    If you see the list of top gaming keyboards in the market then you will be able to find almost all are full size keyboard. This is our habit. Adjusting yourself on portable will be ab it time...
  13. Re: Blue screen error with Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB

    Can be a bad hard drive. You can try testing the hard drive on some other working system. It happens a number of time that you might receive a damage product or sometime the drive is not fitted well...
  14. Re: Looking for some compact interchangeable lens camera

    This are also called as hybrid cameras. Here you must buy one depending on your need. If you had just started learning photography then you can go ahead
    with any basic model. There are many. They...
  15. Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    There are many but they are costly. You have to pay a good amount for the same. I am giving you a link below. Just checkout the keyboard. It is amazing. A tiny keyboard with nice key support and...
  16. Re: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    Looks like some issue with Adobe Acrobat. Try to update it first or re-installation the same is good thing. You can get the latest version from the official site. Remove the existing one and then...
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    Re: Buying advice on large fountain speakers

    Did you tried ebay. Go on that and search for fountain speakers. I am sure you will get some models on it. Forget about the brand. Most of them will be china product. And also cheaper compare to...
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    Re: Speaker stopped working after cleaning pc

    It is motherboard fault. Carry the board to service center. My audio port had also start stopped working on its own. It is a common problem in old motherboard. The charges will be minimal on it.
  19. Re: Where to find a good mini gps tracker for kids

    Gps tracking device are portable and unique. It remains hidden. While mobile devices cannot act as a ideal gps tool. You will face issue with them. Whichever device you buy usually works on a sim...
  20. Re: Can I use my old pc and web camera to use it like a DVR

    You can build your own DVR with that. It is possible. You are having almost everything. You are having a camera and system. In this system you will need to add one more thing. A good TV Tuner card....
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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    Somehow if you play game for long time then you will surely get annoyed. For a keyboard when you use those wasd keys I keep a pad below. That comes with wrist rest. And for mouse I am using a...
  22. Re: Seagate 2TB one partition disappear while others are working

    First of all it is necessary to locate the partition. If it is not visible then it means that part of the drive is damage or not proper. Second thing if it is located then there are some tools which...
  23. Re: Slow system performance with Corsair Neutron GTX 240 SSD

    SSD are reliable and good in output. I think there can be some issue with the system. I am having a Intel Core i3 system with 8GB ram and 1GB gpu. On that the system goes really well. SSD can boost...
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    Re: Seagate ST2000DM001 drive freezes

    How you came to know that your drive is causing the issue. There can be issue with the operating system also. You can try re-installing it or just update the drivers. I think that would fix the job.
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    Re: Is Antec P280 good chassis for gaming pc

    The case belong to performance series of Antec cabinets. It offers you ample of storage space, enough air cooling and multiple expansion slots. I think this case will be great for you. There is a...
  26. Re: Good Hardware Diagnostic Tool for Windows XP

    I agree with that, but it does not work with every hardware. Automatic updates is one of the best choice here to keep your system updated and works well. You can just keep on running the updates....
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    Re: Suggest DSLR camera within $600

    Sony DSLR cameras are best and ill suggest you to get one form these:

    Sony Alpha DSLR-A290 :

    Price: $600
    Image: Custom White Balance, Image Stabilization, White Balance Presets - 6
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    Re: Logitech G700 LGS Support

    Bringing out the Logitech Gaming software after this many days of the mouse’s release will be difficult for the developers. Developers would have already moved on to some new project and must have...
  29. Re: Logitech Gaming Software 8.35 download available?

    Logitech Gaming Software 8.35 has also fixed some other bugs that were coming between the working of the mouse. These bugs were minor not of much trouble, but getting them fixed is a good thing. Who...
  30. Re: Losing sync to monitor after updating Intel DZ77GA-70K to BIOS 0045

    Is the BIOS 0045 made to have fast boot in the computer. If yes, then it might be causing the problems that you are facing. The fast boot feature needs to have high end hardware configuration. I...
  31. Re: SanDisk Extreme 240GB is not passing TRIM commands

    People haven’t noticed that there is a feature by name VANTAGE ATER SE in SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD. The SE in the above name of the feature stands for secure erase. Actually this secure erase also...
  32. Re: Getting BSOD continuously on Intel DH77DF with i3-2120T

    Is the temperature of you computer right? I mean if your computer is overheating, then maybe it is getting crashed because of it. Maybe the graphic card is not getting proper airflow and thus it is...
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    Re: Android Open Source Project on Nexus Q?

