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    Re: playing .odm audio file on Sony PRS-T1

    You also do not have to use the Calibre to transfer mp3 to your Sony ebook reader. You can simply do it manualy, just try to create a folder somewhere on your SD card and then copy the folder full of...
  2. Re: no books found after upgrading firmware on Kobo N647 Wireless

    Yes, try to do a manual factory reset and see if that works:

    If possible, turn off your eReader.
    Note: If your eReader doesn't turn off, try holding the power button to the right until you...
  3. Re: unable to reinstall apps on Nook HD+ from Google Play Store

    Are you saying that you were using the Cyanogenmod 11 SD card previously on your Nook HD+ ebook reader with all the apps installed? If so then most likely since the card might not have been created...
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    Re: unable to clear memory from Kindle Touch

    Can you tell us what excatly do you see if you are connecting the Kindle Touch to the computer by using the USB port? Are you still able to see the book in the documents directory on the kindle? If...
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    Re: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    You can try to search for the Chinese-English or Japanese-English dictionary on many ebook reader websites. But if you want to use this dictionary then you will have to upgrade to the firmware...
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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    Since you have recently bought it so you can always try to exchange it if the ebook reader is still not working properly with fine adjustments. Just have the receipt ready for the exchange. Before...
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    Re: Sony PRS-950 battery needed

    The Lion batteries of Sony ebook reader are quite standard. There are some smartphones as well as other devices that use this similar thin model battery. You could try to use similar type of battery...
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    Re: any reviews on Kobo Aura H2O

    This Kobo Aura H2O falls into the category of premium ebook reader with a 6.8inch Carta E-ink screen, touchscreen and frontlight. This is the first ebook reader to use this type of screen and also...
  9. Re: Is there any benefit updating firmware of Kobo Aura HD

    I usually take 3 months or more for updating my ebook reader which is regularly connected to the Kobo Servers. You can use your reader with the wifi connection to sync with Kobo servers, or your...
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    Re: How to repair Sony DPT-S1 ereader

    Did you try to check any pattern there might be, like for example, a big list or complex PDFs or a lot of handwritten annotations or simultaneously opened files, etc, which is causing the crashing?...
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    Re: battery problem with Kindle Paperwhite

    I will suggest you to check the indexing again because the kind of problem that you are facing is a classical description of what really happens when one or more books get stuck while they are...
  12. Re: Nook apps are continuously redownloading on its own

    I have many apps in my Nook HD but all are from the Google Play Store and I never asked it for updating as well. I also have some Nook versions of apps like Spotify, Twitter, etc. But once updated...
  13. Re: How to get books in Sony PRS-T1 without the store?

    Well, there is an easy method to transfer all the books into your ebook reader. Just download the Sony desktop software instead of the Adobe Digital Editions software if you want, it will work with...
  14. Re: multiple link extractor program for windows 7

    I am using the Extract URL 1.5 tool that does the job pretty nicely. You can extract URL with title, description, keywords meta data from entire websites, list of URLs or search engine results from...
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    Re: GTX 560 Ti Q6600 2.4 GHz bottleneck?

    The term "bottleneck" is sometimes taken as something bad or somesort. Indeed, even the bottleneck is the CPU, just take a look at the game. Does the running game to 65 FPS, while if no bottleneck...
  16. Re: Blocking In Firefox The Java Script Application

    I have looked in to various no script in the past, and also in recent times and it isn't able to block just animation. And if you use it to block all javascript, many pages will not work at all and...
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    Re: In iPhone 3G no audio/sound through speaker

    I have a solution for this problem. So i will recommend you to try to reinstall the firmware on my phone. Even i was getting the same problem after upgrading it IOS4, when i tried this solution it...
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    Re: Unable to delete cookies in my IE browser

    Even i am getting the same problem on my browser; There are three cookies which are not getting deleted. I have tried to implement the solution of un-checking the “preserve favorite website data"...
  19. Re: Microsoft IIS shows End User Sessions on webpage

    You can use NT Security on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) in order to meet these two requirements. IIS servers offer a variety of security procedures, all based on NT Security...
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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    Windows Live Sync and Live Mesh beta. First, people who build use of either Sync or Mesh rely on the services every day to join them reverse to their PCs and sync their significant files across...
  21. Re: Micro DVI to HDTV-TV and Macbook Air displays problem

    The standard Macbook has an Apple proprietary port called a mini-DVI for the reason of connecting monitors. unluckily not many monitors support this and an adapter is necessary. So to start hooking...
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    New mifi broadband solved the issue.

