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  1. Re: day and night changing wallpaper for windows 7

    Microsoft has integrated DreamScene utility that allows users to use a video as wallpaper. Unfortunately this utility is missing from Windows 7 and it is not possible by default to play a video in...
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    Re: cannot enable Aero theme in Windows 7

    What all methods have you used so far? You should know that your Windows 7 should be activated completely to use Aero. You should also have a True Color 32 bit set instead of a High Color 16 bit. You...
  3. Re: using logo screen of Windows 7 on Windows 8.1

    There is a tool called 8oot Logo Changer that works with bitmap files, requiring six versions of a logo to be used in the boot of your Windows 8.1 operating system. To do this, you must install the...
  4. Re: How to find out which hardware is reconnecting?

    First of all click on Start and type Power Options in the search field and click on it. After that click on Change plan setting and then Change advanced power setting on your chosen plan. Now find...
  5. Re: getting error "installer can't find Atheros AR81 Family Ethernet controller on your system"

    Have you got any CD/DVD with your laptop? It has all the necessary drivers for wireless and all other things. If still that doesnt work then download a tool called driver booster and install it in...
  6. Re: some icons in Windows 7 are displaying worse

    I would suggest you to use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files. To do this, click Start, type Command Prompt or cmd in the Search box, right-click Command Prompt,...
  7. Re: Difference between charging from USB and AC charger

    I would suspect either there is a problem with the usb cable or else the charging port of Dell Venue 7 3730 device. Can you try to charge it via PC only and see if it is charging properly or not?
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    Re: Bubbles screensaver problem on Windows 8.1

    It looks to me that it might be some type of security feature so that no one can read on your screen while your screensaver is active. So, as soon as the Screensaver activates then the first thing...
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    Re: secondary hdd not accessible

    Incase the hard drive that you are using has got formatterand the data on it has not got overwritten then you can perhaps try to use a program called Recuva to recover all the data from your 80gb...
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    Re: How to install apps in SAGA x3

    Well, have you checked whether there is any manual given for your china mobile phone which might have all the details about what kind of file formats does your phone support. Have you tried...
  11. Re: Plantronics Calisto Pro pairing with windows 7

    In your computer is it asking for drivers when you are pairing it? If so then you will have to contact the manufacturer of your computer regarding Bluetooth audio drivers. Or else, you can try to get...
  12. Re: unable to change account picture in windows 8

    Follow the given steps to change your user account picture in Windows 8. On the start screen click on your user tile at top right corner and then click on Change account picture. After that navigate...
  13. Re: internet browser lagging due to Windows 7 Aero themes

    Can you tell us what is your computer specifications and if it meets the Aero themes requirement then you should not face this problem. What you can do is, whenever you are getting that problem then...
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    Re: PSPrinters08.msi

    Were you using any other printer before, if so ten it might be possible that the driver for that printer might be still in use. So, download a tool called MSICUU.exe and run it on your pc. You will...
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    Re: making backspace in Windows 7 to go up

    There is a customized version of the script made in a small executable file that you can run in the background. It is simply called as HTGBack, you can download it from this link. After downloading...
  16. Re: How to create custom keyboard layout in Windows 8

    First of all open PC Settings and then click on General > Language Preferences link under Language on the right hand side. Now click on Region and language on the left side of Time and language. Now...
  17. Re: How to get rid of dotted focus rectangle around Icons

    There is also an easy and simply solution to solve this problem without anyone having to download any kind of tools to get rid of the Focus Rectangle around icons. You also need not have to log off...
  18. Thread: smdmf Error

    by Expertz

    Re: smdmf Error

    Can you go in Control Panel and list out the latest things that you have installed in your computer. I would suggest you to download Adwcleaner program which is a free tool created by Xplode designed...
  19. Thread: smdmf Error

    by Expertz

    Re: smdmf Error

    It looks to me like a malware problem in your system. So, try to scan your computer with Malwarebytes Antimalware sofrware which you can easily download for free by searching it on the internet.
  20. Re: How to change location in Weather software on Windows 8

    It is very easy to change the location in Weather applicaton. Just go to Start screen and open Weather app. After that choose the Places Button on the top side of the screen. Now select the Add Place...
  21. Re: Toshiba Satellite U945 laptop Slow shutdown

    So, did the msconfig trick work for you? You can also furthermore try to defragment your hard drive by clicking on My Computer and then right click on Hard drive, go to Properties > Tools >...
  22. Re: Toshiba Satellite U945 laptop Slow shutdown

    It really depends on what all software you have installed in your laptop. You can try to open msconfig in your Windows 8.1 system and disable all unwanted startup application that is not needed. This...
  23. Re: HP Pavilion g7-2217cl Notebook PC not charging

    Try to shutdown the notebook and then disconnect the AC adapter. After that remove the battery and then hold down the Power Button for 30 seconds. Now, connect the AC adapter without the battery...
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    Re: Motoprint on Motorola DROID XYBOARD 10.1

    What is the make and model of the printer that you have? For different printers there are different apps available on either Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. You need to find that particular...
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    Re: add Windows 8 task manager in Windows 7

