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  1. Re: unable to reinstall apps on Nook HD+ from Google Play Store

    Since you have downgraded from a Custom Rom then I would suggest you to soft reset your Nook HD+ ebook reader. To do that, simply press and hold the Power Button for more atleast 20 seconds and then...
  2. Re: How to download eBook from Sony PRS-T2 library

    Can you tell us whether you are using an eReader app that has some kind of Adobe ID capability for DRM, for example, Aldiko, Mantano, etc. I also dont know whether the Kobo device has an Adobe DRM ID...
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    Re: battery drain problem with Nook HD+

    How old is your Nook HD+, it might be possible that due to an age old device the battery might be gone. The lithium batteries that are used in this device tend to work on an average about 2-3 years...
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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    If your ereader is draining battery at every hour then it seems to have some problem. When you are sideloading remember to be connected to the computer through the usb so that along with sideloading...
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    Re: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    Since it is an android ebook reader, so you can download a tool called Advanced Task Killer to get rid of the background apps running in your ereader. To proceed with the termination of the current...
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    Re: connect OverDrive app with Kindle HD Fire

    Sometime before I did that easily. You will have to call the local library and you can try to bring the Kindle around and they will set it up for you. Now till date, I am not able to recollect how...
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    Re: unable to update Nook GlowLight

    It might be possible that you are not installing the right firmware version of the update on your Nook Glowlight. What I mean to say is that either the UK or US version, you need to get the right one...
  8. Re: unable to see all ebooks in internal storage on Sony PRS-T3

    Well, have you made sure that the internal memory isnt getting full and because of that it is not able to copy the remaining ebooks in your Sony PRS-T3 ebook reader? If that doesnt work then try to...
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    Re: How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    I used to ask this same question from quite some time and found out that we need to put the files in the My Documents folder. You just have to simply copy and paste all the PDF files in the same...
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    Re: Hidden Folders in Kindle Fire HD

    You can also try to use an application called DiskUsage which will show you where all the files are stored in your device. DiskUsage provides a way to find files and directories on storage card which...
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    Re: Nook HD+ screen is not very responsive

    Even I am facing the same issue but it only happens after using Chrome browser and if I am playing Sudoku. It seems that the Nook HD+ ebook reader stops accepting touch input and it will only start...
  12. Re: multiple link extractor program for windows 7

    Have you tried a tool called AddrView v1.01. This program lets you analyze HTML pages and extract most URL addresses stored in them. AddrView URLs can extract many things such as images (tag), links...
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    Re: Finding If User Is A Member Of A Group

    I think that you might be using the wrong API for the task you are doing. Do you intend to write an authentication code for an application? If yes then there must be a simple API that you can use....
  14. Re: Event ID 40960 error 0xc000006d after power failure

    You can try to troubleshoot with some solutions that I am going to provide you. First try to remove any additional default gateway from each network interface. After that configure only the primary...
  15. Re: Kobo Mini eReader Impressions, is it worthit

    Kobo Mini supports most of the formats that are currently used now a days, ranging from PDF to TXT via the EPUB3, BMP, HTML, RTF, CBZ and CBR. And it is not limited for electronic books unlike other...
  16. Poll: Re: Which is the best Registry Cleaner Software of all time?

    Well, I like to use CCleaner and it is the best registry cleaner I have ever found. CCleaner, best known as Crap Cleaner, is also a freeware tool for system optimization. It removes unused and...
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    Re: Compiletime vs run time

    I think that if you use #if then you can use most of the "usual operators" however I can't seem to find much formal documentation on this.

    #define TEST2

    #if defined TEST || defined TEST2...
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    Re: FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    I mastered both the Straspberries and the Purple Tomatoes. The bushels came in handy and the DM Event helped with the Tomatoes. What I did was focus only on those seeds for growing in the Greenhouse...
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    Re: Which Printers are compatible With AirPrint

    AirPrint is the powerful new printing architecture that shares the simplicity of Apple's IOS needs no installation, configuration, printer drivers or software to download," said Philip Schiller,...
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    Re: Heart Balloons is same as 10 back packs

    The other balloons do give backpack space, so it makes sense that this one would too. But still, it should be in the item description in the store. I will check and see what I can find out. I know...
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    Re: Treasure isle: Can I safely sell these items

    How did you delete it? I can't get an option for that. It won't go in Davy Jones locker. I can get an option to sell it, but not to store or delete it. If I sell it, will I get back the material that...
  22. Re: Radio Tower upgrade not allowed in Treasure isle

    I have finished the tower quest 9 times since noon on Saturday. Every time I finish talking and try to post the gold time, or return to island, an error occurs and I have to refresh my browser. I...
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    Re: Problem Adding Friends in Treasure isle

    My question in about this free energy if you add a neighbour thing. when I want to get this, I need to add the neighbour as neighbour after the countdown is over, or is it possible during as well?...
  24. Re: An Epic Voyage Begins: Atlantis Submarine / Quest in Treasure isle

    Anyone who spend island cash to complete their crew should contact Customer Service and demand their IC back - it was wrong to even let you complete your crew with IC when the islands are not even...
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    Re: Cydia packages or apps compatible for iPad

    I suspect without the lively jailbreak iPhone community would probably be my interest in the iPhone is still not as strong. I would have probably long since turned to another mobile gadget such as...
  26. Re: LG Optimus 1 or Samsung Galaxy 3 or Motorola Quench

    LG Optimus One is a perfect end to enter the Android platform, but falls short of experienced users the few advantages that other entry-level smartphones . The phone is very capable of working on...
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    Re: HP Pavilion DV6500 hard disk not detected

    As far as i know there may be many instances of the registry subkey. Must ensure it is in the appropriate registry subkey before modifying the UpperFilters and LowerFilters values.