    I have referred your reply and i have tried your solution. Fortunately it is solving my problem. I have purchased a mifi broadband and i am making the use of the port for connecting the superdrive....
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    Create a dropdown control

    If you want to do this thing, then you can go for create a dropdown control by yourself with the help of Silverlight. I fell that the control will be added down the line. Even i had done the same...
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    Re: MacBook Air and SDHC cards

    The Microncard is not officially on the SD standard, which limits the (artificially) to 2 GB In practice, the 4 GB cards like this exist, even if the compatibility is limited. The first problem is...
  25. Re: Huawei EC 1262 modem-Driver installation failure in Win7x64

    Are you single of those users by an MF636DB USB 3G modem from Orange, and you want to build it run under Ubuntu OS? LTS codenamed “Lucid Lynx” detect, configure and fit Huawei EC1262 usb modem...
  26. Re: I can put the iphone on speaker for calls, but can't play music out loud

    The same problem is even faced by me on my iPhone 3Gs. I my case i am not able to put the iphone on speaker for calls and even cannot play the music on the speakers. Is there any problem with my...
  27. Re: Looking for external enclosure for 9.5mm SuperDrive

    Even i am looking to do the same thing as you. I have recently purchased a newmodeus obhd, so for this i require to have an external enclosure for my superdrive. If any one have any idea that, from...
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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    Even i am getting the same issue on my machine. I want to tell you one thing that before i was not getting this issue on my IE 8 browser. Do any one have some other solution?, as i have tried all the...
  29. Re: Realtek Audio Drivers and stereo mix not working

    I have a fix for this issue. You need to get a Gigabyte board and there you will have to disable the mic input in "Audio Devices". After some time again enable the mice and restart your system. After...
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    Re: Set Up a TFTP Server on Linux

    Now that customers know how to find the tftp server, it is time to install

    # Yum install tftp-server
    As tftp is started by xinetd, you must authorize the latter to start tftp

    chkconfig tftp it...
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    Re: Best Linux distro for python programmers

    Would you like to configure everythink by yourself? If your answer is yes, then I would suggest to go for Gentoo. Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be...
  32. Re: Require info related to Hovis in Freelancer

    I think that you require to have a bounty light ship and run it in the cruise mode. Also keep the ship at constant speed and will have to go through the he rings without missing any and hovis will...
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    Re: Want to install Windows XP on Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 is having a PowerPC chip and if we talk about the windows then it will not execute on a PowerPC chip. So there is no chance of installing the windows operating system on the Xbox 360. I will...
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    Re: Problem with the WiFi in my house

    According to me the problem you are facing is due to the week signal strength. You need to increase your signal strength. I will advice you to increase the power of your router. If you do this then...
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    Re: Require Configuration for a Samsung B2100

    I think that this is a common problem on the mobile phone. I will suggest you to configure your mobile phone setting for the MMS. For setting the configuration you need to go in the menu option...
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    Re: Driver scanjet 4200c windows 7

    Make use of the sj655en.exe (most recent update for the HP4200c Scanjet) and encompass your Vista operating system updated to Servicepack1 and optimistically it determine to work as it did on my 2 HP...
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    Re: Driver for HP keyboard model: 5302

    I am frightened I actually not be able to assist you there. I started out by means of a low level format of my hard drive, then installed XP Pro SP1. I installed the drivers previous to I upgraded to...
  38. Re: Intel Parallel Studio + Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Linux

    Above solution seems very awkward to me. I one more idea for this kind of problem is to uninstall all previous version of VS 2005. You uninstall al the previous version and now also uninstall your...
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    Re: Lenovo Q150 ION driver update problems

    The usual pattern of most netbooks thus comprised of three chips, all stamped with Intel Atom processor serial N2x0 (1) for the calculations, a chip in charge of managing the connectors such as USB...
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    Re: Flash Drive vs. External Hard Drives

    What i feel is that when it comes to portability, flash memory is the king, though it is expensive, a thumb drive can fit on a key chain or around your neck on a lanyard. Flash drives are much...
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    Re: userAccountControl differences

    The model database contains the system tables found in each database user. Each time a database is created, SQL Server uses the model database as a model. It is in this database that you should place...
  42. Re: Intel ifort and OpenMP problem with XCode 3.2.2 update

    You are facing the issue all because of the aspects that is you are not able to perform well for the thing that is needed. All you need to do is look out as Xcode 3.2.2 and Xcode 3.2.3 and ifort are...
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    Re: Does intel C++ 11.1.038 support openmp3.0

    OpenMP 3.0 specification support - the industry standard for developing portable multi-threaded applications - and automatic parallelization of operations or efforts to help realize the advantages of...
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    Re: Firefox 3 full page zoom from javascript

    I suggest you to search for some tools which helps you to zoom the webpqage in a manner in which you want. But make sure that you are downloading such tools from well known website as it might happen...
  45. Re: Change FireFox proxy setting programmatically

    FoxyProxy is a plugin for Firefox, official and free, which allows the use of proxy or proxy servers in one click.The advantage of this extension is that it creates a proxy list and Permutt between...
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    Re: VLC plugin for Live Messenger

    Hello I also love the VLC player and first thing about this player is that it can play any type of file like .flv, 3gp, .mp4 etc very simply. And I can understand that if you are new with this player...
  47. Re: How to solve external harddisk problem in the PC

    There is nothing to worry about this .It is having a very simple solution.Just Right click on the the External Hard drive --------> properties---------->Click on Scan and fix error------->Restart the...
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    Re: Java editor for palm device!

    Go for simple things well already, but for "serious" projects I would recommend you still C or C + + and soo different and are C + + and Java will once again have not. Much further I can not help...
  49. Re: How to connect WRT300n router to another WRT300n router

    I am providing you the simple solution for this problem .What you need to do is just connect one Ethernet port from the four port of router B to any one Ethernet port from the four port of router A...
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    Re: Error while sending messages with JMS

    In the above coding, you have created the following things :

    A Session transaction (parameter true ) method createQueueSession . The second parameter createQueueSession is ignored.
    This method...
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