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    Re: all pics on OneDrive disappeared

    Unless you delete the pics manually, OneDrive will never delete those files. It might also be possible that you could have moved those files to a different location when OneDrive client was still...
  2. Re: using gmail account to sign up to Microsoft account

    After a lot of testing I finally did it. I was using a gmail address and after that when I visited the official Microsoft Account sign up page then I was not getting gmail as an option but only Live,...
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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    As you made 2 microsoft accounts so I dont think there is much you can do. If that email address are too old then it would be goot to revamp that address. I was also facing the same problem and so I...
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    Re: removing heur.ffd(link) virus

    I will suggest you to download a tool called AutorunExterminator by searching it on google and save it on your desktop. After that connect the usb flash drive in your system and then double click the...
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    Re: best social media plugin for wordpress

    There is an Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress that will let you to display share buttons as popup window. After any of your sites page load or after a specified time period, the popup will...
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    Re: best hosting provider for gaming website

    Even I would suggest you to start using VPS cloud which will be best. You can try to start at a very low configuration as minimum of $20 per month. After you start getting a high load where more...
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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    I would suggest you to turn off flash for sometime. There might be some flash animations that can be turned off on different websites. You can also find some add-ons for doing this, that you can find...
  8. Re: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    Incase you try to open developer tools in Firefox by pressing the Ctrl+shift+k, in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or in Internet Explorer by pressing F12 and type the below thing then it will try to...
  9. Re: Google Play Store error "background data disable", how to enable it?

    If you want to use the Google Play Store Play Store app, you'll need to turn on background data on your device. Below is the step by step guide on how you can turn on background data.

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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    Well, the Whatsapp application uses audio streaming APIs. So it will continuously keep your phoe busy trying to connect and download small bits of data whether in kbs or mbs all the time. This...
  11. Re: commenting on youtube automatically marked as spam

    On youtube, any people who are seeing your comment can mark anything like spam or hate speech, etc. Most of the times, comments that disagree with the host are marked as spam. The video uploaders on...
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    Re: Error Code 9C59 with Internet Explorer 11

    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 cannot automatically install prerequisites if any update installation is in progress or if a system restart is pending.To check whether you have an ongoing update...
  13. Re: Microsoft Office 2007 Multilingual User Interface Service Pack

    Yes, there is a Multilingual User Interface Package for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 available on microsoft website. After installing this Multilingual User Interface Package to an existing...
  14. Re: How to install Skydrive on OS X Mountain Lion

    There is a solution to change the properties in the Skydrive's cached credential item to allow access from all the apps. Just try to launch Keychain Access by going to /Applications/Utilities. After...
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    Re: BFLLR Dynamic Library error with google chrome

    Try to follow some troubleshooting method that I am going to give you. First of all click on Start and then in the Search bar type command prompt and then right click on the command and open it in...
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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    You will need to submit a ticket to the Bing Support team by clicking on the "Contact our customer support team" link that is located at the right side of the Bing Rewards FAQ here. They will guide...
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    Re: new battery for iRex DR-800 eReader

    You have a pretty old ebook reader there and I dont know whether any battery is available for sale or not. However, you can try to update the firmware of your iRex DR-800 eReader which might help in...
  18. Re: Google Drive is continuously refreshing, help

    I had this similar issue on the Google Chrome browser. After searching for some answers on the net I found out that this problem was caused by Ad-Blocker extension installed in the browser. So, I...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HDX swf file support

    Well, there is no workaround to view swf file on Kindle Fire HDX tablet. At Amazon also, it is still not known how does the flash based files work on this tablet. It looks to me that the Adobe Flash...
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    Re: Skydrive uploading speed increasing?

    There was a recent update in the Skydrive desktop client that improves syncing performance. Because of that you can see increased usage of upload bandwidth on your computer. To do this, in the quick...
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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    Try to click within the document to place the cursor where you want the new page to appear. After that click Insert in the pages group and then click Blank Page. Now go to Paragraph group and click...
  22. Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    Even I was facing similar kind of issue with this Internet Explorer 11 browser but I was able to solve this issue by following a method that was given on the microsoft website. All you need to do is...
  23. Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    What you can do is press the F12 button and then scroll down to the below of the dark area and go to the left side. After that click on the computer display and then phone image. Now try to set the...
  24. Re: sync microsoft exchange activesync with my samsung phone

    The problem that you might be facing is because you might be using a long password while you are trying to access or setup your account and there might be the phones character limitations. So, to...
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    Re: finding out number of bookmarks in firefox

    Well, what you can do is go to Bookmarks and then Organize Bookmarks and then File > Export. All the bookmarks will be exported to My docs as bookmarks.html. Just try to open it with Notepad+ and...
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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    There is no Skydrive client or application made that can be installed into Linux operating system. Skydrive client can be used only on Windows platform. The other option that you can use is DropBox....
  27. Re: How to remove Mixi.Dj search from Firefox browser

    Restart your computer and then press F8 button on your keyboard continuously until you get a screen to login to Safe Mode. After you have logged in, download Malwarebytes from its website and install...
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    Re: What are the things that make you happy?