    Nexus Q doesn’t have any interface of it. It is basically used to create a bridge between multiple devices that have Android and other devices like Television. So I don’t think that Nexus Q will...
  34. Re: Even after updating Vertex 3 SSD to firmware 2.22, getting BSOD continuously

    Have you set the SATA controller to AHCI mode in bios?? If you are able to enter the bios setup utility then check it out and make sure that the controller is set to AHCI mode. If you still don’t...
  35. Re: Water Cooling looks too complicated to setup compared to air cooling

    If you must have installed the water cooling system in past, then it is fine. But if not, let me tell you that you will spend at least two to three days for proper installation of water cooling...
  36. Re: Logitech c920 is not getting detected after installing LWS

    Yes you should try out the latest software for it, here you go:
    Logitech Webcam Software for Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920
    Title: Webcam Software for HD Pro C920
    Software Version: 2.40.845.0
  37. Re: Logitech c920 is not getting detected after installing LWS

    I wanted to know if this issue is just with Logitech Webcam Software or other webcam software as well. If you are facing this issue with other software’s as well then there are possibilities that...
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    Re: Firmware 365A13F0 for SanDisk Ultra SSD

    Not much but at least I will help you to know bit and sufficient enough about the ISO firmware that is suggested you to install for your SSD. Look in most of the cases of SSD like you said the SSD do...
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    Re: MSI cx623 is freezing on startup

    If all of the above solutions are not working out for you then you will have to try out restoring your laptop to its factory defaults. You can try out the below steps for the same but I will like to...
  40. Re: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    I think that you should have the ATH-M50S LE headphone. This is the limited edition headphone. The features of ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 are same. The specifications are also nearly same. The...
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    Re: How to completely block dust in computer

    I don't think there is any anti-dust cpu case yet available. What you can do is buy some kind of cover for the case. You can keep a track of cleaning it after every 14 days. In that way dust will not...
  42. Re: Rrror "No tuner available to satisfy the current request" with Hauppauge 2250 on windows 7

    I have read your problem and I would like to tell you that this error normally takes place because of the drivers issue and that is why you should first open device manger and then right click on the...
  43. Poll: Re: Which one is good brand, Corsair or Seasonic

    You need to consider lots of things when you are supposed to select PSU. Basically what type of system you are going to use. In case you are looking to get Sli or crossfire, I think 650w PSU should...
  44. Re: Need help making computer compatible for Diablo 3

    First of all you need to be certain that the IO shield is removed from your present case and I am not sure that pre-built computer cases like you have from Acer/Gateway has the micro-ATX standards....
  45. Re: WD Passport Essential not recognized on pc after using it on Mac

    Check if you have attached any extra device, you can even try to attach the external hard drive to some different USB port and check if it is recognized. If the problem is still present then you will...
  46. re: How to restore Restore Intel DZ68DB bios to factory default

    There are many ways to restore the bios settings. The easy way to restore the bios is clearing the CMOS. To clear the CMOS remove all the power cables from the computer and even the CMOS battery for...
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    Re: Admin password for HP Photosmart 5514

    You might try the above user method which might be helpful for you in some or other way, if you wanted to try with the default username and password then try to type username as admin and password as...
  48. Re: Dell V305 All-in-One Printer is not working with Inspiron 531S

    After trying the above user method then also it is not working then I would suggest you to install the service pack of your operating system and also you try to do windows updates, sometimes doing...
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    Re: Mount for 23" Widescreen Dell LED Monitor

    There are different type of monitors mount found on web. I will list you all one by one so that you can have a clear idea about your requirement. Basically what I can assume that you are looking for...
  50. re: Is it worth to purchase desktop, laptop manufactured by HP?

    I have used number of Dell as well as HP machines and I have figured out that HP machines are really great to use. You can use it for several machines. But they are engineered poorly from inside....
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