    There was a guy named Hanrui who has made such Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7. You can easily download it from the below links. Note that the application that he has made is not fully stable...
  26. Re: hp pavilion sleekbook 14b015 dx-audio not working

    Go to Device Manager and then search for IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and then right click and uninstall it. After that reboot your computer and open device manager and then right click on IDT...
  27. Re: changing tiles background color in Windows 8.1 start screen

    You can also try a tool called Decor8. With the help of Decor8 you can set any image as the startup screen. The program has a small library of images that can be used as background, however it does...
  28. Re: How to change your computer name in Windows 7

    If you want to change your computer name, then follow the below steps:

    Open System by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking...
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    Re: Xperia Neo refuse to charge

    Can you first try to reboot your phone and then remove the battery for sometime and after that insert it again and check if the phone is charging. Also, did you try to charge with another wall...
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    Re: Turn on hardware acceleration in windows 7

    What is the operating system installed in your pc. Can you try to run System File Checker and see if that can help. To do that click Start and then in search type command prompt and right click on it...
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    Re: how to find downloading link

    Yes, those are all spam installers that download and install adwares, spywares and every other type of nasties in your pc along with the original software and game. The websites where this softwares...
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    Re: how to find downloading link

    You should first of all check the genuinity of the games or any other software before downloading it from any scam websites. There are many scammers on the internet who just publish all kind of craps...
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    Re: hot corners in Windows 7

    There is a program called HOT CORNERS which lets you quickly activate or disable your screen saver by moving the mouse into any corner of the screen that you set and you can also get it easily by...
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    Re: win 8 apps in win 7

    I dont think that Windows 8 apps will run on Windows 7 or XP. Microsoft will also never ever port it back to Windows 7 since they want to promote the new Operating System that they release. You can...
  35. Re: GOM Media player problem with mkv,wmv,mov .....files

    Yes, since K-lite codec pro is a free software so I always update it to the latest version in my pc. I also use VLC media player and it plays all the media file formats pretty easily, you dont even...
  36. Re: How to replace inbuilt notepad in Windows 8.1

    After some searching I found out that you can use another third party text editor called Notepad2 which also has an option to replace the Windows inbuilt Notepad automatically. There are many good...
  37. Re: GOM Media player problem with mkv,wmv,mov .....files

    There are several codec software available in the market that you can try to install. One such is called K-Lite codec pro. I am using it on my pc from quite some time and havent faced any problems...
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    Re: Facebook is not opening in any browser?

    Well, have you tried to install anything prior to when facebook was opening fine? Can you try to uninstall all the web browsers from your computer and then install it again and see if it is able to...
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    Re: Purchasing new computer

    Yes, there is a software called OpenOffice that you can download for free and install it in your pc to view office files. However I believe that if you have a microsoft office CD with you then you...
  40. Re: restore system icons to default in windows 7

    Can you tell us what procedure did you use when changing the icons? Have you tried to do it manually or it was done by an icon packer tool? I would suggest you to do a sfc /scannow in your Windows 7...
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    Re: How to edit context menu in Windows 8.1

    You can download a tool called Context Menu Editor which is a free application for Windows that offers you to edit the text menu and add or delete entries in it. Context Menu Editor helps you to...
  42. Re: "The server sent incorrect reply on restart command."

    The problem that you are facing is happening because the website from where you are trying to download the files doesnt support Resume downloads and also the IDM grabber as well. Some websites...
  43. Re: Error 0x80070057 Cannot make system restore disk

    First of all boot your computer by inserting Windows 7 installation disc. After that when you see the setup window, then click on Repair from the lower left corner. Now select command prompt from the...
  44. Re: Unable to install kb2416447 on windows xp home edition

    To solve this issue make a new folder on your root drive called "Test". After that copy the NDP1.1sp1-KB2416447-X86.exe file to the root drive. Now open command prompt and then navigate to the root...
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    Re: graphics card for Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000

    Can you please tell us what is the rest of your computer specifications, for example, what motherboard, processor, how much RAM do you have in your system, etc? Also for what purpose you are going to...
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    Re: HDD size not right anymore

    Can you check whether there is any other partition on the drive? It looks to me that there could be a partition that is causing the computer not to recognize it. You can try to use the HP USB Disk...
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    Re: Anti Virus On Mac

    I read that the the virus that has infected your mac pc seems to create too many new folder and also hidden one's as well. What you can do is a system restore to a time before the virus stuck your...
  48. Re: o2 taking £1 a day when I am on Wi-Fi - Help

    It seems like they have an app which uses the net and that is deducting the £1 for 50mb usage. You can try to topup to a certain amount a month and get a data hang on. There is something on the...
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    Re: lost product key microsoft office 2003 trial

    You can also use a software called ProduKey to retrieve the microsoft office product key from your computer. It is a small utility that displays the available product ID and CD key of MS-Office,...
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    Re: how to change taskbar color in Windows 8.1

    First of turn on Aero and after that right click on your desktop and click Personalize. After that click on Theme tab and then choose Windows Aero from the drop down menu at the top and then press...
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