    I like to walk in a clear blue sky which is a perfect start for the day firstly. After that I like to spend time with my families and having breakfast with them at the start of their day. After that...
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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    There is some kind of a known vulnerability in the IDM integration that allows any site to remotely execute some code on your machine which is meant as a security risk to anyone, therefore google has...
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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    Can you first of all tell us whether you are trying to sign in through your Outlook account or with your Outlook Alias. You should try to log in with your Outlook account. You will need to change in...
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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Well, if you are close to the Barnes & Noble stores then you can just take your defective Nook eReader and exchange it for a new one. But note that they will be requiring all the things like for...
  32. Re: How to edit and add contact in email of

    Even I was facing the same issue but I have now solved it. There was a lable as a newsletter and when I changed that lable then it started giving me the option to add as a contact. Or else, just...
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    Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    I think that this problem can be also resolved by pressing shift key + right clicking on the Chrome icon that is pinned on the taskbar, but you will be able to get only correct menu when Chrome is...
  34. Re: "stop download video" button missing in youtube

    Even I was using it many times to stop videos from playing just because if I am playing some games for sometime or some high end games or such without losing the performance. Also, when I used to...
  35. Re: qcksrv malware warning visiting every website on Google Chrome

    I would say better remove google chrome browser from your pc and then install AVG. After that scan with it for removing the virus from your computer. It could be also possible that you are getting...
  36. Re: horizontal lines in the middle of the screen in Kindle Keyboard ereader

    Yes, even I think that the new screen is broken and you can easily get a new screen for less than $40 or perhaps even less. All you will need to do is just pop out the case by using some screws and...
  37. Re: Google Chrome error "The server's security certificate is revoked"

    The error message that you are getting might be becuase of the third party organization that have issued the websites certificate that has marked the certificate as not valid. Hence, the google...
  38. Re: Internet Explorer 10 wont work in desktop mode on Windows 8

    You can try to follow the below method and see if that works for you or not:

    When you are in the metro mode then type "Windows feature turn off or on"
    After that select "settings" and click...
  39. Re: How to move Hotmail folder (.ost file) to another location using Outlook 2010

    At any time when you add a hotmail account in Outlook, generally it will automatically try to create OST files. Thei same OST file is needed to link webserver and the Outlook. I dont think you will...
  40. Re: youtube videos completely black on Opera 11.61

    Which version of Adobe Flash player have you installed for the Opera browser? Many browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox use different flash version, so you will need to install the latest...
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    Re: Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones Announced

    Its sad that this OS will be first incorporated in the relatively weak Alcatel One Touch Fire mobile phone with specifications notably a 3.5-inch screen, single-core processor running at a frequency...
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    Poll: Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    Well, I am excited for the game Metro 2033: Last Light. The plot of this game develops 1 year after the original events of the game Metro 2033, where survivors after nuclear events are still living...
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    Re: How to earn from Youtube Videos and Ads?

    YouTube is a free video hosting service, where everyone has the opportunity to fill up their video and share it with millions of people around the world. So, if you want to make money then you must:...
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    Re: Explaining ports, Sockets and Connections

    Some further clarification, processes do sort of share a single port for connection establishment and sometimes even communication. Linux's Inetd is a example of an implementation , I am not hundred...
  45. Re: The internet is frequently disconnected in my led modem

    This type of problem occurred due to loss through the cable that had to be adjusted properly impedance. Also the local connection should not be more than the rate required, because if more than the...
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    re: How to avoid unwanted Tag on Facebook

    A friendly but hectic advice. I do it lot myself because I don’t have any other options other then that. Just untag yourself. It did happened to me. I used to untag myself everytime I was being...
  47. Re: Unable to view translate option on Internet explorer 9

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this go through the following steps: go to the start and after that go to the run. Now under the run type...
  48. Re: Security essentials could not install updates, error code: 0x80248014

    I have gone through this same issue and to solve this I have downloaded the Diagnose and fix software to solve this issue. To download these make click here. Now once you click on this link make...
  49. Re: Error: “This program might have been moved or deleted” while downloading on internet explorer 9

    I would like to suggest you to reinstall the internet explorer and so that you can solve your issue. To do this you need to uninstall the current version. Go to the start and after that make hit on...
  50. Re: When Opening Emails it freezes up Outlook Express on windows XP SP3

    I think you have not installed a virus on your system and this virus may have been the culprit after the Outlook program to attempt to download the essentials of Microsoft in its security system and...
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