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    Re: Wordpress sites slowing down on its own

    Under plugins you can find ample of things that can speed up your site. I will recommend you to do a few stuff that might help you to boost up the site output. Start with installing W3 Total Cache....
  2. Re: Wordpress performance monitoring plug-in

    Plug-ins are not going to give you everything. There are other more things to check if you need a lot more better speed of your wordpress website. Like you can simply use a plug-in that can enhance...
  3. Re: Does a free Wordpress theme is better than paid one

    I am using a free theme and it is limited. I made a site on my work profile. I do not simply provide any kind of product to buy. So I go ahead with a static site which just give general information....
  4. Re: How to turn off Archive indexing in WordPress

    If you are using WordPress SEO tool then it might help you in cleaning this stuff. Just instal this and click on Titles and Meta. There you can find a section as others. Click on that and you can...
  5. Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    It actually depends on the theme you are using. Wordpress has as option through which you can get rid of the page title and it might work well but for that you have to edit the functions.php I think....
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    Re: battery drain problem with Nook HD+

    I would suggest you test by using all the apps to see which is draining the battery more in the Nook HD+ ebook reader. You can try to download the GSam Battery Monitor which will be able to help you...
  7. Re: How to get rid of ads from vbulletin header top

    You site is still hacked. This is a big issue actually and it is a time consuming process. I can give you a very instant fix for the same. But the ad will not be completely remove it will hide and in...
  8. Re: ForumRunner ask users to download paid apk on android

    I had already paid for the license and and the app is also paid. I had contacted forumrunner for the same they had not yet replied on this. When I was buying forumrunner it was not actually clear...
  9. Re: Looking for a simple eCommerce plugin for Wordpress

    If you need something advance for using the same then you can try MarketPress - WordPress eCommerce. It is very easy to customize and there are many options in it. This will let you manage your...
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    Re: fixing a bricked Sony PRS-T1

    Try to perform a factory reset on your ebook reader and see if that works, but note that all important data will be lost. First of all turn off the device, for that press power button and hold it for...
  11. Re: Cannot enable FBConnect on Vbulletin 4.2.2

    It is not going to work. Manually it might be possible if you write a custom code, but through the default plugin it is quiet not possible. That is because Facebook has updated its API and this new...
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    Re: information on Kindle Fire 2014

    Well, till now Amazon has not spoken anything about a new ebook reader if they are going to announce it or not. But, from some place I have read that they have ordered a MediaTek 8135 quad-core...
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    Re: battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite

    If its an indexing problem, then you will have to check which all books are not indexed on your Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader bu just tapping on the "items not yet indexed", you will get the full...
  14. Re: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    After you have connected your Nook ereader to the computer, you can see a new volume/drive termed as Nook. Now copy the PDF files and epubs into the My Documents folder. After that unplug the Nook...
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    Re: Hidden Folders in Kindle Fire HD

    I think that the file is not there where you think it is or it might be also possible that the missing space is took by something else rather than the file you have downloaded. I have checked that...
  16. Re: Confused between php and java for web development

    PHP remains limited for small website. That is because it is only a server side scripting language. Here the entire source code of PHP should be stored on a server and it can be run through the web...
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    Re: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    I can only recommend that unless you root, the only solution for you is to restart your ebook reader. Incase you dont want to do a permanent root then I will suggest you to use the N2A SD Card. With...
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    Re: Which microSD card for Sony PRS-T3?

    Well, I have more than 5000+ books stored on a 32gb memory card in my Sony T3 ebook reader and I do not have any problems with it. There is no slowdown that I can notice or problem relatings to...
  19. Re: How to lock all download files on Wordpress

    Instead adding a password directly on the entire download files you can do one more thing. You can simply lock the links. Anyhow you are going to post the link in your post. You can lock that. You...
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    Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    Major improvement lines in the media stuff. You can instantly resize a photo and video directly in the editor. It works really well and nice. You can drag and fix the size. I had tested the new...
  21. Re: Among Drupal and Wordpress which has best feature for Spam control

    Most of this cms does not comes internal spam control feature. It is on you what you want. Compare to Drupal, Wordpress is easy to manage. Because it has everything you want. You get a nice...
  22. Re: Plugin to speed up website built on Drupal

    Download and add DBMaintenance on your website. That will help you more in fixing the issue. DBMaintenance is a nice tiny tool that can help you to optimize the database and get proper output. It...
  23. Re: What is the best way to test a speed of website

    I am using gtmetrix. This is also a web based application that help you to find out the actual speed of your site. It has a rating benefit. It gives you rates starting from A. If your site land...
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    Re: Edit folder permissions via Group Policy

    To apply or modify permission entries for objects using Group Policy

    Open Microsoft Management Console.
    On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap-in, and then click Add.
    Click Group...
  25. Re: windows 2003 server shutdown and reboot automatically.