    Enter this...
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    Re: Difference between pageviews and visits

    On the content of the site

    Visitors are not interested in the content, because content is not developed enough (this is the case of Web pages with very little text) or content is not really...
  29. Re: html5 Youtube videos are not played well in Safari

    There are several methods to force Safari to view the videos directly through the mechanisms of the platform HTML 5 rather than Flash. The first is simply to remove Flash because flash version which...
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    Re: Amd Athlon ii 635 vs Amd Phenom ii 820

    The new versions of the AMD Athlon II produced in the process of 45nm/revisão C3 are coming to market. The C3 is a review of the evolution of AMD 45nm SOI process, making the chip manufactured in...
  31. Re: Dell Adamo 13 vs Macbook Air vs Lenovo Lepad

    Dell Adamo has an aluminum-based design, with a straight, 13.4 inches in size and manufactured in one piece. On the other hand, the MacBook Air has a much longer journey. Launched in January 2008 ,...
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    Re: Need a Pay as you use plan

    E is EDGE, expanding the GSM standard (such as higher speed, probably to 384KB / s, offering GSM 9.6 kb / s). 3G is a network of third-generation, or UMTS (GSM network was the second generation, the...
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    Poll: Re: Do you think HTML is a Programming language

    I totally disagree with you because In principle it is wrong, however, it is not a programming language. From a programming language it is referred to A programming language performs a particular...
  34. Re: What are the advantages of a object oriented language over the procedural language?

    This is indeed a very wrong step been taken by the University , discarding c language means the students are really deprived from being learning a basic language which stands as a benchmark for the...
  35. Re: Excel VBA error: Method Add of ChartObjects failed

    It appears to me as an office automation issue try to take help from the codes which are given below:

    object missing = Type.Missing;
    Excel.Application myApp= new...
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    Re: Want to know about Internet Explorer 9

    Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta is a new version of IE9 packs with lots of new features. With IE9, you can pin your favorite websites to the Windows task-bar for shortcut access.
    Internet Explorer...
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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1564 Webcam not working

    I think that this issue is somewhere related to the drivers so i would suggest you to get the drivers installed on your system you can do this either by using driver CD which you have received along...
  38. Re: How can I see MySQL server running on Linux/ UNIX

    I think mysqladmin command is a best option to see MySQL server running on Linux/ UNIX or not. Type following code to know your MySQL server status.
    mysqladmin -umysql ping
    If your MySQL server...
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    re: Want to upgrade ruby on Mac OS X

    Ruby 1.9.2 works fine with Debian GNU/ Linux 5.0 on IA32. You will get a better performance of Ruby version 1.9.2 with following operating system.

    * mswin32, x64-mswin64, mingw32
    * MacOS...
  40. Re: How to Enable ODBC support in PHP under Apache

    There are many thing is there about your problem or I can say that for your information. I also have some ODBC information. Which I defiantly helpful for you in this query and in future too, so just...
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    Re: Issues While Programming In C With GCC?

    By the above solution the problem has been solved but I wanted to know the information of the GCC files and also about the information of the GDB. I don't know what is the actual use of all this term...
  42. Re: How to copy the specific file using “dd” command

    I have gone through your question and I have found this command to create the image same as copying the file.
    For that mount /dev/sdb1 to another location using this command


  43. Re: Microsoft IIS shows End User Sessions on webpage

    When IIS receives from a Web browser makes an HTTP request, the following steps are performed:
    1. The request is initially as the anonymous account, IUSR_Computer NameTreated. If this account...
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    Re: Problem with Windows Live Sync (Beta)

    When you put in the Live Essentials Beta, make sure to choose to install Sync. Click Install at that time you’ve selected the components you desire to install. The installer will currently...
  45. Re: Chaning Windows Phone Emulator start up options and executing projects

    The problem that you have mentioned also occurred due to the problem in the Hardware Virtualization that is present in the BIOS set up which causes these issue. So to resolve the problem first you...
  46. Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    If your external display has one more connection type---HDMI or Composite, for example---other adapters can be close to the mini-DVI or mini-DisplayPort to put up these cable types. These additional...
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    Re: Need dvi adapter for new macbook air

    The DVI-I connectors include in addition to having the analog connection but for the digital DVI-I is sufficient. Incidentally, I have the same connector. It seems to me that I'm already used but I...
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    Re: Can't log in to skype on new mac

    Even i am facing the same problem with my latest skype application which i had downloaded few days back. I was just unable to login into my account after entering the user name and password. After...
  49. Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    I try to employ my mf 636 usb 3g modem on my ubuntu 10.10 and I see it worked perfectly. Then choose your Billing plan and click Forward. Then lastly Click on Apply to save setting. It will attach...
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    Re: Folder locked due to loss of password

    Looks like you have got stuck into a major problem. However you might be able to recover the loss password by.

    You have to download Folder Lock Password Cracker from this link below:
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