    I think that you need to try to stop the automatic restart of the server and see if that works. Also try to boot the server in safe mode and then check if you are getting similar kind of problem. You...
  26. Re: How to get rid of HTTP error 400 bad request (invalid verb)

    Have you tried clearing the web browsers cookie that you are using since the error that you are getting mostly happens due to corrupted cookies. Just try to clear the cache and cookies from websites...
  27. Re: Resizing photo to 600 x 600 pixels for DV Lottery

    There are plenty of photo editing software that can be used to do what you are looking for. I would recommend you to use Adobe photoshop because it is the best software ever. You just have to crop...
  28. Re: How to increase the performance of C++ programs

    Try to reduce your program size. In start make it light. Now slow program are also caused due to hard drive performance. If the drive is performing slow then there is nothing you can do. Also this...
  29. Re: avoid "Get a better name on YouTube" message

    Even i am frustrated with this youtube name policy. I also dont want to change my youtube name to my real name, who wants to keep a real name on the internet. All i get is the same annoying pop-up...
  30. Re: Android 4.2.2 for Sony Xperia Z available

    Well there is a good news for all Xperia Z users. Android 4.2.2 update for this handset model has been already sent to Telstra for testing purpose. So according the news it should take maximum 2...
  31. Re: Looking for some excellent books on best coding practices

    There are ample of book available on the web. You can just choose the one depending on your area of specialty. Like Pro .NET Best Practices or Ruby Best Practices. Each of them defines a different...
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    re: Is it worth to go for HTML5 right now

    The main feature of using this language is portable device support. The new edition of this language supports mobile platform where you can open pages, stream video/music and do number of different...
  33. Re: Is osCommerce a suitable solution for e-Commerce

    It is a good free tool but compare to that Mageno and Pretashop are more functional. In oScommerce you can take benefit from php and make a simple eCommerce website intantly. The installation is...
  34. Re: How to create a simple widget for Android Devices

    You can try Widget Maker. This tiny app is available for free on Google Play. You can use this to create your own widgets. I do not think it will help you on development. But it can help you to...
  35. Re: How to develop a secure applications for mobile phone

    A number of applications deal with security flaw due to poor development cost. Games are most common in that and there are people that can take benefit of those flaws causing major issues. You can...
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    Re: Good Ebook Software with templates

    That is a good option. Creating images. I am using Photoshop for creating product brochure. I use it for creating small ad banners. Then I create a low size image file out of it and publish them on...
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    Re: Best resources for learning Drupal

    Since Drupal Code Search is the latest I am listing best 5 books for learning Drupal (Especially for newbie’s)

    Beginning Drupal 7 by Todd Tomlinson
    The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 by Moshe...
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    Re: Ebooks for learning word press quickly

    You can check out these ones:
    A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Theme Development
    Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide
    Bulletproof Blogging with WordPress
    Getting Started with WordPress
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    Re: Ebooks for learning word press quickly

    You can check out these ones:

    A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Theme Development
    Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide
    Bulletproof Blogging with WordPress
    Getting Started with WordPress
  40. Re: Windows 7 desktop gadgets appearing as white squares

    Which antivirus you are having installed??? Not sure but it seems as if your system has got affected by some kind of virus. I will suggest you to run a through scan and go through the result. If...
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    Re: What can be cost of budget 1000w psu

    Corsair HX1000W is another one. It is not a budget psu, the price is between $250 to $300 (Rs.16000 approx). Even if you buy a cheaper brand there is no guarantee that it will perform well in future....
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    Re: Using StarDock on Windows 8

    Did you checked RainMeter. This would work I think. Because this tool work like a layer on Windows Desktop and I hope it would give you extra options. I do not understand why Microsoft added MetroUI....
  43. Re: Cinnamon is not stable compared to Mate on Linux Mint

    This is due to the DVD version you have. You had downloaded Linux Mint Mate and on that you are trying to install Cinnamon separately. Because of which you are facing the issue. I will recommend you...
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    Re: What is Google Play Music

    This is weird. I found this application in suggested app while downloading an app from Google Play. When I tried to access the same this is what I got:...
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    Re: What is syllabus of Ethical hacking

    I work on testing and penetration. But in private sector. There is less scope here. Though you are paid good, but there are less chances of getting recognition. I found the above suggestion much...
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    Re: Opera Mini 7 working very slow

    Nope, I dint felt so. Are you sure installation went fine? Also If yes, you should try installing it again. Because am using the same v7.0.3 and it is working fine with few new features. Alsoi would...
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    Re: Good Resources for Android Development

    Portability is an big thing you need to do for Android apps. When the Android first came in market, it was just limited up to the smartphones. The size of the screens of these smartphones ranged from...
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    Re: What is a lifecycle of a computer?

    It might happen that the software developers might find out that the software that they have made could have worked much better if some part was modified in a different way. Maybe the software would...
  49. Re: Need some good testing utility for software testing

    Hey I think you need to specify about your requirement. With such small information I would never be able to provide you with the appropriate utility that you are looking out for.

    No doubt there...
  50. Re: Is it worth to buy Wickedleak Wammy Plus Android 4.0 3G Tab for Rs 11,499

    As an alternate, you can also go with the new Mercury mTab 9.7inch Android based tablet released just yesterday. It too cost you 11999, just 500 bucks more than the Wickedleak Wammy Plus. But...
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